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Well Boston (Brookline) is behind me and Baltimore beckons, and the Booksmith was great.  There’s a lot to love about Boston, and I’ve been before, but the thing that’s always the best about it, is the knitters.  Boston knitters know how to represent, yo.

We can start with a knitter who wasn’t even there, but still managed to influence events.  It turned out that Evan, the events guy- his wife is a knitter, and she had heard what he was up to that evening, and told him, point blank, that he simply couldn’t introduce me or host the event without knitting something.  Evan complied, and when he showed the crowd his first little bit of knitting that he had completed only the night before,  they were his. 

When he offered the pattern, he brought the house down.  I got through the reading, and then the Q&A, and then went upstairs to sign books, and the parade of interesting Boston knitters started.  Meet Mary and the very competent preemie hat that she’s knitting. 

Mary is seven years old – sort of.  It’s really more important that you know she’s almost eight.  She’s serious about that.  And knitting. 
Next up? 

Carrie and twelve day old (almost thirteen) Sam.  Sam’s one half of a set of twins.  His sister Ella is still in hospital.  Let it be noted that I didn’t touch or ask to hold Sam.  He’s too new for my random germs, especially when I’m meeting so many people a day, but he was lovely to look at.

This here is Lissa and her first pair of socks.  Nothing remarkable, right?  Wrong.  Lissa knit the first one in 2003, and the second in 2006. 

Not that- as she said, not that she has a problem with second sock syndrome or anything.   Below please find a picture of Kate,

and she’s holding a blanket that her daughter Veronica designed, which means we are all very old, because the last time I saw Kate, Veronica looked like this.

This is Mira and Jesse –

and really that pictures only there because Jesse is so ridiculously cute and good natured.

All hail Deborah and Kathy! 

Deborah is the free range Canadian who brought me really delicious home made butter tarts,

and Kathy, who brought me home brewed beer. 

Together, they were my dinner, and I was very, very grateful.  (What? There was no room service.  It was necessary I tell you. There was no other way out.)
Now this – this picture is partly for you, but mostly for Rachel H and Natalie.

Hey Guys! It’s our nuns! (I don’t know why they’re a little blurry.  Sorry about that Sisters.)  Meet the Sisters of the Holy Nativity Convent.  I’ve been writing back and forth with them for a while now, and while they always sign the letters "Mother Seraphima and Sisters" it turns out that Mother Seraphima was away during my trip there, which was very sad for me, and I hope for her.

Anyway, the Sisters are buckets of fun and ripping good knitters – the lot of them.  I’ve seen pictures of their craft room.  They have it going on. 
(Hey Natalie, remember how a few weeks ago, I asked you to send that stuff to the sisters, and after you mailed it you sent me that text that said "The package has gone to the nuns."  and then the next one said "I love how that is not a euphemism for anything."  Remember that?  I told them about it.  They loved it.  Rachel H, I told them you had enjoyed sort of stealing for them.  They appreciated it.)

Finally,  meet Betsy and a little picture of her nephew Patrick James. 

Patrick’s recovering from brain cancer, and she’s got something going on for sick kids. Check it out over at Nutmeg Knitter. 

See that?  I told you Boston was interesting.  (We’ll see if Baltimore has nuns.) 
See you tonight Baltimore Knitters.  My plane leaves in a minute.  I’m on my way.

PS.  That cute baby from the other day? The one in the Amazing Monster Pants?  The one I told you was Theo?  It’s Leo.  LEO. 
My apologies to the gentleman. 

97 thoughts on “Boston Knitters

  1. Gosh, I want to travel with you on your next book tour. Or this one. I would carry your yarn and fetch you dinners anytime. Just saying. (it is also possible that me children and I need a vacation from each other). But seriously, knitters are awesome.

  2. As a now-Torontian hailing from Boston who spent a stint in New York, your book tour is making me nostalgic for some of my favorite places, all filled with knitters, especially those who cheer you on to keep you giving us such words of wisdom and laughter as medicine for our souls! Safe travels and congrats on the book! Can’t wait to dig into it.

  3. Boston looks very cool. My big new for the day was an email from amazon that my copy has been shipped . Had to break down & order it because the local store has not ordered it. Safe travels.

  4. I am so excited that you’re going to be in Skokie tomorrow – I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep tonight I’m that excited. I have taken care of everyone so all they’re needs are met and I can have tomorrow for me and the long drive to Skokie – which is well worth the trip! Will spend the rest of today trying to decide what to take with me!

  5. These events look as warm and endorphin-making as I imagined they would be. I’m reading “Knitting Rules” right now, and want to say THANK YOU for making me laugh out loud, and for making me feel wonderful about being part of the tribe of knitters. I will be using my birthday money to buy your newest.

  6. Hope you get to the National Aquarium. The Shark Room is really worth checking out. And ask about the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, ’cause it’s the best place in the world to be on the first weekend in May. I’m offering a free ride there from Ontario for 3 other knitters.

  7. All right, Baltimore, bring it. It’s Halloween — how hard can it be to find a habit? (Or hijab — the Sisters had me going for a minute, thinking they played for a parallel team.) How cool would it be for Stephanie to walk in and find the entire audience were, to cite Jake and Elwood, penguins? GO!

  8. The first thing that ran through my (sick and twisted) mind when you shared the twin’s names? Salmonella! (Sam and Ella) Here’s hoping the twins are home togther as soon as possible.

  9. Things Veronica did today include sharpening her finger with a pencil sharpener and coloring most of one leg green with her marker (“Because [she] wanted to make it green.” This statement was accompanied by a “duh” look. ), so we’re not all *that* old yet!

  10. re: sarah at 3:11pm
    i had to say it out loud a few times before i got it, but that is too funny! i wonder if they will get invited to any birthday parties? please address all mail to ‘ella and sam’ not the other way around!

  11. I am sitting here holding my new copy of The YarnHarlot Rocks…oops….that’s All Wound Up…wishing I could be in Baltimore waiting to get it signed.
    Good luck on your tour. It looks like it is off to a wonderful start. Knitters, kids, babies and nuns…..WOW.

  12. Not that this is what Stephanie said, but to prevent any confusion: that blanket was made with the Evelyn’s No-Sew Blankie pattern from Knitty. Veronica chose the colors, helped dye the yarn, and came up with the pond theme for the color placement. I don’t want anyone to think that we are taking credit for anyone else’s pattern!

  13. My daughter is a nun in DC, which is really close to Baltimore. Before her nun-life her quest to learn to knit brought me back into the skein, so to speak. Alas, she and her also very happy cohorts will probably not make it to see you, but she will (hopefully) accompany me to Maryland Sheep and Wool next year. See you there??

  14. What a great evening! I’m so glad you came to Boston! My daughter and I (she’s the one who knitted the little booties that just needed the pom-pom’s on them, that make you want to make funny baby noises and walk them around on your fingers) traveled by car, then by train to see you, and it was so worth it! Have a wonderful rest of your journey, and I’ll be excited to see your adventures on your blog each day. And to knit up cutest booties for myself :).

  15. Deborah — send me the butter tart recipe! That’s the first thing I look for when I cross the border into Ont.! Boston looks like it represented well — you should check out “Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog” for dual interests in language and nuns. No knitting, though, more’s the pity.

  16. Baltimore totally has nuns. Roman Catholic ones for sure –not sure about the Orthodox persuasion. Most of my education was provided by nuns from Baltimore.
    Whether or not they’ll represent as knitters is another question. But there sure as heck are nuns.

  17. I had a wonderful time at your talk – it was my first venture into Brookline after living in Somerville for a little over a year, and I can’t imagine a better reason to go across the river. I know I will enjoy your book more now that I can read it in the style of your deadpan delivery. 🙂

  18. Small world department: my good friend, a couple blocks away (down here near Philadelphia), knows Monster Pants baby and his mother. . .

  19. It was wicked awesome to hear you read in Boston. I never thought of you as a husky alto! You are not just a humorous knitter writer, you are a stand up comedian! So cool!

  20. I don’t know HOW to properly thank you. THe laughter last night truly made me realize that life can be normal again. You will be impressed to know that nutmegknitter has received 518 hits today, since your post, and about 4 inquiries on Ravelry. These kids are gonna have some HATS!!!!!!!!

  21. Thank you for posting about each leg of your book tour. It’s really fun to read and makes me feel a part of the events!

  22. Wow, Jesse is the cutest baby ever! And what a beautiful jumper. Well done, Mira!
    Thanks for sharing these stories with us – it makes all of us knitters feel even more connected than we already are!

  23. Hope Baltimore is good to you and REALLY sorry to miss you this time! (I’m 45 min away, learning how to knit with wire tonight.)

  24. I wish work deadlines left me with any human way to see you, but since cloning and teleportation have not yet reached a level where I can utilize them, I remain stuck in my office in D.C. as you speak an hour up the road. ::pout::

  25. You have SO much more energy than me… We’d love you to bring your energy out to California.

  26. The woman named Kate with the blankets is my sister- we hand dyed the yarn when I went to visit. The other blanket is the one I had made for Veronica when she was born (though she was really several months old. Knitting projects never get finished on time.). Veronica was so happy to be able to help that she was running around pointing out what should go where. Thanks for putting it up! 🙂

  27. Also, we can’t be that old yet. I remember when Veronica was born and I CAN’T BE OLD YET! Please come somewhere near Philadelphia.

  28. Love your traveling posts. You meet the most interesting people! They all seem so delightful and intriguing!

  29. She named her babies Sam & Ella? Oh dear. As someone named Ella, I can tell you right now that that’s going to provide hours of entertainment for classmates.

  30. I wish I could have been there! you were a short hour away from my college on the North shore. Next time!!

  31. It’s 24 hours later and I have to say that my face still hurts from laughing. Thanks for a wonderful evening, and Steph — we’ll always have Boston!!

  32. Awww, I wish I could have been there! To me, Boston is the best place in the whole wide world. I’m glad you like it, and I loved seeing us so well-represented for you.

  33. I love these posts – it’s almost as good as being with you on the tour. Well not quite, but anyway I’m enjoying it vicariously.

  34. OK, I THINK I am going to make it to Skokie. I have mapquested it. 7.4 miles. I am so excited! Here’s hoping I can get there. Unexpectedly in Chicago–how fun is this!

  35. Do Knitting Nuns knit for themselves or for charity or for both (the Lutheran wants to know – we don’t have nuns.)

  36. Thank you for coming to Boston. I’m a very shy person who doesn’t do group stuff a lot but, as my husband put it, “she’s your hero” so I had to drive down and getting totally lost driving in Boston, but it was worth it. You were funny and very sweet to a very shy person. Thank you. And you do have a real job.

  37. So jealous you got to meet baby Sam before I did! I’ve known his mama, Carrie, since 1991. Which doesn’t sound like a long time, but we went to high school together 20 years ago.

  38. You were as funny as ever, and I enjoyed every minute. It was absolutely worth the hour of standing in line on the sidewalk while the pedestrians tried to figure out why dozens of knitters were standing and knitting.
    Your book tours are always so much fun. I’m so glad you have a new book out.
    But, um, where’s the travel sock? (And how’s the sweater).

  39. Thank you for an enjoyable few hours in Boston…we had so many laughs to share with our Wednesday night knitting group…

  40. So sorry I couldn’t be there! I actually lived a couple of blocks away from the BookSmith for a few years. I few of my friends were there. Hopefully next time though!

  41. Sprite – with the rain and the traffic, it took me 2 hours from Kensington/Rockville coming up route 29 if it is any consolation given you were stuck at work : (
    It was a great reading and full of laughs!

  42. Not sure what your food plans are while at Old Orchard in Skokie… As a fellow plant eater I highly recommend Frontera (Rick Bayless, he is a big deal chef and local to Chicago) at the Macy’s. Sounds odd to suggest a place in Macy’s but trust me on this one.

  43. Glad to see that Ella already commented on the naming of the twins, Sam ‘n’ Ella! The nurse in me has to giggle at something that sounds just like “Salmonella”—–probably they’ll be called Ella ‘n’ Sam, and their Mom will have the last laugh! May Ella be continuing to grow and thrive, and what a courageous woman—there isn’t much that would bring out a new Mom with one twin home and the other “not yet”, but Yarn Harlot is worth it!

  44. What cute babies! The nuns are awesome! I met them at the SOAR market up in Manchester in front of Susan’s Fiber Shop. Susan and I had just found the last hank of roving in a colorway I wanted, and it turned out that one of the nuns wanted it too. I offered to give it to them and they said not to worry, they would find something else. I saw them a little while later and they had found some other really nice roving and were having a great time. I got to talking fiber with them and discovered that they are some seriously cool and very nice nuns. Now I know why! As for your butter tarts, that is seriously nifty that you get Away From Home Delivery of something so delicious!!! MMmmmm………..Butter tarts!!! If someone brings you squeaky cheese curd I’m going to be really jealous LOL!!!

  45. Am I the only one who thinks little Sam is doing his best Dr Evil impersonation?
    Come on, look at that wee pinkie-finger.
    He’s a very cute Dr Evil, though.

  46. You had such a good time! Such baby cuteness it made my day!!! Hope the rest of your trip is as wonderful.

  47. Sam and Ella, really? I’m sure the NICU staff has had a chuckle over this infectious disease pun!

  48. I missed your signing. I could not find you, although we searched and searched for you in Rhinebeck. I had my wallet nicked there, which was a bit of a downer. The bad thing was not losing the $20. It was the little envelope of four leaf clovers that my youngest daughter found for me, and a little silver pocket pen my middle daughter gave to me, and a tiny drawing of Sally with a violin under her shoulder that Emily, my oldest gave to me. It’s those things that made me cry. Oh well. And then I missed you cause we kept following the signs for signing, book signing, WHERE? WHERE? Oh well. I’ll have to wait till another day to meet you. And it will be a good day. Sorry about your sweater. Oh dear. Love, Kathleen in Vermont

  49. I so wished I could make it out to your talk, but I was knee deep in a block rehearsal that reminds me that I really cannot dance but that I can fake it pretty well.

  50. Thank you for linking to Betsy’s blog about Pat Pat’s Hats. I have about a dozen hats waiting to be sent down, and I hope the exposure you’ve given helps us get more!

  51. Had a wonderful time. Even my non-knitting best friend loved it. Looking forward to reading the book. Thanks

  52. Mary wants you to know, “I thought she was only taking a picture of my knitting, or I would have smiled.” And I want you to know that she kept me going when unexpected visitors, a husband coming home very late (I had no desire to bring the 3 boys, too!), and 2 missed trains almost made me give up coming. So glad she did! Mary’s going to send her hat to Pat Pat. Thank you!

  53. Sounds like a fun evening – it’s always interesting when you get a group of knitters together to see all the great knits everyone wears – does anyone know the name of (or where to find) the pattern for that cute cardigan with the garter stitch top and what looks like feather and fan bottom that Deborah (who brought the tarts)is wearing?

  54. I’m amazed that not only do you manage to talk to so many people, sign books, not miss your flights (which seam to be almost daily?), but you also manage to take photos of people you meet and remember their names. Then you find time to blog about them! Amazing.
    I have visions of you signing books and scribbling peoples names in a notebook while taking photos!
    You’re blog has helped me stay sane this week as I am stuck in bed and can’t even manage to knit.
    Happy touring!

  55. I was so unbelievably thrilled this morning to learn that you’ll be at my favorite indie bookstore in Pasadena, CA next week. I’m squeeing all over the house and the ‘net, and looking forward to an update on your toasted sweater.

  56. A quiet prayer sent up for Ella and Patrick. And I love your book tour posts! All the happy knitters! (Evan. Veronica. Stealing the show, guys!)

  57. I love Boston! We were just there the other weekend and you are right, the knitters there rock! Can’t wait to see how your trip to Baltimore goes.

  58. Thank you for coming to Baltimore– we are proud of our town, and sometimes feel like DC gets all the good visits. Glad to find out your wallet has been located. Keep that sense of humor as you continue on your whirlwind tour!

  59. Stephanie,
    No one does a knitter audience line-up like you. I want to meet all these people.

  60. The knitting vibes in that room were amazing. Husbands who knit! I met people who have husbands who knit. I was boggled.
    Also, the knitting vibes meant my spinning went smoothly, which made me happy. I’ve been a knitter for 17 years, but spinning is new, so anything that makes it easier is a wonderful thing.

  61. Just catching up on your blog on Boston and Baltimore. Let’s not overlook the fact that Boston has someone who named her twins Sam ‘n Ella. That should weigh something, no?

  62. I am so sorry I missed you in Brookline. I told you when I met you for the very first time on Saturday at Rhinebeck I would be there – but the 3 hour drive home from the festival triggered a sciatica attack and I can not manage any car trip at all for several days until this flareup settles down. But at least I have the memory of Rhineback and a photo of you holding my first ever socks (pink/lav variegated, only waiting to be kitchenered.)
    My daughter and I loved meeting you and send you best wishes on the rest of your trip. Sorry I will have missed Gwendolyn in the process – 😉

  63. My Traveling Sweater and I just want to say that we both enjoyed your reading, and laughed hard and long and it was all fabulous. Who knew a trip to Boston came with a free Yarn Harlot book signing? Go Massachusetts!

  64. Hi! I accidentally found your blog while looking for some knitting patterns and I had a wow moment seeing these pictures:) There is such a good vibe and positive energy bursting out of them that I cannot stop watching and smiling!
    You really made my (cold Swedish) day!

  65. Hi! For those curious about the butter tarts, the recipe is basically from Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens… a lovely book.
    Thanks for the nice remarks, it was really a great evening and everyone was so lovely and I felt really at home in Boston for once.
    *Wave to Mira and Jesse!*

  66. Sorry I couldn’t make your Boston talk. Too much going on these days. Mira and Jesse look so cute! And those nuns — I’ve actually met one of them! She was in a hospital room with my sister several years back. I tell you, she seems to have a very fun life — speaks several languages, has tons of friends. And, of course, knitting!

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