On Leaving Texas

Last night brought me to a really great event at A Real Bookstore.  (Teri and the staff there made it really, really nice for me.) It was just one of those days where everything comes together, especially once I got there successfully.  (There was a moment where I realized that the desk clerk was calling me a cab to the wrong place when I was leaving the hotel, because I said I needed to go to "a real bookstore" and she was just going to hook me up with her favourite local. It took me a minute to convince her I needed a specific Real Bookstore.)   I was well rested, the knitters were supremely nice in that wonderful way that people in Texas are.  (Or maybe it’s just the way that knitters in Texas are.  I actually haven’t met many Texans who aren’t knitters.  I travel in tight circles.)  It’s like they’ve got all the charm and hospitality of the south, but wacky. You’d like it. In any case, I got there and did my thing – and these are the knitters who came. 

A special thanks to the lady in the blue tee shirt in the front row. She beamed so warmly at me the whole time that I felt so welcome and at ease – she single-handedly made me less nervous. There’s something special about every stop I make… each one has it’s own unique flavour- the theme in Dallas was knitters running in a pack.  Check these knitters out.  They’re the McKinney in Stitches group combined (see, even one pack isn’t enough for these knitters) with the Stich-N-Lit group out of the bookstore. 

They brought me that present sitting there, which had Texas wine (and a safe way to pack it for home so that Joe can enjoy it too…) and Texas chocolate, and Texas yarn… they were a ton of fun, and so kind too. 

We had our standard issue first sock knitters, only they weren’t so standard, really.  Kristina brought her first socks, which seems standard..

except that they’re her 2nd project ever. That’s right.  She made a scarf, like everyone does, and then bam.  Socks.  Straight out of the gate. That’s not normal, but she seemed nice enough.   Heather brought her first socks,

and her mentor, Anna – who brought her 2nd pair of socks, which seems about right for a mentor.  Anela brought her first socks…

(which are perfect.  Another overachiever who doesn’t know first socks are supposed to suck) and Erin has a similar problem. 

Perhaps Pasadena will have some appropriately crappy first socks tomorrow.  I can only hope.  In the meantime, we have Lynn, who was so proud of her first sock…

That she framed it.  That’s my kind of knitter, right there.

We had Emily and Thomas –

and I think that Emily was just as proud of the sweater that kid is wearing as she was the kid (I bet the sweater was just as hard to make. It’s beautiful) and then we had a parade of young knitters. 

Meet Ronan.  He’s four (almost 5) and he’s knitting a sweater for his Green Guy. (That’s his mum Cindy behind him.)

That’s the neckhole in the middle (it’s self designed) and I have been advised that it will have sleeves.  Later.

Then Sarah brought (and we’re back to the pack theme again) a whole brood she’s taught to knit.

That’s Mark (12) Josh (10) and Emma (8) all competent and skilled knitters.
Josh is holding my sock because he forgot his knitting and we agreed he should have a loaner. 

Finally, let me show you two knitters I love.  This is Tiny Tyrant

I see her on every tour, though usually not in Texas.  In fact, her presence in Texas threw me off for  a minute and made me wonder if I was in Texas at all, but it turned out that she moved.  She was thoughtful enough to bring me supper.  A simple little bag of bread, great cheeses and a good stout, and I was really grateful.  That area can be tricky for a vegetarian (as I learned when the only thing on the hotel menu I could eat was an iceberg wedge salad with no dressing and no bacon – which is sort of like a dinner of water…) and Tiny came through.  I see her every time I’m on tour, and it’s so nice.

Last – but never least, is Andrea.

Andrea’s been raising money for Doctors without Borders with her kids (she’s a teacher) for years and years now, and reporting those donations to KWB.  (With the earthquake in Turkey – now’s not a bad time to remind you guys about that either.)  I’m sure Natalie will be delighted to put a face with her cheerful emails in our KWB inbox… and with that…. I’m caught up. 

I started this post in the Dallas airport, and finished it up in the air on my way to Los Angeles.  (I’m looking out the plane window at some crazy desert action down there right now.)  It won’t be long until we land, and I make my way to Pasadena for tomorrow’s event, and yes – that’s right.  I typed tomorrow.  Today is a "rest day" on the tour, which means that I only have to travel, not travel and do an event, and even though I’ll spend six or seven hours doing that travelling, the fact that once I’m in my hotel room I can have a rest has me just about delirious with joy. (That’s when I’ll push send on this blog post too. I’ve got no internet up here.)  It’s just the break I needed to make me absolutely gung-ho and happy about the final days of the tour.  I’m chipper now when I think about Pasadena, Seattle and Portland.  Chipper I tell you, and the fact that I may have finally kicked the deserving arse of my Gwendolyn sweater may actually put me over the top. 

After I fixed the mis-crossed cables – I got a comment from Tamar (longtime friend of the show, as Colbert would say) and she congratulated me for fixing the front, and (ahem) encouraged me to fix the back.  After I contemplated all manner of unreasonable things, all of them involving public drunkenness, I bit the bullet, decided that after all this I should fix those too… and did so. 

Now I’ve sewn it all together, done the neckband and one buttonband, and I intend to put that bad boy to bed tonight.  
It’s a good day – and if you see something else wrong with the sweater, for the love of all that’s woolly, don’t tell me. 
I’m fragile.

119 thoughts on “On Leaving Texas

  1. Lovely sweater. And it’s not just Texas knitters that are nice. I married a non-knitting Texan, (though his mom knits), and they’re a pretty nice bunch.

  2. Love your book tour write-up. Looking forward to seeing you
    Thursday at Third Place Books!

  3. As it is cloudy and chilly in LA, your sweater may get some use here. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night! My sister, who is not a knitter, is coming with me and even she is excited!

  4. Renting a car to see you tomorrow in Pasadena 🙂
    Hazzah for Canadian Knitters in LA!
    P.S. I’m not allowed to tell but I wanna…. 🙁

  5. Love the sweater and the only thing tempoarily wrong is the lack of a picture with you wearing it!
    I keep hoping you’ll be adding Johnstown, NY to your tour… R.A. Salvatore did a signing at Mysteries on Main Street a couple of years ago… or for them to add Saratoga, NY 🙂

  6. Stephanie, even if a beginning sock-knitter made an appropriately crappy sock, she probably wouldn’t want to show it to you; I know I wouldn’t! Love the framed sock.

  7. Oh no! The back was going awry too? That’s hysterical! Maybe that’s how the universe balances things out, though. Kind of like, lucky in love, unlucky at cards. Cross your fingers and kiss your elbow, nothing else is wrong with it!

  8. Glad you enjoyed last night…we sure loved seeing you and hearing you read from your book. My kids were chortling over the burned sweater fiasco this morning after breakfast. Thanks for the laughs! That nasty bad boy sweater has been whipped into submission…just in time for colder weather. We certainly couldn’t offer you any here. Have a great end of tour.
    Sarah (mum of the three knitters you met last night)

  9. Love the pictures of the young knitters.. and it was very generous of you to loan your socks out for a picture. 🙂
    your sweater is beautiful… just beautiful. I made a guernsey wrap with shelter. it was beautiful yarn to work with.

  10. Your presentation at A Real Bookstore was just delightful, as you could tell from your appreciative audience. Thanks so very much for the encouragement reference the ganseys I’m knitting. The Frangipani dark navy wool spun in Yorkshire is producing an amazing result. There is a knitter in Caithness, an archivist named Gordon Reid, who shares his experiences on http://www.ganseys.com, and happened to identify knitting as an activity Desmond Morris would understand as something that brings comfort, which is a nice literary reference.

  11. The sweater looks beautiful. I about died when you said you were going to CUT the yarn to fix the cables. (There may or may not have been an audible gasp and “No!”) Looking forward to seeing you on Friday! My hubby has moved me to a fantastic city for knitting. Enjoy your travel day.

  12. Great job on the sweater! I’m looking forward to seeing you and your sweater in Pasadena tomorrow. It’s currently 52F, cool enough to justify wearing your wool sweater IMHO.

  13. It has decided to rain a little today in Los Angeles just so you get a chance to wear your gorgeous new sweater!
    I realize it’s not really cold by any standards the rest of the world recognizes, being 65 degrees fahrenheit – aka 18.3 degrees celsius – right now, but it’s better sweater weather than the crazy hot days we had last week at least. And, this being Southern California, chances are you’ll find at least one hyper-air-conditioned building during your visit which will require donning a sweater ASAP.
    Lovely sweater. I am in awe of it and your perseverance!

  14. Your perseverance is totally inspiring – makes me wonder why I have any unfinished projects in my world…… I’m looking forward to seeing photos of you wearing it. You are sure it will fit, right??

  15. Looking forward to seeing you here in Pasadena. It may actually be cool enough for you to wear your sweater here!

  16. Love the stories of your tour. Must look up Shelter yarn. And thank you, Elizabeth Rose, for mentioning http://www.ganseys.com – never heard of it – just made Beth Brown-Reinsel’s teddy bear sampler gansey and am thinking about making an adult human size gansey when I have the courage.

  17. Its drizzly and COLD in Pasadena today … about 62 degrees if that … we know cold when we see it … so if the cold holds until Wednesday, we might even see you wear your sweater. I’ll have Vromans Books in Pasadena turn down the A/C so it will be necessary. Looking forward to finally meeting and greeting you and welcoming you here. Enjoy your rest day!

  18. Welcome to Southern California! I so wish I could make it to Pasadena tomorrow, but it would probably be rather rude to leave the guests we have arriving tomorrow to make the trek over to Pasadena. They are non-knitters and just wouldn’t understand. : (
    Definitely next time.
    P.S. If Pasadena is too warm to wear your sweater, come on over to the ocean. Today has been foggy and gray all day — feels more like London than sunny California. Perfect sweater weather!

  19. Love the sweater! The color is wonderful. The cables are stupendous! Did you find buttons? I am looking forward to front and back photos with you modeling.

  20. I read the comment about the second project being a pair of socks to my husband and the girl being an overachiever. He responded, “Um, didn’t you do that?” Does the fact that my third project is a sweater make me an uber-overachiever? (I learned to knit to make socks and sweaters, not scarves. Why waste time on what I don’t need/want?)

  21. It was so very good to see you and I hope you at least got a chance to enjoy the cheese and the beer.
    My friend Roger picked out the beer (i don’t drink the stuff) and I made sure he saw the post.
    Stay safe and I’ll see you on the next tour.

  22. OMG, I’m so glad you like Texans, we love you and I wish I could have welcomed you myself! I can not believe you fixed your beautiful sweater and all I’ve done is piddle along with the sweater I was working on and now you are almost finished and I still have most of the body and the sleeves left to do! Is life ever fair?!? 😉
    All I can say now is I wish I rocked knitting like you and that I LOVE your new book, so next time you write a book, I will try to make it to your book tour and give you all the support you so richly deserve!! Am I gushing? 😀 You betcha!!

  23. Pasadena! There should be some good vegetarian food there. The sweater is beautiful—I love the Shelter and plan to order me some, but can you post the lot number and perhaps you should have a talk with Jared Flood—I think that your batch is cursed.

  24. I really enjoy reading about your book tour, but what I am really doing is sitting here, anxiously awaiting news of the trials of Gwendolyn.
    Its like watching ‘The Perils of Pauline’ only more yarny and with more exciting cliffhangers.

  25. HOW do you knit so fast??? The sweater’s gorgeous, I love love love it. Can we see it modeled?

  26. Looks perfect to me. But I’m not looking too hard! I expect perfection from you and that’s all I see.
    Don’t you love how the cable goes around the armscye? And the button band is lovely.
    Thanks again for the tour report.

  27. Beautiful classic warm sweater. I sure learn about keeping energy refreshed fom reading about your tours. Nice to learn Tiny Tyrant is moved…gee

  28. We love you Steph and only want what is best for you and a perfect sweater is best for you. You have a reputation to uphold after all….!
    Go to sleep and have a rest and yes…Texans are really wacky and just plain nice.

  29. The sweater looks great. I’m quite impressed, actually. I would totally have said forget it and not fixed the miscrossed cables. I love the story about the Tibetan monks that leave a mistake in their tapestries intentionally b/c only God is perfect. I use that excuse a LOT in my personal knitting. 😉
    Excited to see you in Portland!!!

  30. You can wear it in Seattle–we’ll be in the upper 40’s to lower 50’s the rest of the week.

  31. Love reading all about the tour (come to Atlanta), all the knitters you are meeting along the way (please come to Atlanta), and all of their wonderful knitting (PRETTY PLEASE come to Atlanta).
    As for Gwendolyn, you’ve kicked her wooly tushy! Wear it with pride!

  32. Next time you do a book tour, can you please start in San Francisco? I see that you’re not even going there this time around, and it would be great to have you here when you’re still fresh and looking forward to the whole thing, rather than a bit tired and want to eat food you’ve actually cooked yourself.

  33. I love seeing everyone’s first socks! But it brings up a question: If your first sock(s) are terrible, is it against the law to throw them away? Mine have been hanging around for about 8 years and I don’t know what to do with them. I hate the yarn too, so it’s not worth ripping and reusing it.

  34. Kudos to you for gritting your teeth and fixing the cardi (without a tantrum). I can’t help but wonder though… if you were at home, with unlimited projects to hand;
    would you have gutted it out, or would you have banished it to the time-out closet? And no…. I don’t put my children in a closet for time out, just in case you’re wondering! 🙂

  35. I really enjoyed your reading last night! I was so excited to get to say hi to you that I totally forgot that my friend Cindy, who owns a small fiber farm near my house, specifically requested that I tell you hi for her as she was out of town last night. So here it is:
    Hello from Cindy!
    I hope we see you in Texas again soon!

  36. I’m proud of the sweater, but my son, Thomas, is better! It was my first knitting project ever! I didn’t know color work was something beginners were supposed to avoid. (It shows from the puckering) I’m just proud I finished!
    Thank you for coming to Texas! Come visit again soon!

  37. Nobody is going to see that mis-crossed cable on the back if you just keep moving while you are wearing it. More caffeine should see to that!

  38. Thank you for a lovely evening! My first grade class will be so proud to see their artwork mentioned. I had a wonderful time and wish you safe and happy travels.

  39. I’m going to start calling my bad days a “Gwendolyn Sweater”. I looked at the photo of the back and I can’t figure out what is wrong with it. Please explain!

  40. Your new book is fantastic. Thank you for writting and for touring. I wish I could go to you but it is not so easy to find someone who wants to watch six kids with my husband working in hong kong until nov 3rd. And by that time you will be safely home.
    We will meet again some tour I hope.
    Safe travels.

  41. I’m so glad you enjoyed Texas, it’s a place I still call home even though I’ve been gone from there for 26 years. I love the sweater and can’t wait to see you wearing it! Hopefully anywhere within driving distance (and I will totally drive a long way) of Salt Lake City? We have perfect sweater weather here!
    After a nice rest from this leg of your tour of course 🙂

  42. That last picture…um, that was the “before” right? The fourth cable from the top is interesting, but interesting can be good.

  43. Woohoo! Thanks to Tamar (and you, of course), I can finally see the miscrossed cable! (sorry to be so excited about something that seems to have caused you a considerable amount of anguish, it’s just I’ve only ever knit cables once & I’m not so proficient in them). And yes, I agree with the comment immediately prior to mine…that last photo (where I can finally see the miscrossed cable) was the “before,” no?

  44. As a mom stuck in the routines of her three children and their schools & activities, I am traveling vicariously with you. Thank you for posting fun pictures! Everyone is so great!

  45. Thank you for posting about your journey with new book & new sweater. It is so encouraging to see that even the Yarn Harlot must occasionally ::sigh:: reknit a bit. Please share your method of fixing cables. You mentioned cutting the yarn in the sweater and unraveling? This is a new way that I am so curious about! Thank you.

  46. I can’t resist saying that I’d bet that Thomas’ sweater was harder to make than the baby. Enjoy yer sweet nearing-end-of-sweater-and-tour rest!

  47. Those Texas knitters do look like a friendly bunch!
    I hope your sweater is warm and wonderful when finished.

  48. I’m with Lynn. Frame the 1st sock. Then if you don’t want to, don’t have time for or really didn’t like knitting socks (blasphemy!), you don’t have to. The 1st sock is now an objet d’art!

  49. When I lived in Dallas, I went to the grocery store and forget my wallet, but remembered my checkbook.
    The guy behind me in line paid for my groceries, and gave me his card so I could send him a check.
    I believe the people of Texas are a trillion times nicer than any other place. I don’t think it is just the knitters in this case.
    Molly : )

  50. What a delight your book tour posts are; it is like traveling with you! Amazing people, amazing projects, amazing places. Thanks so much.

  51. Stephanie, my favorite thing to do every morning (yes when I arrive at work, sh) is to fill my coffee mug, grab my breakfast item and read your blog. It just starts the day off right.
    And I love the framed sock! I thought I was the only loon who did that. However this loon intends to mail it to the very nice lady who taught me how to knit in the first place..when I have 5 minutes to bubble wrap it…and get to the post office. And stuff.
    I’m terribly sorry I missed you in Skokie (yep, that’s not Chicago, but if all the darn trees weren’t in the way and you squinted real hard you could totally see Chicago from there). Next time you come out I’m on the case! (and I’ll research some stout for you, as I’ve noticed you like it. Milwaukee isn’t far from where I live and they’re brewery central up there!) Safe travels!

  52. Sorry that you weren’t able to come to Pittsburgh with this tour, but happy that you are nearing the end of your marathon in the NW, where the vegitarian food is plentiful, and the people are on par with Texans when it comes to nice.
    As for errors on your sweater: one of the biggest reasons that I like you is that you are not ‘perfect’ and that you admit to frogging your work to fix it. I have often used knitting as an example of how we wish life functioned: we can always undo things that bother us and reknit them, unlike almost everything else.

  53. I don’t think I have ever made a scarf in my entire life… my first project (other than little samplers to get me to learn how to knit evenly… which were promptly pulled out because one should never waste yarn) was a sock… and it was white and the second one didn’t match, but I did it. Second project was matching socks for myself… then i made a whole bunch more for people I love… followed by a baby blanket, a beach cardigan made from a circle, then a hat… then a shirt… then another shirt… next will be a dog sweater I think… then another cardigan… reading your blog has inspired me to keep knitting and to find interesting projects.
    It’s strange that you mis-crossed the cables in the front and back… and in aprox the same place. I would have left it 🙂
    Good luck on the rest of your tour and safe travels.

  54. I’ve been visiting my son in D.C. and away from my computer so I have had a wonderful time catching up – almost fainted at the sweater surgery photos, but I knew you could do it; never had any doubt (and I still think it’s gorgeous – love the color)! I sure hope you come to Atlanta – you have fans here too!

  55. Love your tour blog. Desparate to meet you!
    When one of my bevy of nieces was wee, she would say “come to MY house, Mamie!”. So, here is what I have to say: “Come to MY house, Harlot!”
    mamie, toronto, ON

  56. I’m so glad you liked the Texan knitters. We hope to see you again next time around. And next time you are in Austin, if you’ve the time, you should check out Kerbey Lane Cafe, they’ve got my favorite queso (I prefer without guacamole, but to each her own) and a bunch of vegetarian options. There are other vegetarian/vegan places, but not being vegetarian I don’t get to them often enough to know their names.

  57. I understand human nature, but a few of you people should really be ashamed of yourselves. Really. You just couldn’t do what she asked you to do right? Unbelievable.

  58. I thought it looked great in the first place but it’s nice to know I make the same mistakes you do.

  59. Sweater looks perfect to me! Mistakes like that happen during what I call “invisible knitting”. You know, you are listening to someone talk or watching a good show, and knitting away. Meanwhile, you have zigged when you should have zagged. It happens. As I fix the mistakes I think about the 1500 sts that went right, which more than compensates for the few that went wrong. I can’t wait to see the sweater, so bring it to Powell’s! I have it on my calendar..

  60. The sweater is looking great! Score about 100 for the knitter and 0 for the cranky yarn. Good job. So sad that I have missed you while you were in my general area. (St Louis and Dallas) but both were just a little too far for comfort during a work week. Barns & Noble tell me my book is on the way, though. Can’t wait. Enjoy that California Sunshine!

  61. Welcome to California! So happy you made it. Looks like it’s going to be another oppressively sunny day in LA. Maybe you’ll get to relax and enjoy it a bit before the Vroman’s mayhem? Will there be mayhem, by the way?

  62. There is no California Sunshine today. Looking forward to seeing you WEAR that sweater in Pasadena!

  63. How do you decide who to post pictures of for each tour stop? Not everyone who stops to say hi could possibly snag a place on your blog. So, I was just wondering.

  64. Yea Gwen! Finally conquered it and it is beautiful. Good luck w/ the rest of the tour and I feel like I am there w/ you even though your publishers so thoughlessly gave you two stops in Texas and NONE in the true midwest. Damn them all to hell! (What does TX have that KS doesn’t have?) Heartbreaking really.

  65. Your sweater looks beautiful! I think I will make one for myself. Wish you were making a stop in the San Francisco area. We love you up here!

  66. Sorry I missed seeing you this time in Dallas. I was at the World Series game. It was a tough decision…Harlot v. World Series…
    Since this is only the second time ever the Texas Rangers have been at the big show, they had a teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy, little, teeny, tiny, slight edge.
    Just barely.
    P.S. Love the sweater…

  67. Sweater looks incredible! this is the incentive i need to get back to my Hild (Viking Knits) project that has been kicking my butt for over three years. Crazy cables in that pattern. it wasn’t until after the first four rip outs i realized there was such a thing as an errata page. Turns out most of the patterns in the book have errata pages. Who edited that book anyway? Ultimately got the errata page and realized i’d had the correct stitch count the entire time in the pattern repeat! aack! it was great to see you at Rhinebeck and thanks for signing my copy of your book.

  68. I am coming to see you in Pasadena and can’t wait. I shall be bearing gifts, to thank you once again for the incredible paaartaay that is SS09/11.

  69. Just want to remind you that those of us in INLAND Northwest deserve some love too!! Spokane, WA is just a hop, skip and a jump (OK kind of a long jump) from Seattle. We have a fabulous bookstore named Auntie’s that would be perfect for a visit from our favorite Harlot!!

  70. Ms. Harlot……is that “loaner sock” knit with KnitPicks “Time Traveler” colorway??? You are SO adorably geeky!!

  71. I’m so delighted that you’re having a good time. The day of rest must have done you good because your post today is lighthearted and I can feel your sense of comfort. Pasadena. Lovely place. We insisted there be sunshine just for you. God bless!

  72. I’m thinking vegetarian meals on the West Coast should be pretty much a no brainer. In fact, you may have to fight to avoid going vegan. Enjoy!
    PS If you had come to Colorado, you’d be feeling at home in this snowstorm we have going.

  73. You deserve a day off!! It sounds like you are very interested in and happy to see all of your fans, but that does take it out of you. So, a day on your own should be great. My only regret is that you are too far away from where I live for me to see you!!

  74. Goodness, people. It is NOT a miscrossed cable. It is a work of art! She’s fragile right now. Shhhhhhhhhh.

  75. Texas loves you and it’s warming to know you saddled up next to our charming people!
    I’m a TX native who recently moved to NY. While the yarn up here and most people associated with it are wonderful, many NY non-knitters have the wrong idea (read antiquated stereotype) about Texans and Texas in general.
    I like to think of Texans as the “Canadians of the South”; Texas as the “Great Hot South” if you will.
    I’m sorry I wasn’t able to welcome you to TX, but I was equally as excited to witness the kickstart of the book tour in Rhinebeck. Thanks for signing my book and making the world more knitterly.

  76. Can’t wait to meet you in Seattle tomorrow evening! I hope you wear your sweater, it is perfect as we are just getting our first decent chill in the air. I’m bringing my first socks to show you! 🙂 So excited! -Kimi

  77. That photo was taken before you fixed it, right? I don’t mean to be a spoilsport, but there’s definitely a miscrossed cable there on the last photo. AND I live too far away for you to come and hit me for pointing it out 🙂

  78. 1) Please don’t let the Gwendolyn experience stop you from posting progress pics in the future.
    2) She was intended as a homecoming sweater all along, right?
    3) Every time you see that bad boy, it will remind you of all the great knitters you met on this tour–and the even greater non-knitters doing favors for their families. (Here’s hoping you converted at least one of them to Knitting.)
    4) Framing. Brilliant avoidance of Second Sock Syndrome. (Otherwise, not something I’d encourage–I think knits need to be worn to be properly cherished.)

  79. Your dedication to correctingmistakes in your sweater has affected me. I am working on a Niebling shawl, and found a repeated mistake WAY back at the beginning of a long row. So, I am in the process of picking out the stitches so I can re-work the row correctly. Yes, sharing your trials and tribulations has had an effect on me.

  80. Your sweater is looking absolutely beautiful! I give you all the credit in the world for all that you’ve put up with while making it. I bet you can’t wait to bind off that last stitch and finally get to wear it 🙂 Best of luck for the rest of your tour!!

  81. Sorry I missed you in Fairview. I tried to bribe friends to represent, but we’d just finished a Girl Scout weekend for adult volunteers and were, frankly, bushed. I was at UTD Community Chorale rehearsal Monday night, the ONLY reason I would ever miss hearing you (again).
    Glad Texas was nice to you (again!)

  82. I’m going to apologize in advance for the taste of the TX wine. I have had about 10 different varieties because I live in a dry county in TX which means the only alcohol available for purchase is TX wine (it’s an agricultural product and thus immune from the evils of all other alcohol).
    I’m no oenophile, but the TX stuff all tastes like grape juice that’s been left in the fridge too long. TX has a lot of other great stuff, but wine isn’t one of them.

  83. Glad you liked Texas, but sorry that you didn’t get a chance to enjoy some of our great vegan and vegetarian restaurants – no, really, we have some of the best! I don’t know quite where the bookstore you were at is located, but Dallas has several all-veg restaurants. I was totally surprised when I moved down here to find that it’s actually not too hard to be veg*n in Texas – at least, outside of the hotel menus, I guess!

  84. It was wonderful meeting you again. Ronan is still telling everyone about the writer who he got to show his knitting to. He was really excited about it. Apparently his brother, Conner, who was 2 months old, when you were in the Dallas area 2 and a half years ago, was disappointed he didn’t get to show off his knitting. Not that there is much to see, just some needles and yarn he plays with, but it sounded so cute. Thanks for another great book, and thanks for coming to visit us in here in Dallas/Fairview, I had an absolute blast.

  85. I am so glad that you prevailed against the saucy Gwen. And thanks to Elizabeth Rose for the heads-up about http://www.ganseys.com; it’s smart and comical and a great read. I am really enjoying your travels from the comfort of my desk chair! Thank you.

  86. Glad you enjoyed your visit to my home state. Anyone who points out a mistake in a complicated project is just sadistic.

  87. I’d bookmarked Gwendolyn to make it myself, as it’s a beautiful pattern, and your sweater is beautiful.
    But after reading along with your trials, and now knowing that half the knitters in the world have apparently studied the appropriate crossing of every cable with such startling precision (and won’t hesitate to point out an otherwise barely perceptible error), I’m not sure I’m interested in knitting it anymore.
    There’s attention to detail, and then there’s just being snotty.

    xo cuz di

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