Randomly From the Airport

 1. I can’t believe these two guys in the airport lounge.  They’re the biggest weenie-heads I’ve seen in a long time.  They’re getting loaded on Bailey’s Irish Cream and having a wide ranging conversation that is absolutely remarkable in its ability to be so consistently offensive.  Thus far one of them has said that he would sleep with his co-worker if she was just a little smarter… because he’s worried she would accidentally reveal the affair to his wife, and now they’re onto how poor people aren’t really as bad off as everyone thinks they are because poor people have lower standards and don’t need much. They aren’t used to it, and they wouldn’t know what to do.  Like, they just need some sort of shelter and electricity – they guess. Especially if they live in a warm place where they can "forage" for food.  They also seem to feel that your race or citizenship is related to how much you need or can realistically expect in the world.  Not everyone can expect to have a life like they do. There isn’t enough.  The best people are going to get the best stuff. It’s survival of the fittest.

2. I totally want this guy’s wife to sneak a wire into his coat so she could know he’s an unfaithful jerk – or at least that he’s trying to be.

3. Maybe she knows he’s like this.  I bet they’ve been to some parties that got seriously awkward.

4. Now they’re talking about vegetarians. The guy on the left, his boss is a vegetarian.   Apparently vegetarians are stupid and weak. Not eating animals "says something about a person."  Oh, wait.  They think there’s a lot more vegetarians in Canada.   (We are in Canada at present.) 

5. Guy on the right (the one who wishes his co-worker was smart enough to have an affair with him – which totally seems like it would work the other way with this dude) feels that there is a connection between "What Canadians are like" and the fact that he’s decided that now we’re mostly vegetarians. 

6. I can’t hear what Canadians are like because they’re getting more Baileys. 

7. I really hope they’re not on my flight.

8. You gotta wonder what on earth goes through someone’s head that they would talk this way in public. For all they know there’s a blogger sitting right behind them, with a camera in her purse and the overwhelming urge to write down everything they’re saying (because I’m leaving out tons because I don’t use language like that) and put their picture right on that blog post.

9.  I’m not that blogger, because I just don’t have it in me to do it, but really, I could be some other blogger with way less self control.

10.  The whole thing makes me wish I was the sort of person who would say something to them, but I can’t imagine what that would be.  I’m old enough to know that pointing out to them that they’re racist, sexist, dishonest and unkind, and so far away from representing the best that humanity has to offer that I really wish they’d just at least lower their voices, especially during the parts where they’re saying things so bad that it makes us look uncool to the aliens watching us and deciding if we’re worth warning about the big comet coming our way….I know that won’t work.  People who are jerks from a distance are usually just bigger jerks if you speak right to them, and really, they’re not going have a change of heart if a vegetarian Canadian says something.  It’s pointless.

11.  I just wish there was something to do about it. 

12. I’m knitting now. Probably the best way to deal with my disappointment that me and these guys are part of the same species.