Well Look at That

After arriving here yesterday (I’m in Port Ludlow, where we’re merrily setting up to be invaded by knitters for the latest retreat) I finished the latest socks, which sounds like I got something done, but I didn’t really, since I actually finished these on the tour – mostly. 

I can’t remember where I was exactly when these were almost finished, but I do remember that I was on a plane, went into my change purse for a darning needle, and came up empty handed.

I figure it was because I had an episode in the Baltimore airport days prior, when while standing in line for something I’d accidentally flipped the change holding part of my wallet over – except it was open, and a shower of change (and my darning needle, apparently) hit the ground.  I would have left it all but for two things.  1) If you are Canadian your change can be a lot of money, because we have one and two dollar coins.  2) I guess it’s a sort of littering, and I wouldn’t want to be that person, so I scrabbled round on the floor of the airport, taking great care to pick it all up and somehow missing the darning needle. 

Miraculously I had the presence of mind to grab another one yesterday before I left, and today it was just a quick matter of grafting the toes, and so there you have it.  A finished pair of socks.   They’re basic socks, no pattern really, just round and round and a short row heel on half the stitches, then round and round a bit more – but it makes me so incredibly happy that it randomly worked out that one chunk of colour made half the heel, and the next chunk made the other – absolutely perfectly.  How does that happen? It’s like a miracle that my particular gauge over that particular number of stitches (60, if you’re going to ask and I know you are) gave me heels that perfect. 

Amazing.  The yarn was String Theory Continuum, and I love it. Partly it’s the base yarn (merino, cashmere, nylon) and partly, it’s just the stripes.  I love the wide, simple stripes.  There’s gonna be fierce competition when I get these home, and actually, I think I might keep them well hidden through the retreat too.
Knitters can be sneaky.