Random Monday

1.  I didn’t meet Prince, but it was a fabulous concert, and my sister Erin can vouch for the fact that he did smile at me.  I smiled back.  It might be that our relationship doesn’t really blossom into anything more than that.

2.  I did bring home a handful of the purple confetti that fell during Purple Rain.

3. No.  I don’t think that’s dorky. 

4. I have no mittens.  I’ve been wearing these beautiful Latvian ones for years and one of them is finally no more.  I could make myself a beautiful pair to replace the ones that are gone, or I could knock off a quick and dirty pair, turn my attention to the Christmas knitting and come back to the mitten dilemma after the 25th.  I can’t decide.

5. Yesterday I cleaned the whole house, almost top to bottom.  (I still have my office to do.) When I say I cleaned it, I don’t mean that I dusted and vacuumed.  I mean that I pulled furniture out from the walls, scrubbed floors and baseboards, flipped mattresses, pulled out 4 garbage bags of old clothes and toys and sent them to Goodwill – put the dress-up clothes safely away in the basement… washed duvets… pulled books I don’t love anymore off the shelves and send them to the shop on the corner…
I did a deep, fulfilling sort of cleaning.  I mean to do this every year at the beginning of the winter season, since it’s such a crazy and busy time, and everyone is going to be trapped in this house until May- but I never get to it. 
This year I did, and I can already tell that it was worth it. (Joe got home from California last night and didn’t really notice.  I’m working on forgiving him.)

6. Today I think I’m going to finish Fernfrost. 

I’ve thought I was done every day for 4 days, but then every day I decided not to skimp and add another repeat.  Today is looking good though.

7. If I can bring myself to do it, today I’m going to start the Christmas shopping.  I have this crazy idea where if I actually do a little at a time, maybe it won’t be so painful.  Still, starting now seems rash.  It’s like admitting that it’s really happening, which it is, so maybe that’s best.  I don’t know.  This time of year really throws me off.

8. Maybe I’ll just make mittens.