I’ve been thinking a lot about the event for tomorrow night here in Toronto, and the way that the last few weeks feel desperately out of order.

It says "Launch" and while that’s technically correct, having just been signing and touring this book for a month, it seems weird to be launching it after it seems… well.  Launched.   I was talking about it with Joe and he pointed out that it wasn’t ever really launched here in Canada, and it is the first Canadian event, and that the book’s already been on the New York Times Bestseller list – and he’d like to celebrate that, and that frankly, even if it hadn’t been on the list, he would still be pretty freaking proud that I wrote another book, and that he appreciates the night to feel good about that accomplishment, and he wishes I would too.

It’s not that I don’t feel proud either – I feel nervous and worried.  The hometown crowd always freaks me out.  Canadians are a proud and restrained people and the enthusiasm we hold for our own, while fierce, is sort of quiet, and we don’t like to tell our artists too much that they’re awesome, and we certainly don’t want them to tell us.  It is important to us that they’re still regular Canadians, and we’ll like… maybe see them at the pub or something. It’s hard to explain, but when you contrast American and Canadian public enthusiasm, it makes total sense which culture invented cheerleading, and why most Canadians have a certain ennui for publicity stunts or gigs.  (This does not apply to hockey or The Hip.)  This is a strange thing if you’re expected to promote a book in Canada – because publicity is inherently the opposite of what we think is in good taste, unless you’re going on Q – which I’m not.

This leaves me worried that an event in Toronto might be… rude? Inconvenient? Over-reaching?  In the past I’ve made up for this by making sure that there was value added.  You know, it wasn’t just me – I didn’t expect anyone to turn up for me, so I did scavenger hunts and had the musical opening acts and essentially, tried to make sure that it was worth it for people to come, because really, I’m not worth it by myself, which sounds like I have really low self-esteem, but it’s not that, it’s that publicity is just so damned AWKWARD.

This time, I didn’t know what to do, so let’s just do it the way we do it.  I’ll talk and read you some stories, while you guys freak out a whole downtown bookstore by knitting en masse, then we’ll go for a pint.  To make sure that we’re still us, Natalie and Rachel H will be ready to accept donations for MSF (the Toronto office was sweet enough to send me a card congratulating me on the NYT bestseller list) see one of them, and we’ll see what we can do to spread the knitter goodness around.

Chapters,  John and Richmond.
November 17th, 2011

If you want to hang out and knit and drink after with a NY Times bestselling author who’s pretty thrilled about it and really would like to celebrate (that’s me, by the way)

The Old York Bar and Grill
167 Niagara St. (Niagara and Wellington, a block south of King between Bathurst and Strachan)

Donations accepted at both spots. Dress casual.
Knitting not required, but makes a lot of sense.

PS.  The Old York is my sister’s pub.
PPS.  I’d love to know if you’re coming.
PPPS.  I finished some socks.

254 thoughts on “Launching

  1. I think it’ll still be a fabulous event (though you’re right, we are a restrained people in general)! Plus – how AWESOME would it be if you were on Q??? Who’s going to call Jian and tell him?

  2. Would love to come, but Baltimore, MD is a little too far away 🙁
    And, unfortunately for me, I missed your book-signing when you were here recently too :-(((
    I do plan to get your book though, and looking forward to it!!

  3. How I wish I could come , being in Toronto for another month and a half .But I signed for the class on long draw at the purple purl.My heart is torn …..but I will be there in mind for sure .Have a wonderful time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Celebrate and be proud of your wonderful accomplishments! I was also thrilled to see Canadian Living magazine list your blog as one of the top 25 Canadian blogs to read! I would love to go hang out with you to celebrate tonight but I don’t think I would make it in time from Alberta. I will have to wait till you’re a little closer… will your Canadian tour dates be posted soon?
    Congrats again and enjoy!!

  5. While I would love my first trip to Toronto to be about seeing you read and talk about your newest book and try to guilt someone into sending you to IOWA for your next reading, it’s a bit of a road trip for me…and I’m not sure that Tank (my basset hound) would be up for such a long haul in a short amount of time. (She has this thing about regular potty breaks.)

  6. I so wish I could be there! You are totally worth it. Congrats on the book–as always, it is terrific!

  7. it seems that you are always juat “passing through Vancouver”…What about a real stop next time?
    Felicitations on the book !

  8. Steph, I don’t think you could be rude, but I understand the need to be self-effacing (as I am half-Canadian, I suffer from it, too.) But you just need to put yourself in the audience’s shoes….If you were us, you would be delighted to celebrate a knitter who is successfully cracking the best-seller list! You would be delighted to join the happy throng, to laugh, knit, and share a pint. So join in, celebrate, and have a pint for me….. as NH is not close enough for me to join you.
    Barbara M. in NH
    PS…. I’ve been commenting as Barbara M. for a long time time! Now I know there’s another Barbara M. in Baltimore, I’ll be happy to be Barbara M. in NH. (Hi, Barbara M!)

  9. There are not many authors who would go to a signing and then invite everyone out for a pint. Surely that must penetrate the Canadian reserve? I predict that you will be utterly overwhelmed by how wrong you are about the level of love the hometown has for the Harlot. I also expect that lots of people will buy you a pint. Win!

  10. I’d love to come, but I’d need that teleporter, so …
    I think it’s great that y’all are throwing a party for the book! You deserve it. I read through my copy as soon as it came in the mail and enjoyed every minute of it.

  11. Woohoo! An event in Toronto 🙂 I’ll be there, I’ll bring my knitting (probably a sock but that’ll depend on whether hubby comes or not as said sock is supposed to be a surprise), and I’ll probably come for a pint afterward.
    I’m slowly acquiring each of your books and I appreciate them all. I just put two new ones on my e-reader last night and am lucky enough that my job sometimes affords me knitting and/or reading time while at work!
    Congratulations. You make me proud to be a Canadian Knitter!

  12. We have Chapters stores and Pubs in Ottawa too – we’re only a few hours away – maybe a nice trip on the train? We’d love to see you up here – in a restrained, Canadian kind of way…

  13. Restraint and modesty notwithstanding, you are entitled to let people know about your work, since you are trying to sell it. The last time I was in Toronto, public relations and sales did not appear to be an unCanadian concept. How else do we know what is for sale? Hunting and gathering only works if you know where to look. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your success. Sell a lot of books. (I have mine–DH will be giving it to me for Christmas. I have honorably not yet looked at it.) Then start your Christmas baking. That will bring you back to reality in a pleasant way.

  14. Well, here is one ex-pat Newfoundlander living in Toronto – like Joe – who plans to be there with bells on (better state that’s figuratively speaking!)
    I even got your book for my birthday this week, so I am ready to go!

  15. If you feel that awkward about it, you could just let the posters brag about you all over town…and then not show up.
    However, Not Showing Up is bad for book sales, which is in turn bad for Putting Food On The Table, so it behooves you to go. It’s your job, remember?
    Go. Enjoy. Drink a pint for me after.

  16. Congrats on another NYT bestseller! I am almost finished reading this book and love it! Wish I could attend your reading but I’m in California. It has made me reflect on my stash and finished knitted items. 🙂

  17. Wish I could be there, even quietly.
    Congratulations! I LOVE this book and laugh out loud while reading it. I have actually slowed down the reading now that I am almost done as I don’t want it to end. However DH is showing remarkable restraint by not stealing it away when I am not looking so I guess I’ll have to finish soon.
    I’m lifting a beer in your honor.

  18. of course we’re coming. Canadians are also loyal people… loyal people who have Christmas knitting to dent.

  19. I’m going to send this to my friend who’s in Toronto right now (we live in Kansas)… she doesn’t knit but I’ve made her read your blog before, so she knows who you are. =)

  20. Oh, my… I’d LOVE to go to your launching!!! 😀
    But I think I would be late, as it would take something like a day to go to Canada (I live in Bauru, a country city of Sao Paulo State, Brasil).
    Maybe next time.
    And I’ll buy your book to read on my tablet (the FIRST one I ever bought for tablet! which was a belated birthday gift!!).
    When I go to Canada (and we will!), I’ll try to visit you… 😉

  21. Congratulations Steph! Have a lovely evening. I wish I could be there but it’s a long way from Stratford-upon-Avon!

  22. Stephanie!!! I wish that I would be able to come and see you! I’m super Canadian and unfortunately wouuld probably be an exception to your rule and gush over you! I’m a fairly beginner knitter, but have fallen in love with it, already have a super embarassing stash, never miss your blog post and am super inspired and want to grow up to be a knitter just like you – P.S. I’m 30… LOL
    You should come to Ottawa 🙂

  23. I been reading John and Jesus was right there with you, knowing that he wasn’t welcome in his hometown. But, I’m sure you’ll have a great event and all your friends will celebrate in a big way. Maybe you need to talk with your publisher and have the next book truly launched in Toronto before you head out on your US tour. That sure would make your fellow Canadians proud!

  24. Well, I like Joe’s sentiment.
    And if you’re still feeling awkward, consider that it’s not for you, but for the knitters that are coming – to build comraderie, allow new knitterly friendships to form and give laughter to other people. So stop being so selfish and realize that if you don’t show up other people will not have as good an evening – I kid. About the selfish part.
    And I do wish that I could join but alas, it isn’t to be. But, I will be in Vancouver 29 Nov – 3 Dec, so if you’re in the area, I’d love to raise a pint with you then.

  25. I am so excited for this event. I even convinced hubby to come with me. Your event is part of my two year post bone marrow transplant celebration. Looking forward to meeting you there!

  26. What I really need to know is when is your Kingston date? Kingston is my home town although I’m not there at the moment, but if it is on your crawl/tour itinerary, I’d take a break from boat travelling and come home just to see and meet you and have you sign my copy.

  27. I wish I was in TO to be there! Then again I kind of with the book tours were in other areas of Canada as well as the US… Congrats on the NYT list and have a pint for me!

  28. The more I read your blog the more I think I would like you and Canadians in general , I dont like public noisy displays I dont like rude people I really do not like people who think they are better than they are , and I like knitting and going to the pub . Although I will not be with you physically I will be with you in spirit , by the way mines a gin and tonic .x

  29. If I were in Toronto I would so be there! When I come for a visit in Toronto, I am coming on a knit night that you will be in town and we are going to knit it up. So wish I was Canadian!

  30. Dear Stephanie;
    Your description of Canadians could be applied to Norwegians, but I think it will be a great event anyway and -how.

  31. Really, couldn’t we all do something to get you onto “Q”, because it’s the best of daytime radio and I’d just love to hear you explain what you do and why.

  32. I would SO love to be at both! Unfortunately, we live in California. (northern Ca, but still nowhere near. The East Coast). Have a wonderful time. Look out at the faces and enjoy how much they love you. None of them want to know that you are uncomfortable. They want to know that you love them as much as they love you. Anyone who doesn’t fit into that group should find something else to do that evening….
    Really, have fun!

  33. Dude, what about the soft launch in Aurora? I know we’re not Toronto, but we’re close! And we’re definitely Canada!
    Wish I could come tomorrow but I will be instructing young minds in the art of basketball refereeing. I’m sure you understand. Lift a pint for me!

  34. Wish I could be there, but I’m in very Northern California, too. Stephanie, one of the things that makes your books, and you, so likeable and easy to relate to is that you are just you, and don’t go for all the hype. Relax, have fun tonight, and congratulations!

  35. Screw restraint, not to put too fine a point on it. I am Canadian, and I definitely think you’re worth celebrating! Your stories are meaningful. Toronto is big enough, grown-up enough, multicultural enough, to appreciate knitting humour. 🙂

  36. Rah Rah Shish boom bah gooooooo Stephanie. My favorite chapter so far is the one about missing knit night. Enjoy your success.
    congratulations, from las vegas, NV

  37. I wish I could be there for the launch! Love your books! Would love for you to come to Peterborough (or even Oshawa would be close enough).

  38. Wish I could be there too, but the UK is even further away. Still, my daughter and I both have your new book at the top of our Christmas wishlist, so Santa will be busy over here. Have a great launch.
    PS I finished some socks today too. 🙂

  39. Believe it or not, we have similar issues in the lower 50 as well. Self-promotion is a particularly urban, often northern/west coast thing and is frowned upon for the most part in small towns, rural areas, the south, etc., etc., etc. I’m not saying we’re like Canadians. But the US is a very large place and there’s a lot of diversity down here….

  40. If I wasn’t living way out here in California (yes, another one), I would love to join you for a pint. You Canadian’s aren’t alone in frowning on self promotion either.

  41. Wish I could be there and for a pint afterwards. I’d like hanging out with you. I like you; I really do. 🙂

  42. Agree that Joe’s a keeper. That is JUST what you want your #1 supporter to say on such an occasion! MY Newfie fella is also made of 100% Win, but he’s not quite as smooth as Joe. 😉 Congrats to you and stay awesome! We’re all proud of/for you!

  43. Many comments ago I sent a note to Q suggesting that you’re a Canadian author with an interesting viewpoint (and many sales)! Now I see that others agree. Why doesn’t everyone send the producers a note? I’d much rather hear Jian talk to you than to William Shatner – again.

  44. If I lived closer (North Carolina is not “close” by any definition I know of), I would come and behave very Canadian-ly (?) or Canadian-ish (?) (properly quiet and reserved), but on the inside I would just be squeeeeeeeeling with delight!!! So I will, perhaps, have a pint in North Carolina in your honour! (See, I can even spell like a Canadian!…….sometimes.)

  45. Sadly, I can’t make it to Toronto in the middle of the week, but I promise a good crowd if you come back to Ottawa!

  46. WINNIPEG. Really. I’m out in the boonies but I swear I would find a way to get there to see you even if it meant camping out on my ex-husband’s sofa overnight. (eeeek!) One of these days I’ll make it back to Toronto but the time is not yet.

  47. I am hoping very much to be there tomorrow night. It sounds awesome, I have been reading about the rest of the tour and really looking forward to it. I’m currently knitting a sock from the basic sock “recipe” in Knitting Rules so it would really be awesome to show it off!

  48. Loud enthusiasm is pretty much always up my alley, probably because I am American, but also because I don’t think I have ever learned what my indoor voice is supposed to sound like…
    Congratulations on coming home to share your book with your friends. I am glad it is a last stop for you. Relax, they’ll love you all the same. If you totally blow it, there will be drinks after, so it doesn’t matter.
    Also, if my sibling owned a pub, I think they’d stop turning a profit as I’d come over all the time to mooch beer. =P

  49. If MI ever secedes from the US and joins Canada – an option that my dh and I discuss often – you could Launch here and we would take you to a great pub afterward!
    That not being the case this time – I hope it all goes well and Congratulations! on the NY Times bestseller!!
    I’ll be home knitting socks and thinking of you.

  50. Congrats on the New York Times Bestsellers List!
    Now I’m defintely going!!! After the thril of meeting you at Rhinebeck (and that amazing blog post, thank you for the kind words!)I thought that it would be greedy for me to go see you again.
    I have the day off and since you didn’t speak at Rhinebeck I was thinking that it would be okay for me to see you again (am I Canadian or what?).
    After reading this post I’m DEFINATELY going to hear you breath life into you amazing and wonderful words- I’ve laughed and cried through the chapters.
    See you tomorrow. I’m going to cast on for my first sock in honour of this event.

  51. The love may be quiet, but it’s fierce. Enjoy your evening. I’ll be there in spirit, while hoping that I’ll get to see you in reality in Vancouver sometime soon. heh. For a moment I actually considered seeing if I could get a flight out today – it’s only 4… 4 1/2 hours isn’t it?

  52. Yarn Harlot on Q… Count me in on a letter to the producer! We Canadians may not be much for cheering and over-enthusiasm but I bet we can still get the job done.
    Hope you have a great time tomorrow. Wish I could be a part of it!

  53. Stephanie!!! I wish that I would be able to come and see you! I’m super Canadian and unfortunately wouuld probably be an exception to your rule and gush over you! I’m a fairly beginner knitter, but have fallen in love with it, already have a super embarassing stash, never miss your blog post and am super inspired and want to grow up to be a knitter just like you – P.S. I’m 30… LOL
    You should come to Ottawa 🙂

  54. Wish I lived in Toronto too! I just finished the book last night & you have again outdone yourself. Enjoy the attention (and the pint 🙂

  55. Any chance there’s more Canadian tour dates to come? Or is Toronto it? (I know you live in Toronto so it makes sense for you to have an event there regardless 🙂
    Anyway… come to Victoria! It’s almost like going to Washington state and you go there all the time! Except it’s Canadian too!!! 😉 Can’t wait to read the book, for real.

  56. Sounds like a slight case of stage fright to me, however you rationalise it away! Having recently read your blog through from the beginning (yes, I liked it enough to want to catch up to where I came in!) – you used to write like this A LOT!! And you don’t now. This is normal, just a normal that you’ve progressed onwards from, mostly. I’m entirely confident you will have a great time, and possibly be slightly shamefaced that you underestimated (yet again) how much people enjoy you….
    ps – if I wasn’t in New Zealand, I’d be there – with a sock.

  57. I’ll keep my enthusiasm on the down-lo so as not to overwhelm but I’m tickled for you that the book is doing well and I hope the event tonight where someone is reading her amazing new book goes swimmingly.

  58. As I was flying down the posts all hot and bothered by what I consider a major overlook, I spotted a post by Renata which summed up my question- Why not “Q”?? Here you are, second time NYTimes best selling author and you’re not good enough for CBC?? Where’s Eleanor Wachtel in all this??? I guess You’re flying so high right now that you are off their radar. Theirs is the lose!

  59. Joe is a wise and wonderful man. Does he always know exactly the right thing to say?
    Have a great time tonight! Restrained or not, I’m sure that everyone who shows up will be just as proud of and happy for you as the rest of us. Great job, Stephanie!

  60. Not on Q? When they had a dubious Kermit the Frog this morning? Okay, I’m writing Jian a note about that, too.
    I’m sure Shelagh Rogers would have had you on Sounds Like Canada.

  61. Wish you were coming to Winnipeg! i’d come with my knitting and my copy of the most recent book and grin all over the place. Best of Luck tonight!

  62. I live in a small town where a couple “celebrities” also live. I can’t imagine NOT running into them at the library or farmers market or grocery store. We may be located in the Southeastern corner of Ohio but, maybe we’re closer to Canada than we think.
    Mazel Tov on the NYTBSL (again) and the hometown launch. Cheers!

  63. I would love to be there and have a pint with you! And even though I’m Canadian, I would totally get all wierd and star struck and maybe even a little loud. Rock on Knitter Girl!!! If you land on PEI, I’ll be at the front of the queue:)

  64. It’s quite possible that I was meant to be born Canadian. (Or any of the other places where having plenty of feelings that you keep carefully confined so as to not in any way inconvenience others is practiced.) It does seem to go with the northern climes. Which I like. I currently live as far south as I ever hope to go.
    Besides I went to camp in Canada, two weeks at a time, for 4 whole years. There must be some sort of honorary citizenship available for that, right? It was merely um…well, ahh, just over 30 years ago.

  65. It would be great if you were on Q–I listen to it when I am down working in the Craft Dungeon. As always, can’t wait to read your book.

  66. If only you were extending the book tour to Australia we could show you some unreserved Aussie warmth and hospitality. Given our recent international visitors, we’re collectively good at being enthusiastic about tours from dignitaries (and I’d certainly consider you in that category). My five copies of your book arrived last week (four of them will be presents), so I hope that will help to convince your publisher to send you our way. You definitely have a following here. Enjoy your launch tonight (our time).

  67. Come on out to Vancouver. We know how to make a noise both good (Olympics Gold Medal Hockey) and bad (ok – we just don’t want to talk about it right now. we’re working on the terms of punishment).
    When will you come do a launch in the Metro Vancouver area> Surrey has a totally awesome new Central Library that would be perfect.

  68. Since Jian Gomeshi of Q is my secret quasi-celebrity crush, I would adore it if you were going on Q. That really should happen… I could tweet him?
    Seriously, though, I wish I could be there.

  69. Oh I wish I could come!!! As an Aussie I understand the issues re publicity.
    I would so love to hang out with a NY Times best seller, knit some stuff & then go have a beer. Sounds perfect!
    I am a quilter in the main but I have been having such a knitting itch lately. Damn shame I can only do scarves – I mean really how many scarves can you use in London?? I wonder if there is a charity who needs them?? Must google.
    Enjoy your event – you deserve to feel proud of your books.
    Lush xox

  70. Kudos to the Toronto MSF for realizing how much good you’re doing for them and making sure they pay attention to you! 🙂

  71. Will Canadians start stopping in at The Old York just because it’s your sister’s pub? I’m pretty sure I’ll check it out if I ever make it back to Toronto.

  72. This really made me laugh!
    “This does not apply to hockey or The Hip.”
    (And I’m going to add “a Royal visit with Will and Kate” to that list, as we all witnessed this summer).
    Hahaha! You’re so right about it seeming to be “in bad taste”. You can take us Canadians out of Britain, but you can’t take the Britain out of us Canadians.
    Also, someone here must know Jian. Let’s get The Harlot on Q, people. Doctor’s orders. Chop chop.

  73. Smile and be yourself, that’s the way we love you! I would dearly love to sit down to a beer and knitting with you but you must come to Cleveland-ish.

  74. If there was any way on God’s green earth for me to get to Toronto this week, I would totally be there… Then again, I’m American.

  75. This Canadian is not afraid to say I think you are awesome. Sorry I can’t get downtown for the event to tell you so in person.

  76. Stephanie, the sign says you’re “celebrating” the launch; it doesn’t say you’re launching. Joe was right — you have much to celebrate. I only wish you would come to Philadelphia again. …

  77. I understand when you say, you don’t think it’s worth people’s time and effort to come out just to hear you read from the book. Might you feel better about it, if you thought you were giving knitters a reason to congregate in a bookstore and knit? It sounds like a good time to me.
    And, in answer to another post, I have met Jian (when his band used to play down here in NYC) and I think you would like him. Pleasant and calm and polite. Oh right, he’s Canadian.

  78. I’m with StrongCat and Val — Winnipeg will do nicely. It’s a drive, but well worth it if you will come and entertain us in person.

  79. Just another reason why I really wish I had relatives (read “grandchildren”) in Canada so I could move there guilt-free – you have your book launch in a place where they serve beer! Dang. Coffee’s good and all that, but….

  80. That’s funny. You could be describing New Zealanders there. Be proud! You deserve it. I think you’ll find that a few other Canadians think so too.

  81. Hi Steph! New knitter who lucked out and caught you here in Seattle at Third Place Books. You did a great job with your reading and presentation, but it was clear later what a long, grueling couple of weeks it had been. I’m glad you’re home now and can at least sleep in your own home!
    I’ve done press tours myself and I agree that doing PR work is awkward. We’re trained by our parents, society, our peers, etc. to not boast, not brag about ourselves or our achievements. We learn that MODESTY is the greatest virtue.
    Ignoring all that deeply ingrained training is not possible. So you’ve got two options. Compartmentalize (essentially, method acting). Or re-frame it. I think this latter approach is probably the one that will work best for you.
    The celebration of your new book is not about you grabbing a megaphone to tell the world how great you are. And no one thinks so. It IS a celebration of the work – this wonderful voice you give to the fun and foibles and feelings inspired by this beautiful craft.
    Your books resonate with millions and give voice to our common experiences. Often funny, sometimes poignant, always something we all can relate to. A community has arisen around the work you’ve done and that community is a crazy special thing that you are also celebrating.
    And of course Joe is right, it is a chance for OTHERS to share in the joy. You may be embarrassed a little by the focus and attention, but this is for THEM. I love to say that weddings aren’t for the couple, weddings are for everyone else. In some ways, I think your Launch event is similar.
    So look forward to how this event will make others feel happy and warm in sharing your success. That’s a wonderful thing and you and they should all be happy about it.

  82. Some day I’m going to be free enough to make the cross-country trip and come to a book launch in Toronto. And visit Lettuce Knit. And see your city. Just keep writing books for another decade or so, k? ;o)
    AWKWARD is such a strangely, awkwardly spelled word, isn’t it?
    And I love that you know how to properly use multiple P.S.’s.

  83. I’ll be there In My Mind, cuz Toronto is a bit far from BC. I’ll spend the evening knitting until my chair starts to kill me (as usual), and then I’ll go lie down and read your book, which I picked up in Vancouver when I was there last week.

  84. Well, Jesus got kicked out of his own synagogue for being presumptous about who he was…
    BUT, you should be pretty proud that your hometown crowd will come, support you, and join you for drinks because they LOVE what you do and they respect the amount of effort that it takes.
    I think “Thank you” is all is required…and a smile! And have a pint! Enjoy your moment of fame.

  85. Would be there if I could magic myself to Toronto. Sadly, I can’t. Must work on that teleporter again… Have a great time freaking out the muggles 🙂

  86. I would LOVE LOVE to be there, and usually my Thurs evenings are free…but not this one. Best of luck, I’ll be there in my mind.
    P.S. I loved it last time i heard you in T,O,

  87. I always thought Australians and Canadians are sisters under the skin! Should I ever become a best selling something or other 😉 I’ll have the same problem. I hope you can find a quiet moment in the evening to feel a quiet fierce pride in your achievements. And enjoy your friends and family enjoying them too. Congratulations.

  88. I’ve read your new book and agree with so much in it.
    Yep, don’t ask me about the stash!
    Loved reading every word, thank you Stephanie.

  89. I just finished reading All Wound Up this morning, and I think it’s your best book yet. Just tell all those Toronto folks that Mary G. in Texas thinks that it’s a great book and well worth the money. (Not that anyone outside of my family or friends knows who I am.)
    After reading the book, I do have just one question, though: Would you like to be nominated for the What Not To Wear television show? It sounds like you need a little help, lol.

  90. Your Canadian modesty about your collective and individual achievements sounds very, very much like growing up in New Orleans, which is definitely America’s most un-assimilated city. You can live in a modest neighborhood, two doors down from an international jazz superstar who still lives in the house his great-grandpa built and who eats lunch at the corner po-boy shop and has a beer at the corner bar. And you can hang out with him like any other neighbor, like it is the most normal and usual thing in the world, and then sometimes after a beer or two he’ll run down the block to his house and come back to the pub with his horn and improv a little for free. And this is the same guy who people pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket to see him play in another city, or they fly in from Japan to see him play at Jazz Fest. Or like Irma Thomas, working in her business like a regular person, and then when it was time to sing, just taking off her apron and getting on the stage, and then when the band takes a break she sees you and asks you how your Daddy is doing after his kidney surgery. Just as normal as anything.
    The only thing we brag about, just a little, is the fact that we throw the world’s best party.
    No wonder I like y’all so much.

  91. Perhaps if the idea of “celebrating” the book seems out of character youcould think of it as “introducing” it to an interested group instead. After all Canadians are so nice and friendly (the ones I’ve met)… so you’re just sharing! I know I would appreciate someone sharing with me!

  92. Well thank you for posting this! Publicity IS awkward for someone with perfectly fine self-esteem who has an ability to see beyond one’s own nose.
    However, I don’t think this book reading/signing is inconvenient. I expect it will be right on time.
    Have fun. Really. It’s ok. 🙂

  93. I SOOOOOOO wish I could be there! Have a great time!! I’m sure your friends and family are happy to have you home.

  94. I’ve got your new book and I loved reading it! (infact have all your books and they are all fab!) When will you visit England? 🙂

  95. It’s not publicity then. It’s just a party!!
    I’d go if I didn’t live in Chicago. Sad. Oh wait!! I’ll go to my bar and have beer with you in spirit!!

  96. Steph! It’s nothing about you being famous and *everything* about you being you! Your insight and humour make your talks a delight. Personally, you can make me laugh so hard that I get tears running down my face – even if I already know the story.
    It’s not celebrating a book for me, it’s celebrating your writing. Have a beer for me, wish I could be there.

  97. Wondering two things:
    (1) What “Q” is. It sounds hip and trendy. Its name is certainly cryptic enough to be hip and trendy.
    (2) When you say that’s your sister’s pub – do you mean she owns it, or do you mean she just spends so much time in it that nobody ever guesses she’d be anywhere else? If the latter, I admire her dedication to beer culture.

  98. For heaven’s sake, people, we might be “quiet” Canadians but she’s the Harlot; we’ll be there.
    And if Jian has any brains (I think he does) he’ll take the hint.
    And Steph? Don’t think of it as publicity; think of it as giving us a chance to party with a friend.

  99. So… table for 300 at the Old York?? Seriously, I’ve been in there… do they know what you’re about to unleash on them, inviting all the Toronto knitters there?? I gotta go just to see us all cram in there. You seriously underestimate your crowd-drawing power here at home. Truth is, we’re all proud as all get-out of you, and of course we’ll be there in droves!!!

  100. As a Canadian, I am very proud of you and would love to be at your event tonight, however, I live and the West Coast so that is impossible. When are you going to have an event in Vancouver. I know you would be given a wonderful West Coast welcome.

  101. Hope to make it… (retirement function may run long)… desperately want to be a non-restrained Canadian and let you know what a WONDERFUL writer you are with an absolutely fantastic (and well-grounded!) sense of humour! Any chance you could stop in Burlington on your way to Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver….??!

  102. So when I met you in Seattle and eagerly shouted “I’M SO EXCITED!” was it a dead giveaway that I am American? Congratulations, enjoy your launch and your classy level of Canadian enthusiasm. You deserve it. And if I happen across you in a Canadian pub, I promise not to scream too loudly.

  103. I think you seriously underestimate Canadian knitters very un-Canadian enthusiasm. If it goes well, can you maybe make it to some other Canadian cities this year? Ottawa isn’t far away! 😉

  104. I wish that I could be there Stephanie, I was in Toronto 2 weeks ago for a few days..went to Lettuce Knit and met Megan and Denny in person instead of on the phone. Bought STR there and then I went to The Purple Purl and bought yarn there.
    But you were somewhere else. You are a famous Canadian doing a book signing this week…as is Randy Bachman, and I don’t believe his book was on the NYT best sellers list.
    You are amazing. I have your book and am ‘saving’ it to read aloud to my husband on our trip to Florida on Jan 1…which is also the day I officially retire.
    I had lots more to say…but good luck, have fun and I wish that I was having a pint with you.

  105. I am a born-and-raised Torontonian. I am usually pretty restrained about group events. I would, however, whoop loudly and wave my knitting in the air with almost reckless disregard for decorum, or public safety, to celebrate you and your acheivements (but I’d use point protectors… I did say I was Canadian; I wouldn’t want to risk poking someone’s eye out). Afterwards, I would happily sit in your sister’s pub knitting mittens, and I would even bring vegan brownies. Alas, until that teleporter gets up and running, I am on the wrong side of the equator to make it there anytime soon… Or to make much use of mittens, for that matter.
    I hope the Canadian folks surprise you. Happy self celebrating.

  106. stephanie…why not go on Q? call em up…have your publisher call em up! mary in Cincinnati…you could represent on public radio.

  107. Congratulations on your Canadian launch! It sounds like a wonderful evening, both the book store part and after.
    I think my hubby and I should have been born in Canada. His grandmother was Canadian, so perhaps it is genetic for him. (We love hockey, too.)

  108. I am with Suzanne. Stop “just passing through” and come see the crazy knitters of Vancouver. My daughter and I will be there with bells on, well, actually knits on but you know…
    PS. My 26 year old daughter just started a new job and already has started a knitting club at said new job!

  109. Seconding the “Please, Ottawa too?” TO is too far for me to drive, but I would love to bring my knitting to a signing and go for a pint afterwards if you came to Ottawa!

  110. I hope you have an awesome event!
    (Also, somehow, I totally got that not showing too much enthusiasm thing ingrained in me despite being American. I’m always shy about telling people how awesome I think they are because I don’t want to be or seem sycophantic…)

  111. Wish I could be there Stephanie! I’d knock back a few beers with you and celebrate! Have a great time.

  112. Boy…I’d give my left t-t to be there drinking with you..after you talk at the conserved-Canadians-bookstore event.
    But I would have to drive from Detroit (no biggy), also have to make 12 doz rolls and many pies….so am going to miss you this time, Stephanie! errrrr……why can’t my life be more la-de-da

  113. Congratulations on your new books, Stephanie. You hold so many of together in this wispy ether we call the internet.
    Also, I completely understand about the publicity thing. As a Canadian living and working in the US, it was hard for me to adjust. At some point I realized that holding back at work was really bad for me and I got over my Canadian qualms. It’s still hard.

  114. Congratulations on your new book, Stephanie. You hold so many of together in this wispy ether we call the internet.
    Also, I completely understand about the publicity thing. As a Canadian living and working in the US, it was hard for me to adjust. At some point I realized that holding back at work was really bad for me and I got over my Canadian qualms. It’s still hard.

  115. How I wish I could be there!
    You have every right to be celebrating the book–it’s wonderful. I have to ration my reading to make it last longer. I am really looking forward to the next one whenever you get around to it.

  116. How I would love to be there! Toronto is my home at heart, and seeing you speak would be the coolest evening ever. I am So proud of you, as a Canadian AND as a knitter! As it is, I’m looking forward to hearing you speak when you brave our wild winter and come to London in January. I have my ticket already!!
    You’ll rock tomorrow, and I can’t wait to here all about it:)

  117. You are correct, we are quiet when it comes to cheering of our on! Please come to Calgary, we would love to show you some cowboy hospitatlity! Looking forward to reading your new book! Congratulations on the NYC List!

  118. Phooey – that’s tomorrow. I can’t come. But your book is fabulous (I figure I have the fifth or sixth copy you signed in Canada), and you will be surrounded by knitters who will knit and listen and enjoy. Be proud. Be a proud Canadian author who is a proud Canadian knitter, and a pretty damn fine one at that. Wish I could be there.

  119. Wish I could be there, but I can’t justify another drive (and hotel stay) to Toronto this week. Congratulations on your launch/book tour/pub crawl! I’m sure thousands will turn out in one place or the other.
    I’ll be off to my local yarn store to look for a copy soon.

  120. Please come to Ottawa some time soon! Like jenny said, we have Chapters and pubs here, too, and we’re only a short train ride away. 🙂 Five hours (or less) by car via the 401 and 416, too.

  121. Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! That’s how wonderful these Canadian book signings will be. You’re among friends so please just accept their love no matter how they show it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be there, now would they be? They may be quiet but I bet they’ll glow with appreciation to meet you and get your book.

  122. I can’t be in Toronto tomorrow night, but I will be at Madrona and hope you will sign my book there. Congratulations on the NYT bestseller list.

  123. How I would love to be there tomorrow! Unfortunately I live a tad too far… please consider coming to Ottawa! I’ll bring you some vegetarian goodies.. I’ll even knit a first pair of socks!

  124. I’d absolutely love to be there, but unfortunately it’s too far for me. I’m sure it’ll be great, and congratulations on another book, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  125. I will totally be there, having cashed in several marital favours to get out of driving the kids to Scarborough and several work favours to get out of having to be at Parent Teacher Interviews.
    I may be late because I still couldn’t get out of taking kids to swimming lessons. But I’ll be there. With a sock. To do my part to freak out the muggles. Can’t. Wait.

  126. Well, just leave it to us Yanks to tell you how proud and happy we are about the NYT best seller list! Relax and have a great time!

  127. I knew it! I must be Canadian… Or was Canadian in a former life with a very strong echo into this life.

  128. Are you going to be doing anything in Ottawa? I just started reading your blog recently, but I’d love to see you!

  129. I love that you listen to Q!
    Wish I could be there…planned on it, but family has fallen victim to some weird plague-thingy that has knocked us all on our asses!
    See you in January in London, though!

  130. I’ll be there! And I’ll head to the Old York after as well, just hope I can get in, as I’ve been there before and I think it will be pretty packed. Should be fun!

  131. Being an Aussie I feel I can relate to your sentiments. In fact if you do become famous for anything at all here and you don’t stay firmly planted to terra firma, we will chop you down. The tall poppy syndrome. Australians can’t tolerate a tall poppy. I have decided to be in Toronto spirit and shall raise a glass of the amber ale in celebration of you new book. I nice warm day here so it shall go down well.

  132. rock on, stephanie! i’ll be lifting a virtual pint of the darkest beer your sis has on tap (unless it’s guinness — for some reason, i just don’t like the stuff!).
    i feel like an honorary canadian ever since serenading you at sock summit with the heavily modified anthem. (why, yes, i DID go to a lot of hockey games in my younger days. why do you ask? it got me a (now-ex)-husband and taught me ‘o canada’.)

  133. Comment to Adele (6:18). Q is a morning radio show on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) as well as some NPR stations and Sirius Satelite radio. Its host is Jian Ghomeshi. It is a free ranging show where Jian interviews people in the arts and culture arenas primarily and also has some live music. It is obviously popular with Harlot fans. Are we the Harlotiers?

  134. I just recently (as in like three days ago) bought At Knits End, and I must say, I absolutely love it, and plan on picking up the rest of your books ASAP.

  135. It’s a bit out of the way for me, so I’ll have to pass, but I’m sure you’ll all have a good time. When are you coming to Ann Arbor again?

  136. I really did think for awhile about driving to TO to your book launch. However, my family already thinks I’m a bit off, so will quietly send my support and admiration across the lake to you.

  137. Ohio is a bit far away, but have fun, you deserve it! I picked up my copy two days ago, and read it cover to cover in 8 hours! You give us a voice in a way no other can, keep up the good work!

  138. I respect the quiet Canadian response to achievement, but I’m so glad I heard you read in Portland, Oregon, where the entire meeting room rocked and rang with excitement and glee and delight in being together with Steph and other knitters. It was most un-Canadian, I dare say, but it sure was fun!

  139. Ohhhh Stephanie…I could be wrong BUT I just read over 170 comments from people who are begging you to come to ‘their’ city…wanting to become honorary Canadians…demanding that you be on ‘Q’…& you feel “nervous & worried”??? You are truly a Canuck & you make me proud to be a fellow knitter…so you G-O girl & have fun doin’ what YOU do best!!(:

  140. I’d love to come … unfortunately I’m a bit far …
    Why don’t you come to Munich to read from your book? Almost all knitters here are English-speaking and we have some really good beer!

  141. Oh, I would love to join you for a pint and be the overenthusiastic American of the bunch. Alas, Vienna, Austria to Toronto is a bit TOO enthusiastic, even for me. When’s the Europeon tour?

  142. I would love to come and celebrate with you…especially since I already have your book (thanks to the bookdepository)and read it almost in one setting, and love it as well…but you are about halfway around the world…So I will just sit, drink tea and knit some socks in celebration tonight. 🙂

  143. Well, Stephanie – much as I would love, love,love to come – it is just that tiny little bit of awkward just today. The flight from Germany might not land in time – and I couldn’t knit with my broken hand. But I wish you luck and am looking forward to your next post.

  144. Congratulations! I do not have my copy yet only because I told my husband it would be a great christmas present (damn me and my logic!) You are a wonderful writer and I love keeping up with you on your adventures. Enjoy your evening, your family and your success. You deserve to celebrate with those who love you most. Take care. Iris

  145. My local radio station just started carrying Q, and I’m excited to have a little Canadian culture down here in Ohio. I think I’ll go find the “contact us ” link on their websie now.
    I’m sure your event will be great, and I hope you have lots of fun.

  146. you are AWESOME, and you are totally worth going to see all by yourself!!! i know it will be a fantastic time. can’t wait!

  147. Wish I were closer, but my son has strict instructions to get your book into my Christmas stocking. (I did teach him knitting basics at one time, cause you never know what life is going to hand you!)
    have a wonderful time, and do embrace the enthusiasm. You are a special lady.

  148. Congrats on a fab book! And the NY Times bestseller list to book!
    Now for those of us nonCanadians, a few translations, please the Q? The Hip?
    The world is lucky to have you Steph.

  149. Haha, I think more nationalities are like Canadians, rather than Americans! I (as a Norwegian) can relate more to the Canadians, at least from the description you just made. Hold on to the boost of confidence the Americans have given you, though! We all like you! Skål!

  150. I am a Toronto girl, born and bred, and would love to be there but we are not in Toronto at the moment; we are getting our cottage ready for winter (there is a dusting of snow, kind of like icing sugar, this morning). I envy all those knitters who will see and hear you. I am reading your newest book right now and loving it, no surprise there! I am usually a lurker here, but always proud of you and your accomplishments, because you are Canadian and I first read your work in an article in the Toronto Star, years ago now. I kind of feel like I was in near the beginning. Good luck, and enjoy being at home!

  151. Good luck tonight, you deserve a hearty celebration on home turf. I bought your new book and have already finished — a great read, as always.

  152. Good luck tonight, you deserve a hearty celebration on home turf. I bought your new book and have already finished — a great read, as always.

  153. Hmm, I’ve got time off, but jeez that’d be a long trip–Nashville to Toronto! So I will beg off this time; please quaff a pint for me! And hey, you ARE SO totally worth seeing. So there!

  154. Argggghhhhh! I’ll be in Toronto next week! Were I able to be there tonight, I would be totally un-Canadian and scream insanely. I’d also enjoy the really Canadian part, gong to a bar afterwards. I’ve lived in the States for 15 years now and learned a thing or two about public enthusiasm, so I’d give it my best. I think you’re worrying too much, I suspect the staff at Indigo will wonder what hit them! Have a great time tonight, and please come to Atlanta sometime soon!
    PS Loved the book!

  155. I’ll be there along with my knitting buddy. Bringing my 1st sock and sock in progress (plus a camera, hold my sock please). Can’t wait 😉

  156. Have fun tonight! You deserve it because you are funny and bright and and you make us think and laugh and we’re so glad that you’re on the planet.

  157. I wish I could make it! I’ll be there in spirit by toasting you from my apartment in NYC while working on a new knitting pattern for some socks =)
    By the way, I just got your book on Kindle, love it!

  158. I grew up in Vermont only 30 minutes from the boarder and although I am clearly not Canadian, I have always felt Canadian-ish. When I first moved to Atlanta, I was shocked that people didn’t know about CBC, that Don Cherry has been obnoxious for decades, that didn’t know ‘The Hip’ and that they are arguably as big as Bare Naked Ladies, or that Labatt’s and Molson are lovely beers. Perhaps that’s why I always feel I’m getting a little reminder of home when I read your posts about your homelife. Good luck tonight!

  159. Oh how I would love to be at the Toronto event (and not only because we are having a massive snow storm here in Edmonton while things still seem like autumn there).
    I’m pushing for two things…1) a Canadian tour – with a stop in Edmonton at Greenwood’s Books (local, independent bookstore in walking distance to many, many pubs, and yes, my house too), and 2) the yarn harlot on Q. Of course! You and Jian…yes!!

  160. Hi Steph – this may be the official Canadian launch, but don’t be nervous – you really had the “unofficial” launch in Aurora already.
    Congrats for being on the NY Best Seller list! Well deserved, the book is awesome! My face still hurts from laughing so hard.
    Have a blast tonight! I’m bummed I can’t make it, but will be with you in spirit.

  161. I wasn’t going to go, because I wouldn’t want to show up and embarrass you by being part of a too big crowd. Not that you know me or anything, or would have any idea if I was or wasn’t there – just sharing an exact example of what you describe.
    (I’m a 4th generation Torontonian – does it show?)
    I’m also thinking now I’ll go.

  162. I’m actually in Toronto, and would love to come, but I have a very attached, teething, 16 month old who won’t let anyone else put him to bed right now. I’m pretty bummed about not being able to go actually. Oh well. Have a wonderful event! And you should totally be on Q!

  163. I would come to see you! Except I live in NY–like, the southern part! I bet you’ll have a great time, and if not, perhaps an extra beer would be in order!
    Congrats on your book, NYT bestseller! It’s time to get a tshirt made up with that on it!

  164. I think that I must be partly Canadian as well. I’ve been there once but I’m afraid to even contemplate how many years ago that was! 40? I would love to be there just to celebrate you! I hope that your sister is ready for after…. Could many set a record for how many point get raised!

  165. I don’t even know what Q is and now I totally think you should be on it. Also, come across to Chicago and go on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and play not my job.
    Meanwhile, in the world that is not inside my head, have a great time tonight! Sounds like a heck of a lot of fun.

  166. Oh, how I wish it wasn’t such a very long drive from where I am (NM, USA) to where you are all going to be. Have a wonderful time, Stephanie — restrained or rowdy, there’s no crowd like a hometown crowd!

  167. OMfreakingGosh – I have not yet managed to convince you to land a tour spot in my hometown yet (Rochester NY) but highly conveniently I am IN TORONTO right now and will be attending both Chapters and the knitting with beer part tomorrow evening! Well, those are now officially my plans as of reading this blog post. Squeeeeeeee!

  168. and apparently I’m so excited as to post things doubly….oops. Oh, and need I mention that I arrived in Toronto without my suitcase? Which means I’ve been shopping and have a new wardrobe. Before visiting a yarn shop, which is decidedly backwards on the usual scale of shopping priorities. I shall remedy the yarn shopping issue tomorrow.

  169. I live in Toronto, and I totally wanted to come, really I did, but unfortunately my Fibromyalgia is flaring and I don’t think I could make it to Chapters without fainting. =/
    You get crazy amounts of comments, I don’t even know if you read them, but, from one Canadian to another, I think you’re amazing! You should totally celebrate your book and being on the NY best seller list; that’s AWESOME!
    You rock Stephanie Pearl-McPhee! And even if the quiet Canadians you meet tonight don’t say it, it’s not because they don’t mean it!
    I know I wouldn’t be able to say it in person. I’d likely just stare at you bright-eyed, bouncing on the balls of my feet in glee, and having no way to share how much I think you rock without worrying of sounding like some sort of creepy stalker fan.

  170. We Australians have the same problem with self promotion. Drives even the least pushy of my American friends nuts. I hope your launch goes well.

  171. Drat!! I am unable to attend after all but I am there in spirit! Stephanie enjoy the evening, after tonight you can relax!

  172. You know…i did see you at a pub once. Except it was a sushi place, and it was during the knitters frolic a few years ago. I was sitting just across the room with my husband and saw you come in. I was so thrilled and kind of fan-geeked out (it’s the yarn harlot!!)
    I didn’t come over to see you. My husband was trying to encourage me, but I didn’t want to disturb you while you were clearly trying to have lunch with some friends! Plus I got weirdly shy. And now I’m telling you. Except possibly you could never read this many comments and actually see this!
    Right. Time to slink off now….

  173. You are so right about the difference between Canadian and American public enthusiasm! Canadians will see someone “famous” and pretend that they don’t see them. Well, maybe that’s just me but Canadians don’t seem to fuss as much about celebrities. I remember walking by, and making eye contact, with John Turner on the street in Toronto about 15 years ago. While I was surprised to be in the presence of a former prime minister, it seemed as if it would be undignified to acknowledge that I knew who he was!

  174. Wish I could be there! I’ll raise a pint of Waterloo Dark (in my head because I can’t get it down here… but I’ll have some other microbrew and pretend that it’s Canadian craftsmanship!)

  175. Sad that I missed this!!! I wouldn’t have been able to come, inundated as we have been by a nasty GI bug, but I would have loved to be there! And maybe I would have said something less ridiculous to you than I did to Ina May Gaskin when I saw *her* in Toronto.
    (“Sorry it snowed.” Yep. Genius.)

  176. well, by the time i had gotten around to reading this, the event had past. by now you are at the pub. wish i could be there, but what with thursday being a school night and all, it just isn’t within my grasp to travel to the big city and home again (jiggity jig)before getting up in the morning. i’m sure it was/is a great time. i’m off to bed with your new book while i wait to read all about this event in your next post! 🙂

  177. You should celebrate Stephanie; you have much to be proud of. Please come to Victoria. We would love to see you and have lots of fabulous pubs to celebrate in afterwards. Maybe you could give the talk at Munro’s.

  178. Congratulations again on NYTBSL, although it seems perfectly logical. I hope the evening was great.

  179. Fantastic! I wish I could go…or have you come here…alas my yarn store has only been open 2 months and we cannot afford visits from such knitter’s of fame as yourself-but we have your book (amidts many requests!)

  180. Congratulations, Stephanie, from the UK. Had birthday, got the book, read the book, laughed a lot, started new and very purple socks. Hope you had a great time.

  181. Based on the number of folks who have begged you to ask your publishers to send you to [insert Canadian city name here], I think you’ll be fine.
    Could you update the MSF total? It’s been at the current total for months and months and months, which led me to believe you weren’t taking more donations.

  182. Congratulations! Firstly on surviving the US book tour. Secondly on doing the Canadian book tour. Would have loved to come, but Googlemaps tells me is just a hair short of 6000 kilometres (and a heck of a swim) so I don’t think I would have made it in time…..
    I bet your fellow Canadians won’t find your publicity the least bit distasteful and are mighty proud of you (even if quietly), and so they should be!

  183. That’s how things should be. I’ve never been able to buy into all they hype and hoopla and it makes me uncomfortable for those who have to endure it. Very unAmerican of me, I know, but I already don’t like coffee or American football so I’m screwed anyway.

  184. Another reason to love Canada even more limited cheerleading! I swear I need to move to Canada!
    Way to go and thanks for reminding me I need to order your book.
    You Canadians totally rock! So glad you are our neighbors!

  185. If only I’d been in Toronto, I’d have been there showing quiet support and knitting along. I’ll have to make do with a pint, knitting and a good movie at home this evening.

  186. Hope it goes/went well. We’re still waiting for you to launch your books in Europe. When you do decide to come, it may have to be in the Albert Hall to accomodate everyone. A bookstore just wouldn’t be big enough !

  187. I was very excited to find your new book today at the Collier County public library in Naples, FL !!! Now I can spend some of the afternoon reading it, and some of the afternoon knitting socks 🙂

  188. Even though I would have been typically and quietly Canadian if I had attended the launch, the thought had crossed my mind last week to drive 8 hours to attend and then drive home again right after.
    Love your writing! And it would have been a thrill to hear you read from your new book!

  189. Ok it is just fabulous that you are going to celebrate AFTER the signing with those that are attending the event! Wow! Did you do that in the States? I wish I was going to be in Toronto just so I could attend, knit there, head to the pub, knit there (in the dark?) and have a draft with you, and drop some stiches in the dark and head of to the hotel very happy to have met you! Alas that is not to be, I will just have to purchase your book and read it all by myself. I do get to laugh out loud whenever I want to…right?

  190. I saw Q in Calgary last night. it was AWESOME, so I wrote Jian a note about how awesome you are too.

  191. I wish so much that I could have come to your book launch but my recovery after bunion surgery is going a little more slowly than I’d planned and I’m not mobile enough to get over there. I hope you’re doing another even that I can get to in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to reading your book. I’m using my enforced time off to knit and have begun knitting socks again.
    Thanks, and have fun with your book tour!

  192. You know, your reluctance to celebrate reminds me of Garrison Keillor’s Minnesotans, who, when asked “how are you?” will reply “It could be worse”. Celebrating your success is not like being a Celebrity (complete with gossip columns and paparazzi).
    And another thing. You’re Promoting Your Book. You’re nothing but a salesperson. Feel better now?

  193. Le sigh….I think I might be a Canadian that was born in the wrong country….
    Congratulations…er, in a really polite and subdued manner. A tip of the cap, if you will. And a well-deserved pint.

  194. Congratulations on the “launch”. I wish I could have been there. Alas, having not read this until now, the fact that I lack a time travel device, plus the fact that I’m pretty much on the other side of the country means I pretty much missed it.
    BUT you are awesome. Yes, I get the whole not-showing-enthusiasm thing. I’ve gone so far as to rarely laugh out loud (it’s a quiet chuckle, with a smile/smirk thing). I hope one day our paths cross. Maybe I would even be super enthusiastic, for a Canadian 😉

  195. Think of it this way. Your house it too small to invite everyone over for a small, intimate book group. You just moved the event (featuring your book) to a more accessible location. And you don’t have to clean up the dirty dishes or provide food and drink.
    You are terrific, real, and funny!

  196. Ahhh Steph, I would LOVE to be there! When are you coming to Vancouver, or my hometown, Victoria? We’ve got more than a few lovely wool shops and a cartload of loyal fans! I have read every one of your books and would definitely have to cheer!
    I wish I could come to Toronto for the launch, and see you in your element. TO used to be my hometown, I still have close family there, and wish you had shared the launch date a little more publically, because I would have considered booking a ticket.
    I donate monthly to MSF. Even when times got tight I didn’t stop. This is partly because of you.
    Joe is right on and fabulous! I hope you have a wonderful time – it is entirely right to bask in this moment. This moment has arrived because you are truly engaged in doing what you are passionate about! What a wonderful inspiration you are!

  197. I would have loved to be there but I am in Australia. I hope it was a great night, I am sure it was. You know Australians are very like Canadians when it comes to these things. You could never do anything in bad taste, you love and consider others too much to ever do that. Congratulations on the book and its success and happy knitting.

  198. “most Canadians have a certain ennui for publicity stunts or gigs. (This does not apply to hockey or The Hip.” This made me totally laugh out loud because it SO.FREAKING.TRUE!!
    And we need to start an email campaign to get you on Q! You totally should be. I thought Jian was on the ball. Must talk to him about that.

  199. There, Jian has been written. A long and hopefully persuasive note about how amazing and funny you are and how much Canadians would love to hear all about you. I hope it works! 🙂

  200. You haven’t been to Ottawa in a author-y capacity since November 2006 (to the best of my knowledge….) At that signing, you gently mocked me and my friend Lisa for only being a crocheter, posted our picture and said we were both lucky to make it out of the store without impromptu knitting lessons.
    When people ask me how it was I came to knit, I always lay the blame for my newest obsession at your feet. I look forward to your return to Ottawa so I can show up, wearing socks and cardigans and winter wear I have created, and provide yet another cautionary tale of crocheters who were dared to learn the ways of the pointy sticks. 🙂

  201. Is it just me or did anyone else get excited at the thought of a new wool to buy when the saw the words “newest yarn”? There’s gotta be help for people like me…..
    p.s. yes I know it’s a book but I can’t help but feel a little bit sad.

  202. Just want you to know as soon as I saw this post i went to my nook and purchased the e-book. I love it!

  203. 5 days with no blog post. Me, checking every few hours as though I do not have 4 wips, 5 children, and a holiday waiting for me.
    Don’t make me call your mother.

  204. I just thought I’d mention that when I tried to open this at lunchtime at work today, the security software said access was denied because the content was “Offensive and tasteless”. I am mystified….

  205. We did already pre-launch your book at the York Region Knitting Guild in Aurora back in September, when we scored advance copies and your first reading. That (and the butter tarts) should have taken care of your Canadian launch jitters. Enjoy freaking out the muggles.

  206. So close!
    I was in Toronto for business and could have extended my trip by a night to come see you if I’d known prior to last Wednesday!
    Ah well, we did get downtown Wednesday night and I was able to see some of the places you were going to be.
    Suspect you’ll be on the East coast sooner than I’ll be in Toronto again, I’ll try to catch you on this side of the border.

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