Resisting only makes it take longer

The idea that I had, the one that I was going to give 48 hours, and see how it panned out?  That single decision turned my living room into a mitten factory. 

I had it in my head that that funky stitch could be fabulous mitten cuffs, and truthfully, I’ve been feeling a mitten thing coming on for a while, but when it couldn’t be decided by any reasonable vote whether they were better with black or not with black (although thanks to the hundreds of you who had an opinion) I decided to do both, and that only made it worse.  There were suddenly hundreds of combinations and permutations made possible by that wave of indecision, and knitting four single mittens (there is not yet a pair) has done almost nothing to take the edge off.

The beauty of it is that these mittens are worked using only one colour at a time.  No stranding, no intarsia, no fooling around, and that makes them fast and addictive. 

I’m trying to stop now, and at least turn them into pairs, but it would seem that I’ve contracted yet another case of OCMD. (Obsessive Compulsive Mitten Disorder.)  Trying to stop has only filled me with anxiety and an overwhelming sense of loss, as I ponder all the possibilities that won’t get knit if I quit now.
There’s really no way to tell what’s going to happen next. I am a woman of considerable self control, but dudes? Do you see these mittens?
I am helpless. It is grey and cold outside, but inside? My mitten factory is a thing of beauty.


Gifts for Knitters, Day Five

Dear Non-knitter who loves a knitter, 

Remember how yesterday I was saying that sometimes, not only does a knitter need tools, but he might need many of that tool?  Today is like that. Today’s gift is project bags.  Knitters very frequently have many things that they are knitting at once.  A few pairs of socks, a hat, a couple of mittens, three sweaters…   This is NORMAL.  Not every project is appropriate for every day or occasion.  Knitters need choices.  This means that nifty bags for them to store them in are really handy.  So handy that you can be pretty sure that you’re knitter would enjoy a project bag.  Even if your knitter is the kind that only knits one project at a time, you can bet that they don’t plan one project at a time, and these little bags can come in really handy for queuing up stuff and keeping it tidy and clean.

A classic favourite project bag are the ones from Tom Bihn.  I’ve got a bunch of these.  I like them a lot – especially the ones with the clear bottom.  I store them bottom up, and I can see which project is which.  Very handy.  I grab whichever one I like and take off.   There’s the fab drawstring ones, that come from lots of different sources (I love Stitchy McYarnpants, but who doesn’t?) There’s ones where the handles overlap. (I like the app screen on that one.)
There’s ones in the shape of pyramids – (love this one) Costumedeeva makes a bunch, although she thinks they’re toiletry bags. 
Then there’s the fancier ones,  like (I am in love with these) the box bags from Splityarn, I get a little flutter in my heart when I think of the biggie boxes. (They hold a whole sweater.)

Finally, if you’re so inclined,  it’s not that hard to make a simple project bag, and knitters do appreciate handmade.