That’s Rushing

I have no idea what to say today, because things are getting wild enough that I can really only do two things. 

1. Keep plowing away at the list of things to do.
2. Attempt to appear absolutely calm about the whole thing, because if I’m not absolutely calm for a moment, eight people tell me I’m "freaking out", and if there’s one thing that’s going to put me right off the almighty ledge of sanity it’s people telling me to be calm, when I bloody well am.

I am unequivocally not freaking out, just rushing rather quickly, and if Joe some people can’t tell the difference between rushing and freaking out, then maybe Joe some people should try a little rushing and see if they don’t understand immediately the subtle but important difference. 

People who are freaking out are ineffective.  They don’t host little parties at which ice lanterns that they’ve been freezing for days twinkle on the steps.

People who are freaking out also don’t have a finished pair of chunky alpaca socks. *

People who are freaking out aren’t able to smirk at the finished Christmas sweater, upstairs blocking on the bed, and people who are freaking out absolutely can’t show you a detail of a very nice hat that they finished –

or tell you that most of the wrapping is done and there’s only a few things left to buy and that the meringues will be made by the end of the day – God willing and the creek don’t rise.  People who are freaking out can’t tell you that they only have a small sweater, a sock, a hat and a pair of mittens left to knit by Saturday, and people who are freaking out don’t have a plan for that. 

You know why they don’t?  Because the difference between "freaking out" and "rushing" is one word, my friends – one word.  Efficiency.  Freaking out is an inefficient state with energy wasted on an emotional reaction to the circumstances in which one finds oneself.  Rushing, on the other hand, is simply moving quickly from task to task with no time to discuss it with the people who think it’s freaking out – and a word to the wise? The best way to move someone from "rushing" to "freaking out" is to tell them that they’re freaking out when they’re actually rushing -especially (and this is key, should you really, really want to see them lose it) if you tell them that they’re freaking out while they’re changing the laundry, washing the floor, separating egg whites from yolks, knitting a hat, making a grocery list, watering the tree, fixing the lights and wrapping your mothers present, because I promise that we, the great and mighty makers of Christmas will take the time out of rushing to FREAK RIGHT OUT ON THAT SCENE.

Just saying.

* These slipper/boot socks are quick, soft and fabulous, and make a ladies medium.  In our family we call them Foot Ovens.

2 skeins of Misti Alpaca Chunky, each divided in half. 
5mm DPNs, or whatever gets you about 3.5-4 stitches to the inch (go with 3.5 if you want a bigger sock, 4 if you’d like it a little smaller
Start toe up with 8 stitches. (I use JMCO)
Increase every other round until you have 32 stitches. 
Change colours, and knit until your work is the desired length. Mine are 19cm from tip of the toe til I begin the heel.
Change colours and work a short row heel on half the stitches, leaving 4 unwrapped in the middle.
Change colours, knit until the yarn runs out, or they are as long as you want them.
Change colours and work 1×1 rib until you like how things are. Cast off very loosely (I use a sewn bind off.)   Repeat with the other half of the skeins. Revel in the speed in which you just made a pair of socks. 

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