The rampant case of Startitis is beginning to abate, or maybe it would be more accurate to say that it is being refined.  One of the two cowls I started didn’t make the cut, a hat was recognized this morning to be a poor idea,  a few swatches are drying, waiting to see if their destiny will manifest.  (One will for sure.  The other has emotional problems I might not want to spend time working through.) My favourite sweater developed a nasty hole over Christmas (I repaired it) and now has another, making me wonder if it isn’t just past its prime, and that triggered an effort to replace it that is now going back into the yarn closet to get a grip on itself.  (I’m resistant to change so it took a few hours for me to remember I could wear another sweater instead of knitting another sweater.) The urge to cast on countless pairs of socks hasn’t quit though, and this morning I went looking for my favourite needles, and couldn’t find them for ages.  Eventually I realized that they were still in a pair of socks from the book tour, back in October.  I hadn’t thought to look for them there because in my head I had finished them.  All that remained was the cast off at the cuff of one sock, and so minutes later, surfacing in a sea of just started things, was a finished thing.

Pattern: Netherfield.  Yarn: Serendipitous Ewe fingering weight, in Silver Shadows.  They’re comfy, and cozy and have an interesting instep – and it’s always those little things that win me over. 

I knit the pattern mostly as written, with the exception of swapping out the toe, because as written, I felt that it resembled a nipple.  (Those of you who know me will know that I am actually quite pro-nipple, so I have no idea why that bothered me so much, but there you have it.)  I looked at a bunch of finished pairs, and nobody’s socks look like they have a nipple-toe once they’re on – so maybe I should have hung in there, but I didn’t. 

I’m wearing them now, and having a little celebration.  It’s a nice way to end Christmas.  I took down the tree, finished a pair of socks,  got back my favourite needles, and now I can take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of a finished knitted thing –

Which is a pretty good idea, because if I keep feeling the way I’m feeling, it’s going to be a while before I experience it again.