Can’t talk right now


Technically, those singles are done, and have rested overnight, and now I’m plying a delicious yarn – but it’s still spinning, and I’m so enchanted with it that I’ve given myself a nasty case of Spinner’s Limp from all the treadling, but I still don’t want to stop.

I tore the roving in half lengthwise, and spun each of those in the same direction, so if all goes well (like it sort of hasn’t before) they should match up as I ply, and  I should have a self-striping merino/yak/silk heavy laceweight when I’m done. So far, so good, but usually what happens is that the singles start out matching up, and gradually come unmatched as I move through the bobbins, but hope springs eternal over here, and the suspense is killing me.

Will it work? Will it not?  Only more treadling will tell.