Going Stealth

I have about twenty rows to go before I’m done the centre part of the blanket. I don’t know how that can possibly be true, because at the beginning of the weekend I had about eighty to go, and I know for a fact that I’ve knit at least 398 rows since then.  I feel like once again one of those invisible knitting black holes has formed near my work, and is sucking the rows into deep space as quickly as I knit them.  I’ve taken to tying a piece of yarn to every tenth row, just so I can hold a little faith.

When I’m done the centre, I’ll pick up stitches all the way around and begin the border.  I wanted that border to have motifs and a pattern that represent this baby’s heritage and the families it comes from, and to be wonderfully unique, so this weekend I finished charting it, and knit a swatch to make sure it works.  (I’m making this blanket up as I go along, and since I have no time for mistakes, I’ve taken to desperate measures like swatching and that "planning" that I hear so many good things about.)

I’m also going to warn you, that when I start knitting the border, I’m going to stop giving you photos of the blanket –  or at least I’m going to stop giving you photos that show anything discernable. This isn’t because I don’t want you to see it, it’s because I want it to be a surprise for the family, and even if I could get the parents not to look, I happen to know that I have a mole. (That’s right Kelly, I’m looking at you.)  The only way I can keep security tight and avoid leaks is to go dark.

Maybe I’ll think of a way to make blurry blanket photos interesting.  Perhaps it’s all in the lighting.