At longest last

As I agreed with myself yesterday when we had that little talk, I am temporarily closing the mitten factory.  This jag lasted a good long time, and resulted in ten mittens, but only two pairs. 

I couldn’t stop putting them together, working them with little stained glass windows…

and without. 

I had everyone in the family picking their favourite combinations, and the other morning, when Sam designed three colour combinations in five minutes and then asked me if this yarn came in any other colours… I was reassured that it wasn’t just me that found it fun.  (The white one with lime green, fuchsia and turquoise is hers.)

I posed them all over, I took a million pictures of them – and I wrote up the pattern. I’ve called these mittens Cloisoneé, after that decorative metalwork art that puts coloured enamel or gems into little compartments, because that’s what these have looked like to me from the beginning. 

I think they are very good little mittens. They come in three sizes, and the pattern is written for both versions (with little windows, and without.) They take only about 100m of worsted weight for the main colour, and each section of the cuff (there are five) takes less than 8m for the pair.  (I used Cascade 220, but any worsted that makes a fabric you like at 21 stitches to 10cm would work.)

The whole fancy looking cuff is done with one colour at a time, and there’s a photo tutorial for how to do the knit below stitch that get’s you those cool little scallops.

There’s more details here on Ravelry, and you can buy the pattern if you like.  I hope you love them as much as I do, but please be warned.  They’re a little addictive, and it is very hard to make pairs.

PS.  I’m about to say something that accidentally got some people in England very excited  last time I did it, so this time I’m heading it off at the pass.  I’m about to mention London, and the London I’m talking about is in Ontario, Canada.  Not England. 

This weekend I’ll be in London ONTARIO to teach and speak.  While the classes are full, there’s still room in the Friday night talk if you’d like to come.  You can ask after it at Cotton-by-Post if you like. It’s a very good talk about knitting and your brain, and also explains some interesting other things you’ve wondered about.

176 thoughts on “At longest last

  1. I’m delighted to be able to buy this spiffy mitten pattern. Count me in! Just wanted to point out that all the photos on Ravelry show the mittens without the stained glass effect; you might want to change that so your fans can see all the options. Thanks, Stephanie! You rock!

  2. Okay, I would have said that I did not need another mitten pattern. But I may be wrong about this. Adorable! And I totally believe in their addictive qualities. Perhaps they need a warning label?

  3. I’m not sure whether to thank or curse you. :} I had been reading through your archived posts, from way back in 2004-05, and caught a rather virulent case of mitten-itis (only held in check by the current projects that I am so-so-close to finishing.) from all of the mittens I saw in there. And now you have a new pattern? Simple, cute…I may have to cast on for another pair of mittens….

  4. Just bought Cloisonee! Thank you thank you! Love your directions for finding the “ancestor”! Can’t wait to make my own mittens. Hope you are feeling better!

  5. Thank you,thank you, I just bought it!! Going to pick out yarn right now! I bought a bunch of Casacade while waiting for you to post it,so I am all set. I have loved these mittens since you first posted them!! They are ALL beautiful!!Boston has some nasty weather,these are perfect!!I am so ready for additive!!Tell Sam her color choices are beautiful!!Thanks again!

  6. Excellent! Good job and congratulations on a new pattern! Th esnow is flying Vancouver and worsted weight mittens sound fantastic.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful pattern! I will purchase it as soon as I get home this evening. I have big plans for knitting mittens for Christmas 2012 gifts 🙂
    Hope you are feeling much better.

  8. MORE PATTERNS!!!!! MORE STASH!!!!! oh, maybe no stash if these are as addictive for me as for you. As I said in an earlier comment a few weeks ago, why make mittens in pairs – it just creates a problem when one of the two gets lost or worn out. Why not unmatched sets????? Or just unmatched cuffs with matched hands???

  9. Truly fab mittens. Thanks for the pattern. My two current projects may never be finished.

  10. Still can’t decide which way I love them more, with the stained glass effect or without!

  11. They are adorable and I think you should just give up and knit mittens into the baby blanket (tiny baby mittens) and get the best of both worlds…

  12. Love love love your mitts. I’m partial to the stained glass ones, but they’re all pretty and happy-making just to look at them. Colorwork is great fun!

  13. WOW! I am in LOVE with these mittens – thank you so much for making the pattern available. I think they’ll make great gifts for next Christmas (which, thankfully, gives me plenty of time to get a few pair knitted!). Needless to say, I’ll be happily purchasing a copy of the pattern! 🙂

  14. Sounds like you’re having a bad year so far – first Startitis and now Second Mitten Syndrome. Maybe you need more vitamins or, more appropriately more FIBER. 😉
    PS – your mittens are great!

  15. London- as in Ontario is where my mother’s family lived for many years- I think they are all gone now but I went there every summer on our annual trek to see the relatives there and in Stratford and to go to Grand Bend…Wish I was there now….

  16. technically the é is first, followed by normal e.
    Also, I absolutely LOVE the turquoise/lime/fushia! 😀 Thanks for the inspiration to take my colourwork to more intense combinations!

  17. Love! Thanks so much. You’re very awesome. I have a boatload of 220 and can buy more if needed. LOL!

  18. Tell Sam she has wonderful taste. I spotted and pined over her mittens first. Congrats on making so many people happy with so little!

  19. Cool mittens! Have to shout out to London, Ontario – Dale Hunter of the London Knights! Greetings from a Washington Capitals fan! (I know you like hockey :))

  20. Eeeee!! I’m so excited to open the Oregon Mitten Factory I can’t even *explain.*
    (As a Canadian transplant to the US, people give me lots of funny looks whenever I say “London, England” because they are unaware that it is not the only London out there. But it’s okay, I give them funny looks when they say “Ontario” and mean the small town on the Oregon border.)

  21. I’ve never knitted a mitten before (gasp- I know, I’m not much of a knitter but I still love your blog!) but this pattern might convince me to try! By the way, I followed a link to your Flickr and was pleased to see that you are part of the SOPA/PIPA strike/blackout. You are awesome.

  22. RUNNING home from work today to cast on these mittens. Pattern in hand now…don’t tell my boss! Read through it, understand it, and can’t wait to get home. C’mon 3:00!!!!!!!!

  23. These are some of the cheeriest, most fun mittens I’ve seen in a while. I love them against the snow! Thanks, Stephanie!

  24. LOVE the mitts!
    Um… I was pondering that picture of the mittens hanging in the tree with all that snow in the background. I’m literally 45 mins west of T.O. on the GO train and we don’t have more than a spot here and a spot there and no higher than .5mm. Not even an ant could make a snowman with the amount of snow over here.

  25. These are awesome looking mitts. I will have to add them to my wish list (for when I finish my current project, a surprisingly summer like garment).

  26. I remember seeing a newspaper article a few years ago about some designer sox being sold in 3s. There were two alike and one that was ‘fraternal’ so you could be funky, or matchy-matchy. Seems like mittens could be fraternal, too. Just sayin’.

  27. you and ravelry are such enablers, i bought the mitten pattern, i think mis-matched mittens may be the new “black”, what do you think?
    sharon (where it may snow this weekend and mitten knitting will be awesome) in Massachusetts

  28. Thank you so much for the pattern. Just purchased it and am looking forward to casting on tonight.
    Can’t wait!!!! So excited. Thank you!

  29. Hooray for the mitten pattern! Already bought it; now to go home and raid stash for suitable yarn. Fortunately, I finished the two puerperium sweaters before the mitten pattern became available. It hasn’t snowed much yet in Pennsylvania–I assume the weather is holding off until I finish some mittens!

  30. Thank you for this pattern. I got mine right away…now to look through my stash so I can get started on a pair!

  31. Wild thing–you make my heart sing!
    Pattern in hand, itch you created weeks ago with your pictures can now be scratched 🙂
    Many thanks!
    p.s. You might want to consider adding a copyright footer to your pattern.

  32. I can’t believe how beautifully illustrated and detailed the pattern is. I thought it was funny that it’s already #2 on Ravelry’s top 20–gotta love the power of the blog!

  33. Is it too soon to start for gifts for next year????
    I mean realy AT LEAST 2 pairs per gift and not expensive.
    I do how ever have 4 babies comming also if you want to share the shawl also.

  34. We are seriously in need of some mittens here in Utah. We have been waiting patiently for this pattern for quite some time now and our hands are COLD! What a great pattern. I can’t wait to get started.

  35. My daughter has mix and match socks – same color schemes but different designs. These mittens might be fun to do in the same colors but different sequence!

  36. I’m looking forward to seeing you, here in London ONTARIO!
    When I bought the tickets I tried to explain it to my husband in terms he could understand. I told him it was like getting an opportunity to hang out with Rick Mercer for a whole weekend, shootin’ the shit about something you both liked to do. He immediately got it.

  37. BOUGHT! And I have a LOT of 220 in my stash!!! Tonight it will be mittens in front of the fire…. mmmmm….. THANKS!!!

  38. Just bought my copy, I think these will be perfect for knitting for our local homeless shelter.
    Maybe I can get some done this season, but I’m planning to make as many as I can this summer for winter 2012/13.
    It looks like lots of fun, and a great way to use up my scraps!

  39. Wow! I just had to purchase the pattern right away. I’m off to the stash right now so that I can cast-on at my Weight Watchers meeting tonight! They’ll always be in my “go to meetin'” bag! Thanks! (I hope that you are feeling much better…)

  40. Hurray! It is -22C here in Kamloops as I type this. I have anxiously been waiting for these mittens, and given our current weather the timing is perfect. Thank you so much!

  41. Thank you! Just bought my pattern and can’t wait for a pair, someone else mentioned them being great Christmas 2012 gifts and once I’ve had a go for myself I just may follow her lead. Love the inventive ways you photograph your beautiful knitting too, always a pleasure for the eye.

  42. I have never ordered a pattern from Ravelry. How does it come? As a download to your email? Or a paper pattern? Please, someone, let me know. Thanks

  43. Hi Stephanie! Thank you so much for the pattern. Those mittens are just lovely. They are already in my queue!
    The translator/proofreader/Frenchie that I am couldn’t help but notice a slight typo in the pattern name though. I believe the word is “cloisonné”. (That’s the spelling given by the Meriam-Webster: I thought I should mention it.

  44. Promptly bought my pattern. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been wanting to knit these since first seeing them on your blog. I’m casting on my first of many pairs this evening. Everyone in my circle that appreciates handmade gifts will get a pair of these for Christmas. Love them!!!!!

  45. THANK YOU!!!! I have been DYING for this pattern since I first saw the first one!!! Bought it, downloaded it… getting ready to print it!

  46. The Pointer Sisters’ song “I’m So Excited” is looping through my head after looking at these wonderful pictures. . . I like Sam’s color sense.

  47. I am having the same exact color problem, only with the vest pattern academia. I’m up to 3 different color combos, and Sam may have just inspired 1 more…
    Multiple mittens are much more affordable!

  48. Oh Happy Day! I’ve been waiting for this pattern. Drat that pesky job that’s going to keep me from knitting mittens this afternoon.

  49. When you first posted pictures of these mittens awhile back, I bought an assortment of colors in the Julia yarn by Kristin Nichols in anticipation of the pattern. Today, we brought our son back to college which happens to be in the next town over from WEBS. I stopped in and found that not only was the Julia on discount but so was the Mission Falls 1824 wool and the Louisa Harding Fleuris. I now have an awesome collection of colors in gorgeous yarn for these mittens. I am going to have such fun! Thank you for sharing the pattern with us, Steph! Naturally, I can’t find my 4 mm dps…sigh.

  50. Oh, darn. California just hasn’t been cold enough yet to want mittens. Maybe I’ll make some anyway, just in case I go to the snow.
    p.s. I just knit my first sock last week. I’m so happy with it.

  51. Love the mittens and that I can use my collection of yarn ends ;). Would love it if you could come to Ottawa!

  52. Those six mittens make three perfectly lovely fraternal pairs: pink+white+black, red+yellow+black, blue+green+black.

  53. I have my pattern! As soon as I finish the newborn sock for my niece’s about-to-be little boy, guess what’s going on my needles?
    They are just gorgeous.
    Thank you so much.

  54. P.S. Are you going to make matching hats? The mittens folded over in your first photo look just like hats and I think they would be beautiful.

  55. Today, the forecast for my part of Oz (which is what we Australians call Australia for those of you who don’t know) is 31 degrees Celsius – and this is as a result of a cool change, down from the 39.2 degrees C it was on Monday. And I am going to buy a mitten pattern in my lunch break to make mittens that I may get to wear for a total of 5 days per year (winter temps here rarely drop below 10 degrees C during the day). Why would I do that, you may well ask? Simply because the mittens are so. freaking. cute!

  56. I think this mitten design needs a toque with that edging. I thought maybe you had made some toques the way the mitten tops weren’t showing over the snowy branches, and was all excited! I spose I could figure it out myself…. 🙂

  57. Thank you thank you thank you, I have been in love with these mittens since you first showed them. Guess what i am going to be doing this weekend during a winter storm projected for Ohio. I plan to make a lot of people very happy.

  58. I do so love the mittens. Wish I wasn’t working on a sweater, cowl, socks, afghan, and others that I’ve banished…. 🙁

  59. Just purchased my second Stephanie pattern of the week! (I bought Encompass last night). Love the pattern and colors. So pretty!

  60. Well, I must say that this time you are tempting me. I have only one pair of mittens and they are an elaborate Christmas pair that I finished Christmas Night. These are nice and look fairly quick – given that ‘quick’ in my universe means ‘four weeks, three if I take days off from work”. What’s sad is that the next two weeks are Assessments and Report Cards from Hell weeks, which means working at lightning speed, I would be finishing them in time for spring.

  61. Seeing those lovely mittens hanging on the tree branches reminded me of one of my favorite children’s book THE MITTEN TREE.

  62. Love the pattern! But as a French-speaker studying translation, I feel obligated to tell you that it’s spelled “cloisonné.” Despite the fact that this is going to bug me every time I see the pattern (yes, I’m crazy, I’ve learned to live with it) I’m sure it won’t stop me from knitting many pairs of these wonderful mittens! Now I just have to tear myself away long enough to get *some* homework done tonight… somehow I think that’s not going to happen…

  63. Edit: I see you’ve already been corrected. I still have my peace of mind, however. It was going to bug me more if I didn’t say something.
    Deborah, you’re a translator who knits, too?! (Heck, never mind the knitting, you’re a translator too?!?!) Where do you live/work? (You have no idea how excited this makes me…)

  64. Be careful in London on Saturday. Occupy/labour protests are anticipated to draw thousands for a protest at EMC. Traffic is likely to be terrible.

  65. love these – thanks for releasing a pattern! Purchased! I hope to make a pair or 2 for some Raverly charity groups – who knows where these will end up?!

  66. Pretty mittens. I’ll have to see if I can find some acrylic that I like to knit with, as it turns out the lovely Woodland Mittens from the Knitpicks kit I made my niece for Christmas make her hands puff up to twice their normal size and turn a lovely shade of red… seems she might be allergic to wool… poor girl… I taught her to knit, some years ago, but being a young teenager, she’s only able to afford acrylic yarn so we know she’s not allergic to that.

  67. Lovely mittens hanging from the branches of a tree—THE MITTEN TREE—one of my favorite children’s books!

  68. Lovely mitts and so glad you are sharing the pattern. I’ve been having some startitis myself lately so I will try not to cast on too soon and get a few more things off the list first.
    Looking forward to seeing you Friday night. Sadly, didn’t know about the weekend till classes were full. Another time!

  69. Totally love the mittens. They just seem so special and artistic and fun!.
    OMG, then you must must go London, England. they’
    ll love you there. Can I go , tooo.

  70. 2 pairs? I see a 3rd – the Pink w black/fuschia/white matches with the Black w pink/white…that to me, is a fraternal pair of mittens and I’d be happy to wear them if anyone argues otherwise 🙂
    Send them on over, I’m in Victoria, BC, I gave up all my mittens when I moved from Barrie, ON, and we got a dumping of snow like I used to live with but an ill-prepared for now :S

  71. (Applause) Brava, brava! (More applause)
    Love the mittens. Love how you used a relatively simple colorwork stitch for such a good effect. Also love that you used a yarn with a superwash (or otherwise machine washable) version. Very important when knitting for those still under the legal drinking age or when using white or a pastel as the base color. (I saw a 20-year-old niece’s store-bought, pale gray mittens over the holidays. If they were hand-wash-only, they’d felt before all the dirt came out! And she’d bought them at the beginning of November!)

  72. I love these mittens! I especially like the stained-glass ones you made in fall colours. I may need to break out my Palette yarn (held double, of course…)
    (PS, other people have mentioned it before… But… “Cloisonné”!)

  73. PS
    Just bought the pattern. Darn you! I’m supposed to be knitting a baby sweater! And Since I knit Xmas stockings I have just about every color of 220. Well, It’s rainy here in Portland, lots of time for knitting. Thank you!

  74. Thanks for the pattern Stephanie. Bought it, downloaded, put it on Ravelry, now need to buy yarn and finish up the rest of my startitis projects before I get to start. Maybe around next Christmas? Thanks again, you so rock!

  75. I love the mittens…I’m working on angora thrummed, half-finger mitts for the barn right now but maybe after I should make another pr of mittens.

  76. Hi Stephanie
    I do love the mittens but really I’m writing about the patch of insommnia you’re experiencing. I’m sure that it’s only temporary and caused by your not being well, but I thought I would offer a few comments that may help.
    I’m a life-long poor-sleeper (I don’t use the word “insommniac” to describe myself because I don’t think it’s correct for me) experiencing all forms of not sleeping – being unable to go to sleep, waking up repeatedly through the night (I’ve never had an unbroken night’s sleep) and waking early and not being able to go back to sleep) and I think the worst thing to do is lie awake trying to go back to sleep. I have my office/knitting room set up with a blanket to snuggle under and my laptop and knitting and just go in there and knit or surf the net for an hour or so and then go back to bed. It really doesn’t bother me now – I’ve had 60 years to get used to it – but worrying about it will only make it worse – easy for me to say I know!
    Just make sure you can get somewhere warm and confortable and have it ready with something easy to do and give yourself half an hour in there and then go back to bed.
    I hope this helps a bit.
    best wishes

  77. Love the mitten pattern! Finished my first pair last night, well on my way to the next. Sadly, this means that all of my other works-in-progress will have to wait a while…
    As to the insomnia, have you tried melatonin? It works really well for me, without any groggy mornings, and can be taken in the middle of the night, because it’s not a “drug”.

  78. Such cute mittens! I can hardly wait to try them. Thanks for all the photos. They sure look great.

  79. Harlot! I have no other place to say this… but Getty Lee?!?! And he’s been in Joe’s studio for the past three months?! And you’re just now getting around to mentioning it?! I have been a huge Rush fan for over 20 years (not very long, considering they’ve been around much longer that that).
    One of my girlfriends used to tease me, as most folks think Rush is predominantly a “guys band” – most of their fans are guys. I told her I went to several concerts and she said, “what, a stadium full of guys and you?” I said, well, pretty much, yeah. But it was great!
    If it were me, I would have mentioned this litte cool tidbit ages ago… and have autographs… and some photos with the band… and… and… and yeah, that kind of behaviour would prorbably put Joe out of business. Sigh. Still, I can’t help but be a little jealous.

  80. Hoo-aha! My case or startitis just moved from the accute stage to the chronic. Too bad about those two shawls, three neck warmers, headband hat with matching mitts, and coriolis socks already on the needles. I’m moving on to mittens.

  81. My 11 y.o. makes it a point of pride NEVER to wear matching socks. I think I’ll suggest she start the trend w/ mittens also. (sorry about the insomnia! wish I had something helpful to offer.)

  82. Those mittens are so cute, I could not resist! I just bought the pattern. This will be great for using up odd balls … oh, the color combinations! Thank you, Stephanie!

  83. Thank you! I very rarely purchase a pattern immediately, but I absolutely had to have this one. I’ve loved them since you first posted pictures of them. I’m going to have so much fun playing with colors. Squeeee!

  84. The brown mitten with the light pink and white cuff match my winter coat EXACTLY. My family calls it my neopolitan coat (like the ice cream). I will have to save my pennies to buy the pattern and the yarn to copy that exact one!!!

  85. Went to a yarn sale at 7:00 this morning to buy yarn for the mittens. I’m excited to get started. They are so beautiful!

  86. I don’t see anybody else asking this question but I don’t quite understand #3 in the K4B. After you knit in the stitch below, do you knit the next stitch and wouldn’t that make in on right needle? Am I just trying to make it too hard? Anybody’s help would be appreciated. Love the mittens and can’t wait to give them a try.

  87. Love love love these mittens. May I be so bold as to ask for a hat pattern to match? Anyone else with me on this? : )
    Thanks for sharing your pattern with us.

  88. Pardon the gushing here. Your blog is one of the things that makes my life better. I don’t usually comment; however, at one of the other blogs I like, dooce (, Heather is going through some difficult times. It reminds me how close I feel to the bloggers I like.
    Anyway, have a nice day, as we say down here in the mostly warm weather of California.

  89. I downloaded that pattern immediately, and I’ve never made a mitten in my life! This will surely spur me on. Your instructions look clear enough to assuage my fears. Thanks!

  90. Purchased the pattern! I’ve been waiting eagerly for this one and I’m so glad to see it. Can’t wait to get these going – I’ve got a metric crapton of Cascade 220 just waiting to be used 🙂 A few people where I work are going to get a fingerless version of these. They stand around outside, in Michigan winter, but still have to be able to write and flip through papers.

  91. Was up till 3am working on your pattern absolutely love it…can’t waite to see you talk tomorrow night.

  92. I think I feel a mitten coming on… I went through a slip-stitch-color phase a while ago (that one instigated by Barbara Walker), but I didn’t know from mittens at the time.

  93. Thanks for the mitten pattern-they are all lovely!
    I’m very curious about the talk you are giving regarding knitting and the brain, but live too far away to come to Canada. Is there any hope of having a podcast or something like that of it? I’m a PhD student who knits during class and sometimes while reading for class, and people are constantly astounded that I can carry on a conversation whilst knitting away. I would love to know more about how knitting makes you smarter!

  94. I have been loving watching the mitten pattern “develop” and bought it this morning with pleasure while visiting family in Austria. I went out this afternoon and bought yarn and can’t wait to begin. What a great souvenir of our Austrian trip!

  95. Do you need to make a matched set? Because I think not. I think that it’s like the MissMatched Socks (of which I’m obviously a fan) but in mitten form. You could even do the same colors, but one with windows, and one without. Very Miss Matched Socks! I have some ideas. Just need to finish these pesky christmas mittens that STILL aren’t done!

  96. Bought your pattern this morning. 50% off sale at my favorite yarn store this Saturday. Dangerous combination! Can’t wait!!!
    As several other posters have said, Christmas 2012 here I come!

  97. I don’t know how you roll in Toronto, but down her in Yonkers, it’s totally un-cool to intentionally spread startitis. Can you please send my honey an email and explain to him why the house is a mess, we have no clean clothes, the cats are hungry and there’s yarn everywhere.

  98. Love those mittens & see how they could become addictive very quickly. I think the pale pink with black, white & fuchsia is my favorite combo & love the idea of fraternal pairs – I see 2 in the top picture &, like the OP, I would be happy to wear a fraternal pair – especially the top pair.

  99. Also – I have distant relatives who like in London O that my French Canadian grandma used to visit. So, whenever I hear London, my first thought is which one?

  100. I have been having trouble with my hands..hit over the 60 mark in life and have time to knit but my hands often you ever have a problem? People don’t talk about it..

  101. Love the pattern and a big thank you for letting us purchase it. I have been fighting a flooding basement (over 6inches in 48 hours and a bunch found its way to my house) and now have a shop vac collection, sore back and shoulders from wringing out towels so these mittens are way more fun to ponder. Hope you feel better soon and that cold runs away.

  102. Please put the information about knitting and the brain in your next book. I’d love to know more.

  103. “then asked me if this yarn came in any other colours”
    Cascade 220? Oh, just a few. 🙂 Must resist going to the website and picking out a bazillion theoretical colo(u)rways. Have papers to grade. Focus, focus, focus.
    7807, 9541, 7814, 9571 . . . okay Self, stop it right now!

  104. Those are quite lovely! But I feel it necessary to point out that the mittens don’t have to match to be a pair, they can just have some colors in common. Or not. So I believe you have more pairs than you think 🙂

  105. My family came out to Australia in 1969 as ten pound poms. After seeing all the snow in the background of your photos I can understand why they passed up Canada and came to Australia. Fabulous mittens.

  106. Love the mittens! And loved London (ON) when I lived there as a kid, long ago. Well, technically, I lived outside London, outside a village called Arva, out in the country.

  107. I bought my copy yesterday. I know there’s 220 in the stash. I’ll cast on when this month’s charity hats are done. If I can wait that long.

  108. Well, now you’ve done it! I’ve never done mittens before, but I just bought your pattern, because they are too, too yummy to resist!
    And I agree that two mittens need not be mirror images (color-wise) to be a pair. If one fits the right hand and one fits the left… wear them! Really easy to tell which one goes on which hand that way.
    You’re terrific, Steph. Thanks so much for all your writing, knitting, spinning, sharing, etc., etc., etc. I just wish I lived closer to the places you visit. (Maybe my cousin in Port Hadlock will adopt me. But my hubby might not like it if I move a thousand miles away.)

  109. Beautiful mittens — The directions are very clear, and the tutorial is worth the cost of the pattern. Thank you.

  110. OK bought the pattern and am MAKING myself finish at least two other projects before I start – really.

  111. Oh my stars. These are so cheerful and adorable they might just take me from spectator knitting to hands-on work. (And my quilts will get even farther behind.)
    But the snow? I know it’s not a lot, but it’s surely more than we’ve had this winter. At least, in the east end. Perhaps the west end got the dump. Or did you take a quick pre-trip to London, the snow belt?

  112. I am so excited. I’ve been waiting for this pattern. Now I am waiting for the yarn store to open so that I can go buy some Cascade 220.

  113. Is the pattern for the stained glass version, the other version, or both? The pictures lead me to think that it’s the non-stain glass version>

  114. You are a dreadful person! I just bought and downloaded the mitten pattern and my life is ruined! I can’t think about anything but this knitten pattern except for when I’m actually knitting one of the mittens which is so addictive (and really, really fun!) and intoxicating. I just can’t stop! Horrid! You are horrid! (And thank you so very much because I know it’s just a mitten but I haven’t had such gleeful fun watching stiches unravel down to the knit below stich — giggling as they go.) 🙂

  115. Yes, I’d say I DO love this pattern almost as much as you do. Woke up at 2:40 a.m. (PST) and sat in bed making my sample cuff. Oh boy! You’ve created a delightful way to make use of my insomnia.
    Love your pictures. The pattern is great and many thanks for making it available!

  116. Such a great pattern, and so addictive. I love the mittens and am now going to make them for every member of my family. Only, I’ll need to figure out how to convert them to double knitting weight, because there isn’t much worsted weight available in the UK.
    …So, when are you going to come to London, UK???

  117. Stephanie,
    Mittens are gorgeous and they do look fun to knit. Also, lovely photo of you on the Cotton-at-Post. Have fun at your “girls” knitting weekend!
    One day you will be close enough, (I’m hoping) that I can come to one of your events. Rebecca

  118. Hello There. I found your weblog the usage of msn. This is an extremely smartly written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to learn extra of your helpful information. Thank you for the post. I will certainly comeback.

  119. Thank you very much for sharing the pattern for these wonderful mittens. They are definitely a cheerful addition to January. As a very self disciplined person, I did not understand how you could just keep knitting single mittens and not make pairs. I started a mitten. I had barely finished the first cuff when I was planning the next color combination. I will knit pairs. I WILL knit pairs. I WILL KNIT PAIRS…

  120. I just bought the pattern on Ravelry. When the snow stops here tomorrow I’ll head to Infinate Yarns, our LYS, to buy the yarn !!! I have 21 nieces plus a daughter and daughter in law that will all need a pair. If I start this week I might be finished by Christmas 2012 !!!

  121. So glad I bought this. What a treasure. I confess to being a mitten-knintten freak. My vast collection of little leftover balls of yarn will have a home in my mittens of the future using your excellent pattern. Thank you so much for offering it.

  122. *sob* you will be seriously 10 minutes away from me and I cannot convince the mister why this is such an awesome opportunity. :'(

  123. This is the perfect time toturn the music up and do some knitting,maybe mopping,i like knitting better but the damn floor is too sticky so off i go…..

  124. Ordered it. Can’t download it…. had to contact Ravelry. But I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THESE!! Thanks for posting that the pattern is ready. 🙂

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