Radio Silence

Apologies for the down time there, I meant to write yesterday, but it turned out that I spent the day miserable with a cold, and I couldn’t have given less of a crap that I had a blog. (Try not to take that personally. I didn’t care about much.)  I felt truly craptastic all day, and so I rested and drank buckets of tea (may have slipped a little rum into the last one) and when I did anything at all, I knit on the current baby blanket. 

When I began this project, I charted out a simple garter stitch lace for the centre of the blanket, and set myself a one-repeat-per-day minimum. This, I thought, was a noble and mighty goal that would get this done well before the baby was anywhere near thinking about arriving. When I had breezed through the centre, I would whip off the border, and dash of the edging. Simple.

I was wrong.  One repeat per day is a paltry little dent in the blanket.  One repeat laughs in the face of ever finishing. One repeat matters to this blanket the way that casually mentioning to a teenager that their room is a mess matters, which is to say not very much at all.

I realized as I lay there yesterday gazing hopelessly at the blanket,  that I am going to have to do at least two repeats per day, maybe three, and I guess I have the cold to thank for giving me the time to sit quietly and have that heartless truth revealed to me.  I’m sadly closing the mitten factory, and focusing on the blanket. (I think the mitten pattern will be ready tomorrow, by the way. I’m just agonizing over details.) It’s going to kill me to tidy up the pile of bright yarns and mittens, but I’m determined to be big about it – and I really am happy with the blankie.

I’ll try and get my two (three) repeats of blanket done tonight, but any time I find today is already reserved.  Today is Tuesday, and that means it’s for spinning.  I’ve got some beautiful BFL roving from Red Oak Farm calling me.

(Sorry, no link for that. I got it at Rhinebeck a few years ago, and a quick google didn’t reveal a url that made sense.)  I have no idea yet what I’ll spin it into.  I’m going to sit at the wheel and let it reveal its destiny. 
Surely it knows what it wants.
Hey! Maybe it wants to be mittens!


92 thoughts on “Radio Silence

  1. Hey! I’m the first to comment today! Being sick is the pits, I’m getting over a cold, as well. BUT today, I went to my LYS and learned how to knit THRUMMED MITTENS!!!!! YAY! Not hard at all, and I have the first one on the way to being finished. You are such inspiration!
    Looking forward to your new mitten pattern.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Do feel better soon. Can see how you would not want to stop knitting those mittens- love them!

  3. So much to knit, so little time. I know that pain. Unfortunately, I know what it is like to be sick and you kick my a$$ even when you’re sick! Don’t worry, though, for as we well know, that baby won’t come until that blankie is done! You are amazing like that. I think you have magical abilities or something.

  4. That blanket looks beautiful already, and I’m eagerly awaiting the mitten pattern. No pressure though! Feel better soon!

  5. Or maybe it wants to be a shawl! Or a baby hat! Or a baby sweater! Or a scarf! Those are my projects currently (at least the ones in this room). Can’t wait to see what the mitten pattern is!

  6. Very pretty! (both mittens and blankie). I hope you feel better. Thanks for posting today – I needed it.

  7. You’re inspiring ! I’ve never knit mittens, or even particularly wanted to wear them, but you’re so taken with them–and yours are always so lovely– that I’ll definitely have to make yours. xoxo
    Fell better soon! Hope you got the soup.

  8. Oh, don’t clean up the pretty colors from the mittens. Won’t they make you feel more cheerful just looking at them? (Of course if they are making you crazy, off they go!).

  9. I hope you’re feeling better soon!
    I’m loving those mittens…looking forward to the pattern. But get better first!!

  10. We here in NorCal are currently experiencing what – for us – is VERY cold weather. This morning there were black ice warnings and it was 32 on my drive to work.
    Hence, I am on a handwarming crusade, and I am looking forward to the mitten pattern. Very. Much.

  11. So glad you got back to the mittens, and even more so that you will share the pattern! But I can wait, and babies can’t (or at least I can wait longer), so by all means let’s see a whole lot of blankie for now.

  12. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    I have been checking your blog daily for the mitten pattern and specs…I love them! They are absolutely beautiful.

  13. Oooo pretty baby blankie! What pattern is that? Also, we’re all looking forward to the mitten pattern! Take your time getting it to your level of perfection, we’ll all appreciate your hard work in your own due time!

  14. Hey NorCal,
    We beat you this morning in SoCal, starting out at 16 degrees, and having a heat wave now at 40. I wore a pair of (purchased-gift) mittens for the first time this morning, and now I”m smitten with getting YH’s pattern! Amazing how warm they can be!
    Steph, get better soon. At least the cold was a good excuse to stay home and survey your world and just knit!

  15. I too am recovering from a cold. It was so bad on Sunday I couldn’t even knit.
    Super stoked for the mitten pattern. Hope you feel better soon!

  16. Extra knitting time is the universe’s way of making it up to us for letting us get sick…but I hope you’re feeling much better soon, all the same.

  17. Feel better! I had that craptastic cold over Christmas. I’ve never drank so much tea….Finally just switched to hot water.
    The yarnies are lovely.

  18. I can commiserate with you. Immediately after taking a lovely rum cake out of the oven on Friday afternoon, I was hit with a bag of bricks (by way of a cold/flu thing) and spent my entire weekend asleep in bed. I must have been up at some point, because the sweater I’d been working on is further along now than it was on Friday, but I don’t really remember.
    After spinning such a beautifully dyed bit of wool, as you did last week, do you find it a bit dull to work with plain white? Or do you see it as a way to “cleanse your (spinning) palate”?

  19. First and foremost, get better!
    Second, Yay for the mitten pattern!
    Third, I have just gotten your lastest book and I love it.
    I only pray that if my kids ever do anything like in “That Sort Of Mother” I have your patience in dealing with the situation. Granted I feel I would be rendered with incoherent speech and wild hand gestures.

  20. Take a nap and get to feeling better. The world will still be here when you get to feeling better.
    May I suggest 1 TBSP each of dried coltsfoot and mullein in a pint of boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes, covered. Strain; sweeten with honey and lemon juice to taste. Makes the chest and head feel so much better.

  21. The baby blanket is beautiful. I’m sorry it’s not more fun to knit. I hope it goes more quickly than you think it will!

  22. How about a teaspoon of honey in your tea? Feel better and than hurry up with that mitten pattern. You have been teasing us…

  23. I am just getting over that same cold. I haven’t felt that miserable in a long time. Today, I went to see my acupuncturist who swore he was doing some protocol that would give me energy again. I came home so wiped out, I took an orange cat for a nap and woke up two hours later. I was so groggy, I stopped for coffee at the local bakery, carrying my handy new travel mug. Only, after filling it with the nectar of the Gods, I couldn’t figure out how to actually DRINK out of it. Ended up driving all the way to get my kids from school, staring longingly at said cup. It’s an evil, evil cold that can produce that kind of mental deficit. Feel better soon.

  24. I second the request for the baby blanket pattern. I’m bound to have another pregnant niece soon, and that pattern looks beautiful.

  25. I am waiting with baited breath for the mitten pattern. Have loved seeing all the pictures posted of the one’s you’ve done.
    Feel better!

  26. Love the garter stitch lace pattern on the blanket. I can’t find a pattern for the lace in any of my books. Could you please post the stitch pattern? Thanks

  27. Hope you are feeling better. Down here near Boston we have total crap for weather,everyone is sick. Makes for perfect knitting though! Will be so excited for the mitten pattern, I have been eyeing that for weeks now….looks like I am not alone from the comments! Beautiful baby blanket!! Feel better!

  28. Much as I look forward to your posts, I’d rather you rest and take care of yourself. You should feel proud of that lovely blanket; baby will feel warm and all the world will know that this baby was loved even before it was born!

  29. The only thing more craptastic than a nasty cold, is a having a nasty cold when you come down with a stomach bug on top of it. Really, take my word for it, you don’t want to test this one. Having a *relapse* of the cold when I was just getting over both of them was the frosting on the meadow muffin.
    However if anything was going to make you feel better, those cheery mittens and the lovely blanket (not to mention the roving- yum!) would probably do the trick. Good luck and get well!

  30. Poor thing. I hope you’re feeling better soon. But! Oh! You’re killing me with the delay of the mitten pattern! And especially when I have a special knit night I arranged for my SnB tomorrow evening at a new yarn shop, where I will fall down and then get back up with several skeins of yarn that I had no intention of purchasing when I walked in the door. (Okay, we both know that’s a lie. I intend to purchase yarn. I just don’t know which ones yet. The uber cool pattern would help, just sayin’…) I really hope you reveal the pattern by tomorrow evening before 7 pm CDT.

  31. I would offer lemons from my tree for honey lemon tea, but the dearth of rain has left them walnut sized. There is hope; our winter storms are on their way at last. Hugs from here with words, then, and feel better soon!

  32. I did a baby blanket last year from the center out in a gull stitch repeat. I knit forever, decided it was probably big enough, and chose to do a knitted garter bind off. I increased its width from 4 to 10 stitches and shortly realized the blanket was larger than I’d anticipated. Those extra 12 stitches per stitch knit off damn near killed me.
    Feel better soon!

  33. My dad had a better idea for colds than a “little rum” in tea. Put a little whiskey and some fresh squeezed lemon juice in a small sauce pan, heat gently and drink slowly…..or quickly, depending on how bad you feel! This “Family Recipe” is especially good for coughs in the midddle of the night.
    Hope you feel loads better soon!

  34. Ooops. I forgot an important ingredient in the previous post — be sure to add some honey!!

  35. Get well soon!! (for you and me – I am signed up for ALL of your lecture/classes this weekend and I cannot wait!)

  36. I’m sorry that you are doing poorly (and I completely understand about the blanket. I have a lace shawl that is mostly in the same state, except I have a much later due date).

  37. I’ve been down with a truly awful cold the past couple weeks, but it’s given me a lot of downtime to knit! I’ve actually caught myself wishing to be sick just a little longer to stretch out this knitting streak!
    Also-I love those chocolate brown and pink mittens. So much that I actually went out, bought yarn, and made myself a bunch of pink and brown granny squares just to get it out of my system!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  38. nice bfl!
    i have some white romney to spin soon. i think it wants to be mitts.
    8- )

  39. Well we had our first official winter snow overnight, so I am def looking forward to some new mittens from that adorable pattern-to-be. We had snow earlier- October to be exact, but that was still fall and thus does not count for our winter weather. We have had bitter cold days earlier, but somehow the snow makes me yearn for new mittens. The baby blanket is beautiful – butI think we am done with babies in the family for now.
    Mostly take care of yourself Steph – rest and hydrate!! See you back here when you feel better.

  40. I spent the day avoiding washing the living room floor (a task I’m going to regret tomorrow when my little granddaughter has knees the color of dirt– she just started crawling). Instead I watched The Help and knit on my shawl.
    At least you had the excuse of being sick.

  41. I hope you feel better soon. And don’t worry, the baby won’t come till there’s a finished blanket to wrap him (or her) in. Or should I say, …a finished blanket in which to wrap him or her. I think that is more correct. In any case, knit on!

  42. Get better quick! Keep drinking the tea with additives. I can’t wait for that mittens pattern to appear, but you take care of yourself!

  43. Perhaps it would be easier if you didn’t make it the size for a baby elephant like the last one? Beautiful but mighty big. ‘Jes saying.

  44. I just finished your newest book and loved it! I think we may be twins separated at birth. Just kidding! But seriously, I’m a yarn junkie, 5’1″ with a “big rack”, too! I love reading your blog in between your books.

  45. It seems like I aint the only one getting sick around here. I do hope you feel better soon! Love the blanket, and put me down as another who would love the pattern!
    Gloves look very nice, I can’t wait to see the pattern 🙂

  46. Long time lurker, first time commenter. I love the lace stitch! Would you happen to be able to give us the pattern? I know you said simple but I’m only a novice with three years knitting under my belt. Also, why spend a day gauge swatching and trying to make sure the yarn overs align properly when I can just pester you?? I am lazy. Anyway, feel better!

  47. wayyyyyyyy off topic
    but STEPHANIE your SOUPS are DE LISH
    I made the roasted cauliflower, the squash/apple/onion and the leeks with added veg more please
    dead easy and so good!
    you should write a book about “soup and socks”
    hope you’re feeling better, how about a nice pot of home made soup?

  48. Okay, I NEED the blanket details. Baby coming in April. Need to plan ahead a wee bit, for the purposes of sanity.
    Glad to see you detoxed your cold efficiently.

  49. Well look on the bright side, she could be having twins 🙂 My cousin just had twin boys earlier this month, which meant 2 baby blankets were needed. They are done and ready to be gifted.
    Hope you are feeling better. Looking forward to seeing the mitten pattern. I’ve liked what I’ve seen of it so far.

  50. Oooh!! Dying for that beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, stunning mitten pattern!!! And not a moment too soon either!! It’s supposed to be -38 C tomorrow morning here in fricken frozen Alberta!! LOL!!

  51. Hey, I am sorry about your cold. I came down with one this weekend with temp, ocugh, chills, yuck. So I understand.
    I also understand about the baby blanket blues. Maybe it’s because it is “small”? I am knitting one for my granddaughter-to-be and it astonishes me that I am not finished. It’s really pretty and I am so excited, but really, how does it take so looooonnnnnnnnnnng? Your blanket is beautiful!! But I would have to commit myself if I got all that work done and still had to add a border. I kind of like to get everything done at the same time :>)

  52. I’m reading your archives and am at Feb ’09. Darlin’ harlot, you have a cold because you WORK TOO HARD…there are days I have to stop reading because I”M exhausted 🙂
    All this blog reading has gotten me to try a lace weight scarfy/shawly thingie, and am realizing that I should probably go get my eyes checked…
    I’ve also almost been convinced to try some socks though I may have to wait to wear them – I’m 55, and the ‘thought’ of wearing socks in the house is enough to give me a hot flash!! However, if the weather keeps up like this I’ll break down – tonight in western MB it’s -45 with the wind chill.
    Next time I get to my LYS *smile* I’ll look at the sock yarn…it’s 3 hours away. I love farm life, I just wish it wasn’t SO FAR away from all the fun! So now I’m trying to convince the farmer that we need a get-away before lambing. The eyes rolled – he knows darn well what I want to go for…

  53. Completely the wrong post & I know it, but comments are disabled in the archives & I just wanted this to be a quick note. I’ve made the “Emergency Soup” recipe you shared in November about 5 times this winter and I’m going to take it to a work potluck today. It is the single best soup recipe I’ve had this year & I’m pretty sure I’ll make it 5 or 6 more times before spring. Thank you for sharing–it’s been a rainy winter here in Michigan & that is just the thing to take my mind off of it.

  54. I think it wants to be a hot water bottle cover, shaped like a sheep, with lots of bumpy seed stitch. Just sayin’.

  55. I’d love to see the blanket pattern too! It looks wonderful, and I have a baby blanket to knit soon too…just saying.

  56. Pretty blanket!! I’d love to see the pattern. Also, do you have a favourite go-to brand/mix of yarn for baby items? I have a few friends expecting and I just can’t bring myself to touch the “baby soft” $1/lb acrylic junk from Wal-Mart that’s currently sitting in my stash. (In my defence, I bought that when I started knitting and didn’t yet know that crappy yarn = crappy-looking/feeling projects… I have grown much in my appreciation for good-quality fibers. But I digress…) Any suggestions?

  57. Charted your baby blanket pattern from the pictures. Even though it isn’t, it evokes hearts. Quite nice. I noticed the provisional cast on. I’m guessing that means a border. Looking forward to seeing it. I trust you’ll be feeling better soon, as you’re lifestyle keeps you fit. Knit on!

  58. So sorry you’re under the weather, I wish I could send you some soup. The mittens are looking wonderful; that chocolate/ivory/pink combination is just stunning! The blankie is lovely too. Could you keep the mittens out as a reward – “if I do 2 (or 3) repeats of the blankie, I get to knit a mitten”?

  59. Oh yum. BFL mittens. I have about 5 pairs of socks I’ve knitted from BFL and I love that the bottom sort of felts so it not only keeps the tootsies warm but it cushions the feet as well. Mittens would be fabulous. It looks like it might even want to have bits of it dyed so the mitten factory can live again.

  60. Are you knitting a baby blanket this time or another queen size comforter? Baby blanket size might go a little quicker… 🙂 Hope it knits up quickly for you!!

  61. Thanks for the pattern – I’ve already purchased and I’ve list the link to purchase the pattern on my website and FB page so that others can see these lovely little jewels for themselves. All the combos are great – I love the brown/pink/cream. Reminds my of ice cream.

  62. Wait, you’re throwing over tiny jewel-toned gorgeous mittens for a giant blanket of repeating doom in bland colors? AGAIN? I forsee this lasting only a short period before you realize that the yarn is the same color as the snow that is everywhere and chew it into a thousand pieces, or better yet bury it in a snowpile where it will not be revealed until spring.
    (simultaneously, of course, I admire your ability to face the dogged truth even when in the clutches of the deadly common cold)

  63. There’s a correctly written “its” at the end of this post, and I’m compelled to congratulate you, because I believe in positive reinforcement.
    (Don’t hate me because I’m grammatical.)

  64. bought the pattern last night, cast on just to see if i could do it and had to force myself to stop knitting and go to bed! so much fun. thanks!!

  65. I LOVE the mitten but, LADY!!!, you are driving me crazy with all these baby blankets you make and NO pattern!!
    I am afraid, I MUST insist on a PATTERN. I’m in the midst of TTC (I have infertility compliments of PCOS – TTC is quite a feat) and I NEED a coping mechanism!!

  66. Just loving ur kinnearing, watched the episode on the graham norton show, so hilarious! I really admire this beautiful form of art, keep it up gurlfraaan!

  67. Stephanie, I have been reading your blog for three years. It has given me courage to keep writing even though I thought no one would read it. I has kept me learning and it has kept me creating/knitting. Thank you. I have learned so much from the crazy Canadian blogger. I don’t always agree with everything you say but I don’t always agree with everything my friends and family says either. I still like them. That is what is important about life. YOu live you love and with help you grow. Thank you.

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