If you will excuse me

I’m home. Made it back last night, a little late to greet my new nephew in person, but here finally. 

He’s beautiful, and his blanket’s not finished, but frankly, neither was he. Forces conspired against him, and he was born a little earlier than planned, and clearly (if you go by how annoyed he seems to be about it) more than a little against his will.  His name is Luis, and he’s a wee speck of a thing – but beautiful beyond all reason – and far better looking than this crappy iphone picture makes him out to be.

I’ll be spending a few days helping him and his parents settle in to being a family, and I hope you’ll forgive my absence (if there is one, we’ll see how much time I have) as I’ve decided to put him and his parents squarely first until they’re well sorted.  He’s the first baby ever born in this family before their blanket was finished, but I’m no match for the circumstances that dictated the timing of his birth – so I don’t feel bad about that. I’m knitting like the wind now, because there’s no doubt that a wee one born in Canada in February could use a blanket, and I want him to know how much I love him already.  As always, I know no way to say that without wool.

Isn’t he perfect? Congratulations to Katie and Carlos.  They’ve made something awfully nice.  This auntie is very proud of them.

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  1. Hooray! Congratulations and all best wishes to Luis and his family! I think he’ll appreciate the blanket, edging and all.

  2. Congratulations! He’s adorable!
    Both my kids were early (5 and 6 weeks) and it made the beginnings a little chaotic, but on the other hand in my experience premies like their sleep, so that helps! Enjoy snugging your new nephew!

  3. Wee, precious baby, welcome to the world!
    And Stephanie, I’ve never been gladder than I am to be deprived of your blog postings. I hope you had a wonderful time in the Dominican Republic (it looked like it) and that you’ll enjoy every blog-free moment helping the new family adjust to being a new family. I’ll be here whenever you get back.

  4. Bless you for being so generous. He’s lovely and Mum and Dad will thank you, I’m sure.

  5. from one early child to another: welcome, you chose the time *you* needed to be born … even if you didn’t agree with it, even if you scared your parents a lot, and even if you surprised a lot of people and frustrated your aunt and her knitting… congrats! you are handsome and special and your blanket will be all that much more wonderful for the wait. trust me. much love and good wishes to all…

  6. Look at that face! So beautiful and wise. Babies come when they need to – I’m glad to hear he made it safely, and I hope his mama is doing well too.
    Welcome to the world, Luis!

  7. As long as the wee one and his parents are well then the unreasonably large blanket will arrive soon enough.

  8. What a wonderful name! Thought I may be a little prejudiced…. 🙂 Best wishes for a long and healthy life full of love and wool!

  9. Oh Stephanie, he is absolutely beautiful! Not that any of us ever doubted he would be!! Enjoy your time with the wee one, we will miss you but some things are just more important!! Blessings, Love, Josie

  10. Congrats to you and yours! I hope this little guy gets loads of hand-knits to keep him snuggly throughout his happy and long life!

  11. Congratulations to all involved and particularly to Luis. Getting delivered ahead of schedule is never fun, but I and some of my favourite people were a bit ahead of schedule.
    He’s gorgeous, annoyed and iPhone photo’d or not. You get them sorted, Aunt Steph; the Blog will be here when you get back. <3

  12. Beautiful – and very much where attention belongs right now. The Blog will miss you while you tend to little Luis, but the Blog understands. Congratulations!!!

  13. He is lovely, so happy that even early it all turned out alright! Can’t wait to see the next photo of little Luis all bundled in your beautiful blanket!

  14. Congratulations to your family! Now you go focus on them and knit a little and get that boy properly wrapped in wool. 🙂

  15. He is beautiful! Congratulations and blessings to all. Enjoy your time with him and the family. We will miss your posts but expect lots of baby pics when you return!

  16. Congratulations! Mazel tov! Felicitaciones! Lucky little boy, lucky family. May you all have much joy.

  17. Welcome to the new wee one – but only read this if you’re also knitting! He’s wearing nothing hand knit in this picture. I wish I had a hat to send.

  18. He’s adorable and you can tell from that crappy i-phone pic, no worries. Congrats and enjoy the time with your family.

  19. He is just beautiful. I bet he knows he is loved already,such a lucky little boy and lucky you tool Hugs and happy baby cuddling.

  20. What a handsome and very wee fellow indeed! Enjoy the family time. Here’s hoping you get a tail wind to help you finish that blankie more quickly and get that boy wrapped up in wooly love.

  21. You’re really gifted, Stephanie – no other blog is bringing me to tears as often as yours… 😉
    All the best wishes for the wee one and his family and you too.

  22. I’m a new auntie, too – well, a great-auntie. And my little guy’s blanket was finished but lost in the mails. But my small one was born and his blanket was found and all is well in the world.
    Doesn’t take much to make a new auntie/great-auntie happy; one small beautiful baby will do it every time.
    Congratulations to all.

  23. Aww beautiful and “As always, I know no way to say that without wool. ” I couldn’t have put that into words but know exactly what you mean 🙂

  24. Awww…Congratulations! Hope you get to spend lots of time loving on him while helping his parents.

  25. What a sweetie! Hey, as one preemie to another (I was a month early and only weighed 2 lbs. 11 oz.), don’t worry about it, Luis, you’re just ahead of most people and have a little more “cute time” to enjoy! Make the most of it, little darling!

  26. If he was a preemie he sure looks pretty filled out. My 4lb 15oz preemie was all skin and bones. But he was fat and sassy by the time he was 1 year old. They arrive when they are ready…not before and not after. Your friend Jen can attest to that.

  27. From the mama of two early birdies, to the auntie and parents of wee Luis… He is perfect! Congratulations! And Stephanie, I have no doubt the blankie will be done in no time at all!

  28. What a beautiful baby! New parents have a special grace. Experienced families have an idea about what changes their lives are going to undergo, but that couple that is suddenly a threesome, life becomes a wild ride of love mixed with sleep deprivation along with a side of maternal hormones striving to get back into whack. The thought of it brings tears of joy to my eyes. God bless that family!

  29. Absolutely wonderful. And I am so glad that you work for a boss that understands the important things in life.

  30. Ahhhhhhh…. a beautiful baby boy. I do love babies hugely. Welcome little Luis! Congratulations to your whole family.

  31. Well now I know why you needed to visit the Dominican Republic,
    so that you, Hank and company can teacher Luis words like “tortuga”. He looks soooo precious.
    Best wishes to Luis. Katie, Carlos and the family at large.

  32. Beautiful little boy! I hope he learns to nurse well and quickly, and wish them all the best, and I hope you can help them with it all!

  33. Gorgeous baby! Does not have theat preemie look at all! And he will definitely need that blanket!

  34. Welcome Luis and Congratulations Katie and Carlos!
    How lucky to have a loving auntie putting the family first for a few days!

  35. Put squarely first…how fabulous! If only we all had that when new ones arrived. They all come in with their own way and own story…how blessed he is to have an auntie to recognize it. The force is strong with your kin. Mazel Tov!

  36. He’s lovely!! Congratulations to Katie and Carlos!
    And Stephanie, a premature birth is clearly cheating on the part of the universe. As far as I’m concerned, your record still stands 🙂

  37. How truely beautiful Luis is and wonderfully perfect. Your absence will be missed. The welcome of a new nephew is most important, far more than the Blog. That blanky sure will be welcome, now and later!

  38. Welcome to the world, Luis. I bet you came early because when you heard what a wonderful family you were getting, you just couldn’t wait.
    Nurse well. It’s the best. That’s better than an Aunt Steph blanket. An Aunt Steph blanket comes in at a very close second.

  39. Awwww, how cute and sweet is that?! Congratulations and best wishes to all! He’s beautiful 🙂

  40. Happy Birth-Day Luis!
    Stephanie, my youngest nephew arrived before his blankie was finished. But then, neither my sister nor I had factored into our schedules that she might need an emergency cesearean 5 weeks early. But it did mean that I had a totally unforgettable 40th birthday. He’s going on for 7 now and finds the fact that we share our birthday quite amusing.
    Congrats to the new mum and dad and happy aunt-hood to you Stephanie.
    PS. I did finish the blankie before his original due date, so I count that as a win.

  41. Exquisite! I love the “I know no way to say that without wool” … it’s one of the best ways, I’m certain 🙂 Congratulations, auntie 🙂

  42. Congrats! We will get to see your post when we see them. Putting family first is most important. Hope all goes well with the settling in.

  43. He is so beautiful he takes my breath away. Happy birthday, Luis! May all the universe smile upon you today.
    I have faith in you, Auntie Steph. Rock him for me. I envy you your night in a rocker holding that precious scrap of awesome.

  44. I wondered when we didn’t hear from you for a little while, whether Luis was born… Congratulations! Turning that big tummy into a little person is absolute magic… and I used to work in Labor and Delivery for many years…. Welcome back.

  45. Luis, welcome to the world. Hope you enjoy getting to know the wonderful family you have.
    Congrats to the proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! Don’t injure yourselves in your rush to spoil him!
    Steph, the Blog forgives you your absence as long as you come back with photos of Luis with the finished blanket, Luis with the so-appropriate Baby Surprise Jacket and, most importantly, Luis being held by his Uncle Joe!
    From one uncle to another: Yes, Joe, you have to do it. No, he won’t be scared by you. Yes, this can be a life-altering event. No, he might not — I warned all 7 of my niece-phews not to poop, pee, or barf on me. Also warned them there would be no pulling on the hair, glasses, face fur, jewelry, etc., and no screaming in my ear. If they could follow those rules, we’d get along great. If not, they’d find themselves heading back to Mom &/or Dad so fast that they’d actually get a few minutes younger. All 7 abided by “Uncle’s Rules”, much to the bewilderment of some of their other uncles and aunts!

  46. He looks adorable and remarkably well-done and chubby for early. Only the size of that thumb gives any idea for scale that he’s a wee one!
    He has a very determined look about him as well, I predict he’ll have all of you sorted in no time!

  47. Congrats to the new parents! Your nephew is quiet handsome for being early to his own party! 😀
    Good luck,

  48. He’s perfectly beautiful, even if he arrived early.
    Congratulations, Auntie Stephanie. And congratulations to the rest of the family, as well.

  49. Congratulations!!! He’s so cute! I love being an Aunt and think it’s the greatest thing ever. It’s even better now that I’m a Great Aunt (which is so cool I can barely stand it.) Have fun enjoying your new nephew and thanks for sharing him and Hank with us. I just love the pictures of Hank and the rest of you with the squirrel monkeys. What a neat thing to be able to do. Happy Baby Watching!!!!!

  50. Oh bless you for helping a family with an early baby. My son was early and we needed all the help we could possibly get. He looks sweet and lovely. The early ones make you earn your parenting stripes as they were sent out into the world with a gooey center as my husband says. Lots of snuggles until they are fully baked.

  51. Oh congratulations to all of you!!!! I’m so glad you’ve got a new little one to cuddle and he’s healthy 🙂 Well done, Katie!

  52. Well, at least you’re off the hook for delaying births by not having the blanket finished!
    Congrats to all involved.
    Even in a crappy picture, he’s beautiful, but I had to laugh. Most infants have their first picture taken in those towel-like things that look like they’ve been dressed by Mother Teresa. My first reaction was that he was wrapped in a high-end, wool tallis (Jewish prayer shawl). How’s that for a mixed religious metaphor?

  53. “I want him to know how much I love him already. As always, I know no way to say that without wool.”
    This right here gets to something pretty basic about me, too, and I think most of us.

  54. Oh my! Congratulations to all! Happy Birthday Luis!
    I’m going to stop there or I’ll end up typing cutety-wooty words all over here, and that’s only excused when in the presence of the cuteness that makes one go all gushy.

  55. His scrunchy little face reminds me of my own wee one who arrived too early, and was also not very pleased about it. He’s great!
    I welcomed my first nephew in December – also with blankets. And sweaters. And a hat. And socks. I think he needs mitts now 🙂

  56. Truly, a very beautiful baby. Best wishes to all. If I listen very intently, I can hear your needles clicking away!

  57. Bienvenido Luis!!! Has nacido en una amorosa familia: ella cuidará de ti! Felicitaciones para la tia Step!!!

  58. What a handsome little man! And the name is perfect. Of course, I’m a tad biased because my father’s name is Carlos Luis. 🙂

  59. Obviously, you are showing him how much you love him – even without the wool! You’ll feel better when he’s properly wrapped in wool, but I’m sure he’s feeling the love – just look at how content he looks in the picture. I think he arrived early because he knew there was a huge on-line following awaiting his arrival. Congrats to Katie and Carlos! And to all of you, enjoy every moment – even the cranky ones! Judy in NJ

  60. Hugs and snuggles and loves, Oh my! Precious baby boy to grow and reach for the sky. Be blessed in every way, family of three, and enjoy God’s love for it is free! Well come, Luis!

  61. Luis is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to both Katie and Carlos, and to you as well! Babies are awesome!

  62. He is beautiful. And lucky for him, he’s got an auntie who’s able to help his mom and dad get a good foundation under themselves.

  63. What a true and deep blessing you are to the families and babes in your life. So, go, be the gift that you are and we, The Blog, will be here patiently and lovingly.

  64. Oh, Stephanie. He’s beautiful. I’m also a doula; just got back from a birth last night, of a nearly-full-term beautiful girl who needed a bit of help in the lung department but is doing fine now, and perhaps I’m completely exhausted [yes!], but new babies. Aren’t they THE BEST?
    Congratulations to Katie and Carlos, and welcome to the world, Luis!

  65. Welcome Baby Luis, and congratulations to the whole family on the latest arrival!
    Luis must have decided that things sounded so interesting out here, he had to get out and join the fun! There’s only one view on the inside.

  66. He’s just lovely! Llongyfarchiadau i chi i gyd! (that’s Welsh for congratulations to you all – just in case you can’t get it to copy in to google translate on your iphone) xx

  67. There is nothing more important than a new baby. Enjoy him thoroughly, pamper your sis, and don’t worry about The Blog. (We’ll do better if you post baby pictures frequently, though.) 🙂
    PS, maybe the blanket difficulties were in sympathy to Luis’s “growing pains”.

  68. Aww he is beautiful. I fully understand that you want to spend time with them. My new grand-son will be here the end of April and anxious to meet him. I’m starting on a blanket for him as well. Have fun Auntie…

  69. My little guy was born a little early in February as well, although it was last year. He didn’t get his blanket until his first birthday though, since it has been a very difficult year. I hope all goes well for Luis and his parents!

  70. Yep, he’s beautiful and perfect. Congrats to all.
    While you are under no obligation to do so, I appreciate that you share with us the beauty of new life. It always brightens my day to see wee ones, regardless of whose they are. They are precious little people.

  71. WOOHOO! New nephews rock! I welcomed one on 2/21 as well, and you don’t want to know what state his newborn knits are in… (Auntie E needs to get busy!!!) Congrats to your family and Happy Birthday Luis! Happy blanket finishing!

  72. Congratulations, indeed! To all involved, the proud parents, of course, and to you, the indulgent aunt, as well.

  73. Just saw the baby cocoon pattern this week, and now I know which babies it’s for! Early babies born in canada! have you ever made one? They look so cute!! Congrats to the family!

  74. Best wishes to the new family.
    Welcome little Luis – may you grow in wisdom and strength and always find peace, love and joy within your family.
    Aunt Stephanie – I share your excitement. I have a new godson (Daniel) born on this past Saturday. He came well on time and is perfect in every way. His blanket is not finished either, but I’m about 10 edging rounds from wrapping him it and have a good cuddle.
    Don’t you just love babies? I do!

  75. Congratulations! What a beautiful little baby! Being an aunt is so special! How lucky your family is that you have your priorities so clear in your thoughts and actions.

  76. Aren’t nephews wonderful? My first ever nephew was born a month ago, before his sweater was finished. In my defense, he arrived 3 weeks early, and 3 weeks should have been more than enough time to finish a baby sweater had he arrived on time! 🙂 Luis is cute as a button, congratulations!

  77. New parents need all the help they can get. My husband and I would have been lost without our loving families at our side. He is a beautiful little boy. Maybe he was just impatient to finally meet everyone? 🙂

  78. Congratulations Auntie…what a great surprise for everyone! How sweet he looks..try to remember this moment when he is 15!

  79. You know what we need? A photo of you holding Luis, with that mushy “I’m holding a baby” look on your face that you always get. 🙂

  80. What a beautiful little boy! Congratulations to the proud parents.
    As for you – back to work on that blanket. :lol

  81. Congratulations to your and yours. He is such a handsome boy and is lucky to be loved by a knitter like you!

  82. Hi Stephanie!
    Congratulations on your cute new nephew!
    I loved you in the Graham Norton Show, you are a strong woman.
    Love from Holland,
    Thilly Bennewitz

  83. Luis is just lovely. It makes me happy to look at that photo, so I can only imagine how far over the moon his family must be to see him in person.

  84. Amazing. Having just brought another little one into the world not too long ago I very actively appreciate your absence since it means you are helping someone who certainly needs it.

  85. Hi, I realize I’m way late commenting on Luis’s birth, but here I am, better late than never. He is gorgeous. I assume that you are helping him and his mother become a great breastfeeding team. I hope that is going well. I was reading through the comments, and you have some really weird ones. Have you been spammed? Best wishes to Luis, and may he soon be wrapped in that cozy blanket.

  86. What a sweet little face! Luis is my DH’s name, a mighty fine one, I think. Congratulations!

  87. Congratulations to you becoming an aunt! He is beautiful! I love reading your posts on births, family, babies… I read your posts of you knitting baby blankets before, but did not quite get the deep love behind it until I had my own son and my/his own blanket, knitted and given as a gift by my friend. My son was also born earlier than the “normal time” for newborns. I also got a handknit baby blanket as gift from one of my colleagues. I have been suffering depression since birth and was hospitalized because of it. I can tell you whole heartedly: The blanket I got means the whole world to me. It gives me strength every time I have the thought of giving up fighting this monster. Because the blanket is made of love, care, patience, believe, and much more I can put into words. Every sticth of it empowers me! In some way it is saving my life. It is the best gift I have been given. And I truely believe it is the best gift I can give. So, I have knitted a baby blanket for my colleague. Her baby will due in March.

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