Dear Luis

Dear Luis,

I know you’re too little to know it, but you’re sort of a big deal around here.  Not only are you one of the worlds most wanted and celebrated babies, you’re also going to go down in history as the only baby I’ve ever loved who got born before their blanket was finished.

Yesterday when I finally brought it to your mum and dad and they put it around you, I felt a profound sense of relief.  Your mum looked so pretty, and like she was finally feeling better, and she said that she hoped that the circus the two of you have been through for the last few weeks was over, and I said that I thought it was.  I told her that I thought she’d run out of trouble.  That there was just nothing else left for her to navigate,  and that I really believed now everything would be smooth sailing.

My small friend, the truth is that in my heart, I had started to believe that nothing could go right for the two of you until I’d handed over that talisman, and that on some level, the blanket was more essential than I had thought.  Those are probably the crazy thoughts of a superstitious auntie, but I just got it into my head that maybe the hours of love in these blankets are somehow protective. A shield of sorts.  A symbol of how loved and wanted and unique you are in our world, and how grateful we are to your parents for bringing you here, and how everyone in this family is here for you, and intends to stand between you and trouble for every day of the rest of your life… as much as we are able.

I started thinking, as I was rushing to finish, that maybe this whack of trouble was the result of that blanket not being in place.  That maybe once I had you wrapped in that thing, it would be a sign to the universe that you have an army of love around you, and that anything that wants to mess with you has to go through us first.  I hope that’s how it works, because that’s what that blanket means.

Like you, your blanket is one of a kind. 

There’s Madeira Lace on the border, because your dad Carlos is Spanish.  There’s snowflakes because your mum Katie is Canadian, and there’s the old tree of life motif there too, because those two things have come together to start a whole new family. (You’ll learn that I’m big on symbolism – it makes me killer help for high school English essays.  Remember that.)

The blanket is big, and I thought it was bigger than I wanted it to be, but now that I think about you and how you’ve arrived and the impact you’ve had – I don’t think that it could be one centimeter smaller to do you justice.

Like you, this blanket looks delicate, but is strong.

I was thinking that maybe a ginormous swath of white lace wasn’t really a baby boy thing, but I realized that it makes total sense, since somehow this blanket is as much for your mum as it is for you.  Your father loves you to distraction, and is entirely devoted to you – any fool can see that, but I think your dad would be the first person to stand up and say that what your mum has been through and done for your little family in that last few weeks was brave, and she’s bloody fierce, and your arrival has only made her more strong and beautiful. 
It almost seems silly that all I’m giving the three of you is a blanket.

Welcome.  Be safe. Be warm.


Auntie Steph

(PS. When you’re ready, I’ll teach you to knit.)

363 thoughts on “Dear Luis

  1. Beautiful, child and blanket. The parents are glowing and your words made me cry. Thanks

  2. All around beautiful Steph. Got a little weepy (in the best possible way) at my desk just now.

  3. Just… beautiful. The blanket, Luis and most importantly, your words. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. What a beautiful family! I echo the sentiments of knitting love and strength into baby items; some of the wee tykes need all they can get.

  5. Wow. That made me tear up. The blanket, the baby, and their story are all beautiful. I am glad that everyone is doing better. The symbolism in that blanket makes it extra special.

  6. This post legitimately makes me teary-eyed. This is easily one of the best posts I have read from you.

  7. What a beautiful wonderful way to welcome a child into this world. Thank you for your heartwarming words and your inspiration to make blankets for the babies in my family.
    Someone once told me this and I think you’ll agree: Aren’t babies a great way to start people?

  8. Beautiful letter, beautiful blanket, beautiful family, and, OMG, what a beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of them all. Enjoy, Auntie!

  9. Beautiful, Stephanie! The blanket, your thoughts and of course Luis and his family. Thank you for sharing!

  10. BTW, I prefer big blankets for babies. They can be used in more situations and for longer. I fully expect my sons to use their baby quilts through college as couch quilts if they haven’t fallen apart by then.

  11. Aunti Steph, You are truly an amazing and precious person. How incredibly fortunate are those with whom you share your devotion and infinite love…and pretty darn awesome talents, too!!
    Thank you for including us in your world and family!!
    Linda B, NJ, USA

  12. This is so lovely. I’m so glad your family is through the trials of the first weeks with the new baby … they are beautiful, and so is your blanket.

  13. Every child should enter the world so fortunate — with a fierce mama, an adoring daddy, an army of aunties, and beautiful words like yours to welcome him or her. The blanket is quite fine, too.

  14. OMG, my neice has twins coming in July I’d better get those needles clacking ASAP to have my good talisman ready in time!

  15. That made me weep a little weep. What a beautiful family. And a beautiful blanket. How wonderful for Baby Luis that he has such an army in front of him!

  16. Beautiful words for a special little one and his family. Thank you for sharing such intimate moments with us all. The blanket is truly beautiful too – a work of art!

  17. Thanks for the beautiful, tear inducing words. Now I understand better why I also feel a need to make blankets for babies I love.

  18. That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. There may be children who are loved as much, but none who are loved more.

  19. Well, I’m crying. You need to tell Luis, and his parents of course, that there’s all us knitters out here to take up the slack if the family army falters or needs a break.

  20. Luis has The Blog looking out from him too. After all, we’ve been through a lot with this blanket!

  21. Just a beautiful little boy, what a blessing he is.
    Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful family.

  22. What a beautiful blanket! I want one tooo…. But since there is no one to make one for me I’ll settle for making one myself. Pattern please….pretty please…
    Luis is one lucky nephew…

  23. You have made me cry on several occasions but this is the best. Congrats to a beautiful family, beautiful baby and blanket. And I think you are right the blanket will circle them all in love.

  24. My comment won’t do justice to your incredibly beautiful post but I had to say thank you for sharing. Your words are lovely, the blanket stunning and the photo of Katie and Luis breathtaking. Thank you.

  25. In the blink of an eye, he’ll be ready to go ziplining with you…I know this because in the blink of an eye, the Hurricane grew to be taller than I am.

  26. Ms. Steph, I’ve never commented before but I follow your antics religiously. Let me just say that this post was lovely, poingnant, and victorious. No one was happier than me last night to see the tweeted blanket delivery. and that blanket is just the prettiest thing I have ever seen. What a loved family. May we all be so blessed.

  27. You know wrapped up in that blanket is the first time Luis looks happy and at peace. Gorgeous family, gorgeous baby and great story. Blessings

  28. The blanket is an exquisite work of art, just like Luis. I wonder how much saner this world would be if everyone had a blanket like that.

  29. This is just the best post ever! So warm, so heartfelt. It has brought a tear to this cynical old bat’s eye.
    Thank you, Steph. And love to you all. xxx

  30. Just beautiful: the family, the sentiments, and the blanket. I read this after just giving a much, much more modest blanket to an expecting co-worker. I never thought about it before, but you’re right. The blanket is a wooly shield for the baby made with lots of love.

  31. Best combination of text and photos EVER. And a heck of a combination of family, too.

  32. ( ) breath taking silence as no words could equal your profound, loving words.

  33. That was a beautiful letter, and a beautiful blanket. That’s got to be one of the the most beautiful blankets I’ve ever seen, and I hope he treasures it.

  34. There is a first for everything. First time I have ever been moved to tears reading a Yarn Harlot post. Welcome to the world, beautiful little Luis. Everything will go well for you with the most handsome parents a kid could wish for and your Auntie is one incredible person, too.

  35. Beautiful blanket, words, and symbolism. This post will bring such joy to that family over the years.

  36. sniff, sniff. Beautiful baby, beautiful family, beautiful blanet, beautiful story!

  37. Aawwwhhh. Well done Auntie Steph. A lifetime of hugs to the new family.

  38. Ok I might be high on hormones but reading this post made me tear up and rub my pregnant belly some more…then I thanked the world for you and your gift you have of writing such beautiful words and taking such great pics.

  39. Sniffle sniffle. What a sweet baby face. I’m so glad all is getting sorted with that wee one. Lovely blanket for a lovely boy.

  40. Blessed are these family ties; with such love and support, the early challenges will someday become distant memories to be replaced by all life and laughter and the good things yet to be.
    Luis’ blanket is truly special, and one of a kind – just as he is. Lovely and unique – and at the risk of starting a firestorm, hopefully, not a pattern to be shared.

  41. Congratulations and well done! (Oh, yeah, the blanket is lovely, too. I meant the baby!)

  42. I have always known that it was necessary for me to knit blankets for the babies coming along, but I have never been able to fully explain the reasoning to anyone. Your words do exactly that, and beautifully. The blanket is also gorgeous.

  43. Dear Stephanie,
    I am sitting at my desk at work and to the right of me less than 10 feet away is a management meeting in full progress (we have a tiny office and share space with each other). I just did a quick scan of your blog and am so touched by your words and actions that I am sitting here in full view of everyone with tears in my eyes. You truly are a blessing to everyone you touch, both face to face and here in the virtual world of the Internet. I love you dearly as much as if you had made the blanket for me. In a way you did and in a way you made it for all of us. I firmly believe in the ripple effect and Stephanie – you RIPPLE!!
    Much love and blessings,

  44. Your “Dear, ____” letters always make me cry! He’s a beautiful lil’ chicken and so is that blanket. Gorgeous.

  45. The blanket is gorgeous, Luis is perfectly beautiful, and his parents couldn’t look any prouder. Auntie Steph’s words are very heartfelt by this reader. Thank you so much for sharing your love and family!

  46. Wow. Beautiful blanket, but even more beautiful the love and feeling that it represents. Thanks for writing it out in such a lovely, lovely fashion. Reading this, I understand better why nothing but perfection was going to be satisfactory when it came to this blanket!

  47. Beautiful Steph! You are just such an amazing and awesome person. Everyone in your entire family is so lucky to have you.
    Luis is just amazingly adorable! (I can just smell his sweet baby scent in these photos.). So glad everyone is doing well now.

  48. Absolutley beautiful blanket. And Luis is gorgeous. He looks so wonderfully serene wrapped in your loving gift. He is so much more than wrapped in a hand knit blanket – he is most certainly wrapped in love.

  49. Luis is one lucky kidd to have such a loving aunt with so many skills including being good at symbolism.

  50. So, so precious. This post brought tears to my eyes – the happy kind of tears! The blanket, and the new family, are absolutely gorgeous.

  51. Blanket and baby are absolutely gorgeous, but I’m dying to know where/how you acquired the rest of the yarn 🙂

  52. Enchanting. The blanket, the baby, the pictures, your post… Thanks for making my day.

  53. Beautiful. I remember what Hank looked like when I first started reading your blog. He was really sweet and you were such a good aunt to him, year after year. And now he is zip-lining! Before you know it, this one will be coming over to do the gingerbread cookies!

  54. Can someone please pass the tissues. Stephanie, with you in his corner the little guy needs no more, what a wonderful Auntie.

  55. Oh Steph, I don’t even like babies (they scare me) but this letter is so sweet and heartwarming it made me tear up. Luis was obviously born into an amazing family and is so lucky to have you as an auntie.

  56. Without a doubt this is one of the most beautiful and heart-warming posts you have written.
    As I am about to begin a blanket for an expected great niece or nephew, this one has special meaning.
    Thank you for touching the lives of so many of us in so many ways. Your devotion and dedication to, and sense of family is much admired.

  57. Wow, I am not the weepy sort, but that brought a lump to my throat. Great knitting and great writing from a great heart. And a beautiful baby and parents.

  58. beauty incarnate! both yarn and babe, that is. 🙂 xox

  59. The blanket is beautiful, only to be outdone by the little tiny face it surrounds. What a wonderful tribute.

  60. tears. why did I read this while working?? This is all just too beautiful. Congrats to you and all the family.

  61. Oh my! What a gorgeous little one. And the mouth, the lips, the nose. He’s gorgeous-perfect! Nice photos Steph!!!

  62. Aww. the sniffles and wet eyes on this end. It really is such a marvelous blanket and I know the wee one can feel just how much love you have for him.

  63. This post made me cry. I’m blaming the pregnancy hormones – two weeks to go =)

  64. Tears in my eyes as I finish this post (and share it on Facebook & Twitter). I always look forward to laughing with you Yarn Harlot, but I feel even more blessed when your writing touches my heart – thank you!

  65. Amen. Beautiful letter and the most beautiful baby and family pictures ever! And now, what’s the story on that final ball of yarn? Will you spin it for us, pretty please?

  66. I think that you or someone should copy this blog post for the future for Luis
    Like grad,wedding day ect….
    And when he is trying to understand his crazy old aunt!!who keeps knitting him things
    Everyone should have a aunt like you!!

  67. When my first grandchild is born (hopefully SEVERAL years from now), will you please write a “welcome essay” for the babe? I’ll handle the knitting. I just want your marvelous words for my first grandchild.

  68. As the quilt-providing auntie of a similar wee boy/sister to a momma who had quite a fight, who delivered the quilt a bit late but also the day before said boy was sent home after three scary weeks, this hit spot on. Smooth sailing to all of you.

  69. Gorgeous blanket, gorgeous baby, awesome family. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie.
    Although- I have to ask, I’m so curious- where did you get the rest of the yarn you needed????

  70. You have all the years ahead to knit for him, all those weird stuffed animals that he’s going to want, the silly hats – it’s all to come once he can talk.

  71. Steph, posts like this are why I so enjoy your blog. As a fellow auntie who has knit many a baby blanket you have articulated so beautifully all of the love that goes into each and every stitch. Congrats on the newest addition to your family. I’m glad everyone is doing well. And the blanket is beautiful!

  72. Beautiful! Beautiful boy, beautiful parents, beautiful blanket and beautiful Aunt Steph. Am crying as I type xxx

  73. That’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read, and the blanket is amazing. You are all blessed to have each other. Thank you.

  74. I’m also in tears – if this wee one ever needs people to rally to his side, if his mom ever reaches out seeking a hand to hold, I fully expect I’d be swamped trying to get there, without a chance to do more than stand back, heart overwhelmed.
    And now I’m going to go collect myself before I have to get on with the rest of my day. Wishing you and yours enough love to get through *everything*.

  75. Awww….I’ve got tears in my eyes.
    (Fer God’s sake, Steph, start knitting the next baby blanket now – you don’t want another family to go through this because of you, right?)

  76. I just found out a friend of mine lost his wife of 20+ years. I came to read your blog and it helped me remember that life still goes on. Thank you for the unintentional, but well timed reminder.
    The blanket is wonderful and Luis is one Handsome fellow!

  77. Luis is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. And I have two of my own.
    Blanket is beautiful too.

  78. I hope the Moderne Baby Blanket (Mason-Dixon Knitters) I’ve just made will give the same protection and love to my cousin’s first grandchild due to arrive next month. It’s not even remotely the tour de force Luis’ lovely gift is, but the sentiment is very much the same. Blessings to you and yours.

  79. Dear Stephanie
    Once again you’ve managed to make me smile, and cry while reading your blog. Well done my dear the blanket is lovely and the babe and his family are beautiful. Best of everything to you and yours.

  80. Not gonna lie – this post made me teary-eyed! Congrats on finishing the blanket, and congrats to the family on their newest addition. 😀

  81. Hey Steph,
    As a mum who struggled mightily with breastfeeding in those first weeks (and never did quite master it… ended up supplementing with formula the whole time, but I did keep going — figured some was better than none), this post has me all teary-eyed, remembering those fearful early days as my Sam lost weight before we got things going in the right direction again. Luis is lucky to have you and his mama in his corner. Gorgeous post, gorgeous blanket, and especially, gorgeous baby. Well done.

  82. Peace and quail feathers to that handsome family with the planet’s best blanket EVER.

  83. I can see the love in every stitch. Just breath-taking… And what a delicious morsel Luis is! He looks so very handsome surrounded by that beautiful blanket.

  84. A breathtaking blanket and an eloquent tribute to a beautiful wee babe and his parents. All is well.

  85. Must not cry…
    must.. not.. cry…
    must….. not…
    oh forget it – where are my tissues?

  86. Good thing my door is closed at work because now I’m all teary eyed. The blanket is beautiful and Luis is so lucky to have such a wonderful auntie!

  87. Okay, I love it- I love the symbolism and the actual blanket itself. The baby is adorable and the new family so precious. You did good- even if you did go over the top on the size!

  88. That is one of the most beautiful and touching things I’ve ever read. Now trying to swallow a lump bigger than that exquisite blanket.

  89. Totally fabulous . . . the babe, the blanket, the pics, the sentiments.

  90. I haven’t seen such a beautiful baby boy in… let me do the math… it’ll be 21 years in 3 weeks. And I’ve never seen such a beautiful blanket.

  91. It’s beautiful and oh my goodness, he already looks bigger and fatter than the last photo, good work to everyone.

  92. Absolutely wonderful. The words, the love, the blanket, the baby, the family. And you.
    Welcome to the world, little Luis. Don’t worry, Auntie Steph’s got your back, and she is A Force Not To Be Messed WIth…

  93. You outdid yourself, Aunty Steph! The blanket is almost as beautiful as the boy.
    Aren’t nieces and nephews wonderful?

  94. Holy Cow! That was the sweetest letter to a newborn ever! I hope his parents put that sweet note in his baby book so he can read that when he gets older. Nicely done, Stephanie. Congratulations to you and your family.

  95. that is one seriously beautiful blanket. It has made me want to knit one and I don’t have any babies to knit for

  96. What a beautiful blanket for a truly beautiful, beautiful little boy!

  97. The most wonderful thing for babies is that they have no idea about real life yet. They’re pure potential. When Luis does know about real life (hopefully not too soon), he’ll treasure your note and the love that is knit in his blanket. Congratulations to all of you.

  98. Oh My! Beautiful baby boy and mom and dad. The blanket is awesome and I repeat what someone else said here: Beautiful baby + beautiful blanket = Spectacular.
    You are a one-of-a-kind auntie!

  99. Wiping a tear from my cheek, I thank you for sharing this personal and moving tribute to this brand new little person!

  100. Lucky, lucky, lucky! Baby Luis has all he needs to venture forth in the world! A magic carpet of a blanket with his family heritage knitted into it, a Mom, Dad, Aunt and cousins who will help him grow, and love from every quarter! May everyone in his life be blessed!
    Eve from Carlisle

  101. that was very touching. The blanket is beautiful, and Luis is a beautiful and lucky littl boy.

  102. One of my favorite posts of yours – ever. It’s just the perfect finish to the amazing welcome you’ve all created for this little man. It’s an incredible gift and tribute for your family as well. How wonderful that he’s surrounded by so much love and has The Blanket as a tangible reminder. (And don’t you just think that blanket is in for some adventures during its life?)

  103. That blanket is wonderful, all the more so because it was hard won; but I have a small quibble with the blogpost: All you gave them was a blanket – are you kidding? Have you already forgotten the Auntie duty last week? That was an incredible gift. I know, my sister gave us different but no less appreciated Auntie duty 12 years ago and we still bless her for it!

  104. So beautiful; the blanket, your words, and especially baby Luis. I’m sitting here crying now!

  105. Brenda just said exactly what I’m feeling, and doing: the blanket is extraordinarily beautiful, and your words and the love all through them has me in puddles. God bless you, Steph, and little Luis and his parents.

  106. Fantastic – congratulations on the beautiful blanket and the beautiful lil’ boy. I got a little teary reading this. I hope your talisman sets up its protective barrier around this family. Thanks for sharing.

  107. So lovely– little Luis, his Mom, Dad, the incredible blanket, and the sentiments that express so well what all of us knitters hope for in a heartfelt knitted gift.

  108. Beautiful little boy! Beautiful Mom and Dad and of course such a beautiful blankie from Auntie Steph! Simply perfection!!

  109. Oh Steph, in your books you write such funny humorous things, this post is a beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Thanks Steph, and welcome to the world Luis.

  110. It’s a beautiful blanket. How could any ill befall little Luis while he is wrapped in it. It’s not only full of beautiful stitches (I love the snowflakes) but full of love as well. I hope everything, especially the breastfeeding, is going well. How could it not be?

  111. Wonderful post – beautiful sentiments – fabulous shawl – totally worth every second you spent on it. Congratulations to you and your amazing family. Lucky Luis.

  112. Thanks for sharing….you are a great aunt! I have tears in my eyes. What a beautiful baby. Gorgeous blanket with all that meaning and love in it.

  113. A beautiful blanket, a beautiful baby, a beautiful post.
    Here’s hoping that this really is the only time you are unable to get a blanket done before the baby is born! Do you think you might be setting up a jinx by saying out loud that such a thing is even possible?

  114. Pregnant. Teary. Gonna go find a lace blanket pattern to knit, even if this baby is a boy.

  115. So gorgeous. So beautiful. You made me cry. Damnit.
    Oh, the blanket is gorgeous, too.

  116. I’m totally tearing up.
    That baby is GORGEOUS!
    You need to knit him baklava’s instead of hats to protest those perfect lips of his.

  117. Madeira is a Portuguese island. And the Portuguese don’t like their stuff confused with the Spanish stuff. It goes back many centuries, long story.
    Becautiful baby and gorgeous blanket. A treasure each of them.

  118. Oh so much beauty in one post!! Your words to your nephew … such a beautiful boy … and his parents … and that blanket … congratulations all round!!

  119. I have never commented before, but those are such lovely sentiments to go with the most beautiful baby blanket I have ever laid eyes on. Well done.

  120. Beautiful baby, beautiful parents, a beautiful blanket, and a lovely tribute. The universe is smiling…

  121. What a beautiful message to Luis and his family. You gave them such a wonderful keepsake and memento for them to have forever. The pictures, the letter, and the wonderful blanket are so heartfelt that I could cry. I’ve been enjoying your blog and books for years and I met you in Pasadena at a book signing this year. Do you remember the Orange Wheat beer? I hope you enjoyed it. You can rest now or maybe make some socks!!

  122. That was one of the most beautiful poems to a family or a child that I have ever read and they are very blessed to have you in their lives, Stephanie. And I’m glad that the blog is here to document that amazingly loving set of words so Luis and his mom and dad can have them forever.

  123. Beautiful family and a beautiful gift and symbol of your love for this child and family.
    Best wishes to this young family for many years of good health and great happiness.

  124. The blanket turned out simply gorgeous! Your words were inspiring and those pics were breathtaking. Great new addition to your family.

  125. I love the posts that make me laugh out loud, but the ones that have tears running down my face are the BEST. Welcome to Luis, and congratulations to all of his wonderful family. He chose you well.

  126. I can’t say it any better than all the lovely posts that precede mine–but thanks Steph for sharing your life, your heart and your family with us. I think we all feel a big sigh of relief that the wee Luis and his mum are safe and sound and surrounded by so much love and a wondrously soft and sheltering blanket (literally and figuratively.

  127. This post made me a little teary-eyed too.
    What a wonderful gift you’ve given Luis and his family. Not just the blanket, but the love and support.

  128. Beautiful!! Stunning blanket, gorgeous baby. I feel very fortunate to be part of The Blog. Warm wishes to everyone from NZ 🙂

  129. I think I have something in my eye…Gorgeous post, gorgeous blanket, and absolutely gorgeous family.

  130. Dear Luis, every happy tear being shed as The Blog reads this post is another prayer for your little family, a hug for your strong Mama, and a cheer for your Auntie Steph!

  131. Gorgeous 🙂 so much love is exactly what such a beautiful little man deserves. I’m sure the whole family will appreciate the love you’ve put into that blanket.

  132. So much beauty in this post: beautiful heartfelt sentiments, a stunning photo of a beautiful family, and an amazingly beautiful blanket. Thank you Stephanie!

  133. Absolutely beautiful. I am awed by the love that pours from you and flows over those close to you. Thank you for sharing with all of us in the blogosphere!

  134. PRAYERS AND LOVE. BEAUTIFUL CHILD. Beautiful blanket. Beautifully said.

  135. Whatt beautiful words for such a beautiful baby. The blanket is stunning. Excuse me while I get tissue.

  136. Your posts often make me laugh, but rarely make me cry. Such beautiful words for a beautiful family.

  137. Oh that is a hell of a post. I hope Luis’ mommy tucks that away for when he is older, so he knows just how much he is treasured and loved!
    Now, I hate to point out trouble, but I wanted you to know that the last two posts have not presented properly in IE 9.0. I do realize it’s embarrassing to admit I still use this platform… but I think I’m not the only one who does. You might want to consider looking into this one. 8o(

  138. Love to little Luis and his family from my husband and me here in Cambridgeshire…

  139. This post is exactly why I have always loved your blog. You, Lady Stephanie, manage to encompass in words the love in your heart, the strength in your soul and draw us into it. You as beautiful as the lace your knit, as strong as the yarn you spin and as wonderful as knitting as a craft. Thank you for sharing your insight as well as your knitting.

  140. There is symbolism and magic in that blanket. It is filled with the hopes and dreams of you and your family. It will protect little Luis and when he is old enough, I hope you read this blog entry to him so that he is fully aware of how much he is loved. And, print it out. Not that he wouldn’t know, but somehow seeing something in print is valuable in itself. It is something he can carry with him as well as the blanket so that in times of doubt, he can hold them and have comfort.

  141. That is one lucky baby, to have such a loving and devoted auntie!! What a magnificent job you did on that stunning blanket, and what a beautiful baby.
    I’ve said it before, but I don’t know what you do more beautifully, knitting or writing!

  142. Another beautiful gift! Thank you for sharing photos. A lovely lovely gift for a lovely family. Glad to hear that Katie is feeling better.

  143. This may have been said, but bears repeating. Beautiful words, beautiful blanket, beautiful baby, beautiful family, beautiful aunt. Thank you for including us in your world.

  144. Dear Aunti Stephi:
    You have outdone yourself with the beautiful blanket, and your lovely descriptive love shown to the family and it’s newest member. Well done, my dear.

  145. Agree with all the folks who were in tears by the end of that beautiful letter. I wish all babies were as cherished.

  146. I read this while rocking my own little to sleep in a quiet room. The love is so palpable I started to cry, and I pulled her in just a bit closer. Every baby should know the love of the great white blanket. And every Mama appreciates those who surround her little with that love. Good job, Auntie Steph

  147. Big love and hugs for the newest baby from Tennessee! All 3 of mine have had high drama entrences….high enough drama that we stopped 🙂 I knit for them to show them I loved them before I got here….always thought it did anchor them.
    Well done, Auntie Steph!

  148. Oh……Such a beautiful post, and pretty blanket, and precious baby. I must grab a tissue now. : )

  149. Thank you so much, your post is beautiful!!!! It’s a good thing I’m writing, because I wouldn’t be able to say a word, the lump in my throat is too big… Stephanie, you really are a fairy godmother! You put into words and stitches all the tenderness and fierce protective love we feel for tiny babies that change our lives and our ability to love forever! I want to believe that what I knit for the people I love, will protect them from the cold world outside…

  150. Did anyone ever tell you that you should write a book . . . oh . . . yeah, right. You put your heart and soul into your writing and knitting (yes, even all those #@%$ repeats). Both are gorgeous.
    We’re curious to hear exactly how big that blanket of love turned out to be; and please, please share the pattern with us — not for the border, that’s so personal to your particular blanket and recipient, but the rest of it.

  151. “Like you, your blanket is one of a kind.” Here’s an idea…instead of offering this exact blanket pattern, why not spend a blog day or three explaning how you design and make these unique and wonderful blankets. By revealing your basic formulas for each section to us, we could select the stitch patterns and motifs that are just right for the babies in our lives. Luis’ blankie, and Marlow’s as well, should remain special just to them. Just one knitter’s opinion

  152. That is one beautiful baby. I am in complete awe of Luis’s blanket. I’ve come to the game far too late and ill-equipped.
    Maybe Luis and I can learn together.

  153. Gorgeous words. Gorgeous blanket.
    Reading your letter to him, I got a tear in my eye (and an itch to knit, that’s normal, right?)

  154. That is one beautiful baby. I am in complete awe of Luis’s blanket. I’ve come to the game far too late and ill-equipped.
    Maybe Luis and I can learn to knit at the same time..

  155. Totally brought tears to my recently over-emotional eyes. What a beautiful family, and you’re are a special and amazing auntie.

  156. Oh, my heart jumped that the blanket is done, then I cried and then I melted when I saw his beautiful self in the blanket. My goodness, that is a handsome baby and an heirloom blanket. I agree, the blanket is a shield of fierce love.

  157. Incredibly beautiful ! the blanket, Luis, his family, and the story of it’s making… all just beautiful.

  158. Great writing + beautiful blanket = laughter & tears. Thanks again, Harlot!

  159. You *always* knit the most beautiful baby blankets I’ve ever seen, Steph. You inspire me to knit one just as full of love for my new niece.
    And holy toledo, is that thing huge!

  160. I totally am feeling your sentiments. I’m a grandma who has 3 little ones with 2 more on the way. The passion just doesn’t change, no matter how many there are. I so love them, with all of my heart!!

  161. I must share this post with my fb friends: it is so lovely, so full of truth, so touching. Thank you so much for sharing something so deep.

  162. Beautiful.
    All of it.
    The blanket, your words, that precious boy, that new family. I’ll be weepy now for the rest of the day. 😉

  163. What a beautiful letter to go with a beautiful blanket
    Luis is one lucky little guy.

  164. With tears running down my face, I’m so glad you’re here. And Luis. And the beautiful, beautiful blankie.

  165. It’s undeniable that you are a talented knitter and the same can be said of your writing. You have the ability to make me both laugh out loud and bring me to tears, especially when you write about your family.

  166. Congratulations and well said. . . I can barely see to type as the tears have filled my eyes and are about to run down my face. This family deserves no less than the protective magic of the love worked into the blanket. Well done!

  167. I think this is the most touching blog post I have ever read. You, Luis, his parents are all so inspiring! Best wishes to all.

  168. Yes, a talisman of love and protection in the most practical and tangible form.

  169. And after shedding a lot of tears after reading this post (tears of the good kind)..I congratulate you for a lovely creation…That baby is so loved!

  170. Sniff, Sniff. Where are those tissues? So beautiful.. The baby, the blanket, and your kind words.

  171. I think if everyone had an Auntie as amazing and as wonderful as you, the world would be so much better of a place.

  172. Seems a lot of my posts to your blog use the word “amazing”. However…
    This is really the way it should be. A baby is born and receives knitted woolies in abundance, wrapped in knitterly love. Each knitter putting a bit of her(him)self in each stitch.
    A sweet little family wrapped in the love of the larger family of love.
    Thanks for the touching post. My cockles of my heart are toasty warm.

  173. OMG, another beautiful post! You have such a lucky family to have you as part of it.
    Ps. Are you sure you are the mother of your oldest and youngest girls? They look so much like Luis’ mum 🙂

  174. Just from a technical standpoint alone, that blanket is beautiful. You’ll have to work incredibly hard to top this one. And it’s not too lacy for a boy, especially if you refer to it as “openwork,” rather than “lace.”
    The post is as beautiful as the blanket. The only things that could have made this post more beautiful would have been a dozen kittens and a picture of Luis being held by his Uncle Joe.

  175. Jerked a tear plus out of me. What a intimate heartfelt post to share with us. Thank you. Luis is one lucky fella to join your family.

  176. Beautiful. Beautiful Katie and Carlos and Luis, beautiful blanket and such beautiful words from the fiercest most beautiful Auntie Steph ever. In case I haven’t told you lately (and I haven’t) thank you so much for sharing your family with us blog people.

  177. Golly, you made me cry. You captured it perfectly. Your nephew is beautiful, and how lucky that he has such an army. Congratulations Auntie.

  178. The baby is magnificent. And you… you are one hell of a writer. Knitters are a notoriously sentimental bunch, but look how many of us you have reduced to tears today…
    Congrats to all.

  179. Both you and little Luis’s parents have outdone yourselves in creating such beauty. I have loved following your progress with this blanket and I know Luis will feel every stitch of love.
    You are a wonder, Steph. You never fail to inspire me!
    Thank you for posting this tribute of words and knitting, for all of us to enjoy. You make life so much more funny, beautiful, loving.

  180. Thank you. I absolutely empathise. No baby should arrive until his?her blankie is ready! Have knitted 10 so far – 9 for my grandchildren and one for a grandniece. My lot have used them til they were worn out! What is it that causes such a bond? It is smells? Lovely blog bless you. This is from South Africa so you’re read widely!!

  181. Well, I am, also, in tears. I’m so glad to be in the knitting community. Saves my well,you know. I was trying to find out about the truth about Madeira knitting and I came across this: My only question is: WHY?
    Something different!
    Peace and blessings to you. Debbie K.

  182. Gorgeous blanket, gorgeous baby, gorgeous family.
    and a story that would melt a heart of stone.
    just one little quibble from pedant’s corner – Madeira is not Spanish – it’s Portuguese.

  183. Steph, I’ve been waiting for this post (there’s always a very special post like this following a moving event and I’m intensely grateful that you feel able to share with us)and once again you have moved me to tears.
    You always have incredible things to say about babies and about families; about how amazing the miracle of life is and about how bloody hard and frightening it can be for new parents at times and for that I thank you.
    Welcome to the world Luis. Lots and lots of people out there are cheering for you and your Mum and Dad and are very happy to have you here!
    PS, the blanket is beautiful!

  184. Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes too. And congratulations on finishing! 🙂

  185. Thank you for this beautiful post. This is so moving. Your words and images help to remind us why we create. Thank you for sharing this insight with us.

  186. Oh, you make me cry. Beautiful sentiments, beautiful family, beautiful future.

  187. Wiping tears as I write this. What a beautiful post. Thanks so much for letting us share it with you. The blanket is gorgeous but the story you wrote around it is so very special. You are one great aunt!

  188. What a beautiful letter to little Luis, and the blanket a beautiful gift for life. I’m so touched to read of the love and strength in your family. I’ve been reading your blog since I started to knit in 2005. I haven’t left a comment before, but I’ve loved every post. Thank you.

  189. I too was moved to tears sitting at the office, crying in my coffee. Best to all.

  190. I see why it was such a daunting task to finish it…it’s the size of Ethiopia! But you are right…it is formidible and will protect him forever, and his children and theirs. Bless you and him and his parents.

  191. Beautiful, beautiful. Blanket and post.
    Looking waaaaaaay down the road, it would make a lovely wedding canopy. Different cultural and religious custom, but it would make a truly beautiful one.

  192. Luis is a beautiful boy. You have some great photos here, Mom and Dad might like to have printed versions.

  193. What a great post and such lovely pictures… glad the blanket has come to a happy conclusion!

  194. Stephanie, I am on the verge of tears. Your blanket, photos and story are beautiful.

  195. The blanket is completely lovely, as is the baby inside it. Babies and knitting are really very similar, you start with very simple basic ingredients, you do some not very sophisticated, but very important, moves, and you wind up with something exponentially more.
    I have thought about your size issues and baby blankets. Perhaps next time you should plan and design a baby dish towel. Then you should wind up with something twin sized. That said, the last two babies now have blankets that will serve them their whole lives.

  196. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. This one was so deeply personal and beautiful, that it made me weep. Every night I tuck my boy into bed and cover him with a rainbow bright acrylic blanket crocheted by my great-grandmother. It affirms for me, that he is wrapped in the love of his ancestors. I cannot think of a more beautiful gift for a new born. Luis is a lucky baby.

  197. What a beautiful way to start the day; of course, now I’m teary eyed over your testament to your family.

  198. What a beautiful blanket. What a beautiful child. What a beautiful family. Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing this intimate journey with us.

  199. Stephanie,,, its beautiful and the pictures are beautiful too. I’m sure they both are on the road to recovery. Sorry to hear she had such a bad time. At least you have something worth it at the end. Again its beautiful and I’m sure they love it.

  200. Holy crap! You’ve got me crying like a baby. The blanket is beautiful. Baby Luis is absolute perfection. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more peaceful, sweet, handsome little angel in all my life. He looks strong and well loved. Mom, dad and baby Luis make a stunning family.

  201. Stephanie, what a wonderful posting for a very special family. This is what love is all about.Thank you from my heart.

  202. Yes,the blanket is exquisite. More importantly, so are you. What a beautiful soul you have, Stephanie. Very grateful to get to know you through your words and your work. Thank you.

  203. Which is more beautiful — the blanket or your prose? Equally elegant, I think. Congratulations to all.

  204. The blanket is beautiful, as is the family! Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Congratulations.

  205. That is beautiful. The baby, the blanket, the parents, the sentiments. It is just a big ball of quiet, enduring and unending joy and love in one blog sized post with pictures. Thank you!

  206. Luis is precious, and your photos are incredible! Love the snowflake motif. Great job, Aunt Steph! Any family is fortunate to have you in their corner.

  207. Okay. You got me. That was so eloquent and beautiful. I am crying. Thank you

  208. Glad to hear i’m not the only one getting weepy at my key board. That’s the sweetest post i’ve read in a really long while. What a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

  209. Well, like everyone else, you made me cry. Well, mist up, but only because I’m at work and fought the urge. Beautiful blankie for a beautiful baby. And I think all your superstitions are valid.

  210. Aww…that made me cry. That’s kind of inconvenient seeing as I’m at work. But reading that was totally worth it.

  211. That post and those pictures make me cry and smile simultaneously. Welcome to the world, little Luis!

  212. Like the blanket wasn’t stunning enough…then the beautiful photos and letter to baby Luis on top of it all….all I can say is, ” wow ”

  213. What an incredibly beautiful baby.
    And blanket.
    And post.
    I was nodding hard, and when you said “shield” I had to comment because I made a quilt for a baby who spent his first 2 months in hospital, and I thought of the motif of diamond-shaped log cabins as shields.
    Definitely, most definitely these things have protective power.

  214. This is beautifull, Stephanie. Your nephew is so lucky to have a aunt like you. this was the most heartwarming post and pictures i have ever read.

  215. Oh my but every time I think you’ve written something so incredibly exquisite that couldn’t possibly be topped, you go and outdo yourself.
    Every bit of this post is pure beauty: the wee babe, the mommy and daddy, the blanket and, most of all, the love of a wonderful auntie.

  216. Oh my goodness. You just reduced me to a puddle of tears–this is exactly the reason i think it’s so important to knit babies blankets, and you’ve said it so wonderfully. What wonderful pictures, a gorgeous blanket, and how lucky that little guy is to have such a magnificent auntie!

  217. The lovely photos of the mom, dad and precious little one put a tear of joy in my eyes. They are fortunate indeed to have such a loving auntie as you. The blanket is a work of art that’s sure to become a family heirloom.

  218. Wanda? Number 2 comment. I’m bawling like a baby. What a beautiful blanket for a beautiful family.

  219. Once again, you made me laugh and cry! Your family is lucky to have you!!! You are a treasure – and I thank you for that!!!

  220. Beautiful blanket, stunning baby and totally wonderful Auntie Steph. Made me cry..

  221. Beautiful, the baby, mom and dad, the blanket and your incredibly moving words. I hope they print out this blog and put it in his baby book. Your prose and his blanket should sustain Luis forever.

  222. Lovely post. When Luis looks at the blanket years from now it will remind him just how much he is loved. Thank you for sharing.

  223. Why should this make me cry? Some emotions just fill us up to overflowing, I guess. Thank you, Stephanie ( and Katie, Carlos & Luis ) for sharing this joy.

  224. you have strong magics in you, sister! both knitterly and writerly. we are lucky to be in your thrall.

  225. It’s obvious he loves your beautiful blanket. He didn’t give you the finger! All the best for a beautiful family.

  226. OMG! What a gorgeous, gorgeous blanket! I love it. And once again, as I knit away on my Road Not Taken scarf, I am amazed at just how fast your knitting needles fly.

  227. Add my voice to all of the awed comments: for Luis, for his beautiful Mom & mighty Dad, for the splendid blanket and the tribute to love it represents. Well done on all counts, Steph. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  228. Many blessings on this lovely family, and their extended family as well! I had the pleasure of helping care for my cousin’s six-week-old baby girl over the last couple of days. It is so special to have these tiny family members.

  229. Beautiful, warm and touching story . . . . thanks for sharing this Stephanie! The blanket is MORE than lovely! An heirloom for sure!

  230. Lovely knitting-words and blanket both. You like Luis and the blanket are one of a kind. Thanks and I so believe that families are meant to shield the wee ones. That is one seriously beautiful family.

  231. Such a beautiful baby, blanket and family. Your words brought the happiest of tears to my eyes. I always feel the need to knit for the little ones (and big ones too!) but I could never figure out why its so great to knit for others. Your words are perfect and express exactly why I love to knit for my loved ones.

  232. Lovely. Little Luis is an amazingly beautiful baby . . . and not only is his family so lucky to have him, he’s such a blessed little boy for having a family so devoted and fierce about him. Be well!

  233. I just finished your latest book and I loved it! Just want to tell you that you are much more than a cool knitting kid; you are are knitting rock star! It makes the rest of us “uncool” kids proud.

  234. Sure — make me cry at work, Steph!! Beautiful post, beautiful blanket, beautiful baby!

  235. I don’t do twitter but I follow you on it sort of. Anyways “The Triumph Bra” thing Zellers I bought several in the last few months there. Goole Triumph lingerie and the site will lead you to a store locator. I know they have a warehouse in Oakville (may be Misissaugua it’s close to the border) not too far north of the QEW in an industrial area and they have a sale in early summer (I’m thinking Juneish)
    Bras are itchy etc-go have a bra fitting done you may find a whole new world of comfort as the majority of women are wearing the wrong size. Finally -can’t find the original? look at the way the one you have is cut (the seaming) try to find another brand in a similar cut

  236. This post made me cry. (in the good way, of course) Your Twitter feed makes me laugh, hard. Thank you for both!

  237. The sentiment is lovely- and the blanket is amazing. The edging makes such a difference- it balances the simple repetition of the center panel and complements it perfectly. And I am once again stunned by your amazing photography. You capture the beauty of Luis’ family as well his blanket so very well. I am filled with admiration. 🙂

  238. How beautiful!!!!!! Where can i get my hand on some similar patterns for such awesome baby blankets????
    Great job as always Stephanie!!!! It sure would be nice to have an Auntie like you! You truly are a giving person!!! So much work, time and love in one perfect gift!

  239. Oh my, your posting made me and my sis cry. Your words are so true for our little ones in general but especially ones that we are close to and love so dearly. Thank you for sharing your words. It meant so much.
    Pnd your little nephew is beautiful – as is his blanket.

  240. I have loved the journey of this blanket, and have read every post along the way. What an achievement! You must be proud, of your blanket, and your nephew! 🙂

  241. Just sayin’…. I hate to cry at work!!!
    The blanket is beautiful. The family is beautiful. The post is beautiful.
    Where are my tissues?? When I grow up as a knitter, I want to be like you. 🙂

  242. I can’t imagine a baby more well-loved with a better start to life than having your family on his side. You’ve made my day and I’m sure that you’ve done the same for him and his family. Keep the love flowing. You are awesome.

  243. Tears of Joy for you and your beautiful family. I enjoyed following your progress on this lovely blanket. It came out perfect after all.

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