Why are there so many yarns about rainbows

I finished the Baby Venus sweater yesterday, and it did indeed turn out that if you follow the instructions (that’s a ProTip. My gift to you) it’s a remarkably quick, fun sweater.

The grafting is fun, the tubular cast-on is a treat, and in reality, when properly executed, the back inset looks nothing like a hump or a dorsal fin, and actually does improve the fit of the sweater. 

Cute as a button – which you will note, it now lacks three of.  I raided my button stash last night and came up with nothing, and looked for something right at Lettuce Knit when I went to knit night, but it was hard to find what I want. Probably because I have no idea what I’m looking for.  Something colourful, big, chunky without being too heavy for the sweater, nothing with corners to poke a baby… I don’t know. Maybe I’ll do ties. Ties could be good.  Or not. I’m torn. I knit on the rainbow socks while I thought about it.

(Note, for everyone who visited String Theory Colorworks and complained that they’re not selling this colourway (it’s trifolium) right now… I refer you to the little note on the front page that says "We are open to special orders!  Send us a message through the "Contact us" button to let us know what you’d like!"
You’re welcome.

Now I need something else to work on, and I’m wracked with indecision.  I went through the whole stash, and couldn’t pick a colour.  So I got out this batt. (It’s another one from Hanks in the Hood. Merino, bamboo, sparkle.)

Because if you can’t pick a colour, pick them all.

(…and yeah.  I see the rainbow theme too.  I’m chalking it up to spring fever. I feel sure it’s almost past.)