I’m just poking my head in here, since to say I’m swamped would be an understatement.  I got up this morning, wrote my to-do list, and then had a little bit of a hysterical giggle and about 8 cups of coffee.  That might be a start.

I leave in the morning for Sock Camp, which is going to be a very good time, but it means that I’m fresh out of anything resembling a minute here.  I have meetings, phone calls, writing, work – as well as the pervasive belief that I’d be well served by taking at least a few clean articles of clothing with me on this trip – and I need to plan my knitting for the trip, and find everything I need to teach, and think over and gather up about a thousand things I have to remember to bring… oh crap. I need darning needles.  Suffice it to say, I’m slightly deranged. 

None of that stopped me from doing a completely sensible thing last night, and warping my wee loom with several shades of yarn, and trying to weave a scarf today.  (Please forgive the crappy iphone pic, it was late.)

I’d take better pictures of it today, but the finished project is a surprise, and I don’t want to give it away with details.) It’s bonkers. Totally bonkers, and a complete leap of faith to even think that I could have it done before I leave tomorrow morning, and I know it’s probably not possible, but there I was last night, warping a loom and feeling pretty positive about my odds. 

Today? Today I can see I’m crazy, and I’m trying to fit a loom in a suitcase.