Sure as rain, last night I finished those socks I was working on all day.  There’s nothing like a whole day of travel to rack up the knitting time.

Yarn: Berroco Sox, colour 1440, 2.25mm needles Pattern: my standard Sock Recipe from Knitting Rules – worked over 64 stitches.

My thanks to Tina for modelling them this morning.  It takes a special dedication to the humble hand knit sock to stand on a bench at 6:30am- taking direction about the placement of your feet. 

We’ve got a day that moves at breakneck pace today as Sock Camp begins – every room at the Port Ludlow Inn will have a knitter in it by nightfall.  We have rooms to set up, bags to organize and a game or two to pull together. (We have reluctantly decided against a sock yarn version of dodgeball, although it was really, really funny to imagine.)  We have class notes and supplies to place,  teachers to welcome (Hi Lucy! Welcome Carson!) and a few surprises to arrange.  It’s going to be busy, and wonderful, and a world with just knitters and knitter support people in it for four whole days.  I’m excited.
And I need more yarn.  Those socks were supposed to take three days.