Bright Day

The sun is shining brightly today, it’s Easter Monday, and everyone has the day off.  Joe’s reading the paper on the couch, all three girls are bumming around, joking, cooking, dancing and singing to Meatloaf and Jack Johnson. (It’s a game of musical whiplash.)

Our egg hunt was this morning, and the ladies found all of them, except for one chocolate egg that I’ll undoubtedly find on a Thursday in July.  Megan (Canada’s top sock model) agreed to do a little bit for me, and so I have rainbow bright socks for you.  

Details: String Theory Colorworks, Continuum in Trifolium. (Merino, Cashmere, Nylon.)  Plain toe-up socks, short row heel. (Home made recipe.)

These socks aren’t for Meg, and ever since she found out that there’s no money in sock modelling (even if you are at the top of your field) she has started charging me in knitting.  This session cost me another pair of rainbow socks.
I’m going to have to get better at taking pictures of my own feet.

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  1. just gotta say again how much i love those socks! and i like how they match your easter eggs! happy monday!

  2. Those socks are darned cute, and I say this as someone that normally does not do…bright. But really they are quite cool. I’ll have to find something in a fun stripe to play with now…the startitis is strong with this one…

  3. Sounds like a lovely day — wish I could be with my (far too far away) family instead of at work today!

  4. Or, hand someone else the camera while you are wearing the socks – some who already knits their owns socks and will charge you a beer or something. Much easier to pay up.

  5. I just love those socks. They are the ultimate in happy feet. 🙂
    Back to knitting plain old one color kilt hose now. At least I have fun cables to keep it interesting…

  6. I really, really, love the way these turned out! Happy Easter Monday, I’m a little more than jealous you’re all enjoying the day off. I don’t think my boss has heard of Easter Monday…

  7. Happy Easter Monday! I love those socks too! They’re so bright and pretty and stripey!
    I wish I could be playing musical whiplash with my kids right now. It’s spring break for them, and I’m at work (but only half a day – I contract).
    My iPod is playing musical whiplash I guess. The Killers was followed by 1980s era Madonna, followed by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  8. I’ve got one in Northern Alberta incubating our first grandbaby, one in Toronto and one in Newfoundland. Hug my TO girl for me wouldya!

  9. Hate to put your daughter out of a sock modeling gig, but if you have a mirror that can be set on the ground (or a long free-standing mirror that can be adjusted), it makes sock photography on your own feet much easier.

  10. Fabulous socks. If you were my mum I’d want to charge in knitting as well but perhaps considering Meg can knit you should be paying her in the yarn to knit her own rainbow socks!

  11. My daughter-in-law would just love those socks; she loves Rainbow Brite! I wouldn’t mind a pair myself either ~ so cheery!
    Happy Easter Monday!

  12. Ya know, a good sock model is hard to come by. Fortunately, you can afford to pay her asking price.

  13. Our egg hunt was so successful my daughter found two eggs hidden behind picture frames the last time we had Easter in our own home… four years ago. Not sure if that says more about my wicked hiding skills, or my housecleaning habits, but there you have it! (She is now 18 and still insisting on a hunt. I’m all too happy to hang on to that!)

  14. Does it count for anything that I still know all the words to Paradise by the Dashboard Light?
    Happy Easter Monday! Wish we had it here in the States!

  15. Wicked jealous that you folks have today off. My company doesn’t close, like ever. We’re a 24 hour facility that closes only for the super major holidays (this Christmas Day only sort of thing). Easter we had a skeleton staff but otherwise we had folks on site regardless. Thankfully office staff has the perk of weekends off.
    As for Easter and those delicious socks, I hope you had a great holiday and revel in having your girls still entertained at their age. They’re lucky to have you and Joe.

  16. Didn’t you say something at one point along the lines of hoping that pair of socks never came to an end . . .

  17. Well, if you have to find a missing egg in July, better a chocolate one than a hard-boiled one. Just sayin’. (Oh, and the socks are luscious.)

  18. Lovely day! Having moved from Canada to the States this year, I’m missing my Easter Monday holiday. At least I had time to make our favourite Easter Peach Flan this year, and I’m sitting here admiring our decorated Easter Tree while I plug away on work. Have a wonderful rest of your holiday!

  19. Personally, I’m not one for rainbows. But, even so, those socks are so damn cute…like a quick moment of nostalgia for Rainbow Brite days.
    Happy day off with the family, and hurray for the end of winter!

  20. The obsessive among us wish to see how you worked out the color on the heels. Turning monitor sideways does not reveal a thing.
    Sunny and windy here, with branches regularly falling off the old redbud tree.

  21. Love both the eggs and the socks! There is something very special about having your grown-up kids in your home, wanting to be with you and enjoying you and each other in the process.

  22. Happy Easter Monday (also Dyngus Day for those of Polish descent!) LOVE the socks — how in the world did you get the stripes to match perfectly?

  23. Really jealous about the Monday holiday, as I sit at my desk in Massachusetts toiling away. Yet another reason Canada (and Canadians) rock! Thanks for the pics of the socks as they cheered up my afternoon!

  24. My daughter had a pair of toe-sox back in the 70’s that looked remarkably like the little beauties you just finished. Bet you can’t get them off Meg’s feet. Happy Easter Monday. Wish we had one in Arizona.

  25. I recommend hiding those socks if I ever get anywhere near Toronto 😉 Or I guess I will just have to get some for myself, oh what a shame, more yarn 😉 And what pretty eggs! And I know how you feel about the chocolate egg in July. I found one with an old Snickers in it last year in maybe September? I don’t know. Happy Easter!

  26. Definitely get better at photographing your own feet. Ever thought of using a mirror? With even a small zoom lens, you could take some pretty great shots. ;o) Enjoy the weather!

  27. Magnificant socks! I remember you took some awesome pics of your feet a year or two ago because I was so impressed by your ability to turn one foot nearly 180 (a skill aquired courtesy of yoga, apparently) to simultaneously take pics of the toe and heel.
    However, if you fly to California, I’ll gladly be your sock model for a period of time (negotiable) in exchange for just a single pair of socks. Maybe once a quarter? So, for four pairs of socks, you’d have a sock model for a year. If other knits were available for photo shoots on the same day, I could probably do that modeling gratis. Think about it and let me know. ;~)

  28. I find the best way to photograph my own feet is the lay flat on my back, with my feet up in the air at a 90 degree angle.

  29. Wow those socks are a good match! Impressive!
    Meg charges a pretty high fee. Maybe one of the other girls would consider modelling for a pair of socks every second or third session. She does do a good job, though. Happy Easter!

  30. Don’t you love going to the String Theory Colorworks site just to read the names of the colourways?
    SUCH fun.
    Oh, and the socks are beautiful. Can’t wait to make mine, as soon as my custom order is complete. Thanks so much for pointing that feature out.

  31. Pretty socks! When I was a teenager and I was asked to do something out of the ordinary, my standard question was, “How much is it worth to you in dollars and cents?” I know I got paid (a pittance, but still) at least once, when my dad needed a model for some photos for his work. 🙂
    Your eggs reminded me of something cool I just learned – have you heard of dyeing eggs with old silk ties?

  32. Those rainbow socks are really something to be coveted! Makes me want to cast on a pair for myself and keep them in reserves for those gray winter days.

  33. Well, knitting such happy socks shouldn’t be to harsh a chore…
    But you could play with the timer on the camera….or give Natalie a creative job.

  34. The yellow strip in those socks just makes my day…makes the whole color combo. Great great colors…and sock-modeling.

  35. Of course those socks weren’t intended for Meg — they’re too long in the foot for her!
    And Meg’s modeling fee isn’t so bad. I would charge the same — a pair of handmade socks — but at a men’s US size 11 EEE (with a taste for cashmere and a preference for over-the-calf length), I’m sure you’d find me to be the more expensive sock model :-)!

  36. I can see a post in the future where Megan outlines the tricks of the trade. The diminutive one foot overlapping the other, how to dress when modelling so the entire sock can be admired and of course the best angles to show off intricate lace and cabling.

  37. Easter Monday.
    Day Off. Reading paper. Girls Bumming. In other words: a Vacation Day.
    Yet another reason I long to be a Canadian. So. Civilized.

  38. Well, who could blame her for wanting String Theory socks, rainbow or no rainbow, that yarn is seriously yummy 😛

  39. well, guess you raised her right! she knows the value of a pair of good looking feet.

  40. I just love those socks. Is it too dumb a question to ask just how you manage to make the striping come out exactly the same? Must be a trick I don’t know, but really wish I did!!

  41. I am A FREAK FOR THAT STRING THEORY! Have become a hoarder of it in fact. Have continually purchased mass dye lots of it, but so far it’s just a covet thing and haven’t really used it on a project yet, i do have a sweater in mind for some of it tho.

  42. Ahh. I am coveting the stripes. Seriously, I need a tutorial on how to keep the stripes from making ghastly pools at the gusset. I know there is a method that is more sensible than lining up color repeats from 4 different balls because so many people make nice stripes like this. I usually do a fleegle heel, which is basically a skinny short row heel. I know it is possible. Please enlighten us, oh wise yet harloty one.

  43. Taking photos of your own feet, AKA contortionism? Suspect the Yoga might be good practise for that.

  44. Sounds like a wonderful day. The socks are gorgeous. If one of my daughters still lived at home or even close enough to do sock modeling, I would happily pay her in knitting 🙂 You are blessed.

  45. Ah, the coloured eggs. Very nice. We still have ours, carefully preserved and dated, from the 1960s and 70s. My theory: if they survive the first year, they’ll survive 40.

  46. I suspect you don’t really mind the fee Megan charges, but if you want to snap your own feet have you considered investing in a mirror dedicated for sock shoots?

  47. Is it ridiculous that I keep looking for the love (1) button to click when you put pics of your projects up?

  48. Happy Easter Monday! I must have muttered that out loud while reading this, because my granddaughter informed me that her calendar read
    “Easter Monday (Canada)” She sounded like she knew what she was talking about, but she is 8. Never knew that… it a national holiday? Do you take off on Good Friday and Easter Monday???? Can I retire there???

  49. Those eggs are gorgeous!
    I think I need to knit myself some rainbow socks too. And for my neices…and my son too (that probably should have come first…ahem). Honestly, I think everyone needs a pair of rainbow socks. 🙂
    As for the self modeled sock shots, you do yoga, yes? You might have more success than me. I can’t even begin to tell you the contortions needed to get this photo!

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