I’m just poking my head in here, since to say I’m swamped would be an understatement.  I got up this morning, wrote my to-do list, and then had a little bit of a hysterical giggle and about 8 cups of coffee.  That might be a start.

I leave in the morning for Sock Camp, which is going to be a very good time, but it means that I’m fresh out of anything resembling a minute here.  I have meetings, phone calls, writing, work – as well as the pervasive belief that I’d be well served by taking at least a few clean articles of clothing with me on this trip – and I need to plan my knitting for the trip, and find everything I need to teach, and think over and gather up about a thousand things I have to remember to bring… oh crap. I need darning needles.  Suffice it to say, I’m slightly deranged. 

None of that stopped me from doing a completely sensible thing last night, and warping my wee loom with several shades of yarn, and trying to weave a scarf today.  (Please forgive the crappy iphone pic, it was late.)

I’d take better pictures of it today, but the finished project is a surprise, and I don’t want to give it away with details.) It’s bonkers. Totally bonkers, and a complete leap of faith to even think that I could have it done before I leave tomorrow morning, and I know it’s probably not possible, but there I was last night, warping a loom and feeling pretty positive about my odds. 

Today? Today I can see I’m crazy, and I’m trying to fit a loom in a suitcase.

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  1. It’s not bonkers! It’s brave! adventurous! a challenge! Ok, so it didn’t quite work out as planned but what does in life? Too bad you can’t pull out your loom on a plane…. Have a blast at Sock Camp, wish I could be there (but I’ll be at Stitches South this weekend, almost as much fun!)

  2. Actually most of the great artist were a little “off.It feed thier creativiy”

  3. Displacement Behavior Perhaps 🙂 ? – I know I knit when I should be doing something else and knitting takes all thought of anything but the knitting I’m doing away, and I am happy in the knitting moments. I usually PAY big TIME later for that happiness but…I keep on knitting. BTDT

  4. Seriously, I think I might have to start weaving:-B Any process where you can even DELUDE yourself into thinking you might be able to make a scarf in one day sounds good to me!

  5. I bet there will be plenty of yarn to put in the suitcase in and around the loom to ‘cushion’ it- so it’s hardly even going to take up any room. While you’re at it, the yarn can cusion some wine in the suitcase as well. Have fun!

  6. There are regular medical meetings in the US titled ‘Creativity and Madness’ feeding the speculation that the two things might go together!

  7. Going a little bonkers now and then never hurt anything…just don’t make a habit of it!
    P.S. Don’t they make carrying cases for those things?

  8. (holding hands over ears) La-la-la! I can’t hear you, you with your cute little loom and belief in one-day scarf making! Don’t tempt me with MORE fiber-related gadgets; I’m having a hard enough time resisting spinning….

  9. Sleep? Who needs sleep? You have coffee, and a loom in your suitcase, and you are mighty!
    I am curious about what the device is that’s holding the other end of the warp threads, though. I still haven’t found a really graceful way to manage putting the warp on my wee Structo loom, and that looks like it might be a way!

  10. I would argue that the crazy begins when you have your loom built to fit into the suitcase. What? Honestly, I’m perfectly sane.
    Would love to see the looks of people if you were to actually use it in the airport lounge. 😉 Good luck on that scarf!

  11. My inner knitter is getting really peeved off that she doesn’t have a loom. I have been looking longingly all week at looms. Do you have stock in looms or companies that make them? Are they bribing you to make all these luscious weaving posts? Regardless, I love you and my need for a loom loves you but,.. I will withhold your name when mentioning why a loom shows up at my house in the near future. My husband may have a mini heart attack wondering when the madness will STOP and mentioning how or why weaving became a great idea might push him over the edge. I’m NOT certain he would be equally affectionate of your wonderful weaving posts 😀

  12. Couldn’t you pack it in a spare suitcase or box, and then claim the extra luggage fee as a business expense on your taxes? Weren’t stockings originally woven? And you’re going to a sock camp?

  13. To the doubters among us, yes, it is entirely possible to weave a scarf in one day. And there are small looms that will fit into a suitcase. Go, YH!

  14. quesselchen may think it extreme to have a suitcase built for one’s loom, but i bought my spinning wheel a wheeled suitcase of its very own, and foam to line it.
    besides, it’s just a wee little loom, not a big, looming one (grin).
    happy sock camp, everyone!

  15. No need to apologize for the iPhone pic. It is great. I love iPhone photography. Weaving is a passion of mine too and I totally understand your need to take it with you. Separation anxiety!

  16. I love it when you go to sock camp, sock summit, etc. The posts are so entertaining and you always manage to get it all done.
    Again, inspiration. Thanks.

  17. Sure you can. Sure. And you can give me something to chuckle about as I sit in Cambridge, MA with a similar workload, too.
    Go on, take the loom on the plane and explain to your seatmate that you really need him to just hold it for you for a sec while you finish your scarf. Go on. Do it. You know you wanna.

  18. Well…at least the loom was not a baby wolf. You have always tried to do the impossible..so..what’s new here?

  19. Ahhh, the main reason I visit this blog is to feel sane about my art wanderings …. none of us are alone!

  20. Un mm…have the same Cricket loom and I think yours is put together wrong the gears are supposed to be on the right and therefore on the outside of the loom. Just double checked the picture for assembly. But if it doesn’t make any difference you go girl!

  21. Seriously? You wove a scarf in a day? You crack me up. And I have a cricket too – should I put it in my bag for camp? I bet it would fit. Hummmmmmm…..

  22. 1. A _warped_ loom in your suitcase?!
    2. Stop… just STOP showing me that precious little loom or I will bill you when I can longer resist buying one. 🙂
    Safe travel.

  23. Oh, to be young again, I mean, to be able to drink 8 cups of coffee before flying to sock Camp. I would have to stop after one, because you know, what comes in must get out and 8 cups means 8 stops at convenient places to me now. OK, 2 children and 2 gallbladder ops within 2,5 years aged that part of my system terribly. My suitcase would have been packed and ready before last Sunday, to be checked today, I am that sort of a worrier. But, here comes the sun… I have a big schoolkids loom, big enough for weaving a 25 cm. broad something and a stash of wool which threadlength easily would circumference the earth, maybe even twice, so, after the sock Blankie and the Beekeepers Quilt are finished, maybe some weaving in the future. I will master that stash, I will.

  24. Pack a clean loom to change into, warp the underwear and download all the sock patterns into your .. boarding pass. Craziness is the only sensible way to manage methinks. And yes (do you get sick of hearing this?) you remind me of me. I write the List of Doom far too often. I go back a few days later and add all the things I did, cross them off, and eye the unchanged list above it with disfavour. Knitting is a life microcosm!

  25. You’d be done with the scarf by now if you didn’t read all of these comments. Then again, are we a bit crazy to think you are…now?

  26. I made myself a padded carry case for my loom… It wouldn’t fit under the seat for flying, however, and I ended up modifing a giant suitcase I found at a 2nd hand shop so it could fly with me… then I quit travelling so much, so now I have a giant padded suitcase in the attic… all this was back before airlines charged for baggage. Now-a-days I’d Fedex it overnight. 🙂
    It’s probably redundant, but have fun at Sock Camp

  27. I think I’m in the overnight shipping camp…seems to me that it would be more reliable and possibly cheaper than the airlines.
    You have, however, infected me. My purchase plan for this year includes a rgid heddle loom.

  28. Sometimes the only thing to do to somewhat calm a case of the Crazies is to do something that seems even crazier … like baking cookies as part of hurricane preparation — don’t tell me chocolate chip cookies don’t at least somewhat ease the pain when there’s no electricity! — or insisting that all of your moving boxes match (so at least one part of your life has some organization to it)!
    As crazy as it seems, I’m betting the weaving effort gave you a few minutes of calm in an otherwise insane schedule. Which really isn’t crazy at all!

  29. I borrowed our guild’s knitters loom over the weekend, and wove a handspun scarf! So much fun and love the almost instant gratification 🙂

  30. this is a reaction to your twitter feed:
    “19 projects” makes me think of “18 presents,” which is what my college roommate thought I said when I suggested she might consider trying antidepressants to help her through a rough patch.
    I think a lot of people go with the presents at those times. Self-healing through yarn…

  31. Your optimism is contagious.
    I haven’t warped a loom since my son was born (he’s 21)but you are seriously tempting me. my floor loom is gone. My ex convinced me to loan it to a friend of his who moved and took my loom with them. Luckily, I still have my table loom.

  32. Have you considered therapy???—oh,wait—“string things” as my hubby calls them, ARE therapy. Go for it.

  33. In answer to your sock question, posted on twitter yesterday–the *insert really nasty bad words here* short-row heels–mine just come out awful, and I always end up ripping them out and doing something else instead, like an afterthought heel. I much prefer to knit socks toe-up, for a variety of reasons, but want to master the short-row heel so as not to interrupt a stripe or other pattern, such as on those bright primary ones you did last week. Thanks, randmknitter

  34. You go Stephanie! I bet it looks awesome. And doesn’t everyone try to warp a loom when there’s no time? That’s the danger of small rigid heddles…

  35. Even if you don’t tackle it now…it’ll be all set to go when you return…and you’ll be looking forward to it after Sock Camp!

  36. Just as long as you are not trying to fit a “loon” into your suitcase, you are not crazy…

  37. Happy Camp, will miss you all dreadfully but thrilled to report after being two weeks plus late Ty’s little sister Clara Rose was born Friday April 13th. Her mother did it all naturally and Clara was a 9lb 13 oz beautifully healthy baby. She already knows how to capture the audience. Have a wonderful camp, matey!

  38. We love you cause of your crazy life…I live vicariously through you….SOCK CAMP!!! I want to go someday sooooooooooo bbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd!!!!!!!

  39. You are living a wonderful dream – crazy and out of control or not!!! Enjoy, deep breaths and keep teaching and reaching!

  40. long time lurker, first time commenter – ever, anywhere. Be gentle, I hope I’m doing this right. I found out last night that you are coming to Sarnia on May 4 – if you are driving, you might want to stop at the Ailsa Craig Quilt Show – the quilters of Denmark, it is always amazing and inspiring, even for non-quilters like myself. If you are flying, disregard.

  41. Who says it’s crazy to put a loom in a suitcase? They just don’t know how to have a good time.

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