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  1. That yarn is just plain beautiful! The scarf will be equally beautiful! I was never before interested in weaving but since your posting lately about weaving your handspun into scarves, I am seriously reconsidering!

  2. I haven’t been on the spinning kick, but I have had the weaving bug. Kitchen towels, scarves now litter my house and two scarves are having a bath in the sink. My husband just left in search of an empty sink so he could clean his teeth. Doesn’t bother me a bit!

  3. Now I’ve got that rhyme stuck in my head….
    Very lovely spinning. Funny how yours always looks more like yarn than mine does.

  4. Yeah! Spring festival of bright colors. This is perfect for the Easter weekend.

  5. This looks like a fairly small loom. Is it? And, if so, which one is it? I would love to get a small one and learn how to weave!

  6. This looks like a fairly small loom. Is it? And, if so, which one is it? I would love to get a small loom and learn how to weave. 🙂

  7. It looks kind of a nice yarn I spun years ago from an Ashland Bay mix that I made my current tea cozy out of. It was a merino-silk blend… odd for a tea cozy but it was one of my first spinning projects and a very … uneven… yarn 🙂

  8. Okay I’m going to start taking this personally. I think I’ve made it very clear that I am very susceptible to the power of suggestion. Now I have the Henry the 8th song stuck in my head. First Kermit–now this!!!! Any mention of Delta Dawn and the gloves come off (had a bad few weeks with that one a few years back). Oh and, by the way, that yarn is delicious!

  9. oooOOOoooh! Pretty yarn! *pets*
    Also, need to mention that I got a skein of the String Theory SockYarn that you so cunningly advertised. Not the same colorway though, but dangit, I wanted stripes! Thanks.

  10. Love that yarn. I take it Joe didn’t get properly enthused about this batch of handspun either? Oh well, you have all the rest of US, and WE know how to squee properly.

  11. Lovely… I think My Project of the Evening (besides dinner,dishes,laundry) will be finding some of my handspun to put on the loom.

  12. Love the way that yarn turned out – absolutely gorgeous!! Happy weaving 🙂

  13. Wicked question: What was the fate of the loom you photographed on Feb. 19? Surely you got permission from Denny to let it follow you home. Although I will admit the little loom is cute…the four shafts of the floor loom offer soooo many more options.
    What? Who, me? I would never attempt to draw anyone deeper into the whirlpools of fiber use.

  14. Had to do a scroll-down on my iPad , so I saw the yarn first and thought immediately “Dear gods, I want to weave that!”

  15. Beautiful yarn! I can’t wait to see the second scarf. Are you doing both warp and weft with the handspun for these?

  16. That yarn is super gorge. Your recent posts inspired me to get my mom to haul out her plain Ashford wheel (poor lady, pulling the house apart) and I too have spun beautiful yarn. Except mine is sooo ugly and uneven that it will serve well only as a felted cat bed. Still, you inspire.

  17. What loom are you using? Apologies if I am asking a question that’s been answered before.

  18. If it seems a little bright knit or woven alone, try pairing it with a dark charcoal gray or whatever you can find that comes nearest the darkest background shade. You’ll see your yarn’s true colors come shining through.
    And they do shine. Even if you do nothing else with this yarn, find a nice lidded jar to display it in. An apothecary jar or a well-cleaned candle jar, or something else mothproof and dustproof along those lines.

  19. When I saw the roving I thought: ohhh, I hope that doesn’t get muddy. There are so many colors there! OMG, that yarn is so beautiful! Yay!

  20. Dang. I’m going to be humming “Henry the Eighth” all weekend.. (“I’m ‘Enery the eighth, I am! ‘Enery the eighth, I am, I am! I got married to the widow next door. She’s been married 7 times before…”

  21. Sigh…what beautiful yarn! It really makes me want to buy a spinning wheel and a loom. When I was a small child I used to watch our retired pastor’s wife weave on floor loom that was at least 5 feet wide – she made amazing things! How I wish I could go back and talk with her, learn with her! Thanks for sharing – a thing of beauty is always good to see!

  22. Love the yarn!
    For those asking, the loom is a Cricket made by Schacht. Inexpensive, easy to use and portable. I use mine more than my 4 harness because it is so quick to warp.

  23. After your last weaving post, I ordered myself a rigid heddle loom. It’s on its way, but NOT FAST ENOUGH!

  24. Oh my good gracious, that is gorgeous! With that by your side and your family at your table, your Easter weekend must have been fabulous!

  25. Jo!
    that was why I did not get a floor loom and, even though I am taking weaving lessons using a floor loom, I already know I DON’T want one. I am happy with my 32 inch Kromski Harp. It is what I always wanted when I decided I wanted to weave. Steph’s ideas are the same concept I had when I began to spin.

  26. Oh my! That beautiful yarn you spun up just really got me this morning. What a treasure that one is 🙂

  27. Any reference to the Violent Femmes makes me so so happy. and as my birthday is coming up, I like seeing that loom because I think it’s what I’m getting myself.

  28. I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful yarn before. It is breathtaking. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished project for this one!

  29. Happy Birthday to Hank from the Netherlands. My late brother was called Henk and the pronounciation is just the same. I have loved watching Hank grow. Go on and prosper, Hank. Lovely new spun yarn,YH.

  30. if I were to comment every day, I’d say the same thing all the time: you are a marvel. Everything you touch comes out wonderful (eventually! LOL).

  31. Yumm, yummy yarn.
    My mum always put coins in our cakes (and always had home-made cakes); not boiled but wrapped in waxed paper. Just tell those who thiink you’re odd abt the ‘fève’ tradition in the Galette des Rois (and tell them to loosen up while you’re at it.)

  32. I recently stumbled across your website. I laughed & cried when I started to read your blog, as I can relate to the pain and frustration, and the joy and feeling of accomplishment when a project is completed.
    Love the sweater! Knitting in rainbow colors is great regardless of who the recipient will be (male or female; young or old). Now if only I could concentrate long enough to complete a project versus taking several weeks/months/years to complete it!

  33. The parody on Freud’s Id, Ego and Super-ego is brilliant! I have the same dilemma.

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