Sure as rain, last night I finished those socks I was working on all day.  There’s nothing like a whole day of travel to rack up the knitting time.

Yarn: Berroco Sox, colour 1440, 2.25mm needles Pattern: my standard Sock Recipe from Knitting Rules – worked over 64 stitches.

My thanks to Tina for modelling them this morning.  It takes a special dedication to the humble hand knit sock to stand on a bench at 6:30am- taking direction about the placement of your feet. 

We’ve got a day that moves at breakneck pace today as Sock Camp begins – every room at the Port Ludlow Inn will have a knitter in it by nightfall.  We have rooms to set up, bags to organize and a game or two to pull together. (We have reluctantly decided against a sock yarn version of dodgeball, although it was really, really funny to imagine.)  We have class notes and supplies to place,  teachers to welcome (Hi Lucy! Welcome Carson!) and a few surprises to arrange.  It’s going to be busy, and wonderful, and a world with just knitters and knitter support people in it for four whole days.  I’m excited.
And I need more yarn.  Those socks were supposed to take three days.

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  1. Beautiful!
    I am sooooo green with envy! I want to be at your sock fun (and yes, I do want to play dodge ball with sock yarn!!! )
    Enjoy! And yes, buy more yarn!

  2. Presbytera, I’m wondering if Tina gave the socks back. I’d have been torn, personally. (Not to mention bitterly envious of the 64 stitch thing. Large feet do not make for fast socks.)

  3. I just realized why your socks seem to go so much faster than mine. My 80 stitch socks have 25% more knitting in them. That, and the fact that you take the time to actually knit them with your hands, while I’m trying to do mine with the power of tele-knit-esis. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  4. One day, yes one day, I will make it to Sock Summit.
    The socks look great.
    Have a wonderful time and make sure you take lots of photos.

  5. Cute socks! Shoot. I was going to behave and not run to the yarn shop today but now I feel like I need to buy some sock yarn. Shhh…I know I already have a ton at home. Oh…the half knit sock in my purse? That one doesn’t count. Besides, my favorite yarn shop just relocated and it’s now 10 minutes from my office. CRAP.

  6. Man, I’d give anything to be able to turn things out as fast as you can! Those socks are beautiful!

  7. great socks. I would play Sock Yarn Dodgeball in a minute. Wish I was at sock camp this year….FUN WILL BE HAD.

  8. So let me get this straight – did you knit both socks yesterday, or was that the second of the pair that you were working on?

  9. Need me to ship some? Can’t believe you did not bring more (or steal some off Tina’s desk agwin)

  10. I think the basic idea of sock yarn dodgeball is fatally flawed: what sock knitter would actually *dodge* sock yarn thrown at them? I know I’d be lining up to catch it myself. (Makes me think a bit of wedding reception bouquet tosses somehow….)

  11. Hey, aren’t you hanging out with THE dyer all weekend? I’m pretty sure if you shake her some yarn will fall out…
    Plus, she kind of owes you for making her feet famous.

  12. Had a fabulous time at the Fall Workshop… dreaming I am up there with you all at Sock Camp… Have fun! The weather is going to be lovely this weekend for some walks…

  13. I just made those socks last week. I randomly grabbed a ball from stash and finished them Saturday night, but hey NOT in one day, it took me 3 days.

  14. I *wish* I could knit socks in three days…..socks usually take me much longer. Perhaps that’s more of a function of environment & time than actual knitting ability.

  15. Ahoy There Steph!
    Blow me down and shiver me timbers ye sure do knit fast ;p
    Wish I be thar at Sock Camp with ye! One day…one day!
    Have a wonderful time! I am looking forward to living vicariously through you, your blog, texts and any pictures you can share of your “Pirate Sock Whale” of an adventure…WOOHOO!
    BTW, would that standard sock recipe in “Knitting Rules” you are referring to, be the same recipe you used for your fab String Theory Colorworks, Continuum in Trifolium socks? If not, where could I find/purchase that particular recipe? Like so many others, I have ordered the yarn and would absolutely be tickled pink to be able to get mine to look like yours! I DREAM OF THOSE SOCKS!!!
    Ahem…. I mean….Aarrghhhh matey! Give this unfortunate land lubber a tip to where the booty be!
    (Please and thank you ;p)
    Fair winds,

  16. Very nice. I love the reminder that dedication to a single project pays off. Now to get yourself some more yarn, so you’ll have something for your hands when your brain is fried right before bed.

  17. Will there be yarn bombing? The Inn has enjoyed those kinds of knitterly “installations” in the past.
    Here’s hoping there will be yarn SOMEWHERE.
    Sometime, in the high-tech future, it would be wonderful if there were Skype class possibilities.
    Good luck, and have a wonderful time.

  18. More yarn? aren’t you going to a yarn related event? won’t there be any yarn around??
    (jealous, that’s all)

  19. in my elementary school many moons ago on rainy/snowy days when we couldn’t have recess outside we’d sometimes spend that time in the gym. one game we played was (i think called) “snowball” sorta like dodgeball but with smaller pompom type “balls”. i guess i might regret not having a pattern already drafted for it if I’m mentioning it here? 😉

  20. Wish I knit that fast. If I had a whole day of travel to knit, I wouldn’t even be done with the cuff of the first sock. ;-( (Of course, that would be further along than I am right now…).
    And I so want to play dodgeball with sock yarn. You could put it into a “bra” so that it would hold its shape. And tho’ Tina’s yarn is really much too nice to be abused in that way, it would make a GREAT dodgeball.
    I cannot even imagine that you two wild women backed down on that!!!! And I am old enough to know better, too (but then you could ask me why my husband and son don’t like to leave me unattended anymore!!! hahaha)

  21. And Berroco is probably wondering why their sock yarn sales have just suddenly skyrocketed!

  22. Ohhh, do the sock yarn dodgeball! That sounds hilarious.
    My first socks were self-patterning yarn. I was ridicously enchanted watching the pattern emerge. I always check out the s-p yarn in my LYS, too, because someday I will get caught up enough to do another pair. Love yours! 🙂

  23. Yeah, because sock yarn is going to be SO hard to come by there…
    Enjoy! 🙂 (I will be starting a pair of socks this year, if it kills me! Note I said “starting” and not “finishing”…)

  24. Pretty sure finding sock yarn around there isn’t going to be much of a problem!! Have a great one.

  25. I’m with Lynne a couple of comments above me. I have a couple skeins of sock yarn, I’ve learned how to do short rows, I can knit on DPNs, I’m just trying to work up my nerve. Even have the Sock Recipe bookmarked in Knitting Rules. Someday soon.

  26. Now I know why we have stocked Berroco Sox since the day I opened the doors of the shop. You, of course, do them the justice they deserve. Makes me want to take a ball home and start knitting tonight.

  27. Great socks! You make me want to try knitting socks again, I loved the process but never got a good fitting sock in the three pair I did make. :)Maybe I need sock camp!! Have a blast!

  28. My husband was VERY impressed with your knitting a sock in one day. He is used to seeing me take a week if I really get busy. 🙂

  29. I really like the color of the new socks! I don’t have any close to it…guess I’ll have to go shopping! Have a wonderful weekend! I’d love to attend sometime!

  30. …will wonders never cease! I HOPE NOT!! We need all the wonders we can get. You Steph, are one of them. Good job lady!

  31. I love the way the colors turned into little blocks on the heels. And, lucky for you, the person modeling the socks is well known for traveling with sock yarn.

  32. My cats played dodgeball with sock yarn once (NOT with my blessing, I might add–I now know to put it away) and it took both me and the DH about 45 minutes to rewind and put it away, partly because we were laughing so hard. ALL over the house…(3 cats, all with senses of humor)

  33. i’ve just bought the kindle version of Knitting Rules, thanks for the tip to buy it. I had finished all your others. My kindle is a Pearl-McPhee kindle, lol!

  34. My Inner Knitter made me borrow Knitting Rules from the library even though I am just about halfway through Hanne Falkenberg’s Pygmalion. Shut up Inner Knitter- you cannot compete!!!

  35. I have decided that I want to become famous for knitting stuff and writing knitting books. Then, and only then, might I have a chance of learning how to knit socks so danged fast!!
    GREAT work!

  36. Well you’re in the right place with the right person to deal with that yarn shortage problem. Have a great time this weekend.

  37. Ummm. You didn’t bring your loom, did you? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have run out of yarn.

  38. Miss you all. I hope you can find some yarn SOMEWHERE. Have a grand old time even though you’re in charge (I know you will, you always do).

  39. Someday I will knit as fast as you or at least much faster than I do now. I’ve just learned to lever knit after missing your class in Shreveport but using videos on YouTube that Jane put up. I’m already faster and it now makes more sense than my old method. Yay!

  40. Running out of yarn? I don’t think I have enough years left in my lifetime to knit all the yarn I have in my stash! I can certainly buy more, if the stash gets low. I have heard that you can’t die before you knit up your stash….. In that case….. I’ll live a very LONG time. btw… I think we need ‘agree’, love’ and ‘reply’ buttons on the bottom of the posts by the folks here. Just sayin’….

  41. also….. just went to England for 2 weeks and brought enough yarn with me to last for 3 vacations (as if there wasn’t any yarn or ‘Wool’ in the UK. LOL

  42. Stephanie taught me to lever knit and I do it well and fast but there is simply no way I can ever knit as fast as she does….Amazing, I love these socks. I am going to Peru for two weeks at end of May and am spending more time planning my knitting projects than breaking in hiking boots..

  43. If no one will share yarn with you, YH, I can recommend Dinah’s, which is not far from where you are, and which, I believe, once helped you with blocking supplies! Dinah’s is a dangerous place for me to stop!

  44. Ive been in Honduras 3 weeks now with only three total hours of internet access. Both times I came to read your blog as my first reconnection with the real world. thought you would get a kick out of that. I had all these documents I was supposed to be downloading and filling in and when I said later I hadn’t had enough time, my husband said “i SAW you. Looking at YARN.”

  45. That was really fast even for you! I hope all goes smoothly and you have a great Sock Camp. I’m going to miss you all and all of the pirate antics. Aaarrrggghhh!

  46. I’m sure it’s going to be a ton of fun.
    Love Berroco Sox. I just finished a pair with it last night with my last skein. I’m definitely going to have to hit the road and get more.

  47. Ooops. Take that question mark off my first sentence in my previous comment. It was suppose to be a statement. They do look like great looking socks.

  48. I think you made the right choice about the dodgeball. No one would dodge! They’d all catch the yarn and sprint off!

  49. When you use a self striping yarn, how do you get it to not pool? Do you put in an after thought heel on those?

  50. um, didn’t you also pack the little loom so you could finish the scarf? Yes, i know it’s sock camp, but you can wear those socks as you’re weaving. Can’t you?

  51. A game of sock yarn dodge ball wouldn’t last very long. Everyone would want to get hit and keep the yarn!

  52. My gosh, Woman! You are fast. I’m guessing you just *might* find a bit more sock yarn there. Hope you are having a great time, & wave if you go through Bellingham on your way home!

  53. Is it bad when readers start recognizing the models feet?! I was quite sure those where Tina’s feet! 🙂

  54. I hope you’re having a blast at Sock Camp, and I can’t wait to hear all about it – especially the yarn bombing around the hotel!

  55. I am relieved to know that *the* Yarn Harlot knits with Berroco. From listening to podcasts and reading blogs I thought all the “cool kids” (aka ” real knitters”) only use high-faultin, expensive, hand painted, hard-to-find sock yarn. I will no longer be ashamed to admit I knit with Berocco Sox and like it!

  56. Do you still do pictures of people holding your sock in progress? I just took a picture a couple of days ago with Donald Duck!

  57. This makes me want to 1)sign up for sock camp next time and 2)buy a loom. Right now I’m finishing a bunch of things both knitted and quilted, so I can clear the decks, take a deep breath, and see what I’m going to spend time doing for the next few years. Meanwhile, I have a lace pair on the needles, and a vacation trip coming in a week!

  58. You knit so speedy! I can’t wait to take your Knitting for Speed and Efficiency in July at A Verb For Keeping Warm!

  59. I’m probably not the first one to say this, but sock yarn dodgeball would never work, because how do you get knitters to AVOID the yarn being thrown at them? They’re going to catch it and stash it, every time.

  60. I love that yarn, I actually used it for my first pair of socks! Also, yarn dodge ball is not only fun but its much nicer than actual dodge ball. I volunteer with a group of about 20 jr. high kids and its their favorite activity (played mostly when I forgot to prepare anything else…) All I do is bring in those extra little balls of yarn that I don’t know what else to do with and off they go, without the mean streak that tends to grab jr high kids whenever they get an actual dodgeball in their hands! I hope sock camp was fantastic!

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