Dear Kelly

I know it’s hard for you, to be Auntie Kelly and to be so far away from little Lou, so that’s part of the reason I wasn’t really totally pissed when you dropped off a basket of baby sweater chunks (with no pattern, I’m just saying) and high-tailed it home to Madagascar, leaving behind only the admonishment  to make sure  Lou didn’t outgrow the sweater before I sewed it up and dropped it off.

Also, the Auntie’s have to stick together, so I told you I would sew it up, but then I sort of didn’t. 

I saw Lou on Saturday, and then I was going to see  him again last night for a little celebration, and I realized I’m leaving today to go away for a week and that meant another week would go by without me doing this sweater, and so I busted a move.  I worked on it before dinner, on the way to dinner (we picked up your mum) and at dinner, and somewhere around the cheesecake and champagne, a sweater was born.

I think it looks pretty good.

I put it on Lou, and we started going over the basics of sweater modelling.  We tried a serious face…

and then I told him that babies should really smile in pictures, because you want to leverage the cute while you’ve got it.

Lou got it right away.

Anyway Kelly, I bet you miss him, and I just want to tell you that last night on a cold, rainy night in Toronto, your nephew and mine was snuggled in the sweater that two aunties built (mostly you) – and I think he was pretty cozy.
That sweater is going to fit him for a long time. I rolled the sleeves up.

We miss you.



(PS.  Joe is getting a little better with him, but not really.)

(PPS. Next time dropping off the pattern with the sweater chunks would be great.)

(PPPS. Katie says this is now the only sweater Lou has that fits him.  That sounds like a mission to me.)