I’m finding it really hard to blog this week, but I’m going to try and do better.  I’m travelling and teaching, driving my car around Lake Erie. So far it seems a lot like sleep, drive, teach, drive, sleep, drive, teach – you get the idea.  I’m also struggling with what I’ve been trying to convince myself is a bad cold, but is seeming more and more like the plague as it refuses to give up its hold on me. I stagger into the hotel room and collapse into the closest bed each night and think about blogging for about 20 seconds before falling asleep in a nest of tissues, tea and bottles of water.  I’m finally feeling a little better but last night as I arrived in Indiana my voice left me at the state line, and this morning, it wasn’t back.  On my way to Knitting Today (my friendly host here) I panicked and staggered into a drug store, walked up to the pharmacist and whispered "Help me."  He suggested sign language, and then a bunch of other stuff, all of which helped enough to let me croak, cough and whisper through a six hour class enough to communicate pretty well I think.  (I hope, anyway.)

Unbelievably, I’m enjoying teaching and meeting knitters anyway, which must mean that the knitters and shops I’ve been in are darned nice indeed- to be able to make up for the plague. The first night on the road (in Sarnia, where I had a lovely time at Feather Your Nest, just lovely) I finished my Color Affection/Infection/Addiction/Affliction and I washed it in the hotel sink, then blocked it on the bed and left a note for housekeeping explaining that it was a hand knit, and how I was drying it, and how it was okay not to worry about making my bed or anything. 

When I came back, the lady had written "Ok – this is nice" on the note.

It is nice too. 
(I took these pictures three metres from my hotel.  Indiana looks just the way you imagine it does. )

Yarn was BMFA lightweight in Winter Solstice, Sky Blue, and A Hazy Shade of Blue. I’ve already worn it a couple of times, and tossed it into my hotel room nest of a bed each night for a snuggle. It’s super cozy. 

I thought knitting one would get it out of my system…but on Friday night Sarah- The Plucky Knitter herself, gave me some yarn, and then I might have bought one to go with and now the only thing standing between me and another one is a swift, ball winder and the little sweater I’m trying to bash out for Lou.

It’s coming along really, really slowly, since the only knitting time I’m really getting is at red lights in the car (which is where it’s posed in that picture) and I’ve had to split that time between knitting and blowing my nose.  (It’s a super elegant scene in my car these days, let me tell you.)  Still, I am feeling (if not sounding) better today, and maybe I’ll cut loose and stay up past 8:30 tonight and make some real progress.