Wingspan is done, and I like it a lot – I might not like it for me, but I really, really like it.

It’s got everything going for it.  It’s a quick knit, simple, but with an interesting construction. Perfect autopilot knitting, and paired with a charming colour changing yarn? Buckets of fun.

Pattern: Wingspan.  Yarn: Kauni EF. Needles: 3.5mm.
Mods: 2 extra wedges, and wrapped my turns to avoid holes. I don’t like them.

It suits Natalie to a tee.

Because someone will ask, the shawl pin is Stepping Stones, from Tam Jai, who doesn’t seem to be selling them right now – which is a shame, because it’s a favourite of mine.

This knit (and I guess the one before it) have reminded me how much I like garter stitch.  It seems wholesome, doesn’t it? Plain and good and like you’re doing something simple and nice.  It makes me feel the same way that eating oatmeal does, or baking whole wheat bread and serving it warm to my family. Like it’s good for you. 
Maybe it is.

(I’m still sort of thinking about lace now.)