Slightly Conflicted

I think I mentioned that I’m knitting little Lou a little sweater.  His mum Katie knits a bit, and has a great appreciation for the hand-knits bestowed upon the  guy.  He had a good cache of sweaters going on when he was born, but he’s growing fast, and Katie has been unsubtle about his need for some new ones.  His Auntie Kelly knit him that little grey and white one a few weeks ago, and I sewed it up – so he has that, but when I gave Kate the sweater, she sighed a little and said some magic words.  "Oh – now he only has ONE sweater."
She said it exactly like one sweater wouldn’t even begin to cover his needs, and I immediately started planning a little something for him.

It’s a tiny little aran, and I’m knitting it out of some beautiful yarn that I got at Rhinebeck last year.  It wasn’t labeled when I bought it,  and I didn’t label it, because I was sure I would remember where it came from.  (I bet someone who was with me that afternoon can remember. We were shopping in a little herd of knitters, and we all fell down at that booth and bought some.)  It’s wonderfully soft and cottony, and the perfect thing for a little guy. 

I have no pattern,  I just did a quick swatch, guessed at his chest size and cast on what seemed like the right number.  I think cardigans are infinitely more practical for those who can’t dress themselves or even sit up to help – so I cast on 25% of that number for one of the fronts, 50% for the back, and the other 25% for the other front.   I was travelling at the time and didn’t have all my stuff with me, so I sketched a quick cable chart on the hotel notepad,  filled in the gaps with double moss stitch, and set off. 

After one repeat of the chart, I could see that the sweater needed to be three repeats tall, so after one and a half repeats, I divided the sweater into two fronts and a back, and knit those up separately, then did a little shaping around the neck to allow for his charming double chin.  (He’s still too young to really have  a neck.  His chins just sort of give way to his chest.) I sewed up the shoulders, and now I’m picking up stitches around the armholes, and knitting wee sleeves down – and I’m having a really hard time.

It’s not the knitting. The knitting is easy peasy – it’s that the whole time I’m knitting it – this other yarn is staring me in the face and whispering things to me like "Vests are nice."

I’m trying to hold on, but while I’m determined to finish the sweater before I start with the lace, it’s super hard, which is bizarre, because this yarn – It doesn’t even know what it wants to be.  It’s Space Cadet laceweight, and I have about 750m.
Do you know what it want’s to be?