I’m finding it really hard to blog this week, but I’m going to try and do better.  I’m travelling and teaching, driving my car around Lake Erie. So far it seems a lot like sleep, drive, teach, drive, sleep, drive, teach – you get the idea.  I’m also struggling with what I’ve been trying to convince myself is a bad cold, but is seeming more and more like the plague as it refuses to give up its hold on me. I stagger into the hotel room and collapse into the closest bed each night and think about blogging for about 20 seconds before falling asleep in a nest of tissues, tea and bottles of water.  I’m finally feeling a little better but last night as I arrived in Indiana my voice left me at the state line, and this morning, it wasn’t back.  On my way to Knitting Today (my friendly host here) I panicked and staggered into a drug store, walked up to the pharmacist and whispered "Help me."  He suggested sign language, and then a bunch of other stuff, all of which helped enough to let me croak, cough and whisper through a six hour class enough to communicate pretty well I think.  (I hope, anyway.)

Unbelievably, I’m enjoying teaching and meeting knitters anyway, which must mean that the knitters and shops I’ve been in are darned nice indeed- to be able to make up for the plague. The first night on the road (in Sarnia, where I had a lovely time at Feather Your Nest, just lovely) I finished my Color Affection/Infection/Addiction/Affliction and I washed it in the hotel sink, then blocked it on the bed and left a note for housekeeping explaining that it was a hand knit, and how I was drying it, and how it was okay not to worry about making my bed or anything. 

When I came back, the lady had written "Ok – this is nice" on the note.

It is nice too. 
(I took these pictures three metres from my hotel.  Indiana looks just the way you imagine it does. )

Yarn was BMFA lightweight in Winter Solstice, Sky Blue, and A Hazy Shade of Blue. I’ve already worn it a couple of times, and tossed it into my hotel room nest of a bed each night for a snuggle. It’s super cozy. 

I thought knitting one would get it out of my system…but on Friday night Sarah- The Plucky Knitter herself, gave me some yarn, and then I might have bought one to go with and now the only thing standing between me and another one is a swift, ball winder and the little sweater I’m trying to bash out for Lou.

It’s coming along really, really slowly, since the only knitting time I’m really getting is at red lights in the car (which is where it’s posed in that picture) and I’ve had to split that time between knitting and blowing my nose.  (It’s a super elegant scene in my car these days, let me tell you.)  Still, I am feeling (if not sounding) better today, and maybe I’ll cut loose and stay up past 8:30 tonight and make some real progress.

156 thoughts on “Dashing

  1. Thanks for sharing the charming and beautiful results of your recent affliction(s).

  2. Ooh, rebel! Stayin’ up past 8:30! The color infliction looks great. I might have to make one of those. Of course, after the hat, and the tank top, and the washcloth, and the…
    Queue. Why did Ravelry have to start that? I’m never going to find its end…
    also, whoo hoo! first comment!

  3. That is a very nice Color Affection. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  4. My tae kwon do teacher swears that finishing showers with cold water every day keeps him from getting sick. I’ve been doing it since November and have only gotten one eency weency cold that went away fast. For comparison, you need to know that as a public school teacher, I am exposed to (and usually catch)every plague under the sun with special propensity for sinus infections. Amazing, right? Try it. It sounds weird. It feels weird, but I can’t argue with the results. Good luck!

  5. Oh that’s lovely. I really like how you can see the color progression. I’m resisting until I get some deadline knitting done but then….

  6. Feel better.. I would love to listen to you if you didn’t have a voice to, for what that is worth, but I would prefer that you felt better. Your shawl is beautiful, as always..

  7. Hoping better health is lurking in the immediate future, Stephanie…. driving and sleeping anywhere but your own bed is not fun when you’re not 100%!

  8. Drop the skein over a lampshade, loosen the finial on top so the shade turns and wind away. Feel better SOON!

  9. I hope you feel better soon. I realized about 10 days ago that you’d be in Indiana only about 40 minutes away from where I live (South Bend). Your class sounds awesome- just wish my work schedule would have been more amenable to some serious work day knitting. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you someday when you’re back this way. Though if you ended up needing someone to run out for meds (or whiskey for your tea) I’m totally your girl.

  10. Thanks for blogging – especially in the grip of a plague! I love your blog and look daily to see if you’ve posted any new stories/pictures. Love the shawl!!! Downloaded the pattern when I saw everyone’s colours at the sock summit. Love it more since you posted your pic! I’m sunk!!!
    Take care!

  11. LOVE the shawl! GORGEOUS colors!!!! I’m waiting for my BMFA order to start mine…..darn Tina and her posting of yarn trios!!!!!
    Hope you feel better soon. I hate being sick!

  12. I have a cold that was procurered at Maryland Sheep and Wool. It is keeping me from winding and knitting on the Color Affection.
    Hopefully we’ll both be on the mend soon.

  13. I was a private Nanny for 11 years and took 2 vitamin C tablets every morning, as sometimes I would have 2 adults and 4 kids all sick at once, I very rarely caught anything and if I felt a cold or flu starting I would “up” the dose to 3 times a day and add Horseradish and Garlic tablets to head off any congestion, also keep up the water intake.
    Hope you feel better soon, some of these bugs come back after about a week if you don’t rest and shake it off properly.
    What a pretty colour combination for the affliction, as soon as I can find “my” colours the funwill start.

  14. I saw this shawl on another blog and fell in love with it, and decided I was going to knit it. I just have to learn how to knit. So far, I have only managed to knit one small baby hat, and I plan on starting my first sock tonight, but I hope to work up to shawl status soon. I am entirely sad that I missed you teaching so close to me. I just found your blog a couple of months ago, and have been reading it from the beginning. I finally made it to 2012 yesterday and thought to look at the tour page, and… too late. I hope you come back to MI soon, you are quite an inspiration to a new knitter. Now that I’m caught up on the blog, I’ll start reading the rest of your books. I just wish more of them came in audio so I could listen and knit at the same time!

  15. Oh sure, blame Sarah for making another one. We all know the truth 🙂
    That shawl is lovely and if I knew I’d wear it, I’d make one for myself. As it stands, I’m not sure I’ll ever wear the one that has been on my needles for 2 years now. We’ll see.

  16. THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to Knitting Today and teaching and talking ALL DAY. You are just hilarious (even when sick), and I really had a blast. I think lever knitting is just the coolest 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you! Hope you can get better soon!

  17. I just have to ask….Did you finish first?
    Also, Indiana looks and sounds so pretty. Your shawl may need more pictures in other places 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for a fantastic day! Your class was fascinating and I felt so clever being with like-minded people! So sorry you feel bad, but you are such a good teacher & I really learned a lot!
    I am going to practice and make that scarf that you suggested doing the lever knitting – I can’t wait to teach my friend! Take good care with your travels and your health!

  19. Viruses are controling buggers. You have one that controls your physical self and on that controls your knitting self. That shawl is indeed and affliction and it must be tackled NOW or it will get the better of the physical virus….which noone wants anyway.

  20. my recipie for sore throats, colds and just plain ickies: 3 tsp lemon juice, 3 tsp honey in a cup of hot water stir and drink. I hope you feel better soon. Love the shawl & am planning on making one for myself… soon.

  21. I used to get horrible colds like this when I was in my 30s and 40s. If it’s any consolation, once I reached menopause, they pretty much stopped. Hope you are as lucky!

  22. Much better to be in the grip of the Colour Affection shawl than the plague/flu. Traveling must make it much worse, but maybe you’re confusing the germs by changing your location so often – clever!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  23. The shawl is lovely, as was the note from the housekeeper. I love when they leave messages for me. It makes the whole hotel experience so much nicer.

  24. Ooooh I feel your pain! I had this phoo a month ago. Took about a week and a half to start feeling better. The sooner you cam stop using your voice the sooner it will come back. IsFeel better! Shawl is lovely!

  25. The shawl really IS lovely. ‘Sorry that you don’t feel well enough to really enjoy the trip. Feel better soon…

  26. Next time you pass a pharmacy, stop and pick up a vaporizer. I’m sure it will help you breathe easier at night. Cuddling up to the shawl is great, too.

  27. Too bad about the cold, & that you don’t have time to look around much. NE Indiana has some of the loveliest lakes in the country, starting with Crooked Lake & Lake James, probably about 30 miles away.

  28. Oh Steph! So sorry to hear you’re ill! I’m coming to Knitting Today tomorrow so I’ll bring some green tea and honey and we’ll have you fixed in no time! FYI-Ohio looks alot like Indiana; I know cause I used to live there! 🙂 I hope I bring a good project to try this speedy knitting.

  29. The shawl is beautiful. My next on is going to be stripe study, by the same designer (which I can make without buying more wool).
    Is the sweater Trealis from knitty? I made that one for my DD, and was then passed on to her brother and now her cousin. Such a cute, fun knit.

  30. While we love our pastoral scenes, Indiana has cities too with very active knitting communities. If you ever find yourself in the capitol I’ve got a cute baby that would love a squeeze and we give tours.

  31. Feel better soon. A day without your blog is like a day without sunshine. Lovely shawl”

  32. I love the thought of the shawl blocking on the bed, with the note for the housekeeper. I used to be a hotel housekeeper, and that would have topped the list of “weird things I found in the rooms today”.

  33. Poor Harlot. You crack me up even when you feel so bad. Feel better soon!!

  34. Oh, so sorry, I had that plague. Don’t worry, it seems like it just lasts forever, but you will finally feel back to normal.

  35. So sorry you are still sick! Your classes in Howell were brilliant and so fun! Thank you!!

  36. If you need a driver so you can blow, sleep, knit or just hang…email me!!!

  37. Just thought I would share this home remedy which my mom and my friend, Carrie swear by. Cut an onion and put it by your bed. It draws out all the bad stuff.

  38. I agree with Eva,a day without your blog ……
    Found your blog in January and started at the beginning and read till I caught up.I took my little iPad back and forth with me to Florida all winter and made everyone eat at McDonalds so I could download another month to read while we drove(free wifi).That’s a lot of hot fudge sundaes .
    I have to say thanks for the laughs and tears and I can’t wait to meet you in August in Perth.

  39. Just slog through the plague doing whatever you need to feel better/human/whatever. So sorry you had to take it on the road with you. Glad you stepping up to the plate for Lou. I await the finished sweater patiently. I bought a 3some for Affliction. The queue gets longer. Feel better.

  40. O…………..M…………………G…..! that blue thing is just so gorgeous!! i don’t know if i can resist making one.. 🙂

  41. I am so sorry you are ill! Working when you feel bad isn’t much fun, but you seem to be a trooper! Just working on my Color Affection and really enjoying it. Take care of yourself, we are all sending you healing thoughts!

  42. That is a really gorgeous shawl. I love those blues together!
    I had the same kind of plague last week… it was the lack of voice that really killed me, though, since I’m a singer in grad school and it was finals week (choir concert, voice juries, general need to be able to sing, let alone TALK.) I hope you feel better really soon! And blessings on the pharmacist. Sounds like he had a sense of humour 🙂

  43. Steph – I really hate to sound like a commercial but that ginseng stuff really works to head off colds/flu/sore throats – not sure I can recommend ‘Cold -FX’ since I have heard it isn’t produced in an aseptic manner but the stuff works – I haven’t had a cold in 5 years! Feel better soon.

  44. I have had that pattern on my “To Knit” list…it just shot up to #1! That blue is absolutely heavenly.

  45. That is one wicked cold! Hopefully you’ve turned the corner now and it will all get better from here on out.
    Thanks for coming to Feather Your Nest, your sock class was a blast, and I loved all the sock history…and my family loved the tiny tiny sock I brought home!
    And like everyone else, I am now seriously tempted by that shawl…

  46. Go to the next drugstore and buy a box of Emergen-C. Drink the recommended 4-6 servings per day. It was magic the last time I had a two-month cold/flu thingy that wouldn’t leave!

  47. Glad you are on the upswing…Do you have a row counter hanging from the rearview mirror in your car? How are you knitting cables at red lights? amazing!

  48. It’s just as lovely as i thought it would be. I didn’t want to make one in blues, because I make everything in blue, but I might have to make one in blue. It’s stunning.. I love it!

  49. I hope you are feeling better after a good few hours of knitting and rest and hopefully a good beer or two! My solution to a bad cold is two Molson Golden and bed. I wake up feeling really good! Oh, and a glass of water to help with the metabolism of the beer! I look forward to seeing the red light sweater……L..O..L..!!!

  50. Sorry you’re ill. I’ll be at your workshop tomorrow. We’re not demanding people.

  51. Beautiful shawl. I love the colors. I hope to see you do one in softer colors to see the comparison. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  52. Hope you feel better soon!!! Try plain saline nasal spray (or a neti pot) to help loosen and relieve nasal congestion. Hot tea with honey or hot orange juice should help the throat.
    The shawl is lovely, and Lou’s sweater looks like it will be very handsome. But how in Hades do you manage to knit a cabled Aran-type pattern in fits and starts at traffic lights? I’d have turned it into a Gordian knot soon after casting on!

  53. I’m glad you’re feeling better and enjoying Indiana! Your Color Affection is just gorgeous. I haven’t really been attracted to the pattern before, but I may have to rethink this….

  54. Is it possible that you have pollen allergies? My husband, teenage son, and I have all been sneezing and coughing a LOT lately, especially my poor son, who plays soccer on grass year round (but this is the heavy pollen season, so it’s worse now).
    What helps control things for him is Flonase (a nasal spray that requires a doctor’s prescription in the States) and either Claritin or Zyrtec (I’m cheap, so I get the knock-offs).
    When you get back to Toronto, you might want to check in with your doctor to see if he/she can help. Modern medications can be wonderful…
    PS: That shawl is drop dead gorgeous!!!!

  55. What a sweetheart of a hotel housekeeper! Have a wonderful time, wish I were there, and wishing you good health quickly.

  56. Get better! Get better! Get better!
    That shawl looks gorgeous! I’m hunting down yarn for mine… I’m *almost* there.

  57. I’m amazed and grateful that you’ve even attempted blogging in your present condition. Hope the plague goes away soon. The shawl is lovely!

  58. Hope you feel better soon. Can get you a bike Friday afternoon if you can manage fresh air and a ride in the Cleveland Metroparks. Am convinced too much inside time will make anybody sick. Save travels.

  59. The color affection shawl looks great! My fellow knitter, Shelley and I will be seeing you Sat. morning for the Matawa class… so excited! Sorry to hear that you’re sick, if there is anything we can bring you to make you feel better. Email me and let us know. We’d be happy to do so!

  60. For the cold, vitamin C in large amounts. For teaching with the throat, I was told this: about half an hour before a class, put about a teaspoon of cayenne pepper into a large glass of COLD water and drink it all.

  61. Love, love, love the colors in your shawl! But they are so totally not your usual colors – who’s it for?
    Oh my goodness, they are all my colors, you must be making it for me! You’re so sweet!

  62. Honey, in your tea, in the water you sip to larder your dry throat and with little spoonfulls too. And vitamin C loaded fruits will do no harm too. According to my late brother, it takes two fools to wind a ball of yarn, one to hold the wool, the other to wind. I think every woman in your audience would feel honoured or at least pleased and certainly not a fool to help you wind the wool, maybe you could make it a pass through, give everyone a chance, just saying.

  63. Are you sure it’s a cold/flu? The mold and weed pollen counts here in Indiana are horrible right now and I have noticed a certain seasonal quality to your upper respiratory distresses. (The only reason I personally haven’t joined you in your misery yet is the rain we had last night.) Non-drowsy antihistamines daily would be my recomendation. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it over there to join you.

  64. Had wretched cold/flu disgustingness for five weeks. Only thing that got rid of it was FINALLY resting. And by resting I mean laying down on a flat surface and doing nothing. Save yourself!

  65. Feel better!
    dont worry, get better & save your strength & when you are ready, blog.

  66. Indiana is beautiful (I’m from there) & so is your shawl!! Feel better soon.

  67. Just purchased the pattern for the shawl, that my spare time gone. This one will be knitted over in the UK. Hope you feel better soon.

  68. Feel better soon! The shawl is beautiful!! And is than an Aran sweater in the last photo!? What pattern are you using?

  69. Me? I haven’t gotten sick at all this year shockingly. But I don’t spend time around little children who cough, cough and cough. Anyhow, I attribute my good health to a hair, bone, skin supplement: Biosil. And of course, knitting. That keeps me healthy too.

  70. Oh dear, feel better soon! If you’re dragging, a 5-hour energy can help get you back on your feet. It’s only a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine, and then a bunch of vitamins that boost everything!
    Take care of yourself 🙂

  71. Just wondering what your colors will be this go round with the shawl? Love the blues, and I’m guessing you will be doing greens/browns/yellows this time? Just a guess, but I know you love those colors.

  72. Okay, I have to admit that I was hesitant because the entire shawl is garter stitch and I’m not a huge fan of garter stitch for the most part. But this is absolutely lovely. So is the one you showed us awhile back that set off the affliction in the first place…but this cinches it. Yup, gonna have to go buy yarn now.

  73. I have been lusting after this shawl since I first found it on Ravelry. Your shawl only makes me want it more. (I’ve noticed that when the Harlot shows a project, there is a definite surge in its Ravelry popularity. No mystery there!) Looking forward to your classes at River Colors in Lakewood, OH.

  74. Your color affliction is A-MAZ-ING! Totally gorgeous. And I love that the housekeeping lady wrote you a note back!

  75. I’m sure you’re a great driver, but I think it’s absolutely insane for people to be knitting at red lights. Really. As much as I love to knit, it seems very wrong- as wrong as talking or texting on the phone- to be knitting at a red light.

  76. OOOh, purty blues! I have been saying the Color Affection/Addiction/Afliction etc wasn’t my type of shawl, but every time I see another one I think I need to make “a few” as gifts. Not for me, you understand, just they look like good gift-knits. So I will stash dive this weekend & see if I can buy the pattern, and it’s ALL your fault. (Insert sound of raspberry here). Get better soon, and hey just so you know Indiana is the Ragweed Capital of the world–maybe you have an allergy on top of the cold?

  77. You could do a whole series on knits you blocked at hotels. The note to housekeeping is ingenious but the reply is what made me giggle.

  78. Stephanie,
    I have two words for you: neti pot. I had a miserable cold two weeks ago. I hate when I can’t breathe with my mouth closed. My daughter told me to use a neti pot. I resisted. She insisted. It was disgusting. But it helped. A lot.

  79. Raspberry tea for bad throat and no voice. Old Russian remedy. Has always worked for us. Hope you feel better. Sick on the road is no fun. Shawl is Gorgeous. thanks for sharing, especially when you are sick. Mary Ellen

  80. Oh my, I figured you’d be totally over that cold by now. Others have mentioned it, have you considered allergies? Even if you haven’t had a problem in the past, you can “grow” into them, just as you can “grow” out of them. Easy way to tell, take an all purpose, non-drowsy allergy medication, just one dose, and see how you feel.
    On a happier note, loved both the talk and the class in Sarnia! I’ve been practicing every night and while I don’t think I’m getting any better, the ruler doesn’t lie. I did find that sitting in a chair, rather than the usual lounging on the couch, helped with needle management.
    Another important bit of information: Screech now available at the Duty Free…and maple cream filled chocolate cookies (think Oreos, but better).

  81. Wow – thanks for taking time in the midst of all that to blog your beautiful knitting! (and I’m guessing you have a lot of students this week who are really glad you didn’t call in sick.)

  82. Hello –
    I want to tell you about some products that might help if you can find a friendly Whole Foods Market or a local health food store:
    Umcka and olive leaf extract.
    Dose away.
    I used olive leaf extract in my water flying to Chicago and back to Boston in December (and the week I was there) and nary a sniffle. The Umcka can be soothing on the throat and be a boost to the olive leaf extract.
    And, if you can find some – thieves oil or thieves oil lozenges.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  83. The shawl looks beautiful. Especially the colour combination. I just might have to make one in blue tones for myself.
    Hope you get well soon.

  84. You know… they were talking about “distracted driving” on the radio this morning and some guy phoned in saying he’d witnessed a woman sitting there knitting at a red light, “both needles going” in his words.
    I immediately wondered if you’d passed through Ottawa recently 😉

  85. Also…I hope you’re feeling better soon! Maybe a spoonful of honey to help your throat and encourage your voice to return? Otherwise I’m a big fan of OTC cold meds to treat those sypmtoms.

  86. Oooh, nice baby sweater too. Looks like a little gansey! Lucky baby.
    Knitting while your car is stopped sounds okay to me, especially with a pattern that is easy to stop mid-row and yarn that won’t slide off the needles. But if you find yourself trying to knit while the car is in motion, consider pulling over. ;-> You can always make up the knitting time while in line at a coffee shop.
    Gotta love laryngitis. The last time that happened to me, I walked around with a sign in my bag that said “Sorry, lost my voice!” so people wouldn’t think I was rude for not returning their Good Mornings. It’s a lot harder to get through a speaking engagement that way, I must say.

  87. PLEASE STOP DRIVING DISTRACTED. The shawl is lovely, I’m glad you enjoyed Sarnia, and I hope you get better soon, but I have to echo Abelina’s comment that this is a very dangerous thing to do.
    I will refrain from lecturing. I will, however, tell you and the blog in general, we had a seminar at work yesterday from some very nice police officers about distracted driving. They showed extremely graphic and sad videos. These really drove home (no pun intended) the point that ANY time you are in control of the car but not paying attention to it, you are a danger to yourself and everyone around you. Even at a red light.
    It is not about your eyes being on the road. Your mind has to be there too. When you’re at the wheel, please make sure the only thing you’re doing is driving.

  88. I hope you know that you’re being in the Cleveland area and I not being able to go is UTTERLY KILLING ME!!!!!
    Or something . . .

  89. I hope/pray that you are feeling better. While I ALWAYS am glad to read your entries, I am amazed that you write when you feel so bad. Take care. (The shawl is beautiful!!!)

  90. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. I’m very excited to be attending your classes in Rocky River tomorrow, though. Can I bring you anything? The bakery next door to the yarn shop is wonderful, BTW.

  91. I agree with the comments on rest is the best cure…and getting to bed early for a night or two might do more wonders than all the pharmaceuticals.
    For laryngitis, a gargle will help temporarily. Basic one is a tsp. each of salt/baking soda in warm water, repeat as needed.
    Quick relief is 8 drops of tabasco sauce in warm water (suggested by an Australian choir members…and it works!).
    Hope you don’t need any of it very soon! The Blog wishes you good health!

  92. Try Yogi throat comfort tea totally organic 100% natural and it will work wonders for your throat. I promise I dont work for the company. I have been trying to down load the pattern for the affection scarf I am having trouble getting them to accept my american credit card, anyone else haviing this problem?

  93. You need the Hawaiian cure for this sinus mess. When I was on a plane to Hawaii and coming down with a cold, I was whining about it to the woman in the next seat, who was a resident of Hawaii. She told me that people in Hawaii never have colds, because when they do, they go into the ocean and run the salt water back through their noses to the backs of their mouths. I tried it and the cold was gone within 36 hours. I saw a dramatic improvement almost immediately.
    Since I don’t live in Hawaii or anywhere near the ocean, I do my own version of this. I mix table salt and tap water until it has a strong salty taste (equivalent to ocean water) and use it as nose drops. The first time you use it, it will sting, But use this 3 times a day the first day, and two times a day for a few days after. Each time you use this, it kills all the bad stuff in your sinuses and lets the good stuff prevai. If you don’t happen to have a nose dropper with you, I use one of those bulby things that are used to clean out babies’ noses. There is a larger adult version.
    Do not buy into using a mild salt solution. It won’t kill enough of the bad stuff in your sinuses.
    Or, you can mess around with cold remedies that don’t work, and ultimately numerous courses of antibiotics.
    The Hawaiian method works best for me.
    Good luck with this.

  94. I’m sorry your welcome to Indiana wasn’t more pleasant, but glad you found on old fence to model your wrap! Wish I could’ve been there but work didn’t allow the time off this week.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  95. The shawl is beautiful, will definitely have to put on the list of summer projects. The netti-pot is an awesome solution to any and all sinus crap!
    Feel better soon.

  96. First, get better soon. Salt gargle is good. So is hot tea with Lemon. However if you tried all the suggestions here, you’d be doing nothing but trying things! LOL leaving little time to knit! not good.
    Second, that shawl is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. now to wonder if I could ever get it done.
    And finally, Northern Indiana is indeed beautiful and I know you have seen the central part since I saw you in Carmel, just north of Indianapolis a few years ago.
    Now you need to talk your scheduling folks into getting you down here to Southern Indiana. (I moved!)
    It’s pretty too but in a very different way. Like trees???

  97. I had the same affliction. It lasted 3 weeks. I was completely unable to talk for one of those weeks. Good luck.

  98. It is nice. Indiana is a beautiful place. I was there around this time of year and there were fireflies.

  99. I wish you had a like button, because SandyK at the top, is my new hero. I don’t know if that works, but if it does, my day has been made.
    Get better!

  100. You had a better hotel housekeeping experience than I did. A few years back I drove 100 miles to surprise my beloved in his (traveling salesman) motel. I told the desk women my plan and they were giddy with the thought. I left my new and lacy bra on the doorknob to surprise him. He came in to see me, totally shocked that I was there. “Didn’t you see my bra?” “What bra?” Housekeeping had seen it and taken it away. When I called down all the desk women had turned into desk teenage boys who were mortified to have to go ransom my undergarment from the Housekeeping office. I was embarrassed, my beloved was laughing too hard to go to the door.
    Love the shawl, sorry you’re sick. Feel better soon. Try 1/2 7-UP and 1/2 orange juice. That’s our family’s throat remedy.

  101. Love the Color Affection/Addition shawl in that combination – makes me think of ocean waves gently washing up on the shore!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  102. Awwww, what a crummy time to be sick. Hot veggie soup?
    I’m not a serious shawl wearing, convinced that while others look elegant or artsy while wearing, I look hopelessly like someones babushka. But. I am smitten by your shawl. Every time I see a picture, I’m nudged closer to the edge.

  103. Glad you’re feeling a little better. Knitters really are balm for the plague. Got your calendar? It’s probaby time to book a little couch/dvd time. What should it be? Battlestar Galactica? Doctor Who? Other?

  104. Your shawl is gorgeous! But you have got to stop showing these beautiful knits and enticing me to buy more patterns! No,no, never mind. I’ll just have to be strong. Yeah, right!

  105. Oh, your sunk now! Once you get a hold of Plucky yarn, you become addicted!

  106. Aw, feel better! Lots of fluids, lots of OJ! I’m a fan of peppermint tea for sore throat or lost voice. Tea makes everything better.

  107. I’ll bet you didn’t know when you first started blogging that you’d get all of this free medical advice. Hope you’re enjoying yourself in Indiana. Do you have any plans to visit Virginia?

  108. I hope you feel better soon 🙂 I might actually do one of those. Your photography is always (or mostly) very clear! Very pretty!

  109. I missed you! I’m glad you’re back and I hope you feel better soon. I hate colds! But I adore your shawl. I’m on my second one, but my next one (“Hi…my name is Jeanne, I’m addicted to the Color Affection shawl…) is going to be in BMFA lightweight. I love their yarn! Are you coming to Minnesota soon? I would love to meet you! 🙂

  110. Hoping that you have ditched that cold bug for good soon. The lady in the hotel understated the beauty if the shawl. It’s downright gorgeous!

  111. That is a beautiful Color Affection (Confection would sound good too). I can’t believe I could really love something so blue.

  112. Steam. Steam is your friend. As much as you can – in steamy bathrooms; over cups of coffee/soup; boil a kettle and put a towel over your head and breathe in the steam from a cup or bowl of hot water. Also a very good excuse for lots of hot showers and coffees!

  113. I love that scarf, but what about if you have 3 skeins of a nice multi clolor Misti Alpaca cotton silk blend ? Any pattern suggestions? Thanks!

  114. I’m crushed, absolutely crushed! Like Deidre @ 6:45 (on 5/9), I’m in South Bend. Unfortunately, I would have had to call in sick to join you either of the last two days. We’re getting ready for commencement here on campus and I’m kinda supposed to be doing work stuff. Had I known you were going to be so close I would of had a moral dilemma on my hands. I saw you on tour in Indianapolis in 2007, I think it was, and I would love to see you again!

  115. Thank you ever so much for sharing your gift of the love of sticks and string. Really, you are a hard-working fairy godmother. BTW, went on a mini-yarn crawl with my knit-sisters and you will be at a shop across the bay. How incredibly exciting – I hope it all goes well.

  116. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers and hope you get better soon. I used to get that when I was teaching and it so brings out the best in students and if it worked with fifth graders I bet it is ok with adults. Beautiful colors and love the finished product. Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you get treated like a queen!

  117. Winter Solstice, Sky Blue and A Hazy Shade of Blue have captured the sky you see while flying at altitude. The combination is amazing.

  118. Winter Solstice, Sky Blue, and A Hazy Shade of Blue just capture the sky, with such a beautiful result.

  119. I’ve been looking at colors for a Color Inflection (hey, we can all add words to Color for our names) of my very own. I’m just trying to decide how easy it will be to do within a month. My Ravelry research seems to indicate two (general) times: 2.5 weeks and 2 months. That’s a lot of difference.

  120. Goodness, Stephanie, there are a lot of remedies being recommended by your faithful blog-followers! Surely one of them will cure your cold/flu/allergy/sinus infection/whatever it is (besides miserable). Be careful, though, there seems to be an epidemic of comment double-posting – you might catch that.

  121. Do you have time to post details of your visit to River Colors Studio? That’s probably the closest you’ll ever be to where I live and I would love to get a book signed. I have e-mailed the shop twice, but to no avail.

  122. There are some wicked colds out there this year. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Lovely shawl.

  123. I feel very strongly that if you are driving, that is all you should be doing, even at stop lights, you must always be looking and watching
    you can knit in the back seat.

  124. Long ago we enjoyed blog visits back and forth. Then through the purchase of a new computer lost all my blog lists. Someone jogged my memory the other day when I read the title of your blog. And..so, here I am again. I’ll add you to my blog log again.
    Love the shawl. Hubby’s been home all week with what sounds like the same thing you have. My brother has it for 2 wks plus now. So, do take care of yourself.
    Lake Erie, per chance did you visit Just for Ewe? Fun little shop at Port Clinton with an awesome owner who’s a blast.
    Good to find you again, get well.

  125. NO!!! NOnononononono!!!!!! I am NOT getting sucked into knitting an utterly endless garter stitch shawl, no matter HOW gorgeous yours and everyone else’s have turned out to be, I don’t LIKE garter stitch stuff, so just stop it. The sock thing is bad enough.
    I’ve read your blog from start to finish, and when I started, I knew there was no way on Earth I was going to spend a ton of money and most of the rest of my life knitting a single pair of socks – absolutely NO WAY!!! Despite the Stash and the whiskey-tubes full of needles, I am barely a fledgling knitter, haven’t knit for YEARS and making ANYthing would take forever.
    Yes, there is a little pile of sock patterns on my desk, but that’s only because I’m doing a display of vintage and contemporary handwork for a church fundraiser in June. And OK, I did check to see what dpns I own right now, but ONLY because I like having complete sets of things, even if I never use them. The 4 batches of sock yarn on my eBay Watch List? Um … er … curiosity, that’s all, just simple curiosity! Stop looking at me like that.
    (Maybe if I did the two ‘outside’ chunks of the shawl in stockinette, with uber-simple lace or texture for the middle bit …..)
    If Canada ever needs a Minister of Brainwashing, I’m nominating you, Ms. Harlot.
    *NW goes back to knitting the Shapely Tank that she cast on somewhere around 2009 in the Harlot’s archives*

  126. love the shawl.
    I got the infection also–shawl, not plague, thank goodness–although i’m still working out what colours i want. I find right colours, wrong weight yarn. sigh

  127. I’ve been (so far) resistant to the infection. However, the more I look at yours, the more I think that it will be, hmm, third in my queue. (First-Border Socks for my hubby, second-Bigger on the Inside for me.) Maybe we need vaccinations!
    Or just vacations so we have time to knit all!

  128. I hope you feel better very soon! strawberries have vitamin C so stuff yourself full!A dallop of sour cream,russian style,and baby its the perfect end to a busy day! Love the shawl! You always surpase my expectation ,and i always expect something awesome from you ,the usual you do!Anywa hope you are enjoying this trip despite the plague!

  129. Sorry to hear that you were hit by such a mean palgue/cold. But thanks for sharing a little anyway. I really have to have an argue with the inner knitter thingy about the shawl, because I usually never wear shawls, but the small peace for the sweater for Lou would be a nice distraction. Is there a pattern for that one, or do you make it up while knitting?.
    Hope you can get some rest and feel better soon…

  130. Hi Stephanie,
    I was wondering what pattern you are knitting in the baby sweater that is on your blog from a couple of days ago.It is white and looks like an aran sweater.Would love the pattern.

  131. Hi Stephanie,
    Love the white aran baby sweater you are knitting.Where can I find the pattern?

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