Dear Kelly

I know it’s hard for you, to be Auntie Kelly and to be so far away from little Lou, so that’s part of the reason I wasn’t really totally pissed when you dropped off a basket of baby sweater chunks (with no pattern, I’m just saying) and high-tailed it home to Madagascar, leaving behind only the admonishment  to make sure  Lou didn’t outgrow the sweater before I sewed it up and dropped it off.

Also, the Auntie’s have to stick together, so I told you I would sew it up, but then I sort of didn’t. 

I saw Lou on Saturday, and then I was going to see  him again last night for a little celebration, and I realized I’m leaving today to go away for a week and that meant another week would go by without me doing this sweater, and so I busted a move.  I worked on it before dinner, on the way to dinner (we picked up your mum) and at dinner, and somewhere around the cheesecake and champagne, a sweater was born.

I think it looks pretty good.

I put it on Lou, and we started going over the basics of sweater modelling.  We tried a serious face…

and then I told him that babies should really smile in pictures, because you want to leverage the cute while you’ve got it.

Lou got it right away.

Anyway Kelly, I bet you miss him, and I just want to tell you that last night on a cold, rainy night in Toronto, your nephew and mine was snuggled in the sweater that two aunties built (mostly you) – and I think he was pretty cozy.
That sweater is going to fit him for a long time. I rolled the sleeves up.

We miss you.



(PS.  Joe is getting a little better with him, but not really.)

(PPS. Next time dropping off the pattern with the sweater chunks would be great.)

(PPPS. Katie says this is now the only sweater Lou has that fits him.  That sounds like a mission to me.)

95 thoughts on “Dear Kelly

  1. All I can say is that I just absolutely love your blog and sometimes I cry!

  2. Awwwww, what a cutie! And such a good auntie for sewing up that sweater. That’s how you do it!

  3. Joe might only be getting a little him, but the wee one does not seem to care. I think he likes the flying hold!

  4. Yep, that definitely sounds like a nicely worded request for another sweater. Such a cute little man needs cute sweaters!

  5. You’re a magician! Taking random pieces and turning them into a sweater takes more than skill and experience – there’s some fairy dust sprinkled in there, I’m sure. Cute sweater, adorable baby!

  6. As someone who HATES seaming (seriously I will totally tweak patterns just to avoid it) I think you are pretty fabulous for being both a good sport and a good Auntie and doing the finishing.
    Cute, cute baby.

  7. I so wish your blog posts had something like a like button. I find some of your posts really deserve that extra click of approval.

  8. You’re both good aunties. Remember, it takes a village. (And as for the pattern, wouldn’t it be a hoot if it was actually one of yours in the first place?)

  9. What an adorable sweater, and such a sweet baby! Not to mention the smart auntie who figured out how to sew up the sweater without the instructions. 🙂

  10. He is so cute & sweet it almost makes my teeth ache! Adorable sweater.

  11. Is this the same baby who was named Luis when he was born recently? If so, it looks like life is really agreeing with him. Cute little boy in his cute sweater!

  12. Oh Lou is so cute! He looks so handsome in his new sweater and he does know how to melt this old woman with such a precious smile!

  13. Amazing what can be done with chunks! And Lou is soooo adorable!

  14. who are you besides the Yarn Harlot, the Baby Whisperer? you got a nice smile on that baby right away. The sweater is lovely, Lou is so lucky with his aunts. I noticed by carefull deducting the picture with Joe and Lou, it is not Joe who has not got the hang of Lou, it is just that his spectacles get in the way. Yoy may think your spectacles are part of you, but one little baby will tell you otherwise.

  15. I agree with Jean @ 3:45… awesome, and sometimes I cry too… Lou is a cutie patootie!

  16. He definately worked the cute there. That sounds like a mission I’d except. Good luck 😉

  17. What a lucky baby with TWO knitting aunts, and such a sweetheart! This post was quite awesome also. Yay, YarnHarlot!

  18. The sweater looks fabulous – both Aunties did a great job!
    Would love to know what pattern that is, if you ever find out. 🙂

  19. Both of you did a great job; beautiful sweater and an even more beautiful baby boy!

  20. Oh, there is nothing like a baby’s smile! And that is one cute baby. Thanks for sharing.

  21. …now what we will have, in years to come, is this picture of your wonderful Luis when he outgrew that sweater.
    I looked back in this blog at the pictures of the girls before they were 20 or so and were not labeling boxes to move out of the house.
    How time flies when you knit, dye, spin and…live. Congrats on the sweater and keep them coming.

  22. Loved this post! Cute sweater, cute baby, great pictures, and perfect comments!

  23. Looking at the first picture – the mess of knitted pieces, I would have never guessed that it would turn out to be a cute sweater! Of course, little Lou is the real cutie;)

  24. Joe looks so nervous, poor man. Perhaps Lou can help persuade him that babies aren’t quite that breakable.
    Lou looks so big and healthy and lovely! I agree, he needs more sweaters. Right away. I mean, summer’s coming, but I feel that a Canadian baby can never have too many sweaters.

  25. Didn’t Joe live in a house with three girls that started out rather smallish?
    On another note, the previous baby blanket receiver was born after the blanket was finished and the gap between was filled with flying needles making the most delightfully cute hats and sweaters. Lou’s mom has a point. I do like the manly tan and brown stripes in the aunties sweater. Well done.

  26. My first niece/nephew will be joining us this fall. If my sister tries to move to Madagascar, I will be following her. I’m sure my husband and daughter would love Madagascar… So glad you could take care of that for Kelly.

  27. Joe, WAY TO GO! See, it’s not so hard to hold a baby. And Lou doesn’t look at all scared of you. If anything, maybe a little peevish ‘cuz you might have been slightly squashing his family jewels, but. . .
    . . .just wait until he’s big enough to want horsey-back rides from his Uncle Joe. And to want to wrassle his Uncle Joe. And to want Uncle Joe to get down on the floor and play with Lou and Lou’s Hot Wheels cars. And. . . !
    To the Aunties: The sweater looks very handsome. Do another in navy or indigo and chambray. Do not worry too much about sweaters to fit him now — summer is almost here. Instead, worry about sweaters (and hats, mittens, socks, etc.) to fit him in the fall and winter. If you work hard at it, you may just provision him with enough neat stuff to win him the title of “Canada’s Next Top Model, Male Division, Ages 24 months and Under.”

  28. Lou’s got some moves and a lady killer smile. Does not bode well for young ladies down the road.
    On a side note, wickedly impressed with how the sweater coordinates with the restaurant tablecloth. I can’t even get that kind of coordination at home. Nice touch.

  29. Madagascar, really? I live in Madagascar too!!! If she needs some knitting friends there are a couple floating around here. Can I send my unseamed items back with her next time? 🙂

  30. So next time I want to see Luis try “blue steel” since he has already mastered the basics. Joe is just jealous that he doesn’t look as killer cute in knitwear as Luis.

  31. Baby + smile + handknit sweater + two aunties = adorable everything. What a wonderful family you have Steph. And I think a big part of the “secret” to that wonderfulness is YOU. Thanks for letting us have another peek inside your beautiful life.

  32. It rather favors one of the sweaters that you declared a favorite of yours.

  33. Adorable baby, cute sweater. Will you let us know which pattern it is, that is if you find out which patern it is.

  34. pretty, pretty baby! and the sweater is beautiful too. how he has changed from those first newborn pics of him in his white shawl (i bet that still fits him!). it’s amazing how a baby blooms like a flower. you start with a bud that seems to be utter perfection, then the petals slowly unfold into something beyond your wildest dreams!and if aunt kelly shares the pattern with you, can you share it with us? merci! 🙂

  35. Beautiful little boy. Great sweater! It’s enough that you are a great knitter, but your finishing is incredible. Especially when you are given pieces with no direction. You sure figured this one out perfectly! Kudos!

  36. Awww… what a cutie-patootie!
    I think he has a future in knitwear modeling.

  37. The comment above is from Luis’ grandma and she thinks the baby and the sweater are beautiful. So do I, but as his father I might be biased 🙂

  38. THAT’S the way we like our babies – smiling and wearing handknits!

  39. I would never have guessed the bits would be that sweater – good job Aunties. He certainly does have lots of cute. A handsome baby!!

  40. I am so impressed that you know someone who lives in Madagascar! I’ve wanted to go there for years but it seems to be one of those “you can’t hardly get there from here” places. And then someone else from Madagascar commented!! Knitting sure opens doors, doesn’t it?
    That is one cute baby, and look how well he follows directions. Looks like Joe does just fine, in a totally guy way, with Luis. Excellent sweater collaboration.

  41. OMG that kid is seriously cute! 😀
    What a great auntie you are to sew up a sweater for him that someone ELSE knitted him 🙂

  42. Is that Elizabeth Zimmermann’s baby sweater that was published in Knitter’s Mag years and years ago? If not, what is the pattern? It looks like a lot of fun to knit and adorable to boot.

  43. Love that little sweater. Gets me excited about the coming baby I get to knit for. I think I’d better get started. Now. Must knit baby stuff.

  44. Wow. A sweater was born somewhere between champagne and cheesecake? You never cease to amaze me. Well, I amaze myself when Guinness is applied in modest quantities.

  45. I love the way Joe put his hand under the sweater when modeling with Lou ~ you’ve trained him well!

  46. I think that’s a Debbie Bliss sweater from a now-out-of-print book… At least it looks just like it. I’ve made about 4 of them. That kimono style is just so dang cute. aAnd, of course, it circumvents the whole over-the-head baby sweater problem 🙂 Muy adorable!

  47. Hey I have that same candleholder centerpiece! Made from an old barrel? Cool.
    PS The sweater is lovely too. 😉

  48. He is so beautiful! And the kimono sweater is adorable. Good job, Aunties squared

  49. Wow has he grown! What a happy baby too. When Auntie returns from Madagascar could you share the pattern name with us?

  50. Isn’t it funny how we forget how very adorable a baby is between views? Lou is really something special.

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