Validated Again

I did procrastinate yesterday, and I didn’t do everything that I should have, and it did totally rain and get me out of the ride I didn’t want to do, and I was totally prepared for today to be a nightmare, but let me tell you?

It’s been great. I got up, had a little coffee and packed my bag.  Then mixed up bread and set it to rise, and ran an errand.  Back, changed laundry, topped up bag, did another errand, got in the car,  picked up Natalie’s luggage so it could go straight into the rental, drove downtown, rented the van with Jen,  transferred luggage, did another errand and drove home.  Now I’ve got seven hours before I go to bed, one wee knitting bag/purse to pack, my knitting for the trip is almost organized, and all I have to do is bake bread for our travel picnic tomorrow, wind one skein of yarn and go for a bike ride – and on top of all that?
It’s gorgeous out.  If I hadn’t procrastinated I would have been riding yesterday in the rain, instead of today in the stunning sunshine.



Procrastination totally worked out for me.

Posts will probably be light for the rest of the week, although I’ll try- but there is limited time and internet at Squam.  At 6am, the Toronto contingent (me, Jen Natalie, Megan and Denny) will all load in, and start the 10 hour drive to New Hampshire and Squam.  We’re excited, and I, for one – am all ready.

PS. Don’t even bother telling me that I shouldn’t be so smug because something could still go wrong.  It can’t.  I’ve got this bad boy licked.

PPS. Maybe I should rethink that bike ride.