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It is a terrible shame that most of the things in the world that are really, truly fabulous, you can’t do for that long without inviting consequences that are a lot less fun than the thing itself.  Steamed vegetables? Oh, you can eat as many of those as you want and the planet feels no urge to exact much of a price – but pastry? There’s payback.  Butter? Really good wine? Sloth? Payback, payback, payback.  So it goes with these knitting retreats.  They’re spectacularly grand, and Tina and I have so much fun organizing them, and there’s no way on earth that I could possibly complain that this last week, my job was to arrange introductions between knitters, exquisite fibres, wine and food and that it was so hard… so let me tell you the truth.  It was a  little hard and the hours are very long – but overall, this gig is a sweet ride.  Yesterday after we tore down the dye room and stored all the stuff and packed the staff off to where they were going and came back to the house to do the paperwork, and I was going to write a blog post (because I sort of screwed up the days of the week and I swear I thought yesterday was Monday) and a whole lot of other stuff… we sat down to do all that and a creeping fog of exhaustion came in of the sea and ended us. Payback.  The better part of the rest of that day was then lost to the consequences of that fun but hard work, and we barely registered it.  I’d knit a little, then go back under… I think Tina might have managed a few emails- I’m pretty sure we booked a meeting for this afternoon… (one of us should look into that, I think) but mostly,  we wept with joy that we’re allowed to have this as part of our jobs, and then wept with fatigue- you know. Because we’re allowed to have this as part of our jobs.  I have some great pictures and stuff, but that’s for tomorrow.  Today, I have to show you my Lizette that’s finally coming along, and do a quick draw for all the Bike Rally Karmic Balancing names that I should have done on Monday (which turned out to be Tuesday – so now I’m really late and so sorry.) 
First: Lizette. 

I’m loving this.  There’s shaping, a little this, a little that, it’s a fun knit that keeps it going on, but the best part is the yarn I think.  Now that there’s quite a bit on the needle, I’m loving the weight and the drape of it.  The yarn’s Hempathy (40% hemp 40% cotton and 20% modal) and it seems a little stringlike now, but that hemp is going to soften and fill out and be amazing I think.  (If I were only the sort of knitter who had made a swatch I would be able to show you this. Sadly, I am still me.)

I’m quite a bit of the way up the back, and thrilled to be there. I’ve got a long flight tomorrow and if I stay awake for most of it, I could have a front too.

This weeks draw:

The members of our little family Bike Rally team have all drawn their names (me, Ken, Erin, Amanda, Samantha, Pato and Katie) from everyone who has donated to us so far,  and here’s our lucky knitters for this weeks Karmic Balancing gifts.

Lou H will be receiving a beautiful sheepy bag from the very generous Catherine at  ZigZagStitches Shop.

Staying with the sheep bag theme (because who doesn’t love a sheepy bag!) Michele at Three Bags Full has donated a knitting sheep bag, and it’s going to be loved and used by Julie N-R.

Dixie at Nuelle Yarns has five, count ’em FIVE beautiful skeins of sock yarn, and one each will be heading off to live with Becca F, Ann H, Sally M, Monya S and Heather S.

Vickie at the Hedgehog Stitchery did a little stash diving, and came up with two beautiful presents for knitters.  First, two skeins of Cadenza, and a copy of The Enchanted Sole are going out to Dana H.

She went in again and came up with this. 

two skeins of beautiful Ella Rae Lace Merino, that she’s generously sharing with Sarah F. 

I love this one, because we all adore handmade things. Anna at Little Green Pixie is donating two $25 gift certificates to her shop. 

and Joan L and Crystal S will be working with her to choose something they love.

Hunter has wonderfully donated three copies of her new book The Knitters Curiosity Cabinet

She’ll be sending those along to Elisabeth P, Nancy G and Meredyth W.

Last, but certainly not least, Signature Needle Arts has graciously donated two pairs of Signature straights, and one set each will be going home to live with Kathleen S and Leslie C.

They will be in touch with the winners to sort out size,
cap and point preferences.

Thanks to everyone who’s donated to the rally and the gift pile this week.  We’re very grateful. There will be another draw next week.  See you tomorrow.  I have some cool stuff to show you. 

39 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I am so jealous…of your retreat and of the sheepy bags. I think I’m going to have to order one…

  2. That is some seriously cool stuff! Glad to hear the retreat went well. Can’t wait for those pics!

  3. Welcome back to reality – so sorry you crashed down to earth so totally exhausted! That doesn’t make ANYTHING fun!

  4. It is good to hear from you. I miss you when you are gone and anticipate your next blog. I really appreciate all the wonderful work you do for us knitters. May your rest be good and rejuvenating.

  5. I would love to know how Pato’s knitting is going, if he still knits at all. And I would frankly love a prize to be a swatch that Pato knit. 🙂 In fact, I pledge $50 to Pato, in the hopes that he will appear knitting on your blog sometime soon. 🙂
    (I may be a horrible human being.)

  6. *reaches over Presbytera to hand in my resume*
    Ahem! Experienced office administrator and show organizer and multi-crafter here!! I’d happily commute from St. Catharines (or move, or something)!!
    Looking forward to the Gourmet Retreat details.

  7. As exhausting as it can be at the end of something hard (but fun at the same time), don’t you just LOVE the feeling of accomplishment and how the tiredness is so exquisitely satisfying. I know. So thrillingly good.

  8. Lovely Lizette, and also very nice karmic balancing gifts! I confess to clicking through several of the links.
    Can’t wait to get the scoop on the retreat. When I went (2 years ago) I said it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but I keep hoping to make a liar of myself.

  9. I can’t believe that you take the time to post in the middle of… all that you are in the middle of, but thanks!! Rest up!

  10. So that’s where you went. Wow, I love the sweater. Cables, need to get back to cables. Once my afghan blocks are done, check. Gotta stay on task. Rest well, and I look forward to hearing details of the retreat. Oh, lovely gifts… Signature needles! Oh my.

  11. “Sadly, I’m still me.”
    I wouldn’t want it any other way. Hang in there, rest up and enjoy the vino!
    (Love Lizette!)

  12. The Blog loves “still you”.
    And it is a darn pity that you have to apologize for relaxing a day after a seminar…even muggles have weekends off and an occasional vacation or personal day without a guilt trip!

  13. Well, I feel very fortunate that you are still you!! I wouldn’t want you to be anyone else. The Blog is fortunate that tired as you are, you still took time to catch us up on your fabulous trip! Can’t wait to see photos!

  14. Your Lizette is definitely coming along nicely. And that yarn is definitely going to soften and feel like your most comfy pair of jeans. I’m currently living in a hemp/cotton blend crochet cardi, and it’s soft, soft, soft. It is also shedding (fyi). 🙂
    And those Signature Straights are *to die* for!!!!

  15. You’ve earned a day of rest, methinks. I’ve done one day events that wipe me out for several days after.
    And I’ll confess to taking a sharp breath and being momentarily very excited when I saw “Ann H” in amongst the karmic gifts – until I realized I haven’t been Ann H for 22+ years and I am now Ann M. Sigh. Maybe next time.

  16. I’ve been to Sock Camp and attended/taught twice at Sock Summit and every time I’m exhausted. Physically and mentally. It is just a lot of stimulation and joy to take in a short time. I remember after Sock Camp I couldn’t even talk about it with people for a few weeks. Just completely over whelming.
    You are justifiably exhausted and thank you for continuing to work past the pain so we have these lovely events to attend.

  17. Knitters can be exhausting, even in a great way. I hope you’ve given yourself permission to take the time you need to recover and share more wonderful stuff with us all.

  18. Lisette is looking beautiful! It sounds like you have fully earned a rest day (and isn’t it a shame about pastries catching up with you? They’re so much tastier than, say, creamed spinach…)
    Congrats to all the winners! I’m now fascinated by the Signature needles… which I absolutely cannot afford on a grad school budget. Sigh. Maybe some year!

  19. Very glad all was a success. Pleased you had time to start the deflation, refreshment process. The world is a better place for the goodness of knitting retreats.

  20. How can you be so adamant about blocking but so cavalier about swatches?

  21. I love seeing this wonderful variety of goodies! It’s like my birthday and Christmas shopping list laid out like a buffet – and I know exactly who needs that amazing Curiosity Cabinet book (besides me, who also needs it!).
    Now my kid’s out of school, it may be time to finally attend the sock summit! That would be MY birthday gift. Even from afar, I so appreciate all you do for the blog and the retreats.

  22. You didn’t swatch? You live dangerously. If I tried that, it would not bode well. Besides, I’m one of those crazy knitters who enjoys swatching.

  23. You did realize there is lace at the bust area? I know you are not very fond of bras….

  24. Just wanted to say that I received one of the sheepy bags from Three Bags Full this past Christmas and it is my absolute favorite sock in progress bag.

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