Validated Again

I did procrastinate yesterday, and I didn’t do everything that I should have, and it did totally rain and get me out of the ride I didn’t want to do, and I was totally prepared for today to be a nightmare, but let me tell you?

It’s been great. I got up, had a little coffee and packed my bag.  Then mixed up bread and set it to rise, and ran an errand.  Back, changed laundry, topped up bag, did another errand, got in the car,  picked up Natalie’s luggage so it could go straight into the rental, drove downtown, rented the van with Jen,  transferred luggage, did another errand and drove home.  Now I’ve got seven hours before I go to bed, one wee knitting bag/purse to pack, my knitting for the trip is almost organized, and all I have to do is bake bread for our travel picnic tomorrow, wind one skein of yarn and go for a bike ride – and on top of all that?
It’s gorgeous out.  If I hadn’t procrastinated I would have been riding yesterday in the rain, instead of today in the stunning sunshine.



Procrastination totally worked out for me.

Posts will probably be light for the rest of the week, although I’ll try- but there is limited time and internet at Squam.  At 6am, the Toronto contingent (me, Jen Natalie, Megan and Denny) will all load in, and start the 10 hour drive to New Hampshire and Squam.  We’re excited, and I, for one – am all ready.

PS. Don’t even bother telling me that I shouldn’t be so smug because something could still go wrong.  It can’t.  I’ve got this bad boy licked.

PPS. Maybe I should rethink that bike ride.

55 thoughts on “Validated Again

  1. 1. Have a great trip
    2. Whatcha taking to knit? Enquiring minds who don’t get to go to Squam want to know.
    3. Do at least some bike riding.

    We totally got a picture of Sarah holding a sock (and her diploma) at her Masters convocation last night. I’m trying to convince her to send it to you 🙂 The new chancellor of the university? Micaelle Jean!!! (sadly, we weren’t able to get her to hold the sock.)

  3. Ihope you have safe travels and a wonderful time at Squam. Last year was my first Squam and I hope to go next year. Have fun.

  4. Have a great trip! We’ll be here when you get back. (Are you taking your bike to Squam?)

  5. I know I’m in the minority but, NIX the ride. I’ve already told you of my unfortunate bike crash in 2000 on a charity ride that left me laid up 9 weeks. Couldn’t wipe my arse let alone knit. And it wasn’t my fault. An older participant crashed into me. So reconsider. I bet most donors will honour their donation.

  6. “PS. Don’t even bother telling me that I shouldn’t be so smug because something could still go wrong. It can’t. I’ve got this bad boy licked.”
    See that? That’s called foreshadowing. Next, we’ll learn about irony.

  7. Perhaps instead of procrastination, it was your subconscious saying you needed a break? This is why I tend to listen to my subconscious when it’s rebelling against the schedule I’ve set for myself. Most of the time it knows best what I need. (But that doesn’t mean you should skip the ride today. The good weather is a sign you should ride.)

  8. Procrastination rarely ever works out that perfectly for me; however, it never stops me from trying….to procrastinate, that is. Wait, is that something you can actually try to do?

  9. When procrastinating pays off for me, I revel in it, but secretly hate it because I know, KNOW I tell you, that sometimes when I have done EVERYTHING perfectly and according to plan I get screwed. That would be fine, just even, if only I could somehow manage keep score and estimate which number was going to turn up. But I never know whether I’m receiving the good fortune in advance or getting a karmic payback.
    ps. I’m not crazy. 🙂

  10. Procrastination is a fine art, and like all artistic masters, you have to know how to use the tools to your advantage! (But just to be on the safe side, check to see if you packed underwear and PJs!) Have fun at Squam!

  11. I seem to remember a post some years back about going to Niagara Falls and having a hotel on the wrong side of the border without a passport! My motto tends to be if it can go wrong, it will. Have a good trip and post when you can.

  12. Get on the bike. You’ll feel even better than you do now, even if you only go for a few minutes. Next thing you know, you’ll be zooming around with a silly smile on your face, wondering why you didn’t get outside sooner.
    Seriously 🙂

  13. Congratultions! Sometimes karma pays off. Go ahead and ride your bike, but be careful, no more spills for you Missy. A road trip with your best gal pals sounds like heaven right now. One of these days, I’ll be able to join the fun at a retreat. Godspeed.

  14. Who lost the coin flip and has to drive the first leg? Look forward to hearing about the Squam adventures.

  15. Bike. Now. Isn’t this bike ride you’re training for a multi-day thing? When are you going to train your bum for a multi-day saddle sit? Just asking.

  16. This is just a general compliment and nothing to do with the above post:
    You’re awesome Stephanie. Your blog always makes me smile.

  17. you know, if you were on the back of a tandem, you could totally knit. Maybe not lace, or charts, but still knitting.
    Tandem side by side recumbents would also work for that, and not as far to fall.

  18. Sometimes you just have to take a day off to be more productive the rest of the week. Glad it is gorgeous. Ride carefully!

  19. Congratulations on getting a lot accomplished after you are refreshed from procrastination…
    But don’t be smug. I seem to recall a few blog posts about the payback for smugness, too!
    Enjoy SQUAM! The Blog will survive…and eagerly await the updates next week!

  20. Skip the bike ride. You might fall! And a broken anything would seriously hinder your trip.
    (That might be reverse psychology, but who knows? It might just be TRUTH!)

  21. Um….LAUNDRY?? Wasn’t the a ton of laundry to do? You’re not going to Squam in dirty clothes … Or are you???
    ;-D. Have a good time.

  22. Quit being a poop and take the bike ride! Just don’t fall again…you kind of need your hands to knit. Just sayin’.

  23. Just so you know, I am reading your blog as procrastination for my work. I think there is some sort of infinite loop going on here….

  24. NB:: On your travels to New Hampshire, if you’re going through Montréal again, you will find it useful to consult ‘511’ — the online site for road conditions & details of traffic & construction in the area. Pont Champlain is being repaired, so often whittled down to 1 lane in each direction:: and of course there are also the HUGE student demonstrations to consider (current demonstrations are usually posted – in French – with the hashtag #manifencours to Twitter). Things have been peaceful lately during demonstrations, but the road network is definitely affected & you’re best when well-informed. Happy knitting, have fun @ SQUAM, and yes, safe travels.

  25. Follow what you feel on that bike ride thing – and have fun on the road trip! Sounds like just the ticket to ring in the beginning of summer.
    Bon chance!

  26. Hurry on over to Squam – safely, of course – but hurry on over! We’ll be waiting for you all with hugs and Squam-y stuff!

  27. I love this story! Bad behavior rewarded with success! why should you change! Have a great trip. I hope Squam is all you want it to be. Safe travels!

  28. I would never chastise you for being smug about this because I, too, have (once again) reaped the unexpected rewards of procrastination. I was planning to put some new plants in a courtyard garden where we live/work (we own a business) but didn’t get around to it. In the past few days work was done on the wall behind the garden which became filled with debris, a step-ladder and foot traffic. Had I planted when I was “supposed” to the workers’s job would have been harder and/or my new bed would have been ruined. I am vindicated!

  29. Sigh…Squam. I took Knitting with Matawa with you last year and it was very cool. I was all set to attend Squam this year and take Knitting for Speed & Effeciency, but life got in the way. Have a safe trip & I hope you and all the Squammies have an amazing time!

  30. STAY OFF THE BIKE! Your body has been telling you this for a few days. No more pain. No more owies! Stay safe and enjoy your trip.

  31. Pack warm it has been chilly here in NH with the rainy weather! I hope the rain breaks for you so you can enjoy our beautiful lakes. I’m just down the road a piece in Meredith, wish I was at Squam with all of you! Enjoy.

  32. I’m lighting a candle and petting some cashmere-blend in hopes it might appease the Knitting Gods & Goddesses to spare your impudent self. . .but I don’t know what will work with the Cycling Gods & Goddesses. Maybe Ken and Joe can fit your bike with airbags.

  33. Did you pack bandaids – just in case? Did you pack pain killers, just in case you need the bandages? Have fun!

  34. Just checked out your picture on the Squam site. Is that your Rhinebeck sweater you are wearing? The infamous Gwendolyn?

  35. I am absolutely heartsick with the longing of wanting to go along with you… Make it awesome and please share pictorally! Bon Voyage!

  36. Please ride in the rain. When you are on ” the ride” it may be raining and that is NOT the time to figure out “gee, I wish I had a rain jacket ” or, ” gee, if it is raining I should wear This instead of That. These are practice runs for ” what if”. I bike commute and even have a chart that tells me what to wear at what temp, because I forget, season to season. Please ride in the rain. You’ll be glad you did. At the end of ” the ride”, not when you are actually riding in the rain.

  37. I’m saying this in all seriousness – I don’t think that was procrastination. I think it was intuition. You followed your intuition and were rewarded with a wonderful day. Well done. :o)

  38. Forgive me for being off topic, but:
    My burning question is — what happened to the dough you set out to rise first thing? Fresh bread makes any day sunshiney!
    And — you will be so glad you stuck it out to do the bike ride. Every day you train will make that final ride much better all around. Blessings!

  39. It’s things like this that make me procrastinate too. I mean, I made 8 dozen cookies on Tuesday night and still was all packed up and set before I needed to leave. I didn’t forget anything and was golden!

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