Like a big chunk of North America, Toronto is roasting in a heat wave, and like a lot of Torontonians, we’ve got no air conditioning.  Mostly I don’t mind the heat, but when it’s this muggy and hot- even the most die-hard summer lovers get a little weepy around the edges, and that’s where I’m at.  The sustained heat has soaked into the house, and last night I slept downstairs because the upstairs felt a lot like Satan’s armpit.   (Or so I’ve been told.  It’s not like Satan’s actual armpit and I are well acquainted.) 

It’s so hot that this morning I didn’t even consider going on a training ride (and I’m pretty nervous about the back-to-back long rides over this weekend) and just now I thought about going out to run an errand – then opened the front door, and the second the blast of heat and sun hit me I thought "You know, there’s nothing I want out there" and went back in, and decided to give up and do what you’re supposed to do when it’s hot like this.  I’m going to crack open a frosty beer,  sit myself down in front of a fan in the living room and relax until it’s cooler.  (I don’t know what exactly I’ll do if that means I’m sitting here until September, but I’m going to worry about that in the morning.)

Spinning has been slow, since I’ve discovered a basic incompatibility between roving and a fan, not to mention sticky, sweaty hands,  but in the evenings when it’s cooler I can manage – and even with just that little bit of time I’ve got the grey North Ronaldsay done.

I spun it to match the brown, and I’m going to do the white the same way – just the minute it cools down enough to make it all reasonable.  That tiny accomplishment brings my meagre Tour do Fleece production to about only 600 metres and about 300g- but I’m not worrying about it.

Until I’m emotionally ready to think about turning off the fan, I’ll be knitting. I’ve got the back all done, and the bottom front wrapped up too.  Last night I did the provisional cast on that begins the top front, and with that…

I feel like it can’t be long now before I have a new summer sweater,  which will be ironic, since I can’t imagine putting it on right now. 
Is it hot where you are?