In Case You Worry

I wanted you to know that I got needles,  not that anyone’s staying up late at night, staring at the ceiling and thinking "I sure do hope that Steph got a pair of needles yesterday" although you would, if you could see the massive queues here at Vancouver Airport today.  Me being able to knit is occasionally a public safety issue.   I went for a walk yesterday morning – after I hit the gym (so unlike me, but the rally is soon. Can’t fall off the training curve) I headed down from the hotel to a place that someone had told me might have knitting needles – Dressew.  (I know.  It’s a weird name.)

I found it with no  trouble, and went right in.   Dudes, this place is cool.  There was a huge button section (I did not succumb.  If you know me, this is a substantial triumph over the almighty power of buttons.) This is only "some" of the buttons.

There was a massive fringe section. (This held no power over me, but was fascinating.  Who knew?)

There were a hundred million zippers…

and a wig section where I found myself strangely compelled.  (I almost bought one.  What’s up with that?  Perhaps a lifetime of dissatisfaction with my hair just caught up with me, right there in Dressew.) 

I found a needle section, but there were no knitting needles…

until I came round a corner and found the tiniest little knitting needles section you ever saw. 

This didn’t annoy me, because it is a sewing shop, after all, not a knitting shop (which really, really doesn’t explain the wigs) so I just crossed my fingers that there would be what I needed.

There wasn’t. The straight metal needles went right from 4mm to 5mm, like 4.5 wasn’t even a possibility.  I ended up grabbing a pair of bamboo straights in the right size – and just resolved to be of good humour. 

I bought them, and walked back trying to let how pretty Vancouver is make all the difference.

By the time I got to class, it turned out that a rescue had been launched by a student, who had just the right needles, and let me take them.

So everything is okay.

I thought you would want to know. You know.  In the interest of public safety. 
Next stop, San Francisco.