Rain Rain Thanks for Your Help

Another rainy day.  I’d complain, but they’re so productive for me.  When the sun shines I can think of a thousand things to do, riding, walking, shopping, gardening, knitting in the backyard with a cold beer…  I hate being out in the rain, so a rainy day is an inside day and once I’m here, I notice all that needs doing and it’s easy to stick with getting it all done.  

Today my office has been tidied, the kitchen is clean, I’ve got my eye on the living room – and pretty big plans to sort my teaching supplies into some clear storage bins I bought, so that I can stop building Stuff-I-Need-But-Not-Now Mountain in the stash room.  I worked for a few hours at my desk, answered a ton of email and put canning jars on the shopping list, because I think I’m going to make red pepper jelly and marmalade soon, and I am so close to completing today’s wordcount that I can see the whites of its eyes.  I believe in positive reinforcement, so I’ll be rewarding myself properly with knitting time.

That there is all the bits of Lizette, which I’m telling you now, is a pretty interesting knit.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I might have knit it like someone experiencing a fair degree of body dysmorphia (I mean really.. where do I think I’m going to put my breasts in this?) but it’s not that demoralizing, because at least it was a treat to knit – and if it doesn’t fit me, it might look great on Meg. (See that? I almost didn’t sound bitter.)

Yesterday I united the two parts of the front with an attached i-cord – it’s like a three needle bindoff with real class, and was an extremely neat way to work the ties in.  I-cord is one of those things where my appreciation of it and my willingness to do it aren’t always the same, which is a long way of saying that I didn’t mean to swear like that, but it was worth it – and now all that’s left is the side seams, and the shoulder seams, and the cable extension seams around the neck, and the sleeve seams, and to set the sleeves in – which sounds like rather a lot now that I list it all, but it’s going to be fine.
It’s raining- and there’s a lot you can get done on a rainy day.

PS. Someone might have possibly left Flow in the rain, totally because it stinking deserved it by accident.  You shouldn’t judge that person.