My little friend Marlowe will be a year old soon, and me being me and her being her, and us being friends like we are, I wanted to make her something knitted for a present. 

I started thinking about a sweater – but I’ve made her lots, and heaven knows she already has a blanket, and I was looking and thinking and rooting through the stash, when I found a few skeins of Luscious – and an idea took hold.

Now, to be fair, this was less of an idea, and more of a vision, and the more I thought about it, the more unreasonably gripped by the idea I got.
I swatched. I sketched, and then (once I was sure it would work) I called her mother and asked if it was a good idea.  To put it simply, Jen lost her freaking mind, and within minutes, we were making the idea even better – both consumed with the thing.  Jen and I are both educated, literate reasonable women, and within seconds we were both giggling and practically clapping our hands in delight.

Here’s my idea –  a Party dress. A pink and white, ruffled, full skirt, got-roses-on-it little dress to wear on her first birthday.  Knit from pure silk, with a big ribbon that ties in the back and little buttons so it’s simple to drop it over her head.  Little angel wing sleeves, the skirt will fall past her fat little knee… it’s going to be gorgeous, and soft and beautiful, and Jen’s already out buying acid free tissue paper to wrap it up in afterwards. (You know, once we wash the cake out if it, which will be easy, because it’s silk!) It’s a perfect plan!

I’ve swatched a little, and drawn wee pictures, and charted out the tiny little bodice (oh, the fun of a person with a 19" chest!) and I think I’ve got it right.  I’m so excited.  Jen’s excited.  In fact – we’re so excited that yesterday we thought up the only way to make this better, and that might be a matching dress for Marlowe’s sister.  She’s four, and a pink and white flowy, flowery, spinner of a dress  (that isn’t scratchy) is going to be right up her alley.

I’m out of my mind with how fun I think this is going to be.

PS. I think I might sew tulle underskirts.
PPS. I’m going to go over and put this on the baby to see if it fits.