In Which I am Auntie Steph

Last week Jen called and invited me to her cottage.  Now, I’m a big cottage fan, and this summer has been light in the vacation department (unless you call riding your bike to Montreal a vacation, and personally, I have trouble sliding it into that department) so when she invited me, I set aside the feeling that it was ridiculous to take off when I had so much to do, and I did it anyway.   I left Thursday at noon, and a few hours later, I had myself in a lake – where I stayed as much as it was reasonable to do so.

Jen’s cottage has a lot of perks.  There’s the lake, and the woods, and a big rock to swim to, and climb up on, and a boat and a canoe, and her charming mum and dad, but mostly what it has going for it is Jen and the kids.  The whole thing is perfect, because for 48 hours, I got to rock and walk the baby to sleep, play Auntie Steph with Fenner, read and knit –

and all that makes me ridiculously happy and grateful to Jen, which seems to have turned out to be delightfully ironic, since rocking the baby and playing with Fenner appear to make Jen grateful to me.  It’s a wonderfully symbiotic relationship – and one that I totally didn’t have figured out until "See you next time" turned into "Can’t you stay another day" and "Why don’t you come back Tuesday?"

Turns out that a cottage guest who likes to cook, tidy up, amuse children and is a strong swimmer who brings beer is a cottage guest who gets invited back.  (Note to self. Bring more beer.)

All of that is a nice way of saying that if I can finish a whole weeks worth of work today, tomorrow I’ll get in the car and go back, and hunt for toads and swim and look for wildflowers and read stories and canoe until Thursday, when I’ll load myself back to Toronto, then wash, pack and leave for the Twist Festival de la Fibre in Saint-André-Avellin, Quebec bright and early Friday morning.  It’s more time in the car than I can honestly say I’m keen on, but my love of lake swimming and damp, sun warmed children might be worth it. 

As a knitter, I should mention that my motives weren’t entirely lake based.  I could try Marlowe’s Birthday dress on here as I knit, and I can happily report that the little bodice fits…

and the skirt is underway.

Also, I wove a scarf, but let’s talk about that tomorrow, before I go. With beer.