Lake Bound

I think I actually pulled it off.   I really do.  My teaching stuff is organized, my clothes for the trip Friday are packed, my handouts are printed, the house is reasonably tidy (as long as you use my personal definition of reasonable) and I’ve flung a pair of shorts, some yarn and a bathing suit into a laundry basket, downloaded a new audiobook, and if I’m lucky, five minutes from now I’ll plunk that in the car, hit a grocery store for supplies, and be on the road to the cottage pretty close to my goal time of 11am.   I’m not sure how I pulled off everything last night, but I’m pretty sure I folded time at least twice, and this morning has demanded a rather uncommon amount of caffeine.  Still, it’s done, and showing you this scarf is the last thing on my list before I’m out the door.  Remember this yarn?

I spun it last month with the goal of it becoming a scarf, and this weekend, that’s exactly what it became.  I warped my Cricket loom (I used my 8 dent reed)

and decided I would try something a little different. 

I experimented with Soumak (that’s the funky lines that look like knitting)

and with leno (that’s the screwed up bunches of yarn that were supposed to come out really differently, but are still sort of interesting.)

The goal was to try and do something other than a plain weave – I’m a little sick of it – and I don’t think it’s the loom that’s limiting me… it’s my skills. I’m not sure I’m thrilled with the results though, I think I need a lot more practice.  Maybe I’ll put the loom in the car too.

Before I go, a few gifts?

Kirsten at Be Bold My Love has a great gift.

A $50 gift certificate for fibre or yarn in her shop. I’d have a hard time choosing. Let’s hope that Lora H has an easier time.

Not to be outdone, Tara at Dragonfly Dyewerx has a beautiful skein to send off to  Jeani.

It’s her sparkle sock in Emerald Lake.   I hope Jeani loves it.

Christian  of Radioactive Rabbit has a heck of a gift.  She donated before, but this time she said that if you guys made my second goal a reality she’d donate a $100 gift certificate to her shop. 

That makes her just about my favourite person today, and I know that Tami is going to agree.  Enjoy!   (Also, I’d appreciate it if you all took a look at what she’s up to.  It’s a race to benefit project Open Hand, and she’s making a great commitment.  Maybe it’s something you want to help her with? )

Alison Hyde specializes in generous, and so it’s no surprise that she’s got a signed copy of her book to mail off to Diane G.

By now you’ve all figured out that I have a bit of a thing for handmade soaps, so I like this one a lot.  Tara over at On a Branch Soaps

will be sending Sara B two soaps of her choice.  (I would be taking the Green Tea and the Rosemary Mint.)

Voila! Now. If you don’t mind? I have a date with a lake.