1. I got back from the cottage last night – unpacked my cottage stuff, and started straight away putting all my teaching stuff in.  This morning I’ll drive from here to Saint-André-Avellin in Quebec for the Twist Festival de la Fibre – teach for two days, then boogie over to Perth and Janie h knits for a few days, then make my way back home.

2. That’s almost a week away, with lots of long car trips.

3. That makes me think there will be a lot of time to knit.

4. I keep forgetting I’m driving.

5. That probably means that taking the birthday dress and the current socks in progress is enough.

6. Except that’s all stockinette all the time, and that scene can wear on a knitter. (If by "wear on a knitter" you understand I mean "cause her to buy a bunch more yarn she doesn’t need to relieve the tedium.")

7. Last night when I was thinking about all that stockinette I almost lost my cool and started something fancy.  I couldn’t find the right yarn in the stash though.  I think that’s the only thing that stopped me.

8.  If I have an extra 10 minutes this morning, I might not be able to resist.

9.  I am not going to have an extra 10 minutes.  That’s lunatic.

10. I really wish I could drive and knit at the same time.  At least on the highway. It would be so great. I can’t believe you can get a car that parks itself, but you still have to hold the wheel and look where you’re going the whole rest of the time.