Does this yarn make my bust look big

I finished Lizette last night, and took her upstairs to try on.  I pulled her over my head and pulled down on the hem,  then turned to look in the mirror.  I stared for a minute, then took a deep breath. Then stared, and started a little internal conversation.  "Is this too tight? Do I look like a hussy? Are my breasts in the wrong part of my body for this sweater?"  I stood there, sort of pulling it down and out and around, and I thought about what we always tell the girls, which is that if you’re wondering if something is too revealing, that means it is… and I wondered if I was supposed to apply that to myself. 

You’d think that I would – I mean- if anything I feel like I should show less skin than my beautiful, perfect daughters, but there’s a confounding variable, which is that when it comes to clothes, I have two priorities.  it should be loose enough to be comfortable, and it should be modest enough that most of the people I meet in the course of a day will not look at my breasts or arse, because they will not be able to find them.  (Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, the spandex for the Bike Rally was a personal challenge, but at least there everyone looks stupid.)
I know this about myself.  I know that I’m always buying clothes that are too big,  and that this is a source of constant pain to my smartly dressed mother.   Skinny jeans she suggests?  No thank you.  I’ll be over here picking out a pair of boot cut, wide leg pants with a waist three inches bigger than my own so nothing is "pinchy."   I do it over, and over, and over again.  A few years ago I went shopping for a dress for a wedding, and I took Sam with me.  I must have looked at a hundred before Sam snapped and said that she wouldn’t keep shopping with me unless I started trying things on – and then I still hated everything.  I looked too short, too heavy, too broad shouldered – this one was too tight, that one showed too much bust, this one? That one is way too short.   Sam finally chose a dress, assured me that this was the one, and forced me to buy it.  I came home with a dress that was too tight, too short, showed too much bust and … and I got a ton of compliments and comments about how nice  I looked.
Clearly, I can’t be trusted, and that’s what I was thinking as I went down the hall to Sam’s room. 

I knocked, then went in and asked her what she thought. 

She didn’t really look up, and just said "Yeah, great knitting" or something like that – so I pressed.  I told her I was really worried that I looked like a hussy.  I asked her if it was a hussy shirt.  She said it wasn’t.  I wondered if really, she didn’t understand my concerns, so I showed her how low the neck went, and how tight the bust was, and how the torso part only had like… 10cm of ease… and reminded her that I hate looking like a hussy.   She stopped and looked and took careful stock of all I was saying, and even asked me to show her the back.

I’m pretty sure she was just making sure that it really looked like she cared so that she wouldn’t have to discuss if for long.  She said I should wear it with a camisole, because of the lace (not because the neck was too low) and then said she thought it was really good.   I patted it all over, and then suggested again that maybe it was too tight? Too short? Too low?

(Pattern: Lizette. Yarn: Hempathy in Hazel, colour 050. Needles, 3.75mm.)

This time Sam rolled her eyes and said that it was none of those things, and would I please maybe leave her alone? That she’d said it was good, and it was, and what else could she say?  I reminded her that it was important not to look like a hussy, especially if you’re 44, and the stuff you’re revealing if you wear revealing stuff isn’t that great to start with… and she looked at me and took a deep breath and then said this:

"Mum.  It looks great. It is not too short.  It is not too tight.  It does not go too low in the front, it is not ‘strange’ in the back.  It is good.  It fits.  STOP TRYING TO DRESS LIKE YOU’RE AMISH."

Okay then. 

(PS. I still think it might be a little tight.)

(PPS. Thanks to Natalie and Sam for taking the pictures.)

(PPPS. Happy 21st Birthday to my Megan!  I’ll see you later honey.)

574 thoughts on “Does this yarn make my bust look big

  1. It looks awesome. And I bet Joe will like it on you!
    And, after the bike ride, trust me, you have the body to wear a lot of spandex!

  2. it looks beautiful on you
    you are such a tiny little bit of a thing you would look great in anything!

  3. I am not your daughter and therefore, do not feel compelled to spare your feelings. If I thought it was too short, tight, low, hussified, etc. I would simply say nothing. So when I say it looks great then I mean it. It looks really good on you so relax. Although I understand your thinking on this point. Not only do I live in oxford button down shirts but they are always larger than they should be. We both need to get over this.

  4. Are you nuts?!? It looks awesome…so modern and well fitting..easily one of the best knits I’ve seen you make for yourself.

  5. It looks stunning. It doesn’t look strange in the back. In fact the back hangs beautifully. It isn’t too short. It doesn’t go too low. I love the camisole peeking out. It isn’t too tight–it is perfectly fitted.

  6. It looks nice. It looks like it fits well and it does not look too tight.
    Do not apologize for standards of modesty. Why advertise something that is not for sale? is my policy.
    I wanted to call these two statements point #1 and point #2, but considering the topic, thought better of it. Or not!

  7. I too prefer to say nothing if it might hurt another’s feelings, and I too say that Lizette is a perfect fit. The camisole idea is great for concealing one’s decolletage when you’re not confident about revealing your frontal assets!
    It’s a great look, honestly.

  8. I agree – it looks beautiful on you. And as I am rather conservative myself, I agree that the neckline comes down far enough and the lace bit shows enough to wear a camisole. If you were to make it again, the part I think needs adjusting is between the neckline and the I cord. If there was another inch or so, so that the I cord went below the bust, it would be a better fit. However, the entire rest of the sweater is amazing and fits you perfectly… and the icing on the cake was that it was an interesting construction!

  9. You look stunning – it is NOT too revealing or too tight. Beautiful knitting. You’re fit and toned, with nothing flabby, so don’t worry.

  10. It looks wonderful. As stated by Dianne further up the comments, if we thought it looke like hussy wear, we would not comment. Honestly, it’s wonderful.

  11. Seriously, you have to listen to everyone so far, especially your daughter – you look fantastic in Lizette. It’s a beautiful piece of work and suits you perfectly 🙂

  12. You look gorgeous. Great knitting, and definitely not a hussy shirt, especially when paired with a camisole. 🙂

  13. I think it looks great and Sam was 100% correct about wearing a cami underneath since there are lace bits in the front. It looks awesome on you and I hope I look that good when I’m in my 40s!

  14. Listen to your daughter.
    It looks really nice.
    It calls for a camisole.
    You done good!

  15. We are our own worst critics. It really looks great on you. Very feminine, and flattering. Not too tight. Lovely.

  16. It looks fabulous, you look fabulous. The fit is perfect. Embrace your inner hussy, she’s had three kids, 40+ years of gravity, and she looks amazing.
    And you know, some of us don’t have much in the chestal/frontal area, enjoy how great yours looks!

  17. Seriously looks beautiful. While I know you trust The Blog, I feel that you wouldn’t be showing us the pics if you didn’t love it. You know you look good and you should be proud of that feeling!

  18. it looks beautiful.
    at least your “voice of reason” is in house. i have to ask my sister those sort of things. this requires shopping together or taking clothes to her house or having her come to mine. i had a dress on the other week and kept asking my husband if it was too low cut. of course he thought not. when nearly my entire right boob fell out upon bending over, i changed. that dress will now become repurposed or get a camisole to match. i can’t trust my husband to judge the hussy-ness of my clothes. he doesn’t call it hussy-ness….he calls it “easy access.”

  19. It really does look great on you, not too tight, not too low. Without the cami you run the risk of hussy-hood but only because of the lace, not because of the neckline.
    I have to have similar conversations with my momma too, I think it’s a daughter’s duty 🙂

  20. OMG, that is perfect. I didn’t really like that pattern until I saw this version. (Although I know what you mean. I don’t like people looking at my bits either).

  21. Wow! can’t agree more with the comments thus far. Superb! It’s lovely and fits great, and is interesting knitting as well – great design detail.
    I’m wondering about something – with your fab name “the yarn harlot…” are you thinking that if something fits exactly the way it should (the lovely neckline with the bit of camisole is just right) that you are thus actually becoming a harlot of some sort? No way! I, too, am conservative, and still think it is amazing!
    YOU look lovely in IT!

  22. It looks fabulous. As for the tightness, my mother always says to close your eyes and see if it FEELS too tight. If you feel good, then wear away, because it looks fabulous!

  23. I usually don’t comment on these things but, WOW! The color, the style, the fit…they all look great on you. Please stop feeling like you look/or could look like a hussy. You look very nice.

  24. That’s so funny. About 3 years ago I let my daughter talk me into buying clothes that fit. It took about a year for people to stop asking me if I’d lost weight.
    That sweater looks great! I’m sure if you weren’t looking at yourself you’d agree, lol.

  25. Leave it to our daughters to put us in our proper place! Well said, Sam. My girls, 22 and 24, do their part to keep me in this century. What works for me when I feel “stretched” fashion wise is to remind myself that I’ve still “got it” at age 55, so enjoy it while i can. I need to save the dowdy look for old age.

  26. Such a gorgeous sweater. Now then, if you chose to wear it with a push-up bra, no camisole and hotpants (do they still exist?), THEN I’d definitely consider it a hussy outfit. As shown in the photos, it’s smashing!

  27. Wow. It really does look good on you. Its nice to see so much work turn out so beautiful. And with the black skirt…perfect.

  28. It really looks good on you and I agree that a camisole is needed for the lace. The only problem with it is it makes me want one too.

  29. NOT too tight, no danger of hussiness–you look terrific in it. In style, well-fitting, nice color–and great job knitting and finishing! If I had one, I’d wear it with pride; and I’m 52, and live in jeans and t-shirts.

  30. It looks great on you! I understand feeling like a neckline is too low, but it isn’t making you look like a field of tatas or looking like you are nothing but cleavage. It is gorgeous. If you feel like it is too revealing, then just pick a camisole with a *slightly* higher neckline.

  31. By the away, I think a burnt orange coloured or bright white cami would maybe set it off a bit better than the ivory colour.

  32. Stephanie, STOP TRYING TO DRESS LIKE YOU’RE AMISH. She’s right – it looks beautiful on you. The color is gorgeous, I agree with the camisole so that it highlights that beautiful lace, and it’s extremely flattering to your figure (no, that doesn’t mean you look like a hussy, it means that it looks like you actually *have* a figure).

  33. This is what my (rather classy and just now 75 years young) mum calls “casually elegant”- All I can say is wow and I wish I could look that good in it.
    Will you please believe a complete stranger?

    P.S.: it is NOT too tight.

    P.P.S: it really isn’t!
    x Bettina

  34. The mum tape in my head says:if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
    Sam is absolutely right: it fits and you look like an adult, and you look terrific. Please consider that a cami can be another colour than white, perhaps to tie into the bottom of your outfit. And, cami’s frequently have a bit of lace themselves.

  35. I have the EXACT same fight with my mother all the time. Trust me, it looks great, and if you were worried about the neckline that little cami just sets it off wonderfully anyway! I also have the broad shoulder problem by the way, people are always amazed at how my slim figure can look like a linebacker in the wrong sleeves. These are perfect! I wonder if I should knit one…

  36. My mom is always trying to lose herself in bigger clothes too. Why? It fits you perfectly and you look like a well-respected and well put together woman. The exact opposite of a hussy.

  37. It is beautiful!! Brava!!!
    It isn’t too revealing. And hussies don’t wear that kind of style. It’s actually pretty conservative.
    FWIW I wear camisoles under all knitted tops because I have this “thing” about bra show-through, because I am even older and even more worried about hussiness than you are.

  38. The fit is excellent. Trust Sam on this. There really is no reason to conform to Amish standards of dress if you’re not in fact Amish.

  39. clothes that are too big actually will make you look fatter than you are. I am sure your daughter would not let you wear something that made you look like a hussy.
    Love the fit, the color and the length.

  40. You look lovely! It’s not too low – but Sam’s right about wearing a cami underneath because of the lace. It looks perfect all around – not too snug, very flattering and decidedly non-hussy. I would say it’s an ideal shirt – I would wear something like that to work just as easily as I would hanging out at home in a pair of jeans. Even the color is spectacular. Now stop worrying and enjoy your beautiful and perfectly-sized knit top!

  41. And besides, you’re entitled to it–you rode your bike FROM TORONTO TO MONTREAL, for heaven’s sake!

  42. I think it looks fantastic on you! 🙂 I just finished a sweater with the opposite problem – I made it bigger, thinking it needed to be, and I think I made it too big, and it’s frumpy. 🙁 Such it life…and what happens when you don’t swatch, even though swatches lie. lol.

  43. I agree with your sensibilities about dressing appropriately, and I agree with Sam (and all the other comments). In complete honesty, the word “hussy” would have never, ever entered my mind. It looks so classy!

  44. Ah yes, I totally understand the thought process that went on as you looked in the mirror. But here’s the thing — your daughter is right. It is not too tight, too short or too low. It does not make you look like a hussy.
    Sometimes our inner dialogue needs to shut the heck up and we need to listen to the more fashionable among us…or our daughters. 🙂
    (I do not knit sweaters for myself because I go through the same thought process when looking at patterns. I’d rather knit for others than try and find a pattern that *I* think would be flattering on me, but that’s my knitting hang up.)

  45. You look like an extremely well-dressed person (with fabulous knitting skills). Your bust looks exactly the right size. Sam is correct *and* it’s a beautiful sweater.

  46. It is a perfect fit, and it looks fabulous on you. If I’d made something that fit that well and looked that good, I’m not sure I’d ever take it off.

  47. It looks like it fits perfectly. It is a wonderful looking sweater and it looks good on you.

  48. You look great in this top!! Your daughter is absolutely right! Its not tight or too low.
    I love it and now I’ve queued it because it looks so nice on you I want one too! 🙂

  49. It looks absolutely perfect for you. It is flattering without pulling. It hits you in all of the right places. It is tailored, not tight.
    No age is too old to wear flattering clothing.

  50. It looks great on you. The cami under is a nice touch. Methinks your daughters should nominate you for “What not to Wear” on TLC. Stacy and Clinton could help you get over the fear of wearing non-Amish fitting clothing.

  51. I’m like you. Loose, comfy and modest are musts. Sweat pants are preferable when possible. The top looks great on you and I even feel encouraged to knit one for myself.

  52. I wear scoopnecks because they elongate one’s neck, but if the scoop feels too low I just fill it in with a chunky necklace. Gives em something else to look at between your eyes and your navel. I’m sure you could find something in proportion to your neckline and height!

  53. Sam is 100% right. I am a bit more on the conservative side of the clothing spectrum myself (Can skinny jeans go out of style already? Please?), and I agree that Lizette fits you *perfectly.* It’s not revealing at all, looks comfortable (my top priority), and looks like it was made for you. Oh, wait… it was. 🙂

  54. It looks fabulous, and “STOP TRYING TO DRESS LIKE YOU’RE AMISH” made me laugh out loud.

  55. It looks great on you. A perfect fit. But fair warning…the sweater I made out of hempathy grew with each washing. I kept trying to make myself think it was because I had lost weight, but sadly that wasn’t the case.

  56. It’s wonderful; wear it with pride! BTW, I often think about your comment on how you dress like a tree (brown on bottom, green on top). It resonated with me because I tend to do that, too, as well as buy things too big. Anyway, I think you look wonderfully ready for autumn. 🙂

  57. Abso-freaking-lutely GORGEOUS!!! Now, go out and pick up a few little silk scarves (1 black, 1 dark-chocolate, a couple in brighter-contrast-jewelly tones &/or autumny prints) to pin into the bodice as faux cammies. Wear with pride!!

  58. Happy Birthday to Megan!
    Lizette looks awesome on you! I’m sure everyone at Megan’s party will tell you that, too…

  59. No, I disagree with the majority. I think it does look a bit too bosom-centred. It’s not too low but the lowness plus the lacey pattern plus the empire waist does say: MY BOSOMS ARE HERE. The lacey pattern also gives a weird widening, east-west breast spacing illusion. Everyone is being very kind because it’s a very beautiful knitted piece, but .. I’m not on board with it. Plus the cami just makes it look hot. In a high temperature way. There, I’ve studied your boobs long enough! 🙂

  60. Coming from the “Heart of Amish Country” Lancaster Co., PA, I can honestly say that it doesn’t look Amish! Trust me, my neighbors don’t look like that. I do love the color and the way that it fits. After seeing it on a woman of simmilar age, I think I may have to give it a shot myself. Enjoy the new top!

  61. Soo cute! Looks great on you, truly! If I could figure out how to make one of those that flattered my HH’s, I would have one on needles now! The cami really finishes it out nicely. 🙂

  62. No, it doesn’t. It makes your bust (and rest of you) look great. Apologies to the yarn manufacturers as am sure they would have loved the answer to be “yes” – think of the stampede of flat-chested women to the yarn! 🙂

  63. Your sweater is beautiful and fits you perfectly. I think a camisole with a little bit of lace would just be the perfect thing.

  64. I really have to agree with Sam… I think this looks fantastic on you and I think she was smart to recommend the camisole. It looks FANTASTIC on you and is sure to draw lots of compliments!

  65. It looks great on you. You have a really cute figure, and you look pretty in it. Nice knitting! And happy birthday to your Megan!

  66. I think that your Lizette could teach your badly behaved Flow a thing or two about proper fit and general awesomeness. You look great. It avoids the hussy-factor completely–but I appreciate seeing it with a camisole under it because where the lace in the front would sit versus what it would look like with a camisole under was my major concern about knitting it for myself…

  67. Ha ha! Meaning no offense to the Amish whatsoever…but that Sam is a pretty funny kid! And, yes. It fits fine. I hear ya on the modest, age appropriate thing (I’m 52 and slightly overweight, and not really too upset about either one) but I will add my vote to the bazillion others. Steph just made herself a new top!

  68. PS: You have some very peculiar notions about your shape. Yes, you are petite. No, you have neither ‘unfindable’ bust & butt [we’ve seen you in spandex, remember] nor an unfortunately-overly-generous ‘awning over the front porch’ mentioned in a recent post. And you couldn’t look ‘heavy’ if you tried!

  69. If you feel there is too much naked flesh on show, wear a necklace!
    I’d wear it if I looked like you……..

  70. stephanie, it’s great! it fits you perfectly. i think you could even wear it without the camisole but i totally get that it makes you more comfortable and shows the lace off better. I even agree with the writer who suggested the ivory camisole you are wearing with lizzette doesn’t show it off to its best advantage and she suggested white or bright orange – i think she is absolutely correct. But….with all that said….what made me cry reading your post is the amount of (I hate to say it) self-loathing that comes through (?perhaps too strong, self-deprecating, self-insulting?). I recognize it, i do the same thing. Where do we get this from? obviously not your mom – she knows you need to dress a little smaller in the clothing? why do we feel the need to hide our bodies? something is very very wrong here and we need to work on this. I am very pleased to see you put up your thoughts and your pictures so we can all get a bit of a wakeup call on this. Enjoy your beautiful sweater. You are an amazing knitter and you look beautiful in the lovely Lizzette.

  71. It does look great! The camisole contrasting through shows the lace off. You might feel better about your Amish-dressing self of you adjust your bra straps so that the girls are a bit higher, and the seam (not sure if it’s really a seam, but the place where the bodice begins and the lace ends rests definitely below the bust line. It is beautiful! Just a thought to make you feel more psychologically comfortable. 🙂

  72. It looks gorgeous on you!
    And wearing a cami under it, as suggested already, will help if you think it shows too much chest (it doesn’t.)
    My thought is this, though.
    Wear it a few times, let people comment on it (or not), and then put on the sweater, stand in front of the mirror, and take a good look at yourself. If you still don’t feel great in it, after people have had a chance to compliment you (which they will), then maybe it’s time to liberate it and find someone who will enjoy it and make it worth all the time and energy it took.
    …but I still think it’s perfect on you, and you’re crazy for not seeing it. 😉

  73. Second time Sam’s made a statement about clothing that should be carved over your door so you can see it when you/I/we go out. The first was the warning that she didn’t want the hat/mittens to look too “knitterly” (mismatched because we have short attention spans) This, however, tops it.
    (I note you didn’t ask the man who would just have said “great rack, babe.”_

  74. Not tight. Even if it was, you’d still look great in this and I never would’ve gone “oh my gosh her bosoms are, like, SO OUT THERE”. I’m too busy looking at the cabling on the hem and sleeves and going, “ooo” instead.

  75. Holy cow – the first time I’ve actually seen you post a sweater of yourself that isn’t too big! 🙂
    You look gorgeous. Trust your daughter – don’t dress Amish.

  76. Wear a pretty camisole if you feel it’s too low in the front. Personally, I think it looks lovely on you.

  77. It looks fantastic on you. It fits perfectly and the pictures are gorgeous. The color is also fabulous on you. Seriously, it’s a very flattering top on you. 🙂

  78. I think it looks like a beautiful top and you look great in it! Definitely trust your daughter she is totally right!

  79. you’re nutso, and Sam’s right. It looks terrific. You sound like you’d only be happy wearing wheat sacks.

  80. That blouse looks beautiful. YOU look beautiful wearing it. Please, please listen to the Blog, if not the in-house fashion maven. Lizette is the new addition to your wardrobe — a perfect companion for Flow the First! And with two beautiful tops in your closet, you can let the squirrel have a bonfire with Flow the Second.

  81. I wish I could knit garments that fit as well as your Lisette does you. That’s why I stick to baby blankets and shawls. It’s perfect – stop wasting good knitting time on self flagilation. I wonder why someone with your talents is so self critical. What’s next on your queue so we can be further inspired?

  82. I think it looks great and that you look amazing in it. Be proud of being such a strong, fit, and attractive woman–regardless of your age. It’s sophisticated and attractive without being “hot”. I totally get your concerns, but I think this is a sweater you can be proud to wear.

  83. This is lovely and it fits you perfectly. I have body image issues and I would know if it was bad. It is stupendous, flattering and everything else. Stop with the doubting…

  84. Steph it looks awesome on you, looks like it was made for you as well as by you. You clever (and pretty thing) time to stop worrying and enjoy Vikki x

  85. You are absolutely correct and your daughter is lying to you. Send it to me. You have my address. You do not want to look like a hussy. But it will be fine on me.

  86. Ah, Melissa-Louise — Just came across your comment. A contrary opinion is always a useful thing, but the comment “everyone else is just being nice” …? Way to poison the punchbowl, babe.

  87. If you are regularly wearing clothes that don’t fit, you stop recognizing when clothes fit you properly. This one fits you amazingly well. I have to agree with a previous poster in that you appear to have mental issues with your body. Go seek help. You might also have fewer issues with your perception of your breasts if you got yourself a good well fitting bra. Your clothes will fit better and the girls will be where they should be in relation to the rest of your body.
    I am writing all this from my own personal experience by the way.

  88. Neither too tight nor too short and not too low either, perhaps a bit different fit than you’re used to, but overall quite lovely. I’d certainly call it a success.
    I do have one question though – are you able to tie the back yourself?

  89. Steph. IT. LOOKS. GOOD. ON YOU!! Chill. Listen to Sam on this. Trust me on this, I have to keep telling my mom when something looks good or doesn’t look good on her. (And I don’t even like having to buy clothing for myself. If pushed to it, I’ll go straight to the guys section, buy a few teeshirts and shorts and be done with it. And don’t get me started on how old some of my bras and underthings are. Let’s just say some are probably at least ten years old.)

  90. Not the least bit hussy-ish & I’m in the same boat as you are – I buy everything too big. It is flattering and very beautiful. Nice work.

  91. It fits perfectly. I join the chorus of people thinking, Hmmm, maybe I should try that, too.
    (Really: PERFECT FIT.)

  92. Lovely sweater – very flattering. Good thing I wasn’t in the middle of a drink when I got to the last line!

  93. It is wonderful, and you look great in it. I agree completely with Sam. She has good taste. You are the same age as my daughter, and I would love to see her in this sweater. The strip of plain fabric at the top of the bra is boring. Go with the lace camisole. It fits, it looks great; wear it with élan!

  94. Honestly, I think it looks better on you than on the Twist Collective model. And she looks adorable. You’ve just made a sale–it’s gorgeous!

  95. My first impression was “taller”, “thinner” and “seems to fit perfectly”. I understand covering up in too large clothes, but maybe you should tape one of those pictures to the mirror of the room where you get dressed. You look terrific, and taller and thinner…

  96. You really know how to pick out patterns and colors to flatter your figure. The sweater looks good and you do look hot in it, but that doesn’t make you a hussy…. and i think that’s why you are struggling with this. You can be a modest woman and still look attractive (i.e., show some of your curves)without being provocative… which is what I think you mean by being a “hussy.”
    I like the camisole.. I would like it better with a little lace, but that might be itchy for you.. Additionally, you could wear a necklace that might compliment you and take up some of the space between your chin and the top of the camisole or sweater. I love the back.. I would call it cute rather than strange.
    You are a trim, fit woman. Women have curves. Get over it and enjoy the beautiful sweater.

  97. More comments from me: No 1 – I predict that it will become one of your very favorite garments. No 2. I saw you in many pics of the bike race and all the prep leading up to it but how in the heck did you manage not to get a tan line on the neck, arms (we call that a farmer’s tan), or face! I’m amazed and burn/freckle so easily that I don’t think I could wear Lisette even with a turtleneck (hey, that’s a solution for you!).

  98. You should inform Sam that the last time I was at the mall, about 16 Amish teenage girls and their moms came out of Victoria’s Secret…with bags!!!

  99. Your daughter is right. And hussies don’t wear hand-knit tops. The only thing I’d suggest is a camisole in a color that sings a little harmony with the top. Perhaps a darker persimmon, or dark brown, or a sunny yellow, or even peach. Beautiful work!

  100. It looks just right on you (with a camisole). People will look at your boobs if/when you wear it, but that’s because it has a pretty design in the boob area intended to call attention to one’s boobs (and your boobs look just fine, though wow, now I am talking way too much about them considering that I don’t actually know you. Sorry.). That being said, I’ve found that if something doesn’t feel to me like it works for me, it will never feel right. I might as well give up at the beginning rather than be self-conscious every time I force myself to wear it. So if Sam’s (totally accurate) assessment hasn’t convinced you that the sweater looks good on you, I’d try it one more time and then give it away, because you’re never going to feel at your best in it. (Even though, seriously, it looks awesome.)

  101. She’s right.
    And for the record, there’s nothing that a teenage/20-something daughter wants less than a mother who looks like a hussy, so I assure you that Sam and your other girls will let you know ten minutes before the moment you put on something that makes you look remotely provocative.
    Body image sucks.

  102. You look lovely in it – definitely not a bit like a hussy.
    And Melissa-Louise, we are all not just being nice. And surprise! we don’t all think the same as you!

  103. Your Lizette fits you beautifully. Thank goodness for daughters who are willing to give us honest feedback about our clothing. (I think.) I am slowly coming to the conclusion that my middle daughter has a far better idea of what looks good on me than I do. Her favourite line is, “Mom, just because you can put it on does NOT mean that it FITS.” Apparently I, too, buy clothing that is two or three sizes too big.
    Happy birthday, Megan!

  104. I have a friend who always looks beautifully put-together. She is far from the “advertisement image” pretty-girl, but she always looks beautiful because she just knows how to dress so that a) she’s comfortable, and b) she emphasizes how lovely she really is.
    The best advice she ever gave me was never to dress in clothes that are too loose. I listened, and I’ve felt better about my figure ever since. You really have a lovely figure, and I think you look truly great in that shirt. It emphasizes your shape without being immodest (good call on the camisole, though, Sam!) and I think shows you at your best. At the risk of sounding odd, I’d never realized what a great figure you really do have.
    Unfortunately, you look great enough that now I want to make one, and, dammit, I already have something else that I know will be pretty on the needles!

  105. You don’t look great, you look beautiful. Beautiful color on you, beautiful cut, beautiful drape. Trust me. I am 44 also and I know how you feel.

  106. Sam is right. And much as it pains me to say it, you’re wrong. And this is coming from someone much dumpier and more middle-aged than you.

  107. It’s beautiful, you’re beautiful in it (and I say that as someone who doesn’t even particularly like the pattern). Not only that, you finished a summer top in the summertime and can wear it right away. I do hope you will take all these comments to heart and wear it and feel comfortable and beautiful in it.

  108. maybe someday when I grow up I’ll knit a beautiful sweater than fits as perfectly as yours. 🙂 Until then, I’ll admire yours.

  109. I can’t believe no one else has commented on the exquisite irony of a Harlot worrying about being seen as a Hussy… 😉

  110. If I EVER make a garment that is as flattering on me as that is on you, I will wear it with pride! So far, I can only stand to wear my small shawls; my vests are iffy.

  111. Nicest fitting garment I have ever seen you make for yourself.
    Not a hussy-look by a long shot – in fact – I am jealous…my knitting never fits this well.
    (and a side note…I love it when I read your blog and you link to a pattern and how when I go on Ravelry and see that it has become one of the most popular patterns all of the sudden!)
    Here’s hoping the weather stays warm enough for you to get some good wear out of this before the sumemr season is over!

  112. I am a hussy and I think that looks plenty conservative. It’s a beautiful knit, and a nice fit.
    Oh yeah. A couple of people said that hussies don’t wear hand-knits. Sorry, but we do! Gimme that deep v-neck any day.

  113. It looks GREAT. You look great in it. You are not showing too much anything. You’re an attractive woman. No one is going to stare at specific body parts; they’re going to see a lovely woman in a lovely sweater. Wear it proudly, with confidence, even if it does mean stepping out of your comfort zone a tidge. Because you really, truly do look terrific in it.

  114. It looks wonderful, Steph! Don’t worry about looking like a hussy – you’re nowhere close. You may have convinced me that there should be a Lizette in my future, too!

  115. I would go for a different coloured camisole for perfection, but that maybe a photo/monitor/computer thing.
    Otherwise – fabulous.
    As clothes cause so much consternation. Why not move to a few ‘base’ pieces every few months to build on, and be the foundation for more clothes that suit all varieties of your life (travelling particularly), and rid yourself of the hassles with thoughtful buying. Or knowing what suits you, and having these pieces made – expensive, but good insurance, knowing they suit you.
    Cecily McGlowik MacDonald does good advice via Ravelry for body shape, if you feel you don’t know yourself well enough – she may give you a few pointers, but the rest you know yourself.

  116. Steph, it’s wonderful. A beautiful piece of knitting and you look beautiful in it. I also choose clothes that are too loose fitting so I understand that inclination. But seeing you in that sweater makes me say, snap out of it!

  117. It looks fantastic! What a wonderful pattern and color, it really looks very beautiful and so do you wearing it. Not hussy-like at all!

  118. It’s like your breasts are screaming, LOOK AT ME!!!
    JUST KIDDING. Are you crazy? You are beautiful and this looks gorgeous on you! Perfect, non-hussy fit. In other words, what Sam said.

  119. Happy Birthday, Megan!
    And thank you for having exactly the same running dialogue in your head that I do. Let me add, that sweater looks wonderful on you.

  120. Enjoy Lizette! You look fabulous! If you insist on continuing to second guess yourself. Don’t let her go to waste. I think you and I are the same size….

  121. I just left a post but wanted to say one more thing. You look so great in that sweater and the knitting is so fine that the last pic would make a great author photo for upcoming books.

  122. I’m actually going to call you out on something: women in the western world are constantly shamed if they’re attractive or comfortable with their own bodies. They’re shamed if they take pleasure in how they look or feel. Stop adding to the problem.
    I know, I know: that’s not at all your intention. But you’ve just told us that any woman who ever wears anything revealing or fitted is a hussy (the words you didn’t use are “slut” and “whore;” not using them didn’t take them out of the conversation). I also know that this has more to do with your feelings about your own body and behavior than about how you feel about what other women do. But please stop equating how a woman dresses with her worth as a moral human being: it clearly adds to your stress, and it adds to the weight of ugly words being used against women.
    It’s a lovely sweater. You look lovely in it. You are wearing it in a modest and flattering fashion. That should be enough.

  123. It is perfect. It could not fit better. Seriously.
    Now I’m going to find some yarn to start my own.

  124. Stephanie,
    I live in Amish land, and while I do not wear Amish clothing, I consider myself a modest dresser.
    I like this. All of it. I think the Amish might even approve of it on an English, because it is a solid color.
    Good work.

  125. For what it’s worth, I agree with Sam. It appears to fit you just right, and looks lovely. And I consider myself to be a very modest dresser (who has been mistaken for a Mennonite in the past, but I insist that those people were just ignorant!).

  126. I like everything about that sweater, including how it looks on you. It’s lovely and you look lovely in it. I tend to do exactly as you do when I look at my clothes on my own body and when I occasionally go with something a bit closer fitting or “hussier” than normal for me (and I’m older than you are), I find that I feel younger, sexier, prettier. Go with it, Steph. You look great.

  127. It fits you beautifully.
    In general, I always find fitting the bust area to be tricky, especially when there are a lot of design elements concentrated there. The middle of the bust detailing on Lizette starts lower below the bust on the model and runs flatter vertically because of her bust size. The larger the bust compared to the model, the shorter vertically that detailing looks because of the bust curve. That can give an illusion of being tighter, even though the fabric isn’t stretched – it isn’t too tight.

  128. You ARE a shameless hussy, obviously fishing for compliments, like a gourmet chef who asks if his masterpiece is too salty. 😉 But I’ll play my part in the drama. As your daughter and all the other readers have assured you, it is gorgeous and it you look lovely in it. Relax and enjoy it.

  129. The camisole solves the whole question. Looks fine. And not like a sausage, either.

  130. You did a gorgeous job of knitting and I hope you can find a happy friendship with the finished piece and wear it because it looks gorgeous on you! I’ve sold cosmetics and I’ve taught Yoga and I now work in a handknit shop where we sell finished garments and help people choose what to make for themselves. Through all these experiences I am always amazed and constantly heartbroken by how cruel women are to themselves regarding their physical forms. I do it myself too, naturally. I think it only adds insult to the base injury if people create things that don’t fit and flatter – so the fact that you’ve knit this beautiful item that both fits and flatters is a win. With that one item you’re going to elevate some people’s misguided idea of handknits=frumpy to handknits=elegant.

  131. I think the fit is very, very good. It is certainly NOT tight. It skims over your frame; it doesn’t hug it. I too, would wear a camisole under it just because I hate for my bra to show and for my comfort level. (I always do the bend over test to make sure you can’t see down my shirt if I lean over.)
    Think of the styles that were in fashion when you were in your late teens and early twenties, which is probably when you were first making all the decisions about what to wear AND bearing the consequences of those decisions. The styles then were all baggy and oversized and androgynous. It was critical not to look too “girly” which frequently translated somehow to slutty. Look through current knitting patterns and clothing is much more fitted now than 25 years ago but not so tailored and fitted as in earlier decades (I’m thinking the 20’s and 50’s.) Fashions and styles always seem to vacillate from loose to form fitting.
    I think you look GREAT and should wear it confidently!
    Well done.

  132. I want to hear your husband’s reaction (cause I’m betting he loves it!)
    It’s gorgeous. Have you tried it with a white and then a black cami? I think a sharper contrast might make it stand out cause everyone knows girls who wear camis under v-necks ARE NOT HUSSIES!!!!

  133. I forgot to ask if you’d mind doing a tutorial on how you finished the sweater (especially sewing in the sleeves)?
    It not only fits – it’s flawless!

  134. As a knitter and a devoted YH follower, I was surprised by this.
    As the daughter of a slender ballet dancer who is 60 and routinely outshines me at yoga, I was not. I can’t tell her shirts from my dad’s. He’s 6’2.
    Stop being crazy. It’s a shirt, not a tarp.

  135. It’s perfect and you look fantastic! Not one iota of hussy-ism in sight. Very classy.

  136. It looks amazing! It is NOT too revealing, it is perfect for your shape (trust me, I’m 4’11” – I know your pain). Lizzette could be worn causually, or it could be worn as something a little more dressy.
    Lizzete on you shows that you are a profesional, educated woman, and screams CONFIDENCE. 🙂 And it’s a good change, not too tight, not too loose. And definatly try different color camosoles with it, they each portay a different mood, for example, white/bright shades in the day, darks at night.
    You look amazing, and Sam was right, everyone is right! You look great!

  137. It is absolutely perfect on you and gorgeous! Now I want to knit a Lizette (as well as a Flow) for myself!!

  138. I hear ya on the skinny jeans! I tried to go shopping for some capri pants and all I could find were those cropped skinny jeans! I’m 32, and I’ve birthed four babies. I’m perfectly OK with the fact that gravity and pregnancy has not exactly been helpful to my figure. I think I look pretty good for someone my age with four kids! 🙂
    You look great in the sweater Steph!

  139. It’s gorgeous, it looks good on you, and you look good in it.
    And why can’t 44 year olds be hussies?

  140. It is stunning. The shape of the lace panel is flattering, the cabled edges give it lovely strong lines, the empire construction is classy and sleek, and the colour is GREAT with your skin tone. Seriously, it’s made me want to knit one!

  141. It looks wonderful on you. In fact, it looks perfect. No way does it make you look like a hussy at all.
    Wear it with pride and enjoy the compliments 🙂

  142. It fits beautifully. A bit snugly — WHICH IS NOT THE SAME THING AT ALL AS TOO TIGHT — and looks wonderful. Great job.

  143. this is dynamite on you. It was designed for you.
    never mind that Flow thing. Could you please knit up more of these.

  144. You look very graceful in Lizette. It is perfect for you. When I first saw the pattern I had my doubts, but I think shortening the hem-length made all the difference. And I emphatically do not think you should change the camisole color to white. I think the ivory is more in keeping with the rust sweater color and your skin tone. Sometimes when certain outfits get a white camisole thrown at them it makes me want to scream because it is often so un-harmonious with everything else about them. Burnt orange, as the same person mentioned, might be a good alternate choice, though. Or brown. (I was toying with green but know how you feel about looking like a tree).
    It seems to me that every adult generation is uncomfortable with the fashion daring-ness of the younger generation. (My mother never did learn to wear pants.) With Lizette, I think you found a happy medium. And boy do I wish I had your arms.

  145. Looks great, really flatters you. Fitted clothes are always more flattering than loose ones, which is hard to get used to if you’re inclined towards the loose, but clothes that are bigger than you will only make you look bigger (and a rather strange shape to boot).

  146. One word: stunning! I’m about to start my first more-fitted-than-usual top and I just hope it comes out even a little bit as well fitting as yours. Having said that, I do understand the unpleasant feeling that you’re too exposed. You look beautiful, but if the feeling persists, I agree with those who suggest gifting it. It’s not worth feeling uncomfortable or worse, consigning it to the back of the closet and never wearing it.

  147. I agree with SaltCitySpinner that if you make this sweater again, add a little bit more between the I-cord and the upper bodice. It is amazing what one inch will do and the way you feel about the fit. More endowed women need a bit more fabric than our B-cup sisters for which all clothing is designed for.
    As a side note, I find it interesting that we more endowed women do not like over revealing cleavages. Is it because of the poor fit across the upper bodice? Or is it because of the unwanted comments and attention we got while in our early teens?

  148. It looks really nice, especially with a cami – but that particular cami is a little Amish.

  149. I am 66, taller than you, and have small breasts, even though I am heavy, and pretty damn modest. If I looked as good as you do in Lisette, I would absolutely, positively wear it happily. It looks lovely on you.

  150. Simply stunning. You are not shamelessly flaunting, simply looking lovely. And there is nothing wrong with looking lovely.

  151. It is perfectly fit. What a wonderful knit!
    P.s. If you can’t trust strangers on the internet who can you trust?

  152. How about I make you something REALLY slutty, with peep holes in a hoochie mama style, then you will have a benchmark from which to measure any future garments.

  153. Might I add if that’s what a hussy looks like I need to start dressing like a hussy.

  154. The bust line is a little too high- it should really go below the chest. The shirt is not too tight, the bust line is too high. It’s a big problem with many empire waist things. If it’s possible to re-block it so the line comes even 1/2 inch lower it would fit much better.

  155. What a beautiful sweater – the lace is gorgeous (without being too much to be comfortable), and you picked a color that really compliments you. Congratulations!
    I know how you feel about things being too low/too revealing – I had to laugh when I read what Sam said to you because I “try to dress like I’m Amish” a lot too. She hit the nail on the head!
    If you’re stil concerned it’s too low, try adding a necklace – even a simple chain would add something, and draw the eye up toward your face. Just a thought….
    But seriously – Congrats on another amazing sweater!

  156. I, too, have a mortal fear of mutton dressed like lamb (in other words I look like I’m trying to dress too young and a hussy to boot) and I’m telling you — you look FABULOUS in that sweater. Give it up when they pry it out of your cold dead hands.

  157. You will only look like a hussy if, when you ask one of your daughters if you look like a hussy, they say to you, “Oh my god, mum! You can’t dress like that! Do you think you’re 16 again?”
    They will also say this if your colors completely clash, if you are wearing a mumu, or if you are wearing the same thing they are. Just a heads up. (I say the last one to my mom all the time).
    In the end, trust in the wisdom of the fashion concious youth. (Fashion wisdom, not life wisdom – naturally). It is a beautiful rustic color and the lines are flattering, without being revealing or risque. The camisole underneath really ties it all together. (Now if you were wearing no camisole but a lacey bra, I bet Joe would lock you in the bedroom).

  158. It’s gorgeous! I just went to add it to my own favorites to discover it’s already there. And yours is better. Because it looks fabulous on a regular shaped person, not a too skinny for words impossible model type who looks good in everything- an honest to god for real person who makes it look fabulous! And now I want to knit it.

  159. You look really terrific in it…in fact I think I might even go as far as using a word I seldom use- awesome. And I think you should always stand next to a brick wall when wearing it because that tone on tone of the brick oranges together looks fabulous…just like you dharlin’

  160. Maybe you need a new mirror? My mirror at home makes me look okay but the ones in the stores are terrible! It could be my image of my body is all off, but after 5 decades, I have to go with the gut.
    This looks very nice on you – wear it with pride!

  161. Beautiful sweater, perfect fit…wear it w/the assurance that you look great, and it’s a great style for you!

  162. I share your pain. I would be having the same concerns. But trust your daughter on this one. It looks great.

  163. Women with ample frontage should wear v necks. That top is an excellent example. Nice one harlot, looking fab. I only wish I could be bothered to knit a v neck for myself. Might just carry on buying the chuffing things!

  164. The bust line is NOT too high and you look lovely! Be brave and strong and own your own beauty and skill with the needles. The sweater looks great and you look great in it.

  165. I disagree with the longer bodice camp. The high bodice is extremely flattering and Jane Austen-esque. Don’t change a thing!

  166. It looks beautiful on you, nowhere near hussy.
    That said, I am a fan of positive ease and would totally feel too revealed in that sweater if I made it for myself, so I feel where you’re coming from. But you do not look naked in the least. Funny how we can appreciate how good other people look in more fitted tops but it’s harder when we’re the ones wearing them. Keep it! Wear it! You look fabu.

  167. Not too tight. Not too short. The back looks very nice. A bit low in the front but that is solved by a camisole (which you do need for the lace bit). The sweater is lovely and flattering.
    However, you are the one that has to like what she sees in the mirror. Yours is the opinion that counts.

  168. We are right; you are wrong. You look great — good color, nice fit, not too short/long/low. What we say, however, will have little bearing on what you think when you put it on, so you will probably have to change your inner dialogue from “this is too {fill it in} and I feel uncomfortable in it” to “everyone likes this on me. I like to wear it.”

  169. The sweater looks wonderful! You really shouldn’t be self-conscious! Wear it with pride (you did make it after all!), go outside and strut your stuff!
    Many happy returns to your daughter! Very happy birthday!

  170. OMG, I’ve had these same conversations with my daughter. In fact, she called to give me an oral reading of this post and to remind me of the familiarity of it all. Sigh, they are frequently right and we should probably listen to them more often!

  171. The sweater really does look flattering!! You are probably increasing sales of the pattern and yarn. I’m wondering what it would look like in 3/4 sleeve version??

  172. I hardly ever comment here, but I must add my voice: it looks great. There can sometimes be a fine line between flattering your figure and showing it off and I firmly believe that the former is well within the bounds of modesty. We’re women–we have breasts, waists, and hips that we should neither hide nor flaunt. With that lovely top, you are certainly in the classy middle ground. The camisole is a great call: it emphasizes the lace while properly concealing your boobs, but it doesn’t make it look like you’ve added extra covering due to finding the top too revealing. The whole ensemble works for you. We should all be so skilled to knit such things for ourselves! I’ll just live vicariously through you instead, k?

  173. It’s so flattering and smart! I want to make one for myself and wear it to work (which is strictly no hussy clothes).

  174. It fits, and it is beautiful, and Sam is right about the camisole, but only because of the lace, not because of the neckline (*I* would wear it with a camisole!) and “Stop trying to dress like you’re Amish” is a fabulous line. I will have to use it sometime 😀
    Also, now I want a Lisette of my own. But I am considerably more bosomy than you are and am concerned that that line of i-cord would hit me right along the middle of my bust, instead of underneath it where it’s supposed to sit…. sigh.

  175. I dress in things that are loose and comfy and if that makes me look Amish I’ll be pleased to hear it. But that sweater, Stephanie, that Lizette, is gorgeous on you!!! Absolutely. You can take it from this Samm too, that it is not too low, too tight, too anything but beautiful on you! 🙂 Honestly! I mean it!

  176. Totally cute top, great with the camisole, and I find it amusing that someone who goes by the handle “yarn HARLOT” worries about dressing like a hussy. 🙂 You have a lovely figure and should be proud to wear clothes that are fitted!

  177. It looks absolutely wonderful – way better on you than on the Twist Collective model!
    I couldn’t understand why you liked it so much when I looked at the TC pictures; now I do! Don’t change a thing.

  178. If you want to be a hussy I have to tell you: Your glasses are wrong, your hair is wrong, you don’t wear enough makeup or nail polish or jewellery and you don’t even *act* like a hussy. So stop worrying.
    The sweater is sweet, not hussyish, though the camisole is a good call. It is not too tight and the back drape is perfect. If you want to look hussyish you’d have to forget the cami and go buy a seamless padded plunge bra that pushes you up and out. Then attend to the hair, makeup, jewelry and accessories. And even then you’d probably ruin the effect by saying something calm, sensible, and intelligent. Face it – you’re just not hussy material.

  179. as someone who ALWAYS dresses like a hussy (mostly as a function of living in a tropical climate), I can tell you that it is not too revealing or sleazy in any way. It is, however lovely, fitted, slimming, and stylish.

  180. P.S. Make another one in charcoal and wear it with that beautiful tiered skirt you knit a couple of years ago!

  181. You is cray-zeee!!!! lol.. It looks wonderful on you. I am jealous. I am a heavy girl and EVERYTHING looks too tight on me. But I don’t care…to be a hussy just once in my life….lol.
    It really does look very nice and I want to make one too. Add it to the list…..

  182. I was going to say that you could always find your bra to get your bossoms up above that i-chord, but I see some others already beat me to it : )
    They are where they are, aren’t they?
    It looks so lovely. I can’t help but wonder what is next?

  183. OMG! that is so lovely and extremely flattering on you! The girls look great. Very slimming as well. It’s definitely a keeper.

  184. The sweater is beautiful. It fits you perfectly. You look wonderful.
    As a senior whose body is quickly heading south I am incredibly jealous of how good you look.

  185. Steph, it looks great, the cami is just what it needs. Look at the pictures, the back fits like it was made for you and the sleeves are great also.

  186. Well, it’s me against 284 other people, and even though, yes, it looks very nice, and I see girls wearing this sort of thing all the time… it’s a little jeunne fille. Depends on the image you want to project. I’d pass it on to Meg if I were you, she will look adorable. Call me Amish,or don’t publish this, but somehow adorable and 44 year-old-woman just don’t go together.

  187. OMG! I love it on you! It looks stylish and you DON’T look to old for this pattern. Would it look nice on one of your girls, hells yeah! but it looks GREAT on you so KEEP IT! I’m older than you by 5 years and I’m thinking of knitting one for myself and I hate knitting sweaters…well, not really, I just hate finishing work.

  188. Your daughter’s right – it looks great. And I wouldn’t say so if I thought otherwise. It’s not too tight anywhere, and it’s a good color for you.

  189. Forget the fit (which does look very good) I think that color is just about perfect for your skin tone and hair color. Nice choice! I find that color makes me agonize over yarns far more than worrying about the fit.

  190. I agree with Sam – this looks perfect on you. I can imagine that you might feel self-conscious because you have a more ample bosom than some of us (cough, cough – me jealous). At the risk of upsetting you, I’d say that this actually flatters you more than your beloved Flow tank, b/c it follows your shape, so it doesn’t look like a boob-a-lanche.

  191. I’d worry about those things too – but the top looks great on you (the camisole was a good addition though:)

  192. Stay with me here – this story does have a pertinent point to it. I was watching the Olympics….volleyball to be specific. Those girls meant business and barely even seemed to register the fact that they were wearing teenie-weenie bikinis IN FRONT OF A GAZILLION VIEWERS. Yeah, they have perfect bods but still….they acted like they weren’t even AWARE of what they were wearing.
    I finally figured out why.
    They wear that all the time. It’s nothing to them.
    You’re just freaking out because you haven’t felt a breeze on your chest in years, honeybun.
    Enjoy the moment.

  193. If you THINK it looks bad, then you’ll wear it like it IS bad! Be proud – you look fab in this top! And if you really don’t want it, I could give it a spin (and no, I’m not a hussy either)!

  194. It is not too tight, short, revealing, hussyish and this is coming from another “well-endowed” woman so take it as the God’s honest truth. You can wear a turtleneck with it in the winter and it will still look great. 🙂

  195. The fit of Lizette is wonderful. It is not hussyish, too tight or too short. Love the colour.

  196. My hubby just looked over my shoulder as I was reading this and asked “is that the Yarn Harlot or one of her daughters?” Further proof that you look terrific!

  197. It fits you great, quit being wierd.
    An aside, you’ve been doing this whole “is my knitting to short thing” here for a while. Do you think you may have a complex about this. (The rest of us know you do.)Do you have a distorted body image. That mother you mentioned, was she a good mother? (I know the answer, but therapists always ask that.)

  198. As everyone before me has said: it looks great. It seems that in addition to the few people who generally seem to have well-fitting outfits, the majority of people fall into two categories – those who buy/make clothes that are too small and those who buy/make clothes that are too big. And I think the cause is the same: a distorted self-image, or an inability to accurately assess ourselves in our clothes.

  199. You tiny thing, it looks perfect! I would wear a tank top under it because of the lace and potential lace-induced cleavage, but you look awesome! Well done!

  200. It’s lovely, and you look wonderful in it.
    Sitting here in a button-down shirt that I HAVE to roll the sleeves on because this shirt is TOO BIG, I want to tell you this one thing: Don’t prematurely age yourself by dressing too conservatively. I have done it for years. When I think how great I COULD have looked at 26, 35, 44, but DIDN’T because I was afraid people would get the wrong idea about me, or because of flaws that I (alone) perceived… 🙁
    You look wonderful in Lisette. You look wonderful in Flow.
    “Stop being weird,” as someone said. Enjoy yourself, and your beautiful sweater.

  201. When I was a teenager I used to wear my father’s sweaters. They were at least 4 sizes too big for me. It took me a while to realize that I used the clothes as another way of making myself disappear/hide. It was actually knitting that made me realize that – I dug out one of the sweaters I knitted in my late teens/early twenties and it served me very well in the third trimester of pregnancy (Still would have room for some more!) It looked fabulous on me then. This is when I understood. No one looks good in a sack several sizes too big. That’s not modesty, that’s hiding. A bit of fitting is good for you. Of course there still are times when all you need is a good hiding place 🙂
    And all I wanted to say is:
    Lizette is a perfect fit. It embraces your feminity and celebrates it. You look fabulous.

  202. I soooooo know what you mean … sometimes I think it would be a relief to be Amish – we would never have to question what we put on – just the same simple stuff everyday. I simply cannot wear V-necks – too scary and love winter because I can wear turtle necks everyday. I recently heard Norah Ephron describing the perfection of turtle necks and thought yes! I knew this woman was clever! However, your Lisette is very very lovely and you look very very lovely – there’s not a hussy moment in sight 🙂

  203. The problem with this is that it was designed for someone who doesn’t HAVE a bust, but wishes they did. If you ever knit it again, you need to knit some extra in the bust so that that under-bust line actually arrives under your bust.
    If you can ignore that, I think it looks very good on you.
    If you have any kind of bust at all, you need to wear something that is a bit smaller under the bust and around the waist if you want to avoid looking like you’re wearing a tent. I have a bigger bust than you, and know whereof I speak. Well, at least that strategy worked for me before my waist measurement exceeded my bust measurement. Now, there’s nothing I can wear that doesn’t add pounds. Or maybe I add pounds to the clothes, any clothes.
    Oh, this is really going downhill.

  204. Wow, I think it fits you very perfectly and I am jealous that you’ve knit something that fits you so so well. Every little bit of it.

  205. I am enjoying the irony of a harlot wondering if she looks like a hussy! :o)
    It’s beautiful! If I had the shape to carry it off as well as you do, I’d be casting on for it right this minute.

  206. My Lizette (deep green) fits the same way, and I also had a moment or two of doubt. My solution was to hang it up and come back to it when the trauma of knitting/finishing had passed. I don’t think the I-cord is supposed to be a bra-like support, but rather an elegant underline to show off the lace panel. I plan to wear mine to the office with a camisole, but would agree with most of the commentors that it doesn’t need one to ‘de-hussify’ the look. Looks great on you, and that’s an excellent color.

  207. You look amazing in that top. Absolutely gorgeous. And absolutely nothing “hussy” about it. At all. Full stop. 🙂

  208. You look amazing in that knit!
    I’m very tempted to knit it now….after the baby sweater…..and the baby leggings and possibly after the baby bump had been delivered.

  209. It looks great! Lizette on you is flattering in the most modest of ways! It looks extremely good.

  210. I think it is one of the nicest photos of you that I’ve ever seen, and it looks wonderful. Please feel confident and happy when you wear it – it suits you very well.

  211. I have been opening this pattern on an almost daily basis to stare at ever since you first posted you were knitting it. I love it in the Ravelry photo but I worried that it would only look good on a tiny, adorable young woman. As a 40 year old woman who is too short, too busty and too broad shouldered I fretted over whether it would work for me. But I loved it. So I’ve been eagerly watching your blog waiting to see how it came out.
    Wow. I love it more. You look incredible in it. It’s knitting, yet really stylish, it’s flattering without showing off bad things. It’s intensely feminine. I have right away jumped online and purchased the yarn I was considering (of course it’s not the recommended yarn). I hope I can knit one which looks as nice on me as yours does on you. Thank you for giving me the shove I needed!

  212. Love the sweater !!!! It looks FANTASTIC. They are right it is not to tight or low cut or funny in the back. It looks perfect on you enjoy it. Well done !

  213. It looks fabulous, really. Wear it. enjoy it! Don’t make me nominate you for What Not to Wear, please.

  214. Seriously concerned about your body image issues and self-esteem.
    Lizette looks great and you look very nice in Lizette. The advice on the camisole was correct and once you’ve done that, there is nothing even REMOTELY “hussy” about your outfit.
    In point of fact, you wearing Lizette is that rare combo that lets you go out casual or go out more dressy. That is super rare and to be valued.
    P.S. I can’t help but notice that you didn’t even think to ask your husband his opinion. I know “men can’t be trusted” on some of these things (what looks acceptable vs. scandalous). But if Joe likes/loves you in Lizette (which I suspect he will), that has some value as well. Just saying.

  215. She’s right – it’s a lovely sweater and you look great in it. One of the best moments in parenting is when you realize your kid knows more than you do (at least about something).

  216. Wear it proudly. Enjoy the compliments. You look feminine & lovely, and the sweater turned out great. Own the moment.

  217. Stephanie
    You’re funny! You and the sweater compliment each other quite beautifully! Wish I was 1/2 as skilled at knitting..sigh. Rebecca

  218. Your daughter should do all your clothes shopping and maybe pick out a few knitting patterns for you. Looks really great.

  219. As a 41 year old (yipes!), my reaction is it looks “stylish”. I wish I could pull it off half as well as you do. Keep listening to your daughter. 🙂

  220. That third picture? With the casual lean against the wall and the coffee cup? I think that should be your new dust-jacket photo.

  221. You just biked how many miles? You look fantastic. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Subtly. No, unless you’re actually pondering the question about the bust, you would never stop to ponder the bust. Looks great.

  222. It’s gorgeous! You look gorgeous in it. They are going to look at your bust, but only because of the lovely lace stitching there. Wear it, woman!

  223. I love it! I even added that pattern to my queue when you first mentioned it. Also, shh…..don’t tell anyone……but I am having a breast reduction in two weeks, so that top’s going to look lovely on me when I am all recovered, perky and pointy!!!

  224. It’s amazing, it really is. It looks absolutely lovely on you. The color is lovely with your coloring and the knitting is beautifully done (of course) and you look the least like a hussy of anyone I have ever seen in my life. I swear. 🙂

  225. Case study:
    I went on vacation a few weeks ago to Yellowstone National Park. The whole family attended a park ranger talk and movie. It was great yet I was distracted. There was an Amish family, 11 strong and I am pretty sure 3 generations though all younger than both you and I. I studied them, their language, interactions and clothing, even the nursing technique. I was like a 3 year old and couldn’t divert my eyes.
    I assure you that Sam is right. You must stop “dressing like the Amish” because that is one sure way to get people to stare at you and dissect you in microscopic detail.
    (I was behind the nice family and it eventually became dark, so no harm. And bears and wolves sometimes hunt together though bears normally dine first.)
    The top looks great.

  226. It is beautiful and so are you! Fits like it was made for you. Listen to the blog and Sam!!

  227. I’m kind of of the opinion that you can’t look like a hussy in a beautiful handknit sweater. Remember, it’s your actions that make you hussy-or-not-hussy. You’re not trying to get attention. When you wear that sweater, you’re going to be doing it because you’re proud of yourself for making something so lovely, and because you deserve to look nice (as you do! it’s gorgeous!). That’s not hussy behavior. Ergo, you’re not a hussy. QED!

  228. The sweater is beautiful and you look beautiful in the sweater. The camisole is perfect and your daughter is intelligent and has excellent taste. Also, just so you know, I am 57 and have come to the conclusion since I hit 40 that a woman over the age of 40 cannot possibly look like a hussy. She can only look like a woman of experience and mystery, with an interesting past. This has enabled me to spend the last 17 years wearing long dresses (working class legs) that reveal a bit of cleavage (lovely breasts) and hint that what is underneath is “interesting”. It’s a bit old fashioned, particularly with a shawl, but not the least bit Amish.

  229. Appropriate in all categories, age, bust, length ease, colour, pattern. Wear it proudly.

  230. After looking at your photos in this sweater, I have decided that the reason you describe yourself as a “middle aged dumpy woman” is that you buy “middle aged dumpy” clothes. You are not dumpy at all and you look lovely and PROFESSIONAL in that outfit.

  231. Steph! it looks gorgeous!!
    ps…my daughters are always telling me to buy smaller clothes and dress like a girl =)

  232. This has inspired me to knit something cute and stylish for myself. Everything I knit looks like a sack with arm tubes. Both you and the sweater look great.

  233. The sweater looks great on you, not too revealing, tight or short. The color looks great with your hair color too

  234. Nice knitting, not too tight but if it was me, I would worry the same issue to death…because that is what I do too

  235. It’s great.
    It’s perfect,
    You should run a KAL with this pattern.
    Listen to Sam, she’s absolutely right on this one.
    Also listen to the man Rams refers to, who, I am sure, will love this sweater.

  236. Girl, you are 44, not 84!! You are far from ‘old’ and you have a beautiful shape. The cut of this sweater is perfect for you, it makes you look very feminine and beautiful, you do not look like a hussy! Wear them with gold spandex, well then, then I’ll say you look like a hussy!

  237. If only more people cared a tenth as much as you do about what they wear the world would be better looking. Great sweater, fits quite nicely, on a fine looking woman. Listen to your kid, she would never lie to her mom, right?

  238. One more thing, so what if it does make your bust look big? If they look good, show them off!

  239. I agree with Sam. It looks great. I love the color too. Someday I hope to be able to make a sweater that fits so well.

  240. I usually don’t comment but this needs one— you finally knit something in the correct color for you and it fits PERFECT!!!
    You look great and should wear this for the next cover of your book!!!
    If you go on tour –wear this. Interview in New York – wear this!!!

  241. If I ever had a finished sweater fit that perfectly, I’d weep with joy. Please wear it; it’s a gorgeous top that suits you completely.
    Also, your hair looks really nice today!

  242. It looks great on you. The addition of the cami is all in style. Not to tight, Looks greats. You wear it well.

  243. You look amazing! Throw your doubt out the window. This should be your favorite knit ever! The fit is perfect!

  244. The picture of you holding the coffee cup should be your next book cover. Your hair looks amazing and the sweater fits perfectly!

  245. A hussy would have the lacework in a different area. I wonder if a brown or black tank top under it would highlight the lace better. I don’t think the back tie is necessary. I’m jealous. Haven’t been able to find a bra that holds up everything without pain in fifty years.

  246. It is NOT too tight! It is just right! You are beautiful and you have a lovely shape. This blouse shows your lovely shape without being too tight. Take it from a plus-size woman: clothes that are too loose just makes you look BIGGER and more tent-like than you are!
    You have worked so hard to have a healthy, beautiful body! Enjoy!

  247. you look like a million bucks in that top. from another 44 year old whose boobs are in the wrong place in most of what i try on, trust me, it’s fabulous!!

  248. Seriously Stephanie…you should always wear things you think are too tight, short, revealing, etc. It looks perfect, and you look perfect, and I’ve never seen you look better. Please wear proudly.

  249. it looks so good that i just ordered it to make it for myself. i too, worry about wearing things too revealing but am gradually getting over that at 43 🙂

  250. It looks lovely. It’s nice knitting, a pretty color and fits well. And by the way, having an attractive top on that fits and allows the passerby to notice that you are attractive and have breasts does not equate to being a hussy. Wear it with pride – it looks great.

  251. I can’t resist responding to Marcy at 8:07’s comments on her Yellowstone trip: Bear’s Dine??? I thought they wolf’ed their food. (tee hee)
    Aside from that from the comments regarding the underbust welted seam and it’s relative position on the chest, I would say it’s simply a matter of taste. Jane Austen to some. Not quite fitting right to others. Busty me has often worn it both ways, depending on my fluctuating weight vs. the originally intended style. And I’ve learned to wear it loud and proud either way.

  252. What a great top! And you look fantastic in it. Trust your daughter, our eyes are always more critical than others’.

  253. I think you’re crazy. I wish I could knit a sweater with that level of precision! It’s a prefect fit, listen to your daughters! Great job!

  254. You are a crazy lady – it looks effing fabulous! Stop using a Hefty bag as your template for how clothes should fit, and enjoy the fact that at 44 you can still rock that sweater. Said with love!

  255. This is an occasion where you need to ask Joe. And show him these photos. When he has finished taking his wife to bed, come back here and tell us if he thought it was too hussy. You are a beautiful woman with a cute bod. Enjoy decorating it.

  256. I mean, jeez Steph. You are not the size of the side of a house. You can go round corners without your breasts preceding you. Footpaths don’t crumble under you..
    Wear the damn Lizette and accept the compliments.

  257. I don’t normally comment, but I really think the sweater is very flattering- the neckline is just a great shape on you. I really like this pattern after seeing it on you! Congrats on the sweater and the smart daughter.

  258. I have never posted. Only lurked, but I feel compelled to tell you that you seem to always wear clothes that are too big. Finally, you look skinny because we can actually see that you are!

  259. Are you kidding… it’s fabulous. It looks great on you and the details – the cables around the sleeve and the bottom- just make it even better. It’s ok to show the world you are a woman. You look great. It’s feminine and classic.

  260. It fits you perfectly…you know, almost like it was made just for you! Also, not at all immodest. I probably need one for myself (once I lose 10 lbs and can hopefully rock it like you can)

  261. Hippie birdy 2 ewes, Megan!
    Sam, you are a very wise young woman. I admire your restraint when dealing with your mother’s neuroses. I myself would probably have gone all “Taz” on her by now.
    Y.H.: Sam is 100% correct. That sweater fits perfectly. If it were too hussy-ish, Joe would have ravished you senseless by now. Maybe you should think of your handknits this way: First: Will this pique Joe’s interest? Second, would this offend The Church Lady (Dana Carvey’s character on SNL). If the answer to the first is “yes” while the answer to the second is “no”, you can feel safe that you will be able to wear the garment to tea at Buckingham Palace, get complimented on it by The Queen, yet still make Prince Harry’s heart flutter.

  262. ooooh pretty! I think a deep burgundy colored cami, brand new and spiffy like Lizette would be perfect :^)

  263. That looks supercute! It makes me want to make it for myself, cuz I’m 44 too and want to look cute (I started later than you having kids and I’ve got one starting kindergarten tomorrow!), but I’ve got a considerably larger bustline and….um, everything…. still…..

  264. Not too tight. Not too low cut. Demurely form-fitting. Like a 50’s sweater girl, the good girl kind that was home by 10 and legitimately wore white at her wedding.

  265. It looks awesome! I didn’t care for the original,and didn’t even put it in my faves because I thought it looked tacky. You have proved me wrong. Love it!

  266. This is gorgeous! And I’m wondering if I might magically acquire a bust if I knit this?

  267. I’m going to add my voice to the elevnty-billion previous comments and tell you that you look FABULOUS in that sweater!

  268. This post has been very helpful to me. I can imagine that I would be afraid the sweater was cut too low if it were on me, but clearly it is not. You look fantatic in it, and I really like the camisole under it. It’s modest, but not prudish. Good work!

  269. It looks lovely on you, fits perfectly, and is incredibly flattering. I too, often want to wear my clothes too big. Sometimes wearing things too big draws more attention to the parts you are trying to disguise than wearing something that fits closely. Counterintuitive, but true.

  270. Right now you are probably in the best shape, embrace your good health. It’s beautiful!
    PS: Is Flow still outside?:)

  271. OK. I am almost 30 and have been thinking about what’s appropriate to wear at my age. That top looks…well, for lack of other words, sexy on you! Rock it, and wear it with confidence! (Now I must go find that pattern and make one for myself)

  272. Beautiful!
    Can I hire your Meg to come and talk to my mother? She has similar issues. I’m not sure what would make her feel attractive, or if she even thinks that’s possible. Trust us, you’re gorgeous. Please don’t confuse “slutty” and “flattering” there’s a big difference. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and attractive in it.

  273. Just in case there’s still a smidgen of doubt in your mind, I’ll chime in with the rest–the fit is perfect and the sweater looks lovely on you!

  274. Yea, Stephanie. It does look beautiful. I even had doubts when you picked it it, the pattern, that is, because I, too, being 13 years older than you, grew up in a baggy -shirt environment, but I’m learning to accept ” my bust “. It looks lovely! The color is lovely & the knitting is lovely! Bravo!

  275. Just when I thought to myself “what more can she possibly find to write that is funny about knitting??”—- you never disappoint!!!! I have had this discussion many, many times, and I had to laugh. This is why so many of my hand knits are currently in the possession of my smaller-busted sister and mother.

  276. If you got your attitudes about your body from attending Catholic School, there are support groups out there waiting for you.
    The second thing I am afraid of is that you are going to accept the opinions of two negative people out of the 478 who responded. Don’t do that. You and your sweater are gorgeous!

  277. This my first ever comment on your blog. The sweater is beautiful and looks great on you. I aspire to be as great a knitter as you one day.

  278. My mother and aunts wore girdle things and too much makeup. My daughters wear sporty tight things with bras as layers and bra straps part of the deal. I am the sandwich generation – tee shirt, jeans, leaning more toward Amish than stylish.
    And in my sandwich-y opinion, with a cami or tank under (or even a sports bra) this sweater is perfect on you.
    It looks like it was made for you to wear. The color is amazing. The details add interest without being fussy. It has a certain down-home elegance about it.
    It is quite demure and would not even ever begin to be in the hussy category unless you wore it with a tight miniskirt or those shredded tiny cutoffs. With walking shorts or slacks or a reasonable skirt? Perfect. Perfect. I promise.

  279. The blog has spoken. Proof they are right: The back of the sweater does not cling, it hangs nicely….it can’t do that if the fit is wrong!

  280. Positively the most becoming thing you’ve ever worn at Sock Summit or in blog pictures. Well done!

  281. oOoOooOoOooOoOoMamasita! Don’t take that wedding ring off, you look AMAZING!!!
    Good job not burning it.

  282. That sweater would never say ‘hussy’ – too classic and classy. More than that, it is the most beautifully fitted sweater ever on you. In no way at all is it anything other than gorgeous. Looks as if it were made just for you – color and all. I agree with Sam, sometimes you gotta let the ‘baggy’ go.

  283. P.S., That picture of you, the coffee and the sweater, the brick wall, that fantastic look on your face – that is the pix for the next book!

  284. It really looks fantastic. I kept referring back to other versions of this sweater to see a finished piece as you progressed through it. Yours is the one that screams ” hey, look! This is a great-fitting flattering stylish sweater. queue me up!” Stop doubting your figure and wear it with confidence. It hangs beautifully in the back, and if it were loose, I think the whole effect would be sloppy.

  285. It looks smashing and the fit is nice. I think it needs a dark color under it. Black or blue or whatever color the skirt is. Darker, then you’ll like the fit better.
    If you show your husband and he says, “It’s perfect!” Then it’s too tight and too low cut.

  286. I’m quite sure someone has said this a million times before in the comments, but can we just get a LOVE button, already? At 51, I am constantly wrestling with all of these questions in my knitting. If only I had a teenage girl in the house. The menfolk are a little cautious when it comes to knitting comments, which probably means I’ve done my job. (Future daughter-in-law: Does this make me look fat? My son: “No honey, you are not fat and nothing could make you look fat. But I do like the blue dress better.”)

  287. Not only is it a great sweater (and size) for you, I think the picture of you leaning against the wall with the coffee mug should be your “author picture”. For back of books and things. You look good, relaxed, and you’re in an attractive hand knit. Perfect.

  288. “It’s perfect.” Sayeth my husband. I’ve been reading and showing him parts of your blog for years. He’s really impressed by how great the sleeves look on you. I have to say I agree. I hope you become comfortable wearing it cause it looks great and if you could find a pair of slacks that you like you could show up to a business meeting and not only fit in but be the best dressed in the room.

  289. The sweater is beautiful and I think it fits perfect. The colour is great on you too! Thank you for sharing.

  290. Wow. It is a perfect fit. As in, it expresses your exuberant and fun outlook on the world with the pretty details (LOVE. THOSE SLEEVES!) It does not look like a hussy. I am jealous of your skills but inspired too. Another vote for the coffee cup picture as your next “Author” photo. It looks like the “after” from “What Not to Wear”.

  291. Steph, I look at this shirt in twist collective several times, always wondering “why would anyone want to wear this?” NOW I know, and I will knit one for myself

  292. incase you can’t hear me from california…
    and it’s BEAUTIFUL! =]

  293. DAYAM GIRL…. since you been off riding bikes you got BUFF!! Sign me up for the HUSSIE Club wouldya? I’d say your adventures were ‘uplifting’ and gratifying. Great needlework on the good Lord’s handiwork. YOU and this sweater ARE GORGEOUS!

  294. I hope that’s enough flattering comments, cos I’m not going to add to them (though I agree with them). All I want to know is – what does it say on your coffee mug?????

  295. It really looks great on you. And it might also be related to the bike rally and the related training, but you make a very good figure in this top, no need to hide anything in a potato sack…

  296. It looks so good on you! It fits beautifully. Not too tight – just perfect. You have a great figure – this shows it off perfectly and is not hussy at all! Honestly. I want to make it for me now – yours looks so much nicer on you than the original one in Twist Collective.

  297. Yeah, I know what you mean. Mostly you wear stuff with a little more ease that’s higher in front – like tee shirts. Suddenly, you’re looking down & seeing all this naked skin that you’re not used to seeing. It always looks lower from above, you know. If this really bothers you – it shouldn’t & the Kid is right – wear that cami with the lace under it or knit a bit of lace to simulate the cami if it will make you feel more secure. All that bare skin IS a little startling when you’re not used to it. But it’s only skin & it’s summer & it’s hot & you’ll get used to it. I promise.

  298. You sound just like my mum 😛 But that top is amazing, it looks far better on you than on the model, it’s elegant without being over-dressy and shows juuust enough skin to hint at more, but not give the game away 😉 If I were you I’d never take it off except to wash it.

  299. Happy 21st birthday to Megan!! Hope she has a fantastic day.
    And Lizette? Is fantastic. x

  300. Wow! It is wonderful. Does not look handmade or handknit. Looks like it’s straight out of Macy’s….I am in awe.

  301. I know how you feel – I grew up in the 80ies, too and I always wore T-Shirts size XL. Now I am wearing Size M but my body has grown a bit since the 80ies. It took me a time to accept that all people around me wear fitting garments and I was the only one who stayed with the oversized… It is still a learning process for me…I do not always feel comfortable in fitting garments…

  302. As one Amish dresser to another……Lizette looks great on you. You don’t look like a hussy and there is definitely nothing showing that shouldn’t. Your girls are where they should be in that sweater. Best of all, it makes you look skinny and taller. Your daughter is right. (Don’t you hate that LOL!)

  303. I just finished this top too a couple of weeks ago. Your icord binding looks a lot better than mine. I’m jealous! Your top doesn’t look tight at all. I love the color and think you look really good in it. Hey I just turned 49 and if I can even remotely look a little “hussy” now, I would take advantage of it. hehe. You can check out my Lizette if you want on Ravelry under dendiane. Love your blog!

  304. How many people do you need to tell you it fits perfectly and looks wonderful before you start believing them?

  305. It looks great, but your daughter was right about the cami top 🙂
    I have HUGE boobage and spent half my life drowning in clothes too big to try to hide them, I ended up looking like a blob and actually much larger than I was. A little fitting actually helps make boobage look LESS obvious.

  306. (Hit send too soon)
    Too high a neckline also makes the ladies look bigger, A turtle neck can make em look like they start under your chin!

  307. OMG you look gorgeous! I didn’t like this pattern until I saw it on you. I like how the cord is placed. I think lower would look like you were trying to emphasise your bust.
    No self respecting hussy would dress so elegantly. It does show off how fit you are, though, so it you are ashamed of that… 🙂 I am so jealous!!

  308. It truly looks fantastic. I didn’t really like the pattern photos, but yours make me think twice about making one. You look lovely and a bit stylish I might add

  309. It looks great on you, not the slightest bit slutty.
    I also check knitted things with my grownup daughter. I can trust her to tell me how it really looks….

  310. I am not your daughter. I am not related by blood to you. I tell you only the truth. The sweater is magnificent. It fits you perfectly. Not too tight, not too revealing. Perfectly. Like it was made for you! Enjoy it!

  311. I’m sure I’ll be near on the 450th person to tell you this: it looks great on you. Yes, you can see the contour of your body, that’s not called hussy, it’s called feminine (you’re not a bloke, right?). Don’t wear overly big stuff, it makes you look fatter AND shorter! I took forever learning this (I am tall and a bit fat, if decently proportioned) but I’ve kicked the habit now. Don’t hide the difference in girth between boobs, waist and hips in a straight garment, it will make you look like a little block (yes, that is dangerously close to looking like a bloke). If your clothes carefully follow the curve of your body, the way your lovely little sweater does, you’ll look really pretty and like the nice (decent, but not amish) girl that you are (complete with unblokish curves in some places). Besides, even amish girls nip in at the waist.

  312. I have struggled all my life with how tight things are – I was convinced as a teenager that I could never be smaller than a size 9/10 because that’s the size I WORE (and which isn’t so bad for someone who’s 5’10”)… Found out in my mid-twenties that I actually could be a size 5/6 – WHAT?!? And that I probably had been that size the whole time I was in high school!! And just didn’t know it. Not that my mom pointed it out to me – I think she was fine with the fact that her 15-yo-who-looked-21 preferred baggy clothing.
    Which is all a long way of saying that I really like the sweater paired with a camisole and that I’d like to find someone to make one for me, though with a longer torso.

  313. Take out your measuring tape and make this size over and over and over again. Perfect. I bet this looks great with baggy jeans.

  314. Stephanie, I’m 44 also and have a desire to dress modestly in public….if I knit that sweater and it looked that great on me, I would totally wear it anywhere. I think it’s a perfect fit for you:)

  315. It looks lovely. It’s not too tight, not too loose, not immodest, and you definitely don’t look like a hussy. You just look pretty. If people are looking at your chest, it’s to admire the pretty lace and the interesting construction, not to stare at your breasts. Wear it with pride.

  316. Looks awesome! You should celebrate your cute figure – wish I looked as good in a fitted sweater as you do 🙂

  317. I know just how you feel. I’ve always gone for the looser cut shirts. My husband died in Feb., which has prompted me to buy some new clothes (dont know why), and I picked up some t-shirts without trying on. So tight? So low-cut?! So form-fitting?! My daughter said all the same things yours said. Sometimes we just have to get comfortable with our own beauty. You look wonderful in that sweater. (And yes, I would def wear with a cami, bcs of the lace, not the lowness.) Now, try a necklace with it. You’ll be styling. Nice work!

  318. When you get to be as old as I am – you get a choice: if your top is too low, it’s just as easy to let your breasts down a bit to get things right.

  319. I think you look spectacular! You look great for 44 (you just completed a bike rally for cripes sake!!)and should not be embarrassed about your body because you look better than some 24 year olds. It is supposed to fit that way–look at the model wearing it for the pattern description. And you look quite modest and pretty wearing it. You are an attractive woman and there is nothing wrong with allowing that to shine now and then. We all need to learn to see and accept our own personal beauty (For everyone is beautiful in their own way regardless of shape or size) and let the rest of the world have a chance to appreciate just how beautiful we all are. Stop hiding it under a bushel woman! There is so much ugliness in the world these days we could all use more beauty!

  320. While reading your Tweets this morning, I was happily surprised to see you call your Megan “Megaboo”; I used to call my Megan the same thing (until she got taller than I am).

  321. I think it is perfect! in fact, it is to me a romantic conservative style. It looks wonderful on you.

  322. the sweater looks wonderful on you, i wear a lot of things too big also, its a very bad habit, the fact that the sweater fits is great, and its orangy to boot! i bet it would look good with a black cami under it too, for a change…

  323. Its a lovely top – stop fussing! Sam is right! I may have to make it for myself, as I have similar issues, and I am twenty years older, too.

  324. It looks so fabulous on you that I am going to go find some yarn to put on my needles and make me one of those!! I hope it looks half as good!! And how can you be concerned about being a hussy when you are already a harlot? 😉

  325. It’s awful. Give it to me.
    No, goofball – it’s gorgeous & it looks fantastic on you. Stylish & elegant. But still, give it to me. I want one & I’ve got too many other things in queue before it.

  326. There’s a line in a Bruce Cockburn song that says something like “as a child I learned not to trust in my body/That’s a message I’ve carried through my life.” I think it’s true of a lot of us. We’re still hearing the negative voices from when we were gawky teens and the world said cruel things.
    You look awesome in that sweater. You have excellent boobs that worked hard in their day (Yay breastfeeding!) and if your sweater puts them out there that’s okay.
    Be beautiful Stephanie. And know that you are.

  327. That sweater is adorable, and fits you perfectly. I think it’s fabulous, and not the least bit “hussy-looking”. Be proud, of the sweater, and what’s in it.

  328. It looks great and apparently I’m not alone with thinking so. Wear it with pride because it’s perfect!

  329. I have had this discussion with (of all people) my husband. Well, he doesn’t worry about looking like a hussy. But he has always tended to buy baggy clothes on the theory that he doesn’t like trying things on, and if they’re a size larger, they can’t be too tight.
    The thing is, he’s kind of short. And wearing baggy clothes makes him look shorter. And chubby. So when I knit him sweaters, I make them to fit properly…and guess what? He looks taller and slimmer in clothes that fit him well.
    *And so do you.* Really. It looks wonderful, don’t change a thing.
    (Think I’m having you on? Here my sweetie is in the last sweater I made him…does he look short and chubby?

  330. I’d say it’s about as perfect a fit as you could hope for. It doesn’t stretch anywhere, it sits on your frame, with the length being perfect for neck, sleeve and hem. Unless you are the type of person who is never happy with anything, especially something you make yourself, I would call this a 5 star quality fit. Good for you!

  331. Thank you for once again sharing the inner voice of many. Your transparency is courageous and your bravery in allowing a public forum look critically at you and your crafts (knitting and writing) is admirable.
    Sometimes our own inner voice is wrong. It doesn’t like us to like ourselves and is so consumed with our faults, real and imagined, that it cannot bring itself to smile and say, “well done, Looking good.”

  332. This is beautiful…something you could easily wear into fall (is it for fall?). I really like it and the fit is completely flattering. The “I’m posing with a coffee mug” shot is cute too. You look completely confident in that sweater. And no, the yarn doesn’t make your bust look big.

  333. Thanks for the chuckle. As another “non-pinchy” dresser/knitter, I totally get your concerns and often indulge in the same internal dialogue (too snug-revealing-short-unflattering?).
    That said, Lizette fits beautifully and is very flattering.
    Perhaps you could wear it with skinny jeans!?

  334. It looks great. But if you really think the front is too low in the neckline, you could knit a triangle piece of lace and sew snaps to apply it to raise the neckline. I did that once to salvage a sweater with a neckline that turned out not only too low, but too large as well.

  335. You look great in this sweater! You are fit and have a body that some women would give their chocolate to steal. It’s not a hussy sweater by any means. A hussy wouldn’t wear that much.

  336. It’s a beautiful top and it fits you well. You look respectable and lovely and it looks like it would be a versatile piece. I bet you’ll wear it more often than you think, and the more you do, the more you’ll be comfortable with it.

  337. hey! it looks great, you look hot! 🙂 and you better watch out! if you keep going for the “shapeless, no fit” look your family just might nominate you for WHAT NOT TO WEAR!! 🙂 and if that happens, please tell Stacy and Clinton that I said “hi” and that I totally love them! 🙂

  338. While it is a lovely sweater and a great fit, I do not know how someone who repeatedly identifies as a feminist can ‘slut-shame’ in such a way. While I understand you are talking about your own body and comfort level, which obviously is your right to do, you are still implying looking like a “hussy” is wrong and undesireable if a woman is to have any moral character-and as far as I can tell from your post being a hussy just means wearing flattering clothes. Some of the comments, which state that you would only be a hussy if you wore more make-up, had bigger hair, red nails, and a tight skirt, only illustrate how awful women still view and judge each other in today’s society. Its well within your right to blog as you please, but I would urge you to think about what message you are sending, especially those that are written between the lines.

  339. OK, STOP with the “hussy” stuff. It looks lovely, and Sam is right: it does beg to be worn with a camisole.
    I’m ALWAYS pulling, tugging or otherwise futzing with my clothes, till my sister told me it just brought MORE attention to what I thought were “defects.”
    You knitted this and it’s perfect for you. That’s all you need to know, right?

  340. Wow. I love it. I really love it. It is so flattering, and looks terrific with the skirt.
    The honesty and humor of you internal monologue had me in fits:”Are my breasts in the wrong part of my body for this sweater?”
    Wear it proudly. It is really gorgeous and looks terrific on you.

  341. Looks great, perfect colour for you. I have a friend who might be related to you she also likes to dress in burlap bag style fit! Wear it or I will nominate you for ” What not to Wear”

  342. after 466 comments on how well the sweater fits, looks and how good you look in it I hope you believe it

  343. Great knitting…great fit! If you want a more modest look, you could fool the eye with a camisole in a color that contrasts with your skin a bit more. That would make the neckline will appear higher. You look lovely as is though! Congrats on a beautiful new FO!

  344. I agree with SaltCitySpinner at 1:35 PM, that the I cord hits you just a little too high, but other than that it fits perfectly.

  345. Ok, I’m at the very bottom. At this rate no one will even remotely know that I’ve commented, but anyway…. I LOVE IT!!! It looks fabulous, I love the color (huge fan of Autumn colors), I love the bust line (NO your bust does not look big, it’s very complimentary), I love it, I love it, I love it!!! I have to make one now! I’ve been patiently waiting (minus the days of finger tapping and sighing loudly) for you to finish it so that I could see it all done! Did I mention that I love it? It looks wonderful on you and it goes great with your hair and I just love the way it drapes and and and…. ! =) Great Job!

  346. It looks lovely on you. I understand about not wanting undue attention, modesty and fit, been there, done that, bought the extra large when medium will fit. Enjoy it.

  347. It’s lovely. I especially like the sleeve detail.
    I recently made myself a dress, blue cotton with red roses, and a friend told me I looked like a Mennonite. SHE MEANT IT AS A COMPLIMENT.
    Now I want to burn it. 🙁

  348. I must say thank you so much for share something such as this post. It is so wonderful to know that I am not alone in the world when it come to buying attire and making them for myself. I too have the terrifying fear of wearing clothing that would be best suited for others. However, I must agree with your daughter you look lovely and it is not too tight or reveling. It is a beautiful job well done!

  349. I’m torn here. Lizette is very flattering on you, Sam was right, etc., and the fact that you raised a daughter who could tell you that is a Good Thing. But I’m also with Jenn at 4:01, in that I am very uncomfortable with the amount of body-loathing and slut-shaming that your post includes. Since I have a daughter about Sam’s age who is being treated for an eating disorder and for whom a shopping trip is usually an exercise in self-hatred, I am not entertained and did not find this post humorous, the way I usually do.

  350. It looks great. I can see this with a long sleeve shirt underneath as well.Kind of a fun fall wearing. Top looks cute and so do you.

  351. The top looks great!The color is great on you, and you have a great figure-show it off! And yes, I dress Amish too.

  352. Looks great on you but if the cami makes it too warm, consider lining just the bodice. Plus, if you baste it in and test wear it around the house, you can adjust the height of the neckline to suit your personal hussy-to-matron ratio before you sew it in permanently.

  353. It looks better on you than it does on the model. (I never would have thought of knitting it the way it is on twist collective). You’re just not used to wearing tailored clothing, because everything you own is flowy and drapey. It does NOT make you look like a hussy. Fitted clothes for the well-endowed look way better than baggy things.

  354. PS to my comment: (a postive one I might add)
    You asked…we answered.
    The bottom line…Be true to yourself!
    It’s what I tell my daughters when they ask my advise (after I tell them what I think-since they asked). Oldest one your age. 🙂

  355. It looks beautiful and flattering on you – you’re equating a (completely irrational) dissatisfaction with your body to ‘hussiness’. You have a nice little figure (as my grandmother would say) and you’ve simply made yourself something that fits. Enjoy it, and remember that all tops look low cut when you’re looking down at them rather than directly at them.

  356. its beautiful. However, if you think its too tight, you’ll never wear it. (experience).

  357. The Sweater looks great!
    The silk dress sounds divine. I sew for babies and kids – I like the tulle idea but you might want to make it a 2 layer petticoat with 1 layer of very light weight cotton (like batiste) and the tulle above that. Babies and kids do not like the feel of tulle on their skin.

  358. I’ve been trying to figure out what to say. I didn’t want you to take some things wrong – which I always do when people try to compliment me on my clothing – so I couldn’t say just anything. Here’s what I’ve settled on. You look nice. This makes you look thin and gives you a nice shape; but not a hoochie shape. It shows that you have breasts but doesn’t make them look huge or weird. You look young and slender and happy.

  359. It looks gorgeous! and you look fit and trim and healthy in it! Age wise remember some people in their early 40s have a 6 and a 4 yr old. Mentioning childrens’ ages just doesn’t work as a framework for judging your own age. And age doesn’t matter anyway! One of our family friends in her mid 50s still wears (almost exclusively) the mini skirts I’m guessing she realised suited her back when she first started identifying what suited her in high school. She still looks great in them so who cares what age she is or what a social old-fashioned convention says?
    Amp up the positive self talk! A little drape is always flattering but a little fit really makes the aesthetic composition of what you’re wearing tie you into the picture and lets the combination sing. Forget age, forget how you look looking down- or even in the mirror and trying only figuring things out by the photographs from varied angles. Mirrors are too 2D; everyone else sees you in motion and can’t critique the minutiae.
    I think it fits you beautifully! Congratulations!

  360. It looks to me like it fits you perfectly – and looks absolutely gorgeous, I might add. And I’m ROFL over “Stop trying to dress like you’re Amish”!!!

  361. I buy my clothes too big as well. They just “feel” better that way.
    So, keeping that in mind, I just want to say that the shirt is very flattering on you. It fits. I subscribe to a very modest dress code and I didn’t think for a second that it was too revealing or too form-fitting. You’re totally good on all counts. Wear the snot out of that thing because it looks good on you. 🙂

  362. Ok, I mean this in a totally heterosexual way: You look SEXY and stunning. It is a great top and I would add it to your wear while giving speeches at bookstores etc wardrobe.
    To echo some of the older comments, though, wearing clothing that fits you well does not make you a hussy. Wearing something revealing to get looks from your preferred gender from ones other than your spouse makes you a hussy. Since I am sure Joe is the only one you want looks from, you simply have a lovely and flattering new top, not an open-for-business sign. Wear it with pride, you knit it well.

  363. Looks terrific, but I totally understand what you mean. It’s nice to have a daughter who gives really honest feedback about these things. I have a daughter like that too.

  364. My husband says it shows what you got without showing what you got! And it looks great!

  365. Listen to your daughter Stephanie. It looks awesome! Not too tight, not hussy looking and no weird things in the back.

  366. The fit is beautiful and you look fantastic.
    The top is very flattering on you as is the color.

  367. I think it would look even cooler with a black camisole under it to feature the lacy parts.

  368. Dear:
    Where did you get this Amish thing from, anyway?! We have no Amish blood, connections or interest, at least as far as style is concerned. It’s like a phony accent,in that it has no place in our history, culture or wardrobes, and the top looks great, and fits will. As I told you, this is a good thing.

  369. It looks great! calm down and enjoy it. I only hope that when I finally get myself to make my own that I look nearly as good.

  370. It’s a beautiful sweater, but I think the “cord” under your bust is riding too high up onto your bust. It seems like you need more room for your bosom.

    Yesterday I looked in the first full mirror I’d seen in days and in horror thought “I’m a liberal atheist — dressed like my pentecostal relatives. This won’t do!”

  372. I’m still giggling about a “harlot” worried about being a “hussy!” Um…
    The sweater is lovely, and lovely on you. Very sophisticated. And yep, it would make a great author photo!

  373. Going to be honest, I think that looks better on you than Flow does. (And Flow looks pretty good). That’s an awesome top there. 😀 Wear it all the time!
    (Also, agreed it would make a fantastic author photo. ^^)

  374. It is perfect. It is a modest, tailored and refined knit. It makes you look svelte, and like you understand fit. It would be completely appropriate at a PTA meeting,or at lunch with an editor. It also makes you look younger, and thinner than poorly fitted baggy things will as it emphsizes your slender upper body. The color makes you look very healthy and makes your hair and eyes glow. If you are uncomfortable wearing it, say, to pick up leaves in the yard, wear it with a higher camisole.
    It is the best thing that I have seen you wear, either in person or in pictures!!!!

  375. As someone who was groped by an astonishing variety of individuals during her teen years, I’m all about keeping the funbags out of sight.
    I’d wear it.

  376. I read, I looked, here are my thoughts in order:
    1) I have never seen a garment that fitted so well in the back–perfect!
    2)Why doesn’t she pull it down a bit more in the front so the I-cord rides under the bust–the camisole is protecting her modesty.
    3) Why doesn’t she buy a burnt-orange camisole–it would look great.
    4) What Jenn at 4:01 said. As a midwife and postpartum doula, you are a long-time advocate for the miracle of women’s bodies and what they can do. Having a woman’s body is not a crime.
    5)This sweater is elegant! I could not disagree more that it looks “jeune fille”.
    6)As a well-known advocate for knitting, you should know that proper fit is crucial so that the garment doesn’t look dowdy. Show off that gorgeously knit, perfectly finished garment and be proud!
    7)Hey, you asked!

  377. Please become comfortable with that top, because it looks great on you and you look GREAT in it.
    We women are seldom satisfied with our bodies, but we need to get over that. I was never satisfied with my boobs; now, because of cancer, I have none (not “real” ones, anyway). It made me realize what a waste of time fretting about them was.
    Celebrate your body and your life!

  378. I don’t think this sweater is a true empire style pattern, where the seam would be under the bust line… IF your concern truly is that you don’t want to look like a hussy,..I do not think you look like a hussy. I too think you should NOT EVER look like you are Amish. I too think you should lighten up…you have a great figure. I think it looks very nice on you indeed and I like the neckline because I don’t like empire in general…..and this one is different. It flows.

  379. Having always fought the battle of the bust (no woman like their hair or their boobs) I can channel you here. And no, it is not too too whatever. You can wear with pride and actually you look quite “come hither” but in a very nice, sort of sedate version thereof! Enjoy!

  380. It astounds me that someone who spends so much time handmaking clothing knows so little about what makes clothing flattering. That’s a great amount of ease for you. Good call on the cami.

  381. This is clearly one of those times when our own image of ourselves (which refers back to the time when we were 25, and even then worried about showing too much, because we didn’t want to invite unwanted attention)is simply inaccurate. Listen to the impartial observers here. Not too tight. Very flattering. Lovely color.
    Remember this: when you were 65, you will wish for the breasts and figure you have now. You look great!
    Stride forward with confidence!

  382. You’re a trim woman. You worked hard to achieve that figure and to maintain it. You are entitled – even encouraged – to wear tailored garments. It looks like the thing was made for you… hey wait a minute. It was! And successfully at that. Rock it, sister. And leave poor Sam be. :oD You mom-people!

  383. I’m 52 years old and I know exactly what you are talking about. I had to readjust my clothing image three years ago. I now go for clean lines (not baggy/dumpy). I call it tailored. You look great!

  384. Wow, a lot of people seem to have issues with aging. Ladies, just because you have more candles on the cake every year doesn’t mean you have to slowly disappear into the woodwork! We are allowed, and should be encouraged, to look attractive and lovely our ENTIRE life, not just pre-30!
    Yarn Harlot, you look lovely in that sweater. It may be a tad tight across the bust, but I don’t know if that is because empire waists always look a bit strained (I’m thinking of the gowns in Sense & Sensibility), or if your larger bosom would appreciate another row or two of stitches above the icord. Regardless, it’s not “too” tight. I wouldn’t even have given it a thought if you hadn’t pointed it out.
    You don’t look like a hussy at all. Just a lovely woman.

  385. That sweater is so perfect on you I can’t stand it! It doesn’t look at all tight. Between the lace and the neckline, it definitely needs the cami, but you look beautiful in it! Wear it proudly.

  386. Didn’t you once complain that your bust was too large? (The front porch post). The only thing I would have done differently is add some short rows to the empire top part to make the seam lay a little lower at the center. It’s great at the sides, and I know it’s supposed to curve upwards, but it’s slightly too upwards in my opinion. Other than that, I think it’s awesome and I might have to add it to my list (I think I could do most of it on the knitting machine too!). You look smart, and polished and like you care about yourself 🙂

  387. I think it looks very lovely on you. I’m also self-conscious about how things look on me, and if it looked like that one me I would definitely wear it!!

  388. Listen to your daughter…she’s right on all aspects of this garment. It’s not too tight, too revealing in front, too short, the back is not “weird”, the color is perfect and it fits you to a T….
    Kids can be brutally honest, but I respect their opinions most of all. They aren’t trying to impress “mom”, they aren’t protecting your feelings. You asked what she thought of the sweater, she told you. Now quit second guessing yourself and her.

  389. I agree with your daughter. It’s rocking and your rocking it. I am older than you so if I can say that you can wear that.

  390. Steph,
    For myself thanks for being concerned about not showing too much skin!! I think it is something to think about. You do not dress like the Amish but that, now adays is not such a bad thing. I like to wear long skirsts and shirts with sleeves that go to my elbows and a neck line that is…a little higher than yours…
    But..that is just me. I like “covering up” as my mom used to say. I have no problem with it and if you want…wear a shirt underneath Lizette that is a bit higher up the front. I bet you will feel more secure and “safer” inside your own skin.

  391. As a middle-aged hussy myself (49, “blonde” and counting) who lives in Spandex gold lame pants and sparkly tube tops (we won’t talk about the big earrings or drag-queen shoes)… I wouldn’t be caught dead in Lizette. ergo, perfect for you! You look mahvellous!

  392. Daughters are great fashion advice givers – we know they aren’t in this world to flatter us, so in general, I rely on my personal daughter for this service. And the funny thing is, though I think my daughter sometimes chooses clothes that are, shall we say, a little too “body conscious”, her advice to me on that score is usually pretty sound.
    All that to say — Sam’s right — it looks fine. In fact, it looks good.
    Not long ago, I watched a movie from the 80’s with Meg Ryan — maybe it was Sleepless in Seattle? Anyway, the fashions looked too buttoned up and baggy, even to me. But I also realized that I LIKED wearing those clothes, and miss them.

  393. oh my gosh! you look fantastic and gorgeous and amazing in this! you look like the knitting goddess you are and you should OWN that look. set the example for your girls of loving your body and don’t worry so much about showing it off so little!

  394. How did I miss this post??!!! Freaking beautiful sweater, especially on YOU!!!!
    But, I get you Stephanie. I had the opposite mother, the one that thought everything needed to be bigger so that it wouldn’t cut off circulation in my legs, etc etc. It took me years to figure out that my Tshirt size is actually small, not extra large. Even after I discovered this, it has taken me years to get comfortable wearing the right size because of the right size’s “revealing” nature (and the massive attention I get). I think many of us women need to get over the fact that we are each uniquely physically beautiful, and that we should CELEBRATE when we find an article of clothing that fits our unique style and body type to our advantage. Bonus points if you made it yourself.
    Congratulations on a wonderful sweater that fits! I love it, and I love it on you!

  395. The kid knows what she’s talking about. It looks great! With the cami underneath it is perfectly modest. I think when women of our age wear clothes that are too baggy, it can give the impression that what is underneath is baggy too. You are in great shape, so why look baggy??

  396. I had to comment today. This looks beautiful on you. It is a perfect fit and so flattering. You should feel good wearing this out. Its very you and its not revealing and not too short. I like the little cami under it also. Its also not too tight. You have a great body shape and you should show it off just a tiny bit and not hide in your clothes so much. A lesson I am also learning. 🙂

  397. Wow! You are adorable in this! What could you have possibly been thinking. This sweater was designed for you. Stop knocking the Hussy thing , until you have tried it. I am 50, and Sexy isn’t an age thing, look at some of the white haired lady’s working their glamorous knits. On those women, it reeks of chique

  398. It’s fabulous…truly. I’m older than you, and I have the same clothing issues, hate tight stuff, especially tops, since I’m big chested. I would wear it, if it fit me as well as it fit you.

  399. Your daughter’s comment made me laugh out loud.
    The colour is lovely, it’s so not too tight – and really looks wonderful on you.
    Lovely sweater and lovely (patient) daughter.

  400. It is NOT too tight! It is not short or revealing. It’s lovely, and you look lovely in it.
    It FITS. Get over it. And wear it!

  401. This top looks totally gorgeous on you. I was going to suggest a camisole the other day when you said you thought it was too low-cut. Looks fabulous!!

  402. It fits, it shows your assets to best advantage (your ARMS, I was thinking of) and I can’t see those strange spots at all.
    My clothes are all too big, I joke that they fit me and a friend at the same time, except for the ones I knitted. That’s because for those I used the tape measure instead of my self image.

  403. It’s just beautiful on you, and no one would mistake you for a hussy under any circumstances. We all have that internal conversation, particularly when our children are old enough to notice things like that! Since I’m the same shape as you, I’m thrilled that you took the chance and showed me it would work! Ordering the pattern in 3..2..1..

  404. yes, unfortunately it it too tight and too short and too revealing for you … no camisole can fix this. You could solve this problem by mailing the Lizzette to me/ rr

  405. Looks fabulous, Stephanie. My daughter won’t let me wear anything with a high “frump factor”–her version of not dressing like I’m Amish.

  406. This top is so flattering on you. It skims from the shoulders down the the hip and the detail and cut of the bodice if *very pretty* without being at all slutty (I think that’s what you’re worried about).
    You daughter’s comment about your dressing like you’re Amish was a hoot! That was right on target.
    I agree with one of the erlier posters who said that she thought it was one of the most attractive garments you’ve ever made for yourself.

  407. I am still laughing ……… because this sounds like me when I have anything new on. My answer to the clothing thing is: bib overalls! I threatened to wear them to my sons wedding after what seemed like endless days of shopping for a dress. I should have just borrowed one of my Amish neighbors dresses ……
    Love your sweater – it looks beautiful on you Stephanie.

  408. nope. looks good. The top skims over your body nicely and not hanging up in either the orchestra or the balcony. Yes, wear the camisole. Don’t forget, cleavage always looks IMMENSE to the woman owning it. From this angle, not so much. Rock on.

  409. Wow there are a crapload of comments on here.
    Anyways, do yourself a favor. Give Sam a ton of garbage bags and a $1000 visa card. Leave town for a weekend. Come back to a whole new wardrobe. Oh also, never buy yourself anything again and be grateful you have her. The girl has taste!

  410. That top is perfect for you! Just enough snugness to show a little shape without being revealing. The color is fabulous on you as well. Nice job!

  411. The top looks great. Definitely not too low neckline. Listen to Sam, it looks fab. If I was as slim as you I’d show it off (without flaunting it).

  412. It is really flattering!! It looks perfect on you! Not too tight or short or too anything other than perfect!

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