1. I got back from the cottage last night – unpacked my cottage stuff, and started straight away putting all my teaching stuff in.  This morning I’ll drive from here to Saint-André-Avellin in Quebec for the Twist Festival de la Fibre – teach for two days, then boogie over to Perth and Janie h knits for a few days, then make my way back home.

2. That’s almost a week away, with lots of long car trips.

3. That makes me think there will be a lot of time to knit.

4. I keep forgetting I’m driving.

5. That probably means that taking the birthday dress and the current socks in progress is enough.

6. Except that’s all stockinette all the time, and that scene can wear on a knitter. (If by "wear on a knitter" you understand I mean "cause her to buy a bunch more yarn she doesn’t need to relieve the tedium.")

7. Last night when I was thinking about all that stockinette I almost lost my cool and started something fancy.  I couldn’t find the right yarn in the stash though.  I think that’s the only thing that stopped me.

8.  If I have an extra 10 minutes this morning, I might not be able to resist.

9.  I am not going to have an extra 10 minutes.  That’s lunatic.

10. I really wish I could drive and knit at the same time.  At least on the highway. It would be so great. I can’t believe you can get a car that parks itself, but you still have to hold the wheel and look where you’re going the whole rest of the time.


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  1. You definitely need one more project for a week away. I’m with you, I calm hardly wait for those Google robot cars to become available!

  2. i just cannot wait to see the finished results of the birthday dress. also, i am dyyyyyyyyyying that i didn’t know about the quebec fibre thing or else i would have planned to be there. yarn AND french? c’mon! two of my loves at once! mmmm… Bon Voyage!

  3. As to point #10, perhaps you should consult with Rob Ford, he doesn’t seem to think that you need to hold the wheel and look where you are going and he’s mayor 😉

  4. You’d think all that fitness and physical activity would keep the back-thing away, wouldn’t you? Your trip sounds wonderful, though–have fun! Best, randmknitter

  5. Have you heard the old joke….
    A cop sees a lady knitting and driving. He pulls along side of her and motions her over, saying “Pull over!” She replies, “No,cardigan.”

  6. Yup, that’s the trouble with being the designated family driver. I’m “ha ha-ing” with Pam up there above me.

  7. What you need with all that stockinette is a good book and a way to hold it open while you knit and read.

  8. I’m doing a baby blanket and Tanis’ business casual socks right now, and the blanket is too big sometimes (Pretty soon I’m going to have to pick up like 400 stitches for the border!) and the socks too complicated. I need a nice easy project so I don’t devolve into the knitting wasteland but am in Maine and the yarn is all in MA and I’m trying really hard not to run out to the store for yarn and needles (I only have a bazillion needles at home and an entire yarn store in my basement)

  9. Have patience, Steph … some day there WILL be the ability to drive with your hands / feet / eyes off the wheel and road! Maybe not in OUR lifetimes, but sometime soon.

  10. ROFL to Pam’s knitting joke! And you may need a new project… Echo Flower? That’s my favorite fancy. Kuura is cool, too… It’s not fancy, but it’s also not nothing but stockinette. I love it for people who aren’t that into lace.
    Or just think of Marlowe twirlie-whirlie in her dress when you need the motivation. You may find yourself feeling more compelled to see her in the dress than you are to knit something new. Apparently visualization works for diets and stuff (buy a new outfit to fit into by a certain date, etc…), but I’ve never personally found an outfit more compelling than a cookie. Maybe you’re stronger than I am. ^_~

  11. Pam @ 10:14 – thank you I love that joke!! Knitting at the wheel beats texting!
    Harlot, I believe you definitely deserve a chauffeur. Me? I can’t do anything as a passenger without getting ill, maybe I could manage the endless stockingette. Oh hang on, that’s ALL I can knit LOL

  12. i remember that, back in the ’50s, “Popular Mechanics” assured us that, within a decade or so, an automated guidance system would let us glide down the highway without having to touch the wheel for miles and miles and miles. yeah. right.

  13. Well I don’t drive BUT we did just drive from Saskatchewan to Vancouver,that’s 18hrs there and 18hrs back.
    Did the baby that needed done.
    Seen,or at least I saw lots of wildlife,bears ,wolves,goats ect..on route.
    The drive drove…….too bad

  14. I’m loving the pink of the party dress. I’m not usually a pink sort, but I would knit with that yarn 🙂
    …just need a girl-baby in my life. My sister-in-law is overdue. Maybe she’ll oblige me. 🙂

  15. Stephanie, May I recommend the train 🙂 Via is licensed so you could travel, drink beer, and knit all while enjoying the scenery.

  16. Pam @ 10:14 – You’re a riot! 🙂
    I too cannot wait for the Google car to be available, but I really hope it is electric because I am loving the daylights out of my Nissan Leaf!

  17. You just need to be wealthy enough for a car service. They drive and you knit. They don’t complain (because you are paying them) if you want to stop at a yarn shop along the way.
    Of course, I don’t know what that would cost other than too much.

  18. I’d suggest at least one other project that isn’t just stockinette. Not only will it keep you from going crazy, but also from buying unnecessary stuff. (Remember you just did some de-stashing! Remember your trip to San Francisco when you thought you had lots of knitting with you!)

  19. In theory if your car has cruise control and you can steer with your knee you probably could knit in the car on the highway as long as its something simple, like a sock. Not that I knit at red lights and long stretches or anything…nope, not me.

  20. Stockinette goes so quickly (when not driving) that if feels like the yarn is disappearing at a rapid clip. Thus, one is compelled, yeah required, to purchase more yarn to fill the empty space in the stash.

  21. Here’s another old knitting/driving joke:
    Cop pulls the lady over and walks up to the car, saying “Ma’am did you know you were weaving?” Then he sees her hands and says, “Oh, sorry, I see you’re knitting, not weaving. Carry on.”

  22. Uh, the idea of cars that park themselves completely freaks me out, but I’m with you on wishing I could knit & drive. I’ve been in stop-and-go and was tempted to get a few rows in. It’d help with the stress of traffic, no?
    Safe travels, fun times.

  23. Wouldn’t it be great to knit while you work out? All those minutes on the treadmill… HEY! You know what would be even better? IF KNITTING COUNTED AS EXERCISE!

  24. “I couldn’t find the right yarn in the stash though.
    Your stash? The one you keep talking about taking over the house?
    I’m sitting here trying to conceive of a yarn so unique that you don’t have it (or it’s equivalent) in The Stash Of Legend…
    Do tell, what is it? Penguin down with stone beads found during the Mars landing????

  25. I know Google is working on that self-driving car. You’re going to be the first in line for one of those, aren’t you?

  26. Sounds like you need a chauffeur, which I would be willing to do so long as I can learn how you knit so fast!

  27. Don’t you still have some of those personal sock club packets? Nice and portable, with a pattern, and already set to grab and go.
    Grabbing a ball of sock yarn as I head out the door is SOP for me…though admittedly it’s usually self-patterning or something I want to do in one of the easy textured patterns I have memorised.

  28. I had a teacher in high school who used to drive and read…but then again, that was in a part of Texas where there were looooong stretches of straight road and nothing much going on. You just need to find a straight, boring road and drive with your knees while you knit. 😉

  29. I can’t believe that in this day and age we don’t have computer operated transportation bubbles that get us from place to place using simple algorithms, air-cushioned “bubble tracks” and clean energy. No car wrecks, drinking and driving would cease to exist, and we’d get so much more knitting done!

  30. I believe that self-driving car is closer than we think. There is already a vehicle (the Infiniti I think) that detects unseen objects behind you when you are in reverse, and slams on the brakes. I could have used that a few times in the past, heh. Inanimate objects only, fortunately.

  31. Give in. 🙂 Pack something else, something cabley or lacy, ’cause you know you want to. I agree that endless st st might make things dull. Those are car projects, but only if someone else is driving, definitely. Go ahead. Stash dive and find something else to take! You have my permission! LOL

  32. You need some advice from Mayor Ford. If he can read while driving on the Gardiner Expressway, someone of your intelligence and creativity should be able to master knitting and driving.

  33. OK, you touched on a “thing” for me. Why do we still have to drive on the freeways? Every Christmas I pile the dogs in the back of my car and have to leave at 5am for a 2 day drive. Every year I look longingly and the cushy, cozy beds in the back of the car and think how nice it would be to curl up back there with the dogs while the car takes me to Arizona for Christmas. Then later in the day I could knit and listen to knitting podcasts during the drive (Never listen to knitting podcasts while you have to drive. It is torture.)
    Surely, with the organized freeway system we have, it should be like a people mover and we just drive the cars onto the on ramps, onto the people mover and select our destination.
    I’m convinced the auto industry is behind this. And have I mentioned I really hate driving in general? *sigh*

  34. Bonnnie @ 11:26…I DO knit while I work out! If I’m on the treadmill I put my skein in the water bottle holder. When I do step aerobics, it goes in my pocket…

  35. I know of one mayor who thinks he can read and drive 70 kms per hour on a highway at the same time. Don’t follow his example. Driving also requires hands, don’t forget.
    We couldn’t do without you (in direct contrast….)

  36. Given my somewhat poor knowledge of Canadian geography as your neighbor to the South, I had to do a double take when you said you were going to “boogie over to Perth.” I thought to myself – “what? She’s going all the way to the western edge of Australia?!” Sigh. Have a great trip. 🙂

  37. Like the “don’t text and drive”, do we need a “don’t knit and drive” campaign?

  38. A volunteer driver is the best idea yet. I’m sure there is someone in Toronto who would jump at the chance to drive you to Quebec. If I lived closer I would def. be that person. I would even pay for my own hotel/motel and food. You could provide the beer! Win/win for all.

  39. Got caught in some sort of strange phone survey the other night. In between the political questions, there were car questions. In the setup for one, I heard the plans for “self-driving” cars in the future. This knitter hopes she lives to see the day! If it happens, I will DRIVE to all knitting events I can, even Sock Summits the whole way across the continent in Oregon!

  40. I know, it just sucks that you actually have to hold the steering wheel and look through the windshield and stuff while driving. I get my husband to drive when we’re going to the cottage–that way I can knit, and I don’t have to be the driver through Toronto traffic. Is there going to be any yarn-over action on the skirt of the party dress? And what about the rosebuds? I can’t wait to see them. Maybe some details like that would relieve the stockinette monotony.

  41. Alberta passed a “Distracted Driving” law last year, which covered cell phone use, but also other things that could be considered distracting while you are driving. There was an article in the Calgary Herald yesterday about how many tickets they’re given out since they passed the law, and they listed some of the other things they ticketed for, besides texting and cell phone usage. One of the things on the list was knitting. I kept thinking “Who does that?” Now I know who would like to be able to do that. lol

  42. I can certainly understand the inclination, but please, don’t knit and drive! Besides, you’re already almost there now, right? Hope you took one other little fancy project “just to take the edge off” of all that stockinette…

  43. Couldn’t you add a pretty lace border at the bottom of the skirt? It would show off the tulle underskirt beautifully.

  44. I must respectfully disagree with point number 6. Such a thing as “yarn she doesn’t need” does not exist.

  45. what? you don’t have a driver? what is this world coming to. yes, driving and knitting are somehow incompatible for long stretches.

  46. Yeah, I like to have one brainless knit (aka stockinette) for watching TV or sitting in PTA meetings, and one serious knit for times that I’m feeling truly cerebral. You should totally go yarn shopping. 😉

  47. You and Rob Ford should share a driver! Did you see that there is a Rob Ford butter sculpture at the CNE? He’s reading Margaret Atwood while driving – gotta love it!

  48. You need a driver. No such thing as yarn one doesn’t need. Find a driver. Take more yarn. (Also glad you made it back to the lake!)

  49. To elaborate on Ms. Seely’s comment above, you need to pick destinations with something to attract one of your daughters — something that holds her interest enough to want to go there. Even if that something is said daughter’s current object of lust . . . er, desire.

  50. My co-worker heard about the Festival Twist on the radio (French CBC in Gatineau) … he heard there was a “rock star” of knitting who was going to be there and we figure that must be you! Your Saturday session is sold out!

  51. I have driven and knit at the same time…but only socks. Lace takes too much concentration…I kept dropping yarn overs.

  52. I love your use of slang, reminds me of my teen years. My girls laugh at me when I use “boogie” or “scene” – but you validate me. Thanks for appreciating the nuances of a language gone by.

  53. Looking so forward to meeting you at Janie H. Knits in Perth, Yeeehawwww. Drive carefully.

  54. You need another sock project.. although the idea of taking a driver and a few more projects does sound ideal!
    safe travels and have fun

  55. You know you are too deep into knitting when you look forward to the long trains halting all the traffic because it gives you some knitting time while you are in the driver’s seat… I keep a sock in the passenger seat at all times for this reason. “Fate” is aware of this, and I hardly ever get stopped by the trains.

  56. If anyone can invent a way to drive and knit at the same time, it’s you. And when you do, you’ll be the hero of knitters everywhere! Oh, wait. You’re already the hero of knitters everywhere!

  57. ..you can train and knit…as in take the train to Quebec. Do you have rail service to Quebec?
    Just a thought…

  58. I got busted by a guy in the car next to me for knitting at a stop light. He actually thought it was pretty funny. It was a long light.

  59. You need a chauffeur. That way you can ride and knit at the same time. Lovely baby dress!

  60. I feel your pain. I had a terrible time deciding what projects to take on a Portland yarn crawl and I too was the driver. A friend gave me a bumper sticker that’s on my little red car ,it says Don,t Knit and drive. Ty says that’s how he knows which car is Yaya Ball of Yarns.Hope you have a great week!

  61. I agree with you about the stockinette. Right now, I’m working on a Color Affection wrap (thanks for blogging about it and inspiring me!), and I’m one row away from the border. I’m so bored with all the garter, but I don’t want to start another project and delay finishing this one. I wish you luck with all the stockinette you have to finish! BTW I love the way the dress is coming out. Adorable.

  62. I just met Stephanie at Twist in St Andre d’Avellin Que
    First I Kinneared her through her workshop window and then, knowing her workshop was over I summoned up my nerve and when right in and introduced myself to Knitting Royalty! Wow! I giggled all the way home, ask my husband!!
    She’s just as nice a person as can be.
    I’m tickled to death and I’m sure she’s was just as excited to meet me :~}

  63. I agree on the knitting/driving thing…sitting on the seat right next to me, I’m driving pretty long straight lines…there HAS to be a solution.

  64. I’m just stoked that the week I was away from internet in the BWCA you were also dunking yourself in a lake so close we could almost wave! Love those lakes and canoes. Yes, I know that it is actually not waving distance.

  65. Great comment about the car! I’ve thought the same thing, especially on the freeway…

  66. I was knitting when driving once and a cop came up beside me and said….pullover! I said, “What?” He said….PULLOVER….I said…..”No! It’s a cardigan”

  67. I used to know someone who knitted himself sweaters while driving. He had one of those old VW buses with a nearly-horizontal steering wheel, so he could steer with his elbows, knit, and keep his eyes on the road.

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