Suki’s finished – and I’m totally happy with it – although really, how couldn’t I be?

The pattern was easy to work from beginning to end.  even the lace follows a simple geometric pattern that follows logically so you’re not a slave to the chart…

although even if it doesn’t make sense to you, it would be over quickly.

The yarn was a dream.  It’s Verb for Keeping Warm’s Kush.  65% Cashmere/35% silk, and it just can’t suck if it tries.  The scarf is ridiculously soft, and is probably only going to get softer with wear.

I asked Sam to model it before she went to school this morning, and as I was taking the pictures I thought to myself how funny it is that every time I put up pictures of one of the ladies (They can all vote. I’ve got to stop calling them "the girls") I straightaway get some really, really nice emails from some of you guys saying (and I’ll paraphrase here)  "Wow, it’s amazing how co-operative and lovely your daughters are about the knitting, my kids just roll their eyes and make annoyed faces and it’s so great that your children aren’t anything like that, you must be a great mum."

Then I laugh so hard at my desk that the cat looks at me funny.  Sam and I have an unspoken rule that she will model knitting if it takes no more than five minutes***, and I respect that – so the whole shoot happened in less than that.  Here’s the other pictures.

This is a shot I like to call  "How has my life come to this,  I feel dead inside".

This is an expression we like to call "That guy from down the street just saw us taking pictures of me in a shawl. I’d kill you, but I need to ask for $5.  Never mind. I’ll just kill you and take your purse."

Or this one? I’m pretty sure what she’s thinking in this instant is that she loves and respects my work so much that she jshe’s struggling to resist the urge to hug me….or strangle the very breath out of me with her bare hands… but I think it’s the first one. 

This is clearly either "I think I look fabulous in this, I hope it is my Christmas present" or maybe "SPREAD THE LACE OUT SO IT SHOWS BETTER???  YOU ARE SO WEIRD I CAN’T STAND IT."

This is obviously "I have the bestest mummy in the whole wide world."

and this one?
You might think this is thinly veiled rage that her mother can’t do something normal for a living, like run a meth lab or pole dance for tourists…

but it’s really just a normal, healthy reaction to the dawning realization that  wearing a shawl for your mum’s knit blog is actually what you’re going to have to do for bus fare. 

** If by "unspoken agreement" you understand that she said "I swear if this takes more than 5 minutes I’m going to kill you." 
She said it with love though.  She loves shawls.