Proof of Life

There have been a few comments over the last little bit that have implied that some readers may think that perhaps the pictures of last years Rhinebeck sweater (that wasn’t quite a Rhinebeck sweater) are overdue enough that it is time to become suspicious.

These comments have implied that maybe I did not actually finish that sweater at all, or maybe the fact that it was singed, knit wrong, had surgery on it’s cables and was late was a little bit much for it – perhaps it is an ugly sweater, overwhelmed by its flaws.  Other comments have said that it would be normal for me to have hardened my heart to the sweater, what with all we went through, and said that maybe I hate it,  or maybe it fits funny,  because why else on earth wouldn’t there have been a photo shoot, because it’s been almost a year…  RIGHT?!

Apparently these commenters underestimate my powers of procrastination.  Gwendolyn is indeed finished, well, happy and being worn.

Sweater: Gwendolyn, by Fiona Ellis.  Yarn: Shelter: in Embers.
Modifications? You bet. I cardiganized it, and left off the hood.

Somehow I never got around to taking many pictures of her – at least not formal ones.  Instead, there are many pictures of Gwen in use, over the last year,  because this has become one of my favourite sweaters.

I travel with Gwen, and it’s been hung on countless chairs,

Used as a pillow or blanket on about 20 flights:

Been hung on lots of restroom doors.

She hangs on a hook by my front door most days, so Gwen appears often in photos when I do.

I almost always grab this sweater as I head out into the autumn air, whether I’m shopping in the village,

Or just running to the corner.

It’s a great sweater, despite the scorching, the cable problems, the mis-knit and all that… Maybe even because of it.  After all we were through together? How can I not love this sweater? (Don’t answer that. I like to pretend that I never consign knits to the abyss.)  I’m going to pack Gwen for Rhinebeck this year, so at least this sweater’s destiny will be fulfilled.

(PS: I am 28cm up the back of Miss BB, which is almost halfway. So far, so good, but I don’t want to jinx it.)