Sometimes it comes from behind

I had a good look at my schedule yesterday, as I sat down and started to size up what everyone’s responsibilities will be over the next few weeks.  I knew the next few weeks  would be tricky but I didn’t really have a totally awesome grip on my plan, which is great, because my plan is hardcore.  If by hardcore, you understand that it’s just hard. 

I’m teaching at Webs, then going to Rhinebeck, then teaching and speaking at VKL, then crossing the pond to a wedding in London and then heading up to Port Ludlow for the November retreat.   That means, my little wool obsessed friends, that I will – from the 16th of October to the 17th of November, sleep in my own bed a grand and glorious number of times, and that number is 8.  Yup. 8 nights, and they are not even all in a row, and they are not all with my husband because he’s staying in the UK for longer than I am. 

The basic upshot of this is not that my family life is going to be ridiculously complex, because we have a great plan.  My youngest is a teen and would rather phone and text than live with me anyway – and also my amazing sister and mum live near by and will be a huge help… and also I’m married to a man who’s a solid parent who will pull his weight while I’m working, and  that means that while I’ll likely be a gibbering mess by mid-November, the family will be okay -so let’s focus on the real issue.

I have six nights away, then three nights home, then three nights away, then one night home, then six nights away, then three nights home, then eight nights away. The real trouble here is not the fridge or homework or groceries (although that stuff is going to be challenging) it’s going to be the knitting.

I have to have all the knitting for the next 30 days pretty much sorted when I leave here tomorrow morning.  Organized, wound, planned… because those few nights home are going to be entirely taken up with family stuff – cooking, laundry, errands and spending what little time I’ve got with the family, right on the cusp of Christmas Knitting. Organizationally speaking, this next month is going to make running the UN look like a romp in the park, and the knitting is probably going to be the only thing that keeps me from throwing a temper tantrum that makes a two year old look well balanced – so it’s a pretty vital piece of the puzzle.

The knitting needs to be small enough to fit in my bag,  the backup yarn needs to not take up a lot of luggage room, and the whole thing has to serve the Christmas mission.

That just screams SOCKS to me, and so today I’m finding myself a few several pairs worth, and taking real comfort in knowing that no matter how crazy things get over the next little bit, I’ll be piling up the pairs for under the Christmas tree – and revelling in the knowledge that in December? I am home every single night but one.  

As for the Rhinebeck sweater? Completely and totally uneventful. I know I shouldn’t say it, but this baby is just about knitting itself.  I’ve finished a sleeve, the back and both fronts, including the collar.  That leaves a single sleeve – and if I fold time and space right today, I can pack everything I need, sort this house and family for launch, and knit and block that.  Tomorrow night I’ll sew it all up – and bingo.  A Rhinebeck sweater.  (Note to self: pack buttons. Actually, choose buttons- then pack them.)

I can do this.  It’s going to be fine.  I have a lot of sock yarn, and I know how to use it.