Randomly on a Thursday

1. All the parts of my sweater are done.

2. They are not all dry. 

3. When I was at home, I washed the pieces as I finished them, and blocked them flat on a rack that fits in my dryer.  This was super fast.

4. Last night, I washed the final sleeve, and laid it out flat to dry in the hotel.  It looked a lot bigger than the other sleeve.

5. When I compared the two sleeves, it turns out that the reason the wet sleeve looks a lot bigger than the dry sleeve is because it really, really is.

6. There is no reason for this.  Same needles, same number of stitches, same number of rows.  All same. Totally the same. Absolutely the same. I am sure they are the same every way that it is possible for a knitter to be sure.

7. Yet, they are not the same, which shouldn’t really shock me, because sometimes knitting doesn’t care about things like "if you knit two things that are the same in the same way they should be the same." Knitting’s bad ass like that.

8. I think maybe they aren’t the same because one is wet and drying on a hotel duvet, and one is dry and was dried on a rack in the dryer. Maybe that matters?

9. So this morning I decided that it would be a really great idea to sit on the floor of my hotel bathroom with the sleeve,  a cup of coffee and the hotel room hair dryer – and try to dry it like that. 

10. For the record, this is an incredibly stupid and ineffective way to dry a sweater sleeve.  Just in case it ever comes up.