Quickly so Quickly

I’m running by the blog at a thousand miles an hour, about to leave the cozy, happy place that is Webs, and head for the glory of Rhinebeck. 

I love Webs.  I love teaching at Webs. I’m pretty sure I love Steve and Kathy because they are kind, decent people who are so lovely and easy to work with…

but it might be because they own Webs.  Webs has this huge variety of yarn, so much that I’ve kidded about retiring to a corner of the warehouse, and I wasn’t even really kidding.  (I am going to make a nest.  It will be lovely.)  

There’s what’s out front…

Then there’s what’s in the Warehouse out back…

and I feel like you could spend days there and not see it all. 

(Actually, I really have just spent days there, and haven’t seen it all.)  The staff is sweeter than pie

and clever too –

That’s Leslie Ann, with her new book Cast On, Bind Off.  (It’s very nice, I have a copy.  Great illustrations.)

Going to Webs before Rhinebeck was a great treat, and I’m probably going back before I leave for Rhinbeck this afternoon, and I’m not ashamed or sorry.  There’s no such thing as too much time at Webs. 

PS. Miss BB is finished.

Almost.  She needs buttons sewn on, I have to find some thread, and one sleeve is still a little longer, but it’s still damp.  (I might dampen the rest of it.  If you can’t beat em’ join ’em.) 

Rhinebeck Ho!