And it was never on fire

Unpacking and laundry are done, and re-packing to leave tomorrow for VK Live in Chicago has commenced.  I didn’t even put the suitcase away, just left it in the middle of the living room.  
I have no idea how I can be stressed and delighted to be leaving at the same time, but I have this cramp in my tummy that’s screaming "Wow!" and "Whoa!" all at once.  (The by-product of this is not being able to tell if I’m hungry or not and then trying to fill the void with coffee.  It’s not helping, but I’m about a half cup away from being able to feel my hair growing.)

Let’s pause then, and spend a minute with something lovely, calming and perfect… shall we?  I gave you a sneak peek yesterday, but here’s Miss BB in all her glory. 

Pattern: Miss BB. Yarn: Classic Elite Waterlily. (It’s discontinued, but Webs has it here in two colours, both stupid cheap.)

This was such a great knit. Fast, fun, and as always with Chic Knits patterns, spot on perfect and easy to read.  This, as always, didn’t stop me from changing a thing or two, and so the back cable isn’t quite as written. It’s like a sick fetish – but I did the cable wrong by accident the first time, and decided I really loved it my way. (I only mention it because I don’t want some poor knitter up late trying to figure out why mine doesn’t look like hers.) I knocked the purl stitches out of the centre. 

Other than that, and shortening the sleeves to match my actual arms (which it turns out are so hobbity short that it is nothing short of amazing that I can buy clothes at all) and shortening the torso a little before the waist  (also hobbity short) I knit it as written -right down to the shawl collar I didn’t think I would love, but do. 

In the end, the arms weren’t the same length, and aren’t in these artfully posed pictures. (All photo credits to Caro Sheridan, photographer and purveyor of funny knitting shirts. Careful arm placement by Stitchy McYarnpants. Together this duo made Knitting it Old School . Great book.) They were about an inch different, but as I suspected it was a blocking problem, and when the whole thing was washed and dried together, they were absolutely perfect. I was super careful not to put both arms down at the same time while I was at Rhinbeck. 

(Here, Stitchy attempts to smooth my hair- her skills are mighty, but my hair has more will than she expected.)

All in all, a sweater in less than a week, and a great fitting, nicely flattering one at that.   I’m especially proud of the fit through the shoulders, my clear acceptance of where my waist is (or isn’t) and my ability to finally learn to seek V-necks so that I don’t look like the worlds most hobbity linebacker.

I love it when a sweater works out- and especially proud that this one has no charred bits.