Forced to Comply

When I said I was going to stick to socks over the next little bit, I wasn’t kidding. There’s really not much else that’s as easy to pack and manage, although I keep looking longingly at the first pile of yarn for the Nephew sweaters, and wishing it was practical on any level at all to start.  While I’m still looking for the perfect yarn for Hank’s sweater, I found just what I needed for Lou at Madtosh, and have been experimenting with a few choice rationalizations for knitting it over the last 48 hours.  Luckily I’m too smart to fall for my tricks in that amount of time, and as of noon today I’ll be out of range of its aura of influence.  I’ll leave it here by my desk, and dutifully put my sock in my bag for Chicago, and maybe I’ll get another  pair of socks done before I’m back home where it is.

Another? You bet. Behold, contributions to the Christmas pile!

Pattern: Monkey. Yarn: BFMA lightweight in a rare gem.

Here’s a dashing little pair of socks (that fit me not at all, but luckily, they aren’t for me, so that’s perfect) finished, admired, photographed and placed in the long range planning box. 

Were I a better sort of woman (or the sort who swore she would do this last year) I would have wrapped them and tagged them so they were ready for under the tree. (The wrapping kicked my arse last Christmas. I’m trying to plan better this year.) These will make a certain someone very happy, and as always,  Monkey’s are easy and fast. (I love the idea of that turning up in a search somewhere. I sort of suspect all Monkeys are easy and fast – not just the socks. Seems to me like monkeys don’t have a lot of ethical anxiety around that stuff.)

Wrapped or not – you can stick a fork in these babies, because they are done – and the next pair is on the needles. 

Tanis Fiber Arts, Blue Label Fingering, 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon, colour: Midnight.

This pair’s destined to be one of the three or four "guy" pairs that wear on me each holiday.  I find it hard to find/buy "guy" yarn, hard to find "guy" patterns, and hard to keep up the enthusiasm for those big feet.  This is of course complicated by the fact that none of the guys in the family have the same definition of guy colours or guy patterns, but that’s a thing for another day. Suffice it to say that mostly they’re boring, and I put them off – and so I’m going to try and bang out a couple of pairs now, forcing myself to comply by only having those projects with me.  I’m also not taking any patterns, so we’ll see what this little experiment generates.  There’s got to be a way to amuse myself.

For now, it’s off to Chicago. VK Live awaits. See you there?