Hello dear ones,  I hope everyone is reasonably warm and dry. I know that might be a bit much to ask if you’re right in Sandy’s path – but I hope you’re all as cozy as possible.  The edge of the storm is just starting to hit Toronto, the wind is beginning to blow, and by this evening it should be a proper mess.  We won’t be hit nearly as badly as our neighbours, but there’s warnings of power outages, trees down, "severe winds" lots and lots of rain and flooding in low lying areas.   We’ve got water and food, and are well equipped for whatever.  Sandy should just be a bad storm by the time it gets here, so don’t worry about us. Send that energy to places closer to the sea. 

To be honest, we’re planning on leaving tonight.  We have a late flight to London (England) booked and while  we’re sort of expecting it to not get off the ground (and we’re fine with that) I’m spending today hitting the reset button on the family, unpacking from Chicago (I don’t have time to tell you quite how fabulous Chicago was, so I’ll give you these few pictures and move on.)

Every challenge I’ve ever had has taught me a skill or two, and this month I’m learning a new one.  I could already pack and bug out anywhere faster than a MASH unit – book tours taught me that one – but this month I’m learning the art of the reload.  I rush in the door, prioritize the family and making them some good food, and do homework with Sam and call anybody who needs anything, and the whole time I hide the truth.

If you’ve only got a few hours between jaunts?

It’s all about the laundry.