Across the Pond

After a wild ride out of Toronto, we’re safely settled in London.  The first hour and a half of the flight were as bumpy as I’ve ever experienced- just like you would expect for a flight minutes ahead of the storm.  (Toronto fared fairly well, considering the terrible damage done other places. There are many trees down, and some flooding, and lots of wet basements (including ours, but we were anticipating that) and many folks without power, but overall it looks like we got off easy.)

Once we were clear of Sandy, the rest of the flight was uneventful, if you don’t count Joe knocking a pudding onto me at 3am, and I’m sure he would rather we didn’t count that – and before we knew it we had arrived.  So far, all we’ve really done is navigate the tube and have dinner with family, but that’s no small accomplishment.

Today’s our day of adventure in London.  The weather looks fair – we’ve got our Oyster cards for the tube, and we’re going to see everything.