Hello dear ones,  I hope everyone is reasonably warm and dry. I know that might be a bit much to ask if you’re right in Sandy’s path – but I hope you’re all as cozy as possible.  The edge of the storm is just starting to hit Toronto, the wind is beginning to blow, and by this evening it should be a proper mess.  We won’t be hit nearly as badly as our neighbours, but there’s warnings of power outages, trees down, "severe winds" lots and lots of rain and flooding in low lying areas.   We’ve got water and food, and are well equipped for whatever.  Sandy should just be a bad storm by the time it gets here, so don’t worry about us. Send that energy to places closer to the sea. 

To be honest, we’re planning on leaving tonight.  We have a late flight to London (England) booked and while  we’re sort of expecting it to not get off the ground (and we’re fine with that) I’m spending today hitting the reset button on the family, unpacking from Chicago (I don’t have time to tell you quite how fabulous Chicago was, so I’ll give you these few pictures and move on.)

Every challenge I’ve ever had has taught me a skill or two, and this month I’m learning a new one.  I could already pack and bug out anywhere faster than a MASH unit – book tours taught me that one – but this month I’m learning the art of the reload.  I rush in the door, prioritize the family and making them some good food, and do homework with Sam and call anybody who needs anything, and the whole time I hide the truth.

If you’ve only got a few hours between jaunts?

It’s all about the laundry.

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  1. Have a great trip in London (if you get out of Toronto)
    Don’t forget to be a tacky tourist see ALL the sites,The Eye is worth every penny.
    Should manage another pair of socks on the plane ride for the Christmas stash.

  2. Welcome back to the UK! Try and see the Ballgowns and Hollywood Costumes exhibitions at the V&A. But book ahead!

  3. Stay safe, even if you are only on the edge of the storm. Here in Kingston, the wind has really picked up in the last hour and we’re supposed to have 5-metre waves on the lake. That’s some room you were in for your talk in Chicago–a lot different from the boudoir/yarn shop you were in not so long ago!

  4. Glad you made it home and hope you get to London. Sounds like you have a whirlwind life at the moment.
    I’m from Indiana and our wind has really picked up today.
    Thanks for the promise of more from VKLive.

  5. Good luck on your flight! Hope you bring some good knitting with you to the airport, I’m sure there’ll be a lot of weather delays.
    Upside from bad weather: it has inspired me to do a little destashing, I’ve cast on yet another sweater, which I hope will get done in 3 weeks in time for a birthday. Downside: thermostat’s not working, and the house is 5 degrees colder now than it was this morning. Another upside: I’m not lacking in the sweater-&-wool-sock department. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see updates from your UK trip!

  6. Jealous of the UK trip- lived there for a few years, and would love to take the kids over to see it all.
    Have a great trip!!

  7. Thanks for the kind thoughts. We are home safe and sound with plenty of yarn, wine and food. Roads and bridges are closed but so far, we are safe and sound. Have a blast in London.

  8. Yesterday I totally did a double take as I was getting out of an elevator and you were getting in.
    I recognized you, but then I realized you had no clue who I was. I should have introduced myself, hi I’m Molly, and you inspired me to blog about knitting 😀
    When I was riding the L back to wear I was staying I kept wondering if the person next to me would be digging through my purse, haha.
    I would like to post a photo of me in the audience, could you send an original?
    Molly : )

  9. I’m in Boston so we’re getting it hard right now, but so far I still have power. Lots of books, lots of knitting, lots of Halloween candy, lots of booze – I’ll certainly be fine. Good luck getting off the ground!

  10. amke sure you have the propane tank filled or at least a propane stove for when the power goes out. I live in Nova Scotia, and we got wind and rain, which is a nice change from usually getting hit by hurricanes. Don’t worry, you’ll do fine it looks like since you got food and such.
    knock on the wooden knitting needles that you make it to London! And Safe journey!:)

  11. Have a good trip across to this side of the pond. Very little chance you will stay dry I’m afraid!

  12. Hey, have a great time in London (if you get there). I used to live there and my favourite trip with visitors was to get the boat from Westminster to Greenwich, lots of sites along the way and Greenwich market at the end. Enjoy!

  13. I hope your trip to London goes well. I went into work this morning only to hear from a coworker that the Patriots (my local football team, so I don’t imagine you care) were stuck in London.
    I’m in Sandy’s path and while there have been reports from friends of blown in windows, downed wires, power outages, etc. I have been lucky enough to not have any of those issues. I have my fingers crossed that everything evens out for those of us in the storm’s path (especially those in the southern areas of the storm).

  14. For us, Sandy has been a loud nuisance so far. Lost power for a couple of hours early, but (knock on wood) it came back and has stayed. I had to frog the first couple inches of the sweater I started (misread the directions AT THE SAME TIME) but there have been no other casualties in our household.
    Hoping that we can ride out the overnight – lights are flickering so power may go out again, but we are prepared. We are nowhere near ocean so this is a wind event for us. And it is howling!

  15. Good luck on your trip. Pack an extra sock in your carry on because it is going to be a loooong trip with interesting changes. I have a girlfriend sitting on her cruise ship in Boston Harbor, waiting to set sail to warmer climes.

  16. Stephanie – THANKS for posting the picture of Franklin! I’ve been worried sick about him MIA for so long with his blog.
    *whew* sigh of relief.

  17. I am fortunate we still have power and probably will not be flooded and there is a good chance no trees will fall on me BUT I have been stuck inside for two straight days of this thing with at least one or two more to go and the howling of the wind is beginning to get on my last nerve.
    Your post has been such a lift and breath of fresh air. Thanks so much you can’t imagine how much better it makes me feel.

  18. Safe travels! Sandy is already ravaging Vermont; my closest NPR station just vaporized, and the rain is coming down.

  19. If you wear only dark (or light) colors, including underwear, it can all go in one load! How fast can you get a load done!?!

  20. So great to see Franklin in your picture! The wind is howling here in Mississauga and our lights have been flickering. I have candles and flashlights ready but really, what’s a little wind compared to what’s happening south of us. I have nothing to complain about. May all those in the path of the storm stay safe.

  21. I enjoyed listening to your talk at VKL on Sunday! Unfortunately I missed the end because I had to rush off to a class.
    Have a good trip to London!

  22. Is that the Cultural Arts Center in downtown Chicago? Wherever it is, it makes an elegant knitting venue. Safe travels!

  23. DUDE! FRANKLIN!!!!
    yay, hurricanes, hm? We’re safe here in Carlisle, Pa… So far. Me and the folks aren’t all that far from a stream that floods with every really bad thunderstorm, so we’re keeping an eye on that. We still have power so far. *knocks on wood* Hopefully, none of the trees surrounding us will fall…

  24. Here on the coast of Maine the wind has been howling for hours and the sea was wild at noon. Will be worse at the high tide this evening, but I’ll be soundly asleep by then.
    Have a lovely time in the UK!!

  25. Laundry is secret #1. Secret #2 is that when you land at home you immediately restock the toiletries bag so that it’s ready to just grab and you won’t have to remember the last time you replaced the razor or if you have that little thing that makes your day bearable.
    Wishing those in the storm’s path safety, warmth, and dryness.

  26. Being a traveling consultant- you hit the nail on the head. Fri to Sun is all about laundry, home cooked meals and do I have enough knitting for planes and hotel rooms for the week.

  27. At least you’re going somewhere with the laundry! I’ve been doing laundry ahead of Sandy & then wondering why I need to. If we’re not going anywhere, why does it matter if every item of clothing in the house is clean?

  28. Laundry? I just bought a 9 pack of cotton underwear and socks from Wal-Mart. Won’t have to do laundry for at least nine more days.

  29. You do laundry for a hurricane because you don’t know how long it’s going to be before you can do it again, and you may have to go to work for a week or two or four (friends of mine) before the power comes back on. The other secret is to buy lots and lots of extra underwear so you can go for at least three weeks before you absolutely have to do laundry.

  30. dangit! I just moved a month ago to Detroit area from Chicago!
    ah well, glad that you were somewhere I recognize this time and so happy the city treated you well — hope you made it to Loopy
    Safe travels and comfy socks

  31. I wish you a great mother load of comfortable underclothes to help with the transitions. and to second Mary — I agree. Repack the toiletries right after emptying the suitcase.
    Knit on.

  32. How could you spend time in Chicago without yarn-bombing either the Daley Center Picasso or the Art Institute’s lions? Winter is coming, and they need scarves too.
    And, how could you meet up with Franklin and not meet up with his roommate Dolores????
    Enjoy the trip to Londinium. Be sure to tell Her Nibs that we’d all love to see her latest knitting project — whether or not it’s for a corgi, Daniel Craig, the Duke of Edinburgh, The Grandson and His Wife, The Other Grandson’s Privates, etc.

  33. lucky london! hope you have a chance to see things – what a beautiful city and lively people. Save travels!

  34. Don’t do Twitter, so must comment here – LOVE Old Joe’s socks.
    Built into the yarn or built-by-you?

  35. It doesn’t matter how much stahs you have or how much fiber is sitting to be spun or how many projects you have on the needles, when the wind is blowing and the rain is falling, your totally irrational thought is “What if I run out of yarn? I won’t have anything to do.”
    Luckily my area only got rain and some high winds and my power stayed on. My thoughts to anyone in New Jersey. You guys got hammered.

  36. Checking in from Massachusetts! lots of wind, lots of rain, flickering lights, and a ton of batteries for my knitting light!

  37. Glad you made it home. Hope your trip to London goes off as planned . I was in your Sunday morning silk class at VK Live which was wonderful. Enjoy London whenever you get there.

  38. It was amazing, wasn’t it? And I didn’t even get to do the whole thing. The venue was the Palmer House Hotel. Breathtaking.

  39. Wow…I have yet to travel like that..I’d imagine it is about laundry and then make sure the knitting is all lined up for the next trip!

  40. Like Tamar, I did laundry yesterday, just in case. And ground 3 days’ worth of coffee beans. But this morning the Toronto weather is good and, unlike others, I didn’t lose power or trees.
    I hope you made it out of Pearson ok, Stephanie. They seemed to be cancelling everything in sight last night.

  41. In Pittsburgh we were very lucky, just rain and wind both of which have been worse in the past.
    Commenting on it all being about the laundry be it a reload or a storm.
    Last night various friends and family were checking in with each other before the storm hit and “doing the laundry” became a joke as we were all doing it.

  42. So you are safe, have nice UK days. The late Barney McKenna of the Dubliners had a funny way of expressing his thoughts, known as Barneyisms. One time right before the airplane took off, he was unusually scared and frightened. John Sheahan, another Dubliner (folkband) said: “Come on, you will not go (die)before your time has come”. Barney answered: Ï know, but what if the pilots time has come?” Guess your pilots time was not due yet. My sympathy goes out to everyone who has to endure the hurricane, I wish them all safe and sound.

  43. Looks like Chicago was great. Thanks for the pics! Hope your flight to the UK gets off, otherwise hunker down and stay safe!

  44. Word. Laundry and bread are the great multi-tasking chores. Plus, both make you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot.

  45. Bon voyage on your trip to London. Like the Brits,the east coasters in “the colonies” will keep a stiff upper lip and carry on. Just got word that my cousin in MA. had 3″ of rain and downed trees, but so far the power is still on and family is safe,dry and warm.

  46. Cloud Gate! Isn’t it surprisingly entrancing? And what a gorgeous room to talk to knitters in!
    The reload…that’s a skill I still need to learn. Bravo, friend.

  47. Dear lord, if I’d known you were going to be at the Palmer House I’d have warned you that a)there are no coffe pots in the rooms (silver stickers on the mitered toilet paper, but no coffee pots,) that there IS free coffee in the lobby (epicenter of Wretched Excess) if you can pull on some clothes, and b) you can sit forever in that civilized lobby and watch the world go by and even approve of a bar that faces into the lobby, but a glass of wine and tip will run you twenty bucks or more. Well. I expect you have your own stories. Glad you got to present in those amazing rooms, anyway. (Saw Patricia Smith, African-American poet and four time slam-champion, channel a white supremecist in her piece “Skinhead” — at the end of which the lights went out. When they came back, the guy next to me muttered “Illinois Nazis — sheee.”)

  48. You made the right choice to head across the Pond; Sandy was not nice at all. We were fortunate; a LOT of big trees came down in our area (Northern VA), but the gigantic 150-year-old maple in our front yard had no problems at all. Fortunately, or we wouldn’t have a house left! We didn’t even lose power. Having been through a number of hurricanes in Louisiana previously, I have honestly come to believe that the better one prepares for a storm, the less likely one is to need the preparations! Anyway, I just hope folks in the harder-hit areas are able to recover quickly; that was a very nasty storm indeed.

  49. So relieved to see Franklin. His poor, neglected blog. I was hoping all was well. Would love to know what is up in his world. Hoping it is still the sky.
    Stay safe and enjoy.

  50. Glad you got out safely and are enjoying your time across the pond. Sandy hit SW Connecticut pretty hard and we are in the midst of our third extended power outage in 13 months. Its chilly and dark early, but okay overall. Spent the majority of yesterday sitting in front of a window, wrapped in a cozy blanket knitting!

  51. I thought of “sir washie” after your comment about laundry. I just (finally) replaced my little apartment sized washer and dryer with giant ones which do about a weeks worth of laundry in just two loads. I have three daughters too, who are in their 20s and wish I’d had this thing ten years ago, when I really needed it. We’ve had non-stop rain since Fri. 6″. Tally ho to England!

  52. Sandy payed an unwelcome visit just as I was getting my 5 gallons of honey mead into it’s clean glass carboy. Lucky I decided to do that. The lights went out at just a little after 5 pm Monday and just about 2 hours ago today 31 Oct 2012 the hum of a generator came into being as did our lights!! I just got done with a shower and am having a homemade beer to celebrate.
    After I close this post I am going to knit on my very first sweater and do so without candles! Last year when Irene went thru we were without power for 5 days and that was not fun.
    I like noisy generators and the smell of deisel fuel now. I could get used to these things….
    Have fun in London Steph and everyone…Keep New Jersey in your prayers!!!

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